Concours on the Avenue

By contrast to other weekend concours, the classes here were oriented toward production cars to which the spectators could relate


“Monterey needs another event like it needs a hole in the head,” was a typical comment on the enthusiast blogs when the announcement was made earlier this year that Carmel-by-the-Sea would present the “Concours on the Avenue” on Tuesday of the Monterey week.

However, when the last award winner had Read More

Collecting Ferraris for Art’s Sake

To the aficionado, Ferraris have always been industrial art, the pinnacle of technology and styling of their era. Many of my clients have described their Ferraris as user-friendly interactive art. In the last decade, auctioneers and collectors have created a new world of art buyers intertwined with Ferrari buyers.
Most auction houses sell art in the form of paintings or sculptures, so they know how the game is played, and many high-end Ferrari collectors are also art collectors. With Read More

Living the 356 Dream

One of the best things is just banging around local roads and pretty scenery with a few 356s running along with you

The Gathering of the Faithful. That’s what they used to call the annual meeting of 356 owners 30 years ago. Everyone got together, looked at each other’s cars, swapped tall tales, and generally just hung out. The title of the event was meaningful, because in the old days, you had Read More

When The Fire System Fails

I could see the paint bubbling on the hood, the Lexan windshield melting, and the paint burning off the transmission tunnel

Although SCM isn’t a racing publication, a large number of SCMers are vintage racers, including yours truly. A recent racing “close call” has made me rethink a few things in my racing endeavors. I want to share what I discovered so others can learn from my mistakes. The worst that can Read More

Traveling Healey-Hopefully

Constant attention is part of the experience of English cars. When you arrive at your destination, you have achieved something


Most gearheads agree that a classic car doesn’t come to life until it’s driven on the open road. Highly organized thousand-mile tours have allowed many owners to put some miles under their classic wheels, but don’t hold a candle to a plan-as-you-go long-distance road trip with one or two friends Read More

Banking on Ferraris

One doesn’t have to be Fed czar Ben Bernanke’s tennis partner to know the world’s economic markets are volatile, but how does that relate to the present and future Ferrari market?
As aspiring Ferrari-socio-economists, we always look at the past to gaze into the future. Let’s begin with the first fuel crisis of late 1973. As a gallon of gas went from $.33 to $1, exotic cars went from being desirable to just “Who cares?” stupid. Near-new Daytonas, Dinos, Read More

Best Investments? Dial 911

Low-mileage cars are a funny part of the hobby; you can’t use your new toy or you drive away its distinction

All 911s were not created equal, and they are not treated equally by vintage car buyers. Each move in the market favors certain models, making superstars out of some and leaving others behind. Herewith we present the top five gainers in the vintage 911 world, with an eye toward which might Read More

Fuelies-The Story Behind the Story

So is it worth paying a 15%-20% premium for a car with a notoriously
troublesome FI system? The market seems to say it is


In the early years of the horsepower wars, in the mid-1950s, Detroit was looking for ways to get a jump on the competition. The new frontier was fuel injection, with Mercedes-Benz introducing mechanical fuel injection on the 300SL in 1954.

Racers were also using fuel Read More

Sunbeam’s Snakebit Tiger

I asked a group of gearheads why Tigers can be bought so cheaply, and
almost in unison they said: “Because of the styling”

The story of the Sunbeam Tiger remains a frustrating one to aficionados, who struggle with a version of the Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome. If the car can win respect for its performance, why doesn’t it bring more money?

Heavily influenced by the immensely successful AC Cobra, the Tiger Read More

4-Seat Supercars

Most 456 owners go straight to the 30,000-mile service, at a “starting” cost of about $5,000 (Part II: Bring the kids. Contemporary 2+2s)

Modern four-seat Ferraris are user-friendly, entry-level supercars. You might compromise on the number of seats, but not on performance. Last month I reviewed Ferraris with more seats than doors, starting with the 250 GTE and going through the 412. This month, we’ll take you from the 456 to the current 612.

Read More