1. Awesome to see that you are driving my dream car (in this exact color, too). It saddens me when owners don’t drive their cars for fear of putting too many miles on them. Cars are made to be driven and it is so refreshing to see that you are doing just that! Enjoy!!

  2. Bill is your car still for sale? I love your article and agree with you 100%. I love your midnight blue white stripes as well.

  3. Richard Westmoreland

    I think that the Ford GT40 is probably my favourite car made by the Ford Motor Company unless you consider an AC Cobra designed by Carrol Shellbey as a Ford product which I would then consider it a tie between these two cars. Shellbey I believe would originally take a a chassis from a British company AC Cobra and mate it with an engine from Ford and build cars somewhere in California. The Ford GT is such a beautiful car,has a lot of high tech parts built into it to improve performance,and they don’t seem to be everywhere so the resell value should always remain high as long as the car has been excellently maintained. I have never driven one but it is very high on my list of cars that I would love to.