Dear “Legal Files”: Have you written about or looked into “shill” bidding on Bring a Trailer? I’m not sure how common it is or if it even exists, but I recently had an experience that got me thinking. I was bidding on a nice restored Datsun 240Z. (By … Want […]


  1. As I understand BAT, the winner of the auction immediately has the 5% sales commission charged to his credit card from BAT.. So if it was a shill, he/she should be out the 5%. shocked that the BAT rep did not mention this factoid.

  2. The BaT buyers fee is 5% and capped at $5,000, therefore in this case the shill and/or seller risked roughly $3,500 to make an additional $16,000. Obviously it didn’t work, however it could have if the high/shill bidder walked away when the bid was $66,000.
    Sadly shill bidding has become quite commonplace on BaT. Below is a link to an example where the seller actually answers a question under his own name instead of the shill, quite hilarious. Either way, it happens and everyone needs to do their homework.

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