1997 Jaguar XJ 220 Coupe

The magnificent looking and lavishly-specified Jaguar XJ220 coupe is absolutely the modern-day successor to the multiple-La Mans-winning C-Type and D-Type Jaguars of the 1950s, and it is derived directly from the double-Le Mans-winning TWR Jaguar Group C   The magnificent looking and lavishly-specified Jaguar XJ220 coupe is absolutely the modern-day […]

1936 SS Jaguar 100 Two-Seater Sports Roadster

When the young William Lyons introduced his devastatingly handsome SS Jaguar 100 sports two-seater in the fall of 1935, it was viewed with some skepticism by the rather conservative English sporting motorists of the day. Rakishly low, with 90 mph plus readily available and acceleration to match, it was well-equipped […]

1930 Bentley 4.5-Liter Supercharged Tourer

Perhaps the worst-kept secret among “the right crowd” in motor sport circles in 1929 was the development of the supercharged Bentley. As early as 1 January, 1929 the “Morning Post” suggested that two UK companies would be entering supercharged cars for Le Mans that year and in July 1929, when […]

1947 MG TC

MG recovered quickly after the Second World War and began production on its new TC series which were among the first cars built anywhere following the war. The TC Midget was, and is still, aesthetically pleasing with its distinctive radiator and sweeping wheel arches framing the spider, 19-inch wire wheels. […]

1952 Allard J2

{vsig}1997-7_1641{/vsig} This car was delivered to Allard agents in Dagenham Motors on the 1st of May 1952. Dagenham Motors sold the car to a Mr. R. Ferrari (no relation) of Gunnersbury Lane, London. Mr. Ferrari owned the car, it appears, until 1960 when in February of that year he advertised […]

1960 Aston Martin DB4 Series 2

Intended for the affluent connoisseur, the Aston Martin DB4 made its debut at the 1958 London Show. With its hand-crafted aluminum body and high-output six-cylinder engine, it was a logical development of its DB2 and DB MkIII predecessors. Aston went to Carrozzeria Touring, the great Italian styling house, to interpret […]

1970 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 Convertible

{vsig}1997-5_1649{/vsig} To some the Series II E-type represents the best of all worlds. The classic styling and design is unmistakable and recognized as one of the finest roadsters ever built with added design advantages over its Series I predecessor. These include a new cross-flow radiator with twin electric fans for […]

1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT

Tractor and gear manufacturer David Brown took over the Aston Martin and Lagonda companies in 1947. His first DB2 series and variants sold well from 1949 to 1958, and served to re-establish the marque as a builder of soundly engineered, quali­ty motor cars.In 1959 the much-improved DB4 model made its […]

1972 Triumph Stag 4×4

Introduced in the early 1970s, the Triumph Stag was a high-powered gentleman’s tourer and was the first Triumph to be fitted with the in-house produced three-liter V8. The body was designed by Giovanni Michelotti and proved to be such a success that the l Introduced in the early 1970s, the […]

1967 Lotus 47A Sports Racing Coupe

When Lotus launched its then quite radical mid-engined Europa in 1966 it received lavish praise for its superb roadholding and handling, but was criticized for a lack of power from the Renault 16 engine. A tuned Gordini option was mooted but when Lotus developed the racing Europa Type 47 to […]