1960 AC Greyhound

The proud marque of AC originated in the first decade of the 20th century in Thames Ditton, England.

Always a Sporting Car manufacturer, AC was well known for its AC Ace, AC Aceca and AC Bristol Models in the 1950’s. The latter utilized the BMW derived 2-litre Bristol engine which in Greyhound form was bored to 2.2 litre and developed 125 plus BHP at 4700 RPM.

Essentially the AC Greyhound was a stretched version of the AC Aceca Coupe which included two smallish rear seats and justified the description, Family Sports Car.

Only 82 AC Greyhounds were built and of these just three were left hand drive, of which this is one. Featuring the famed Bristol engine in D-2 tune, an overdrive 4-speed gearbox, fully independent coil spring suspension front & rear, front disc brakes and rack & pinion steering all mounted in a square tube steel chassis the AC offers brisk Sports Car performance. Wth attractive fast-back coupe alloy paneling, the AC Greyhound is a rare and little known bargain in British Grand Touring motoring.