1964 Aston Martin DB5

The DB5 Aston Martin rapidly became the very essence of the hand-built English classic car. Very expensive, built in tiny numbers by dedicated craftsmen, it was also an apt choice of mount for the suave secret agent James Bond. Equally deft was the director’s decision in 1995 to hark back 30 years, nostalgically providing a DB5 for Bond’s use in “Goldeneye”.

No less than three different Aston Martins were employed during filming and this fourth example was used by renowned French special effects man Remy Julienne during the preparation of the high-speed car chases and stunts in “Goldeneye.”

M. Julienne has stated of this car, “The Aston Martin served as a guinea pig to test the solutions that we then had to adapt to the (identical) vehicles used during the filming.” After filming, the DB5 retired from the heady world of the filmmaker to be used as a normal road car.

Existing documentation shows that between 1990 and 1996 it was maintained by respected Midlands Aston Martin specialists, Four Ashes Garage. During this period all rusted sills, box sections, outriggers, bumper mountings, rear radius arm locating point and jacking points were replaced with new metal. Corroded aluminum panels were also replaced, after which the body was stripped to the bare metal and refinished. All body seals and weather strips were renewed and a new windscreen was fitted. Mechanical work included replacing the engine’s timing chains, overhaul of the water pump, reconditioning the suspension dampers and fitting a new clutch. New wheel centerlock spinners were fitted. The interior was given new Wilton carpets, the leather upholstery refurbished and much other interior trim recovered. The external chrome fittings were replated and polished.