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164 COLLECTOR CARS RATED FERRARI/LAMBO/MASER PRICE GUIDE  Keith Martin's Guide to Collecting Classic, Antique, Sports & Muscle Cars MARKET SPORTS CAR  •

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SPORTS CAR Keith Martin, Publisher  MARKET  Vol. 15, #I0 RM AUCTIONS INC. WWW.RMAUCTIONS.COM "RM got about $50,000 more for this Cobra than the experts would have pegged just a year ago."—Dave Kinney, page 75 FIRSTHAND EVALUATIONS OF 164 COLLECTOR CARS 58 RM Auctions, Meadow Brook Hall, MI Dave Kinney heads to Rochester and watches RM sell over $6m. 62  67  Every man needs a woodie; this '47 Ford De Luxe brought $71,300 82  Bonhams & Butterfields, Carmel, CA They had the merchandise but not the buyers, says SCM analyst Scott Featherman. Christie's, Pebble Beach, CA A good if not great sale, at the toniest location of the weekend. 72 RM Auctions, Monterey, CA Once again, the car-selling big-dog of the weekend. Russo and Steele, Monterey, CA All sold at no reserve. More or less. PROFILES 36 1970 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 A stylish V12 for the family man. 42 1956 Jaguar XK 140 MC Twice retail and worth every penny. 44  46  The first public-delivery Ford GT brings nearly three times MSRP. 52  54  1954 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint coupe A sleeper in the sub-exotic category of vintage cars. 1952 Abarth 1500 Biposto coupe One-of-a-kind and barn find adds up to $296,500. 48 1965 Porsche 356C coupe Just drive it, don't restore it. 1955 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible The world is finally paying attention to these luxo-cruisers. 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza race car Sold for $2m. Expensive today, cheap in a year. Cover Photographs: Ferrari courtesy of RM Auctions, Ford GI courtesy of Ford, Nelson hot rod and Lalique Mascot courtesy of Bonhams. 4 Sports Car Market

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"All the collector vehicles in the Blackhawk Collection have one thing in common"... Grundy Worldwide Provides Me With Coverage and Confidence. Finally, a collector car insurance program that is sensitive to your needs and your wallet. • AGREED VALUE COVERAGE • NO MILEAGE LIMITATIONS • HIGH LIABILITY LIMITS AVAILABLE Find Out How Much You Can Save. Call for a fast, accurate quote: 800-338-4005 or log on to: www.grundy.com for a real-time quote in all 50 states. 400 Horsham Road, Box 1957, Horsham, PA 19044 WORLDWIDE Don Williams - President, Blackhawk Danville, CA. - -1955 Mercedes Benz 306 -

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Shifting Gears / Keith Martin Why Healeys are Worth More Than Ferraris W atching an Austin-Healey 3000 sell for $90,000 is both exhilarating and bewildering. The bidding in the crowded auditorium at the DoubleTree, for the brilliantly restored blue BJ8, started at $30,000 and sped quickly to $60,000. RM's auctioneer, Peter Bainbridge, was enjoying himself. And why wouldn't he, when he's got real bidders, a good product and a healthy sum displayed on the screen? As the bidding continued, to $65,000 and then $70,000, the room began to go quiet as both punters and lookie-lous stopped their chatter and started paying attention to the block. The final bids were in small, thousand-dollar increments, as in typical American auction-house fashion, Bainbridge worked to get every last penny from the two players. Both obviously had to have this car in the worst way. When the final hammer fell, leading to an all-in price of $90,201, possibly a new record price for any Big Healey, the room erupted in applause. High-fives were the order of the day for the seller. Did the buyer pay too much? Will Hemmings suddenly be filled with adverts for $90,000 Healeys? Are these agriculturally-engined British machines really worth more than 12-cylinder Ferrari 365 GTC/4s? THE BIG PICTURE To answer those questions, we have to step back a bit and look at the collector car market as a whole. One of the advantages of being the chief steward of Sports Car Market is watching the numerous auction reports, filled with hundreds of transactions, that flow across my desk each month. My job is to try to discern, from all the sale prices and condition reports, any patterns that might be emerging. The last 40 years have been a wild ride for our generation. As kids, we watched Cobras duke it out with Porsche 904s, and GT 350s go head-to-head with E-type coupes in SCCA racing. When no longer competitive, we watched those clapped-out old race cars get sold for $5,000 and less. Now we stand in crowded rooms and throw multi-hundred thousand dollar bids at those very same cars. We've also ridden out the boom and crash of 1987-91, when collectible cars had their own little dot-corn moment. Daytonas went from $25,000 to $500,000 and then dropped to $100,000 in just a few years. Most of us joined in the frenzy in one way or another, suddenly seeing the cars in our garage as great ways to make money rather than as four-wheeled instruments of pleasurable transportation. I'LL TAKE MINE READY TO GO, PLEASE So here's what we are seeing, and why some '65 Mustang convertibles are now worth more than Ferrari 308s, and Big Healeys are racing towards $100,000 while Lambo 400 GTs struggle to get to $80,000. For most of us, the reason we own old cars is for pleasure, rather than as financial instruments. There are vintage tours, car club meets, concours, vintage races and even casual garage parties where we get together, drink cult wines and admire each other's toys. Increasingly, we are buying cars that are ready for the road. That makes sense, as our culture puts a premium on things that are "ready to use." You might think of buying a restored car at an auction as being the 8  equivalent of pulling a gourmet meal out of the microwave. Raise your hand, you're the owner, and instant fun is at hand. And finally, it always feels good to be part of a club. This is where mass-produced cars really shine. Porsche 356 and 911 owners seem to have events every weekend of the year to attend. When we drove our '63 BJ7 to the 50th anniversary convention in Lake Tahoe, there were nearly 700 Healeys there. For that weekend, at least, we were all part of one big happy family. Clubs of lowproduction cars like Ferraris, Masers and Lambos simply don't have the same number of activities. THE BIG-BUCKS HEALEY So let's get back to our $90,000 Healey. This purchase wasn't about price guides or investments or paying too much. Clearly, whoever bought the car could afford it—he probably didn't try to pay for it with food stamps. The car was restored to betterthan-new condition, and the restorer has a reputation for building cars that are absolutely road-ready. Another key factor emerging in relation to value is ease of use. Proving that even fanatic car collectors can learn from their experiences, most of us have figured out what the "pay to play" factor is with collector cars. Owning and maintaining an MGB is likely to be relatively pain free compared to owning a Ferrari 308. While the Ferrari's every-five-years rubber belt change, at $5,000 plus, is a ticking financial time bomb, a well-tuned 1967 MGB may only suck up a couple of hundred dollars a year in general maintenance. Of course, the MG will never be a Ferrari, with its sensuous styling and visceral exhaust sounds. But there's a cost for those great noises. All things being equal, it's generally more fun to own a car that doesn't bite your wallet every time you walk by it. Same number of cylinders as a 308, but becoming more valuable. ing rise, for instance, in Porsche 356 prices, as reflected by the $108,000 Barrett-Jackson got for a 356B cabriolet at their Petersen sale in June. A Daytona would be more impressive, but the 356 would probably be just as much fun, in its own way—and surely less troublesome. We shouldn't be surprised to see, even today, that restored Mustang convertibles are becoming worth more than 308s. In terms of thrills per dollar and absence of mechanical aggravation, I would argue that the Mustang is the better value. Chances are that this Healey will bring thousands of miles of trouble-free use. And given that most collectors drive their cars less than 3,000 miles a year, that translates into decades of enjoyment with few if any mechanical hassles, and certainly nothing serious on the cosmetic side will need to be attended to. We see collectors paying more for what seems like less car, as they trade off mechanical complexity for reliability and ease of maintenance. Hence the continu- I predict we will see a continuation of this mature approach to collecting. Buyers are doing their homework and talking with other owners. They are asking, with increasing frequency, "What can I do with this car? How much maintenance does it need, and at what cost? What events can I go on?" SCM will do its part, by continuing to point out the joys and despairs of different marques and models. Over the next decade, prices of iconic, nicely restored and simple-tolive-with classics like first-generation Mustang and Camaro convertibles, Triumphs, MGAs and Porsche 356s will continue to rise. It's the total package that collectors are seeking these days. The cars that offer the most fun, with the least hassle, will lead the pack in appreciation.• Sports Car Market

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Bonham BUTTERFIELDS INCORPORATING BROOKS AUCTIONEERS 1793 Hershey An Important Sale of Collectors' Motor Cars, Motorcycles, and Automobilla Friday, October 10, lpm Wren Dale Golf Club Hershey, Pennsylvania Preview: Thursday October 9, 10am to 6pm Friday October 10, 9am to start of sale Final call for entries Illustrated catalog: $50 plus S&H Bonhams & Butterfields is delighted to return to Hershey. This year, our sale will be held at the Wren Dale Golf club on Hanshue Road across from the AACA Museum. We look forward to welcoming you and hope you enjoy this sale. Pictured . Consigned. The ex-Ghinngalli/Galli Mille Miglia 1947 Fiat Competition Detachable Top Spider Competizione Coachwork by Carrozena Castagna Inquiries: Mark Osborne (415) 391 4000, mark.osborne@bonhams.com Andrew Reilly (415) 503 3285, andrew.reilly@bonhams.com Malcolm Barber (415) 861 7500, malcolm.barber@bonhams.com Jonathan Stein (610) 779 9710, jonathan.stein@bonhams.com David Patridge (603) 279 8555, david.patridge@bonhams.com Automobilia Inquiries: Toby Wilson +44 (0) 20 7313 3147 automobilia@bonhams.com - Bonhams London USA  Bonhams & Butterfields  220 San Bruno Avenue  San Francisco, California 94103 +1(415)391 4000  +1 (415) 391 4040 fax UK  Bonhams  Montpelier Street London SW7 1HH   +44 (0) 20 7393 3900 +44 (0) 20 7393 3905 fax Europe Bonhams 10 Rue Blavignac 1227 Carouge-Geneva Switzerland +41 (0) 22 300 3160 +41 (0) 22 300 3035 fax All  r PA 1...c€,n,-,e N AUCO4079

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The Inside Line / Cindy Banzer Please send upcoming news, event or auction information to insideline@sportscarmarketcom. scm Happenings vSCM Automobilia Editor Carl Bomstead awarded the SCM Spirit of Motoring Award to a 1972 Pantera August 31 at the Italian Concours d'Elegance in Seattle, WA. Ron SLR race cars of the 1950s. A supercharged V8 producing over 600 horsepower rockets the new SLR from zero to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, and its top speed exceeds 200 mph. Stopping the car is equally quick, thanks to ceramic brake discs and an innovative air brake mounted in the trunk lid. When the driver heavily applies the brake pedal, the air brake pops up at a 65degree angle, increasing drag and providing greater down force. The SLR McLaren: A new era for Mercedes-Benz. vSCM'er and renowned Ferrari enthusiast Eric Zausner, in his Ferrari Maranello-powered Steve Moal-built Torpedo roadster, joined automotive journalists and Moal clients at a press tour unveiling of the new Moal, Inc. Events  The most recent SCM award winner. Hyde, the car's owner, is disabled and has converted the clutch, brake and gas pedals of the Pantera to hand controls. He drove the car from Portland, OR to Seattle for the event. vSign up today for the seventh annual SCMInsider's Seminar at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ, January 22-24 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. each day. Learn from Editor Martin's new presentation, "Making Cents of Your Hobby, How to Buy Right So You Can Sell Right." $325/$595 for two ($400/$750 non-subscribers); space is limited. Contact David Slama, 503.261.0555 x206, david.slama@sportscarmarket.com . See page 89. (OR) News vAutosport Designs, Inc. has relocated to a new 30,000-square-foot facility incorporating everything under one roof, including a spacious new showroom and automobile storage facility, in Huntington Station, NY. Autosport Designs specializes in Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and other interesting vintage and exotic automobiles. Up-to-date inventory may be viewed on its web site, or call. 631.425.1555, www.autosportdesigns.com . (NY) 6/The new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren made its world premiere in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The new SLR super sports car marks a new era of Mercedes-Benz passion for high-performance sports cars and, at the same time, celebrates the formidable 10  of the National Lamborghini Club America and will affiliate for non-exclusive events with other like-minded clubs, i.e. Maserati, Lancia, etc. Call club Director Richard Solomon at 212.223.9545, fax 212.223.9633. (NY) vSCM Senior Auction Analyst Dave Brownell and Jerry Lettieri of Automobilia Auctions, LLC will hold their annual "After Hershey" no-reserve automobilia auction 10/25/03 at Clearing House Gallery in Wethersfield, CT. Over 500 lots of choice automobilia will be sold, including early auto catalogs, tin toys, porcelain and painted signs, racing memorabilia and more. For details, call Dave at 802.362.4719 (VT) or Jerry at 860.529.7177. (CT) I/The eighth annual Best of France and Italy Car Show and Swap Meet, 11/2/03, is a non-judged car gathering for French and Italian cars, motorcycles and scooters. This unique event, which takes place at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA, has grown in popular- ./The Newport Coast Concours d'Elegance will celebrate its 21st anniversary on the weekend of 10/4-5/03 at Hidden Valley Park in Irvine, CA. This year, the Newport Coast Concours will honor American and European Classic Automobiles and will also have a special feature of pickup trucks through 1970. In addition, this will mark the first year of the Oktoberfest German Sports Car Show on October 4 at the same location. This year's honored guest is racing legend Dan Gurney. For more information, call 949.756.0993, www.newport coastconcours.com . (CA) I/The newly established Lamborghini Club America, Northeast Region's first event will be a so-called "Running of the Bulls East" 10/11/03. Hopefully this will be the first of many exciting events, both social and driving. The club is an offshoot ity every year. Last year, it drew well over 300 cars and many spectators, and the organizers expect more this year. 626.797.4221, www. franceanditaly. com . (CA) vThe Texas 1000, open to 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars, takes place 11/2-7/03. In addition to hundreds of vintage races cars at the Corinthian Vintage Race Weekend—during which the Texas 1000 starts—there will also be an Allard reunion. The rally starts and ends in Austin, TX at The Driskill Hotel. For information, call 800.645.6069 or visit www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) rThe Essen Motor Show custom coachworks shop in Oakland, CA in August. Moal has converted the family's cavernous 1940s-era shop to a dedicated design, engineering and fabrication facility for the creation of one-off and series-built highperformance vehicles. 510.834.9066. (CA) vFerrari & Maserati of Orange County will be moving into its newly renovated showroom 10/9/03. It recently doubled its display area and added an accessory boutique and an espresso bar. It is always seeking great Ferraris and Maseratis to buy or consign and offers all full-service, factory-authorized dealership facilities. 714.662.7600, www.fmsocal.com . (CA) A big crowd is expected at Essen. 2003, World Trade Fair Tuning, Motorsports and Classics is scheduled to take place 11/28/03-12/7/03 at the Messe Essen Exhibition Complex in Essen, Germany. Founded in 1968, the show will be held for the 36th time. On an exhibition area of 1.1 million square feet, over 600 exhibitors from more than 75 countries are expected to display their latest innovations and developments to more than 415,000 trade visitors. 212.974.8457, www.essentradeshows.com . (NY) ./The dates for the second Le Mans Clas- sic are 7/24-25/04. The first Le Mans Classic, which hosted 30,000 spectators, 305 racing cars and 2,000 club cars won the "Grand Prix of the Jury" of the International Automobile Festival. The event, created and directed by Sylviane and Patrick Peter of Tour Auto fame, is a retrospective of one of the world's legendary motoring events. There will be 366 competing cars (plus 72 reserve cars) that have raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1923 and 1978. Marquees and boutiques will host the automobilia specialists, including the artists, and there will be an auction of automobiles and automobilia conducted by Coys. +33, www.lemansclassic.com . (FR)* Sports Car Market

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Never get in a car with strangers "Their honesty, integrity and sincerity are unmatched." -AK., Brooklyn, New York "Their performance has been great. That's why I keep going back." -A.B., Daytona Beach, Florida "I have no hesitation recommending them." -M.K., Tucson, Arizona Thousands of car aficionados advise their family and friends to lease with us. We'd love to show you why. Putnam L  ng Go with people you trust toll free 866/90-LEASE (866/905-3273) www.PutnamLeasing.com Actual quotes from Putnam Leasing customers; initials used to protect their privacy. Sole authorized leasing agent for Ferrari Club Of America  i5d4,___ ?N tethOt_ CAVALLINO CLASSIC

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Crossing The Block PREView vH&H Classic Auctions will be offering a 1926 Austin Twenty Open Road 5/7-seat tourer with less than 4,000 miles and a 1939/ 1946 HRG 1500 Aerodynamic (Prototype) among the 80-plus cars at its Collector's Car Auction in Derbyshire, England, 10/8/03. cars at the Mecum in Chicago sale 10/31/0311/2/03 in St. Charles, IL. 815.568.8888, www.mecumauction.com . (IL) vA 2003 Zimmer Golden Spirit, a 1941 Cadillac 62 Series and the ex-Sonny Bono 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera S Targa are expected to cross the block, along with 347 other entries at Keith McCormick's 35th Annual Palm Springs Exotic Car Show and Auction, 11/22-23/03, in Palm Springs, CA. The Golden Spirit is based on the new Lincoln Town Car with the Lincoln V8 engine. Zimmer is the only company in the world manufacturing a The first streamline-shaped British sports car The HRG 1500 Aerodynamic could claim to have been the first all-enveloping, streamlineshaped British sports car, ahead of its time with such innovations as fold-away retractable headlamps planned. The prototype here has aluminum-skinned bodywork held in position on a framework that overhangs the chassis on either side and at both ends. As a result, all the external features of the standard car are inboard, including the 10-gallon fuel tank and spare wheel, which are located each side of the bulkhead. +44 19.2573.0630, www.cIassicauctions.co.uk. (UK) vA 1968 AMC AMX fastback is being offered at no reserve by Collector Cars International at its Branson Auction, 10/1718/03, in Branson, MO. Also scheduled to be in London, UK. A 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost with coachwork by Thrupp & Maberly, a 1965 Bizzarrini 5300 GT race car with 7-liter engine and a 1964 Princess Vanden Plas hearse used in the 1965 state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill are expected to be among the 40 cars and 30 automobilia lots offered. 212.492.5485, www.claristies.com. (NY) Zimmer with his Golden Spirit. four-door convertible, and Art Zimmer's personal car is expected to draw serious interest. 760.320.3290, www.classic-carauction.com . (CA) vChristie's will auction Vintage Cars at the Jack Barclay Showrooms, 12/2/03, access in the bidder seating area. Among the 207 cars already consigned for the sale, which takes place 1/21-25/04, are a 1960 Ford Starliner coupe, a 1961 Porsche 1600 roadster and a 1989 Lamborghini Countach coupe. 480.421.6694, www.barrett-jackson.com . (AZ)* On response to customer requests for more seating, BarrettJackson's Scottsdale 2004 auction will incorporate a new larger tent as part of the main auction pavilion. The la,rger auction tent will accommodate more seating space and aisle Calendar  All dates listed are current at time of publication. Contact information for most auction companies may be found in the Resource Directory at the back of this issue. Please confirm dates and locations before attending any event. E-mail auction info to: insideline@sportscarmarket.com . OCTOBER England - October 4 CHEFFINS - Duxford AMX lovers, rejoice—and go to Branson. among the 250 lots crossing the block are a 1959 Ford Slcyliner retractable—offered at no reserve, as well—a 1928 Ford Model A phaeton and a 1958 Citroen 2CV. 800.335.3063, www. collectorcars-int.com . (MO) vRM Classic Cars is expecting 350400 cars for its Toronto International Fall Classic Car Auction, 10/24-26/03, at the Toronto International Center in Ontario. A 1956 Ford Thunderbird with 7,000 actual miles, a 1966 Pontiac GTO Tr-Power convertible, a 1931 Hupmobile Three-Window Rumble-Seat coupe and a 1932 Ford hot rod with a flathead V8 and blower will be among the featured cars, along with a collection of Fords sold at no reserve. 519.352.4575, www.rmauctions.com. (CN) vMecum Collector Car Auctioneers will offer a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz coupe, a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe and a 1969 Ford Mach 1 coupe among approximately 400 12  Indiana - October 4 ICRUSE - Auburn England - October 8 H&H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire Pennsylvania - October 10 *MODIFIED DATE* BONHAMS - Hershey Pennsylvania - October 8-11 KRUSE - Hershey Mississippi - October 10-11 ICA - Biloxi California - October 18 SILVER - Palm Springs Missouri - October 17-19 CCI - Branson Tennessee - October 17-19 MECUM - Knoxville California - October 18-19 KRUSE - Santa Clara Washington - October 25 SILVER - Spokane Canada - October 24-26 RM CLASSIC CARS - Toronto Illinois - October 31November 2 MECUM - St. Charles NOVEMBER Indiana - November 1 KRUSE - Auburn Oregon - November 1 SILVER - Portland Germany - November 8 KRUSE - Berlin Arizona - November 8-9 SILVER - Fort McDowell England - November 12 BONHAMS - Harrogate Idaho - November 15 SILVER - Boise France - November 17 ARTCURIAL-BRIESTPOULAIN-LE FUR - Paris Washington - November 22 SILVER - Seattle Michigan -November 21-23 RM CLASSIC CARS - Novi Texas - November 21-23 KRUSE - Dallas California - November 22-23 McCORMICK - Palm Springs Switzerland - November 29 OLDTIMER GALLERIE - Toffen Arizona - November 28-30 ICA - Gilbert DECEMBER England - December 1 BONHAMS - London England - December 2 CHRISTIE'S - London Missouri - December 5-7 MECUM - Kansas City England - December 6 CHEFFINS - Bedfordshire England - December 10 H&H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire France - December 15 ARTCURIAL-BRIESTPOULA1N-LE FUR - Paris Switzerland - December 19 BONHAMS - Gstaad JANUARY Florida - January 2-4 KRUSE - Ft. Lauderdale Arizona - January 16-19 SILVER - Fort McDowell Arizona - January 23 RM AUCTIONS - Phoenix Arizona - January 23-24 RUSSO AND STEELE - Scottsdale Arizona - January 21-25 BARRETT-JACKSON - Scottsdale Arizona - January 28February 2 KRUSE - Scottsdale* Sports Car Market

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MOTOR C AR COMP Nry www.symbolicmotors.com SYMBOLIC — 1966 AC Cobra 427 — 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B — 1968 Bizzarrini Strada 5300 — 1951 Ferrari 212 "Export" — 1965 Ferrari 250GT SWB — 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 NART — 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC — 1998 Ferrari 333SP — 1971 Ford GT40 MK I — 2003 Dodge Viper Comp. Coupe — 1950 Jaguar XK 120 Roadster — 1993 Jaguar XJ220 — 1969 Lola T70 Mark III B — 1975 Lola T296 — 1946 Maserati 4CL-1500 — 1997 McLaren Fl GTR — 1955 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing — 1960 Mercedes 300 SL Roadster — 1992 Nissan 300ZX GTP — 1969 Porsche 917K — 1978 Porsche 935 K3 — 1985 Porsche 962 Factory "Rothmans" — 1989 Porsche 962 Street Comp. — 2000 Porsche 996 GT3-R 1114 "vAN E4T( 14w,, 2003 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe DIDLESS Hype414L14° rGmund System 7440 La Jolla Blvd. — La Jolla, CA 92037 — (858) 454-1800 — fax (858) 454-1890

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You Write, We Read All letters are subject to editing. Please address correspondence to SCM, PO Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Fax 503/253-2234, e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com A TRUE BARN FIND Dear SCM: I came across a situation recently in my evergrowing curiosity about old cars out in the ether and wanted to share the adventure with you. This is a true story with no exaggeration! The ad read, "For Sale: 12 ga. Shotgun, beanie babies, 1970 Porsche 911." It is unusual to find a Porsche advertised in The Weekly Trader here in the Missouri Ozarks amongst pickup trucks, campers and non-pedigree dogs. So, I decided to do a little investigating. I called the lady of the house and she informed me it was a 1970 911 Porsh (one syllable) that her husband had gotten before engine it had. He quickly pointed out that daddy had bought the car in Alabamy from a man who brought it from Germany. It was a German car. Also, it was a Porsh 911E Targa with the V8 motor, or V6? Well, anyway, it was fuel This here car's from Germany. The car only leaks oil in the garage, nowhere else. That's because cement draws the oil out of the engine cases. he died four years ago. She didn't know anything about it except that it was red and "come from Germany." She wanted $8,500 for it because an expert from the city told her that's what it is worth. I thanked her for the information and filed the number, figuring to call her back in a few months when she needed money for lottery tickets. That was in April. In August, I dug the number out and called her again. Of course the car had not sold and she was still asking $8,500. She only knew as much as the last time we spoke, and told me her son Walter would know more, since he worked on the car with his father before they had a falling out. I made up a list of questions and dialed Walter up to chat. Walter, I found out, lives in the double-wide trailer behind his mother's house, with his son, Walter. He is one of the nine offspring his mother had with his father, also named Walter. He and daddy ran an auto-body shop. According to Walter, "Daddy was a jack of all trades and an expert at nothing." Walter's mother works two jobs seven days a week, but Walter can't work anymore because he has high blood pressure. He was thrilled to talk to someone other than a family member, and was eager to assist me. I wanted to confirm that it was indeed a 1970 911 and which 14  injected, that he knew. He also proudly informed me that the E stood for automatic transmission. It had a funny kind of automatic transmission, well, actually it had three, but none of them worked right. The last one they tried didn't work at all, and when they removed it they noticed it didn't have any gears in the transmission housing. So, daddy got a five-speed transmission from Oreygone and put it in with the help of Walter. I stopped him here to ask a few of my questions. "Which transmission did you and daddy put in? Was it a 901, 915 or a G50?" "I don't know." worked on a "Marcedes." The good news was there wasn't any rust. Well, maybe a little. "Had the car been garaged?" Walter announced it had always been in the garage until four months ago when his sister and her kids moved into the garage, then the car was moved outside. I was getting tired and needed to get off the phone, but I had one more important question to ask. I told Walter that all old Porsches leak some oil and inquired about this one. He explained to me the physics of the oil leak, and I will keep it simple as he did. The car only leaks oil in the garage, nowhere else. That's because cement draws the oil out of the engine cases. Drive it off the cement floor, no oil leak. Before I hung up, I got the directions to his place, past the abandoned truck stop and across the railroad tracks. Looking up a 1970 911E Targa in Pete Zimmermann's excellent book The Used 911 Story and checking its market value in the SCM Price Guide, I found out that this particular car was fairly desirable. Porsche only made 953 of them and it could be worth $10,000-$12,000. Needless to say, my wife was wary of the scenario I painted, but I was up for the task. SPORTS CAR MAR KET EDITOR & PUBLISHER Keith Martin MANAGING EDITOR Cindy Banzer ART DIRECTOR EDITORIAL MANAGER PROJECTS COORDINATOR David Slama GRAPHIC ARTIST ICirsten Onoday SUBSCRIPTIONS Kristen Hall-Geisler COPY EDITORS Bill Neill Jeff Sabatini SENIOR AUCTION ANALYSTS Dave Brownell Dave Kinney AUCTION ANALYSTS John Apen Chip Baldoni CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Michael Sheehan CONTRIBUTORS I.T. MANAGER Adrian Gilles INTERNET SPECIALIST Matt King FINANCIAL MANAGER DESIGN CONSULTANT ALFA ROMEO SPECIALIST Pat Braden (1934-2002) "Did it have a mechanical or hydraulic clutch?" "I don't know. I think it had a cable hooked to the pedal, though." We moved on to the body and interior, which I was told were perfect. Daddy had replaced some of the rubber and glass, and reupholstered the dashboard and door panels. The exterior was originally silver but daddy painted it Porsh red. But a funny thing happened. That company, DuPont, that makes the paint, must have had a bad batch because the paint separated, just like oil and vinegar. Walter and daddy were professional auto-body men and they knew flawed paint when they seen it. They even once We showed up unannounced so we could check YIN and engine numbers and look the car over before summoning Walter. I know you're all waiting with anticipation, so I will put it to you this way: It wasn't pretty. The Fuchs wheels on flat tires and the shift knob were about all that was worth salvaging. That paint-separation problem he had mentioned was rampant rust and buckling Bondo. It was so bad that my magnet couldn't even find a place to stick. The rubber and glass daddy installed were from a 1962 Bonneville, or was it a Tempest? The dash and door panels were mutant transplants as well. There were birds living in the right front brake caliper assembly and the engine compartment was full of acorns a squirrel had been stashing there—for several years, I presume. Head- OVI.R I HIV; INFORNIATION Tyler Roy-Hart artdir@sportscarmarket.com 503/261-0555, ext. 202 fax 503/253-2234 www.sportscarmarket.com INQUIRIES ABOUT YOUR SUBSCRIPTION? SI liS( RIP I IONS NEW: 800/289-2819 fax 503/253-2234 Toll-Free 877/219-2605, ext. 208 service@sportscannarket.com CORKLSPONDENCE P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 FEDEx/DHL/UPS: 306 SE 81st, Portland, OR 97215 The information in Sports Car Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we must disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timelieness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material, data, formats and intellectual concepts in this issue copyright 2003 by the Alfa Romeo Exchange, dba Sports Car Market magazine, in this format and any other used by Sports Car Market magazine. Copyright registered with the United States copyright office. PRINTED IN USA Sports Car Market Deanne Pierce Scott Abts Keith Duly Raymond Milo Donald Osborne Steve Serio Tom Young Steve Ahlgrim Gary Anderson Carl Bomstead John Dramas Bengt Halvorson Alexander Leventhal Jim Schrager B. Mitchell Carlson Scott Featherman Richard Hudson-Evans Tyler Roy-Hart Stephen Siegel

Page 9

light rings, windshield wipers, batteries and cables, fuel-tank lines and bumpers were all missing. The clutch was hard as a rock and something was permanently living in the open "tunnel." We were ready to skedaddle when up popped Walter. "She's quite a car, ain't she?" I told him it was quite a car but it needed a lot of work. He was immediately defensive, and informed me that this here was a luxury car built for Germans in Germany, that it even had air conditioning. Upon closer examination, it did have air conditioning minus the compressor, condenser and evaporator/dryer. Without being curt, I pointed out using Zimmermann's book that the VIN and engine numbers called out a since the Gullwing of the mid'50s and relatively fun to drive, it left me kinda cold. The best part was that the top went down in 16 seconds, its acrobatic transformation always drawing a crowd, but it was not a hard-charging sports car. Just not enough adrenaline CONFUSED A thrill to drive, if you can wait two to three years. excite 1970 911E made for the US. He was undaunted and explained to me the Germans' propensity for sloppy workmanship and record keeping. He was dead sure this car was built for Germans. He knew what he had. One man had offered $6,500 and he told mama to refuse because the car was worth more. I agreed with him and told him he did right and to hold out for the full enchilada. We bid him a fond adieu and were gone. By the way, my wife Diana and I really enjoy SCM, the info, articles, contributors—and the rebelliousness of its tone. And Diana says keep the Mystery Photo. —Nicholas Gemgieff Rosebud MO SL LOVER Dear SCM: I read your recent story "From Stuttgart to Como in Six SLs" (September issue, page 22) with great interest on the evolution of the M-B sports genre, of which I have had a few. Your remarks on the new SL55 AMG were enthusiastically aligned with my own. I have had the good fortune to have owned a new '03 SL500 which I recently traded for a very hard-to-get SL55 AMG (two- to three-year wait). The difference is dramatic. While the SL500 is the most beautiful and evocative design November, 2003  A kick to drive, balls-to-the-wall ment, a bad boy, and the convertible top still thrills a crowd as well as all the parking attendants. to suit my taste. Now comes the 493-horsepower (article misquoted at 465) SL55 AMG—wow. It is everything that the SL500 lacked. A kick to drive, balls-tothe-wall excitement, a bad boy, and the convertible top still thrills a crowd as well as all the parking attendants. This car always commands the coveted restaurant spot d 'hommage . The price is not $85,990 as reported (I think that is the price of admission to the SL500 club—stripped) but a wallet-flattening $113,250 plus Bi-xenon's, Keyless Go, gas guzzler tax and shipping = $117,985 plus local tax and setup, etc. Realistically, don't bother unless you can part with 120,000 fazzoules for this 493-horsepower leather-lined rocket sled. In the words of Ferris Bueller, "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." By the way, I have enjoyed both letters written to you by Kathryn L. Schipper of Vashon, WA (most recently September issue, page 16). She has a gift for writing with an interesting (feminine) perspective. Sign her up.—Mel Jacobs, Houston, TX Thanks for the corrections, Mel. And see page 26 for Kathryn 's take on this year 's Monterey Weekend.—ED. Dear SCM: This past week, I had the pleasure of observing the Bonhams & Butterfields auction of Rolls-Royce cars which occurred at the annual meet of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club in Newport, RI. Although I understand Bonhams has been having an auction in conjunction with the Rolls-Royce Enthusiast's Club in England for some time, an auction at the meet was a first for the US club, and for many club members, including me, this auction was the first one they have seen. Many of us are not buyers and sellers, just owners. You know, it is possible to take a car like you take a wife, not just a girlfriend. I thought the auction was somewhat confusing because it was not immediately clear to a lot of us whether or not there was a reserve, or if reserved, when that amount was reached. As unregistered spectators, I guess that is our problem. However, some bidders were also confused because they said afterwards that they thought they had bought a car, but actually did not, because the reserve had not been met. That situation does not speak well for the auction house. In my opinion, when a bidder registers, the auction-house personnel should provide enough instruction so that the bidder will know what is going on. Maybe Bonhams thought we were a savvy bunch, but since this was the first time the RROC had had an auction in conjunction with the national meet, that was an unrealistic assumption. Assisted in understanding by an experienced person next to me (an English gentleman who obviously had seen Bonhams in action before), I was, after a couple of lots, able to recognize words like "we've got to sell this car today" (no reserve), or in the middle of bidding, "we're selling the car" (reserve met), and at the end words like "your car, sir" or "congratulations" or "sold," indicating a sale had occurred. When none of those comments were heard, it was not a sale. A no-sale was also clear after a while because the auctioneer showed a bit of a frown after banging his hammer. A high-dollar sale produced an honest-to-goodness smile on the auctioneer's face, an expression that seemed to be infrequent for him, a rather dour-appearing chap. Applause from the crowd which occurred after some spirited high-dollar auctions (but not all) also indicated a sale. I guess the people who started the clapping knew what had happened. Bonhams is a British auction house, and I suppose it is characteristic of British understatement that it is necessary to pay close attention and listen for the clues. Next time I see an auction it will be more obvious to me what's happening, now that I understand more of the lingo. How about publishing an auction primer so those of us who are inexperienced will better know what is happening? Obviously it is not realistic to assume you are going to know what is happening when you attend the first time to watch, or maybe even Vatter, Atlanta, GA Malcolm Bather, CEO of Bonhams & Butterfields, responds: As auctioneers, we are always pleased to see new faces and novice bidders at our international auctions. We would like to respond to the questions raised, and in particular to your mention of the auction "primer:" Should a client anticipate attending an auction, a catalog, which provides important bidding information, can be purchased in advance. The catalog is also available during the preview and the auction day itself While not a primer per se, there is important information to prospective bidders relating to bidding and buying at auction and many helpful tips. This information is intended to assist novice bidders, and it is important that they also register at the client reception desk if attending the sale in person. Upon registering, they are issued a numbered bidding paddle, which, after a successful bid, is read out by the auctioneer, thus signifying their successful purchase—leaving no doubt as to who purchased the lot. The estimates printed in the catalog are a guide to prospective bidders. Minimum reserves, when set by a consignor, are confidential between the auctioneer and his client. Oftentimes, a car not subject to a minimum reserve 15

Page 10

price has the statement "without reserve" printed in the auction catalog below the estimate guideline, and bidders following the sale with catalog in hand will be aware of such. Following the sale, inquiries can be made as to unsold lots. Generally, if the auctioneer does not acknowledge a specific bidder upon the fall of the hammer, one can presume that the lot was unsold. Occasionally, a bid may come from someone in the crowd who does not appear to have a paddle number In this instance, the individual gesturing a bid may in fact be a bidding proxy on behalf of another registered bidder or may be a longstanding client of the auction house with a pre-established account. We prefer our bidders to use paddles, but we occasionally do accept spur-of-the-moment bids from known clients. In any case, all bidding and buying is subject to our registration process, which includes verification of bidding eligibility and identity and acceptance of our conditions of sale. LEARNING TO DRIVE Dear SCM: I loved Keith's column this month about teaching his 12-year-old daughter to drive a VW Thing (September issue, page 10). It perfectly described the plight of a certified car nut's daughter. and GTP Spice Cosworth, plus many others. Then the big bust. Sold again to a local gentleman from Herndon who then sold it back to us because of a divorce. Sold again to its third owner who later traded it to the local Benz dealer in Bethesda, MD after only six months. I had the front of the car repainted because of road rash after the first 17,000 miles. When it left here, it was a sound car and I hope the new owner is enjoying it.—Ralph Cestero, Ferrari Maserati of Washington Zoe and Alexandra Vernis with their favorite vehicle. It perfectly described the plight of a cert car nut's daughter. m y two girls, Zoe (1 Alexandra (14), learned to drive on Porsche-Diesel tractors even though confirmed city dwellers. As you gleaned, auctioneers have different styles and expressions when they are on the podium. Expressions such as "selling the car" are indeed used to communicate to the crowd that the car is going to a new owner As one attends more auctions, these indicators become more familiar. We actively encourage novice bidders, but we do stress that they take a little time during the preview or prior to the auction to chat with a client-services representative or specialist, who are available in the room, to obtain any necessary information to complete the picture prior to bidding. They can also telephone our offices beforehand for more information about the process or specific lots. We're pleased that you attended our auction and hope to see you again. For further information, or if you have any additional questions, please visit our Web site, www.bonhams.com , or call our San Francisco gallery at 415.861.7500 ext. 5 to speak with client services. 16  My two girls, Zoe (15) and Alexandra (14), learned to drive on our Porsche-Diesel tractors even though we're confirmed city dwellers. Their favorite vehicle now is a bright yellow '58 Porsche 597 prototype, kind of a precursor to your Thing. I have attached a picture of that car with the girls. ified 5) and r we're SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT Dear SCM: Before perpetuating (in the September issue, page 20) the canard that the current owners of the GT40 trade name want an outrageous fortune for its use for the It would be interesting for the girls to compare notes on their parallel lives at both ends of the country.—Myron Vernis, via e-mail I SOLD THAT VERY FERRARI Dear SCM: Here I am, reading the current issue of Sports Car Market's Ferrari Profile of the 1997 F355 Spyder that sold at Barrett-Jackson Florida for $99,360 (September issue, page 30) and I recognize the serial number of this car. It actually had three owners, not the two the seller claimed. I sold it new to its first owner (dot.com guy), who drove the car all over the country and put 17,000 miles on it during a two-year period. He attended several driving schools along the way and became a racer. He also purchased a 550 Maranello, 348 Challenge, 355 Challenge, 360 Challenge upcoming Ford GT retromobile, you had a professional obligation to contact them to learn the facts of this story. Had you done so, you would have discovered that their proposed compensation is, on a per-car basis, modest by anyone's standards, and that the total for the entire projected 4,500-unit production run of the Ford GT would be just a pebble on the $675+ million mountain that Ford will rake in. Through the commitment of their personal energies, talents and finances, and their generous assistance and advice to owners of original GT4Os and replicas, these individuals—whom you shamefully disparage as "idiots"—have done far more to carry on the glories of the original GT40 program than the poseurs in Dearborn, who can't even be bothered to keep the one original GT40 in their possession (the 1967 Le Mans-winning Mk IV #J-5) in running condition.—Don Silawsky, Owner, Ford GT40 #131040, via e-mail Keith Martin responds: Don, we have spoken at length with the owners of the GT40 name and apologized to them. Clearly their side of the story needs to be heard, as most of us are only familiar with the "they wanted $40 million for the name" tale as reported in Automotive News and other publications. My understanding is that Ford made it clear that whatever offer they made would be in the six-figure range, and at that point the owners of the GT40 name declined to go to Dearborn to meet and continue negotiations. I understand that at this time they are attempting to re-establish communication with Ford What's the name worth? Just as with a car at auction, exactly as much as an interested buyer is willing to pay. So we can argue all day long about how much Ford "should" pay, but in fact, they will only pay what they want to. Should the owners take a sixfigure offer? That's up to them to decide, isn't it? In any case, it would be nice to see the name GT40 attached to the new car so that Ford could stop trying to pretend that the car is really a Ford GT. That may be its official name, but to all the world, it will always be the new GT40. HEADLIGHT-COVER LOVER Dear SCM: Your auction reporter shouldn't have been so harsh in condemning those owners who fitted Plexiglas covers over the headlights of their 246 Dinos (September issue, page 87). Page 18 of Automobile Quarterly vol. 26, no. 1 shows a 1972 246 GT as prepared by Luigi Chinetti for Le Mans, complete with headlight covers.—David Rivkin, Jamaica Estates, NY Our analyst, Dave Kinney, just found it strange that both the Dinos in this auction had been fitted with headlight covers. And they were probably not ex-Le Mans cars.—ED. ERRATA The photo identified as a Ferrari 330 GTC accompanying Archie Urciuoli's letter on page 330 GTC 14 of the October issue was actually that of a 330 GT 2+2, as Ken Gross, Ron Tonkin and many more of our readers were quick to point out.• Sports Car Market

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THE CPI VALUE GUIDE IS NOW AVAILABLE FROM BLACK BOOK! • Want to know what that '55 Chevy you used to have would be worth today? • Is a late-model Ferrari or Lamborghini on your shopping list? • Interested in sedans from the '40s, cool cars from the '50s or muscle cars of the '60s? "Anything less is a guess" • How about exotic cars from AC to Zimmer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the CARS OF PARTICULAR INTEREST VALUE GUIDE is for you. Published bi-monthly by Black Book®, it contains values for collectible, luxury, exotic and highline cars and light trucks from 1946 and on. Call 800-554-1026 today for your FREE sample! mcm:=7 Don't make a huge miStake! US Postal Service Statement of Ownership and Circulation (Required by USC). 1. A. Title of Publication: Sports Car Market 2. Publication number: 1077-1751 3. Date of Filing: 9/3/2003 4. Issue of Frequency: Monthly 5. Number of Issues Published Annually: 12 6. Annual Subscription Price: $58/US 7. Complete Address of Known Office of General Business Office of Publisher: PO. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 8. Same 9. B. Managing Editor: Cindy Banzer, P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 10. C. Owner: V Keith Martin and Cindy Banzer, P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 11. D. Known Beholders, Mortgages and Other Security Holdings Owning or Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages or Other Securities: None 12. E: N/A 15. F. Extent and Nature of Circulation. Average Number of Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months/Actual Number of Copies of Single Published Nearest to Filing Date. A. Total Number of Copies (Net Press Run): 13,776/22,076 B. Paid and/or Requested Circulation: 10,000/10,300; Sales Through Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors and Counter Sales: 2,000/10,000; Free Distribution by Mail Carrier or Other Means (Sample, Complimentary and Other Free Copies): 1,200/1,200; Total Distribution: 13,526/21,826; Copies Not Distributed: 250/250; Total: 13,776/22,076. 17. G. I certify that the statements made by me are complete and correct, V Keith Martin. 18 DISPLAY ADVERTISERS' INDEX Alfa Parts  Barrett-Jackson  BB One Exports  Black Book  Bonhams & Butterfields Brian D. Moore  Classic Showcase  Coker Tires  Collector Cars Int'l  Cosdel International  Cosmopolitan Motors  Doe's Jaguars  eBay Motors  Exotic Car Transport  Fantasy Junction  Featherman & Co  Girard Perregaux  Gregor Fisken  Grundy Insurance  Hagerty  Haley Motorsports Collection  Horseless Carriage  Intercity Lines  ItalianCarParts.com  Italparts  JC Taylor Insurance  45 33 85 18 9 53 J.J. Best Banc & Co.  Kruse International  Mecum Auctions  Mercedes-Benz  Morgan West  Octane Magazine  25 22, 98-99 39 7 43 35 77 Palm Springs Auctions, Inc..... 41 63 Parish Heacock  29 Passport Transport  75 Premier Financial  97 Putnam  43 Re-Originals  20-21 RM Auctions  Turismo  83 Ron Tonkin Gran 69 47 RPM Auto Books  100 Russo and Steele  65 Silver Auctions  Great Vacations  75 Symbolic Motors  53 Tony LaBella  19 Vintage Rallies  40 Vintage Motors of Sarasota  75 World Travel Inc.  49 Zymol  73 61 37 11 45 2-3 40 50 51 91 5 Steve Austin's Automobilia .... 94 17 Steve Austin's 71 13 56 56 79 95 83 SCM Gold Volume 3, Number 1 Your Gold Password is gold1234 WARNING: Upgrading your subscription to SCM GOLD may cause your keyboard to sizzle! As an SCM GOLD member, you will receive exclusive e-mails giving you 1) The sale results, including buyer's premium, from the Bonhams Ferrari only aucion in Gstaad, Switzerland, December 20th, and Artcurial Briest Poulain Le Fur's Auction in • • • complete access to 15 years of SCM auction results, 24 hours a day. Join the thousands instant auction results. Plus advance notice of SCM events, seminars and tours. You'll have near of SCM subscribers who have upgraded to SCM GOLD. Start getting the — .—.. — ....--=.7. mation you need, sent so fast it may cause your computer to smoke like a two-stroke Saab! All of these benefits are lust 550 a year for subscribers, (580) for non-subscribers) Sign up today online at www.sportscarmarket.com , or e-mail scmgold@sportscarmarket.com . Sports Car Market inside infor

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Featured Artist Jorge Garcia Auburn in Autumn is an appropriate painting to feature in this fall issue. The artist is Jorge M. Garcia, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1953. He has been painting for more than twenty years. Since 1983, his work has been published in Road & Track, Motor 16 (Spain) and other car magazines. He has painted a wide variety of subjects, including race cars, classics of the '30s, vintage Maseratis, Rolls-Royces and a '53 Cadillac coupe. Garcia painted The History of Formula One, which can be seen at the Juan M. Fangio Museum in Argentina, for Marlboro. In the '80s and '90s, he created posters for events such as the Latin America Transchaco Rally and the Argentine Rally. The artist and his paintings have become a familiar sight at the Meadow Brook Hall and Pebble Beach concours. And his fame extends well beyond the US. He has shown his work at the 45th Anniversary of Ferrari, the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, the 75th Anniversary of Maserati and International Motoring Art in London. Garcia has received awards from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Meadow Brook and elsewhere, and his work is held in private collections. One of his paintings, Competing For The Looks, was featured in the June issue of SCM. Signed, limited-edition prints of the Auburn painting can be ordered from Car Art Inc. in Laguna Niguel, California. The 31 x 23-inch Giclee reproduction on watercolor paper is limited to 100 prints, priced at $295 each. Go to www.carartinc.com for more information, or call 949.443.0500. For more about the artist, visit, www.jorgegarcia.com.ar .• Best Drivers! Best Service! Best Customers! We've been setting the standard forautomobile transport for over 20 years. We are proud to be "America's premier enclosed auto transport company." Visit our Website! • www.intercitylines.com *****"Rated 5-stars by epinions.com " Please Call or E-mail for a FREE QUOTE  MO 1-800-221-3936 • FAX 413-436-9422 552 Old West Brookfield Road •Warren, MA 01083 The official transporters for: The Auto Collections • Barrett Jackson • Bloomington Gold • Corvette Mike • Mecum Auctions • The Petersen Automotive Museum November, 2003  19

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Your garage is not worthy Of the masterpiece you've put together That only looks like it cost a fortune And while most flaunt their ,cars by driving fast

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Affordable Classics 1991-96 Acura NSX Coupe If you can't afford a jet, the NSX might be the next best thing he Acura NSX, unveiled by Honda in 1991, was an attempt to fuse userfriendly ergonomics with supercar performance. The seven years of development that went into the car resulted in an exotic that was as easy to drive as an Accord. But the Acura NSX was also a true exotic with a lightweight aluminum body and styling modeled after the F-16 fighter jet. T Lightness and aerodynamics were primary concerns in the design of the NSX. Its Ferrariesque nose slopes gradually upward back to the cab-forward greenhouse, which in early coupes is entirely black to emphasize its cockpit heritage. The car is long in the haunches to accommodate the mid-engine drivetrain configuration. An integrated spoiler and striking, full-width taillight design complete the sleek look, which was modem enough to last a decade without looking dated. Styling was and is a selling point for the NSX; it is concise without being reserved, dramatic without histrionics. Power is supplied by a transversely mounted, 3.0-liter all-aluminum DOHC V6. The motor uses Honda's VTEC variable valve timing system and has an aurally stimulating 8,000-rpm redline. Horsepower is 270 at 7,100 rpm with a five-speed manual transmission (or 255 at 6,600 with the optional four-speed automatic). With a curb weight just over 3,000 pounds, the NSX can sprint to 60 mph in five seconds. Top speed is 163 mph. Only coupes were available until 1996, when the NSX-T with a targa-style roof became the basic model for the US. Starting in 1997, the NSX received a bigger 3.2-liter motor and a six-speed transmission, though the 3.0-liter automatic was still an option. The market for early NSXs is stable, if not particularly vibrant. All years show low production figures, making the car fairly rare, but there are always a few for sale. Good lowmileage examples trade among enthusiasts for between $30,000 and $50,000, depending mostly on year and condition. As a buyer, you can expect some further depreciation, although we haven't seen any really good cars go for less than $30,000. Look for a low-mileage, five-speed coupe in the middle of the price range, and drive and enjoy it. The car's popularity with 20-somethings might give it an upside, but this car should be bought to drive, not as an investment. When shopping for an NSX, there are several things to watch for. Like any performance car of this stature, a number of NSXs have been heavily modified, raced or just driven hard and put away wet. Stay away from these—they just November, 2003 Here's why thousands of you turn to eBay Motors to find everything you need. 163 mph, but as reliable as an Accord can't be bought cheap enough. The window regulators have been known to fail, leaving windows in the down position. Headroom can be an issue if you are tall—Dali Racing makes a low-profile seat cushion that allows more space. Always check the cooling hoses, as they were subject to recall and have a tendency to deteriorate. In cars with improperly machined transmission cases, a snap ring in the transmission can warp and shatter. This problem affects only certain '91 and '92 cars with transmission numbers between J4A4-1003542 and J4A4-1005978. If you find a car with one of these transmissions, don't abandon ship. The problem is repairable for around $1,500; you can use the potential problem as a negotiating tactic and then cross your fingers because the tranny may not fail after all. NSXs are known for extreme rear-tire wear, so take a good look at the rubber before you make an offer. As with any exotic, having a technician who is familiar with the car check it out before you buy it is a good idea. The NSX has many enthusiastic marque devotees. There is no shortage of DIY information available online and in club publications, and owners exhibit a rabid willingness to help first-time buyers, sometimes driving hundreds of miles to help with inspections. Parts can be expensive, but the NSX does come from Honda and inherits that automaker's reputation for reliability. Bottom line: These cars are aerodynamic, light and fast, they handle well and they're exciting but not difficult to drive. If you can't afford a jet of your own, the NSX might be the next best thing.—Marit Anne Peterson• Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  1991-96 6,851 $62,000 SCMPrice Guide ..$30,000-$50,000 (deduct 15% for automatic, add 5% for T-top) 45,000-mile Tune-up/major service  six coils per package at $111 apiece. Chassis # Left side of dashboard Engine #..Center rear of block viewed from above Club NSX Club of America, PO Box A3416, Chicago, IL 60690-3416 wwvv.nsxca.org Distributor cap  Web site  Alternatives  Porsche Boxster, Lotus Esprit V8 SCM Investment Grade  maintenance without warranty: $788.05: 60,000-mile maintenance: $1,388.70 D.I.S. coil over wire: BuyItNow Don't want to bid on an item? If the thing you want has the "Buy it Now" icon next to it, you can buy it right away without waiting. ) It's easy to find what you're looking for. Save three of your favorite searches and be notified when items you want become available. Every eBay user has a feedback rating. This rating is based on past transactions. It helps ensure we all know who we're dealing with. PayPal ° PayPal is the fast, easy and secure way to pay on eBay. Use your credit card or bank account to pay instantly and get your items faster.

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Legal Files / John Draneas It's Not What You Buy, It's Where You Buy If litigation becomes the means to resolve the dispute, location may become the only thing that matters he Internet has drastically changed the collector car market. Sites such as eBay and Autotrader make the purchase of a collector car just a mouse-click away. More often than not, these collector cars come from another state rather than just across town. So what happens when a transaction with a party in another state goes awry? If litigation becomes the means to resolve the dispute, location may become the only thing that matters. T Taking someone to court requires that the court have legal jurisdiction over that person. If you want to sue a person living in another state, you have to file your lawsuit in the other state, unless you can prove that person is subject to jurisdiction in your state. For that to occur, it must be shown that the other person had sufficient legal contacts with your state. And you want to be able to file in your own state. Litigating on your home turf is always cheaper. You can use your regular attorney. You don't have to travel to the other state for depositions and court appearances. You have greater control over what happens in the litigation. And there is a perception—and sometimes a reality—of home-court advantage. This month, we examine three cases that explore legal jurisdiction, all of which involve the State of Oregon, whose law is similar to that of other states. The relevant portion of Oregon law creates jurisdiction if the lawsuit "relates to goods, documents of title or other things of value actually received by the plaintiff in [Oregon] from the defendant without regard to where delivery to [a common] carrier occurred." In our first case, a Ferrari dealer in Oregon purchased a Ferrari from a Louisiana seller for $55,000. The Ferrari was advertised in the Los Angeles Times and Auto Week, both of which were selected by the seller because of their national circulation. The car was located in California and was shipped to Oregon by a common carrier retained by the buyer. The car was represented to be a new, gray-market Ferrari in perfect condition. Only the gray-market part turned out to be true. The buyer filed suit in Oregon, but the seller argued that he was not subject to Oregon jurisdiction because he had never set foot in the state. Further, he maintained that since the buyer selected and hired the transport company, delivery should have been deemed to occur in California. But the Oregon Court of Appeals made short work of those arguments. Oregon law makes the point of delivery to the common carrier irrelevant, and the Ferrari was therefore delivered in Oregon. That was sufficient action to create jurisdiction, and the lawsuit was allowed to continue—in Oregon. In our second case, an Oregon collector car dealer went to an auction in San Francisco and bought a Camaro from a famous retired sports figure and collector. Afterward, the seller invited the buyer to his warehouse to see other cars that were available, and the buyer purchased a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang and a 1965 Pontiac GTO. The buyer paid by check, arranged for his own shipping, and documents were mailed to him. The buyer later determined that neither car had its original engine, but he claimed that the cars were represented to him as numbers-matching. The Oregon dealer actually took physical possession of the cars in California and subsequently gave them to the transport company to ship to Oregon. But, the buyer argued, the documents of title were mailed to him in Oregon, so that portion of the statute should apply. Not so, said the Court, as the dispute was solely about the engines, not the titles. It didn't make any difference at all if the "titles were mailed to Oregon or Timbuktu," and the buyer would have to file suit in California. In our third case, an Oregon collector car dealer and client of our firm advertised a blue 1990 Porsche Carrera with 66,100 miles on both Autotrader.com and his own Web site. A 22-year-old buyer from Missouri, who claimed to be in the auto-body business with his father, flew to Portland and inspected the Porsche. After returning to Missouri, he 22  We enjoyed telling them what they could do with their claim." called the Oregon dealer to buy the car, sent $26,500 in full payment and arranged for shipment. Several months later, the buyer called and complained that the Porsche had numerous problems. His attorney threatened to file suit in Missouri because the state has a very strong consumer-protection statute that would make the Oregon dealer beg for mercy. We were very concerned about the Missouri statute's jurisdictional reach. Our research was inconclusive, but we did confirm that the Internet has had a profound effect in making a jurisdictional determination. Some of the questions raised by the new technology of cyberspace, and to which there are not yet consistent answers, are: When a collector car is advertised over the Internet, is the buyer shopping in the seller's state, or is the seller advertising in the buyer's state? Does it matter what the Web site is? That is, does a personal Web site "send" the message into other states in the same way as eBay or Autotrader.com ? And even if our client were subject to Missouri jurisdiction, it would be a separate question whether the case would be decided based on Missouri or Oregon law. In all states, the choice of which state's law to apply to decide the case is determined by which state had the closer connection to the transaction. Since the Porsche was in Oregon and the buyer traveled there to inspect the car, we thought the case should be decided under Oregon law, which would be less likely to impose liability on our client. But a Missouri court would make that decision, and we were concerned about getting "home-towned," as the buyer's attorney promised. Reluctantly, we agreed to settle the case by buying the Porsche back, subject to an inspection to confirm its condition. Our client selected a local Missouri wholesale auto auction to perform the inspection. When talking to the auction company, my partner was told that the buyer and his father were such good customers that there would be no charge for the inspection! That raised some suspicions and my partner called the buyer's attorney to "chat." When discussing the passage of title, the buyer's attorney let slip that they would need to get a release from the flooring company that had financed the car. Flooring company? They finance dealer inventory. We made further inquiries and discovered that our young body man and his father were actually licensed car dealers, not just owners of a body shop. That meant they were not consumers, and therefore the dreaded Missouri consumer-protection statute would not apply. The buyer would lose no matter where the lawsuit was filed, allowing us the enjoyable opportunity to tell the buyer's attorney just what he could do with his client's claim. The legal differences among these cases are subtle and the use of the Internet to advertise a car for sale only further complicates the matter. The best way to protect yourself if you are selling your car to an out-ofstate buyer is to use a written contract. Your contract can provide that, if a dispute arises, it must be resolved by litigation or arbitration in your state, using your state's laws. If you are the buyer, you should know that you may have to litigate in the seller's state. Since that is likely to be expensive, your best bet is to be sure that the car is inspected before you buy it to avoid any disputes or disappointments in the first place. Mr Draneas is an attorney in Portland. OR. His comments here are general in nature and are not a substitute for consultation with an attorney.• Sports Car Market

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.tc_00 3i si ANNIV[P,StRY 17:40.4.0,/ Kruse - Leave DALLAS 2003 November 21, 22 & 23 • 500 Cars 1956 CHEVROLET BEL AIR CUSTOM 1969 COPO CAMARO 427 CI / 425 HP. This COPO has been treated to a thorough "nut and bolt" restoration. It is currently in impeccable condition and is a true collector quality investment. GM of Canada documentation verifies its factory delivered options including some rare options for the COPO Camaro. M-22 4 speed transmission, numbers matching. Nothing on the market today is appreciating faster. 1946 CHEVROLET 1/2 TON PICKUP 1967 CHEVROLET NOVA SS  1946 CHEVROLET MODEL DP SUBURBAN 1/2 TON   1956 CHEVROLET NOMAD STATION WAGON 1993 CHEVROLET CAMARO PACE CAR 1959 PONTIAC CATALINA TRUCK Rare and in excellent condition.   Indy Pace car with all options.  Held at Market Hall in Dallas TX Auctioneer license Numbers: Dean V. Kruse 8308 Daniel Kruse AUCTNR00007674 e Brent Earlywine 12133 Buyer Premium - 6 0/0 Cars e 15% Collectibles KRUSE INTERNATIONAL • LEAKE AUCTION COMPANY 1979 PONTIAC TRANS AM BANDIT Original, numbers matching 400 CI V-8 with factory "shaker hood". For Consignment or Bidding Information: Consign Now! 800-722-9942 www.kruseinternational.com • (800) 968-4444 • www.leakecarauction.com • (800) 722-9942

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Collecting Thoughts An Eclectic Collection A s a collector and restorer of some 39 eclectic sports cars, I found Dave Kinney's comments regarding American Motors' AMX (Affordable Classics, September issue, page 25) right on the mark. Because of the way these cars were optioned, I own a one-of-one 1970 Mark Donohue Javelin and a one-of-a-kind 1970 AMX. Both "Big Bad Blue" cars have been restored to concours condition. The Javelin was declared to be "one of the finest restored muscle cars on the face of the planet" by Mopar Muscle Magazine in 1999. That was before the Mopar Nationals where, after several grueling hours of inspection on and off a lift, it won best of show—much to the shock of traditional Mopar fans. My Javelin has since been invited to be shown at Amelia Island, the East Coast Concours d'Elegance, and Meadow Brook. The AMX, which was restored since the Javelin, is following in the Javelin's footsteps. The difficulty of restoring either When Chrysler purchased  American Motors for the Jeep line, it issued a memo-  inventory.  of these cars was far greater than the restoration of my one-of-a-kind 1920 supercharged Dodge Brothers race randum instructing dealers to car, my one-of-a-kind 1925 Kissel destroy their AMC parts speedster, just to mention three of my older concours-restored cars. When Speedster or my 1932 Auburn boattail Chrysler purchased American Motors for the Jeep line, it issued a memoran- dum instructing dealers to destroy their AMC parts inventory. Chrysler wanted to wean the public away from AMC cars as quickly as possible, for obvious reasons. While not every dealer complied, most did, which makes NOS parts extremely rare. Add to that the problem of obtaining correctly date-coded parts and the job of correctly restoring an AMC car is magnified 100-fold. Obsolescence of generic parts is also a problem. For example, the correct tires for my Javelin with the Rebel Machine wheel option are no longer made. Four used tires cost me $1,000. While I could get the correct tint of vinyl to reupholster the seats in my AMX, the grain was wrong. I had to have the incorrect grain ironed out of the correctly dyed vinyl and a new grain embossed. For both cars, the lockout linkage for their four-speed manual transmissions had to be fabricated because its onerous requirements motivated original owners to remove and discard it. Power-robbing smog pumps and the plumbing that went with them, though required by the government, also found their way into most owners' trash bins. Assembling complete and correct smog units took me months, as pieces had to be gathered from all over the United States. Quality used parts are also difficult to find and expensive to restore. AMC built cheap cars; bare metal parts were the order of the day. Thirty years later, that bare metal—if it has survived—has a wonderful "patina" of pitting and rust. Speaking of pitting, excepting the bumpers, almost all of the bright metal on these cars was pot metal. Anyone who has restored and re-chromed pot metal to show quality knows how difficult and costly this is to do. So would I do it again? Probably. I enjoyed the challenge and the finished products are spectacular. The Javelin has been professionally appraised at $120,000; the AMX at almost $70,000. Can I get that much for them if I were to sell them? No way. Based on my experience of buying and selling several Javelins and AMXs in order to get the parts to restore my cars, I think Kinney's prices for a good AMX are on the low side, but he is nevertheless much closer to the market value than the appraisals on my cars would suggest. So why take a financial bath like this? There is no investment involved in what I have done. Restoring a car that I am passionate about to perfect concours condition is my hobby. I enjoy the challenge and am gratified with the results as my show cars travel around the country to the various events. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to share these pieces of history with others. ried me. 24 My wife thinks I'm crazy, but what does that say about her? She marDe Wayne Ashmead, Fruit Heights, FL. — Ashmead's 1920 Dodge Brothers supercharged racer. His prize-winning AMA'. Mark Donohue Javelin appraised at $120,000. DeWayne and Jill Ashmead.  Show-quality Javelin engine bay Sports Car Market

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J.J. BEST BANC &co. AUTOMOBILE FINANCING • ANTIQUES • CLASSICS • EXOTICS  • RODS  • KITS • SPORTS Offering Low National Fixed Rates Starting At • 5-Min. Approval Possible • Long Terms: 4 to 10 Years • Fixed-Rate • Purchases • Refinancing • Prequalify For Auctions APPLY NOW to be driving that special automobile 1-800-USA-1965 APPLY ONLINE AT WWW.JJBEST.COM OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Dealer Inquiries Invited *4.99% APR on $100,000, 8 years $1,265.52 monthly. Simple interest, fixed-rate. Correct at press time. This ad highlights one program—different programs available.

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SCM Picks Steve & Kathryn's Monterey Adventure Three-quarters of the trunk was filled with an assortment of outfits I hoped might keep me fashionable at each of the weekend's events A fter four previous trips to Monterey Weekend via plane and rental car, I finally persuaded my husband Steve that we should drive our 1997 BMW Z3 to this year's event. He balked on grounds of discomfort, but I threatened that we take my 1985 Toyota MR-2 instead and listen to my entire Hall and Oates CD collection on the two-day journey from Seattle. Thus I found myself wedged into the Z3 with maps and car magazines stuffed around my feet. Three-quarters of the trunk was filled with an assortment of outfits I hoped might keep me fashionable at each of the weekend's events. I passed the time while riding shotgun through California's Central Valley trying to spot other sports cars headed toward Monterey, while Steve dodged homicidal tractor-trailer rigs. I called out "Lamborghini" or "Maserati" with increasing frequency and Steve responded by asking me to identify each exact model. A true gearhead since childhood, with no more car-identification worlds left to conquer, he has taken on the Herculean task of teaching me to recognize the differences between Ferrari 308s and 328s. Concorso Italiano moves up the peninsula. By the time we pulled into Monterey on Thursday evening, every street was a textbook: "See over there in the Burger King parking lot? Those are all Bugattis. That's a Berlinetta Boxer, probably an '84, between the Lamborghini Countach and the '57 Thunderbird behind us," my husband said. "Here's our motel; looks like the Shelby Cobras have taken all the good parking spots. Wait, there's a place next to that Porsche Speedster at the far end. I can tell from here it's a replica, but it's a nice one." CONCORSO ITALIANO Friday's dawn found me in the motel parking lot in skirt and high heels, picking grasshoppers out of the Z3 's grille—we had hit every bug between Seattle and San Jose. With no time to finish cleaning, we joined a fantasy parade of candy-colored Italian sports cars sprinting the short distance down Highway Ito the Concorso Italiano site at Fort Ord. Traffic slowed near the entrance, and I saw a distinguished couple sitting patiently in an early '60s Ferrari while someone performed roadside surgery on the fuel pump. The woman 26  "Someday I'll get my Ferrari 328." DeTomaso Pantera in solar yellow Avenues of Alfas.  250 TdF—a star at Concorso. Sports Car Market

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bers whizzed by on motorized skateboards. We peered into the roaring engine bay of an ancient, unrestored Bugatti while the mechanic made adjustments and the driver strapped on goggles for the next race. The sun beat down relentlessly on the whole carnival as the scent of fried chicken and calamari wafted over from Vendors' Island. Faced with impending heatstroke and deafness, we broke away to take a drive down Highway 1 for the rest of the afternoon. Lotus XI at Laguna Seca. smiled and said, "That's the way it is!" as we crept past and I thought, "I want to be her when I grow up." My other car is a Bugatti. As soon as we parked in the Concorso's BMW corral, Steve pulled an arsenal of automotive cosmetics out of the trunk and joined the platoons of other men industriously polishing every exposed surface of their cars. As fascinating as this mass application of Armor-All was, I couldn't wait for the main There are basically two car commercials on television these days. In one, the vehicle races across the Bonneville Salt Flats, then does donut turns in clouds of swirling dust. In the other, the car is powering through the cliffside twists and turns of California's Highway 1 south of Monterey. I've never been interested in trying to imitate the former but was thrilled to re-create the latter. As we soared and dipped a thousand feet above the churning Pacific near Big Sur, I could practically hear a voice-over saying, "Z3! You, too, can live the fantasy!" By the time we got back to our motel at dusk, I was mentally primed for the RM auction at the Doubletree Hotel that evening. RM AUCTION In the back of the crowded hotel ballroom, women in Versace dresses and Manolo Blahnik sandals sipped martinis and chatted with men wearing Armani jackets that smelled faintly of exotic car exhaust. event. Nine hundred and fifty Italian cars of every make and vintage filled the Black Horse golf course. The cypresses set off gleaming avenues of Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Maseratis. We wandered for hours, taking pictures and talking to owners, paying close attention to the Ferrari 308s and hoping to buy one some day. Despite all the exotics on display, my favorite sight was a fleet of Fiat X1/9s, a car so minimal I suspect it can be tuned to run on balsamic vinegar. MONTEREY HISTORIC RACES On Saturday, the Wolf Hill parking lot at Laguna Seca racetrack held as many battered Saturns and Subarus as Porsches and Jaguars. Down on the track, gaggles of vintage race cars sputtered, roared and whined around the course. Steve and! made the dusty climb to the top of the famous Corkscrew to watch 1970s Can-Am cars negotiate the steep, twisting turn-and-plunge down the hill. Mlc III replica wanted? Would you consider a fiberglass GT instead? November, 2003  There was almost equal mayhem in the paddock. Track marshals fended off throngs of stroller-pushing parents, cooler-toting rowdies and ice-cream-dripping children as drivers entered and left the pits. Crew mem- sipped martinis and chatted with men wearing Armani jackets that smelled faintly of exotic car exhaust. I'd rather have a Mangusta in the garage than Manolos in my closet, but I can't deny enjoying the evening's acquisitive glamour. The crowd was sophisticated, but the auctioneer occasionally chided a bidder ("Know the language, sir!") as the prices in dollars, pounds sterling and euros crept up on the giant electronic boards. The auction ran until midnight and though I wanted to see what would happen to the adorable 1967 Austin Mini Moke I found in the preview courtyard, I started nodding off during a long run of Maseratis the auctioneer said once belonged to the Aga Khan. That night I dreamed the Aga Khan was driving a Mini Moke. PEBBLE BEACH CONCOURS Sunday morning found us tooling down 17 Mile Drive in our best clothes, shivering in the fog, headed for the Pebble Beach Concours for a fantasy morning with the Great Gatsby set. In the Pebble Beach Lodge courtyard, this year's concept cars were being photographed 27 Physical preparation was another matter. I managed to scrub off most of the dust from Laguna Seca, but no amount of makeup ("primer and topcoat," as Steve calls it) could hide the glaring sunburn that set me apart from the perfectly coiffed auction players. In the back of the crowded hotel ballroom, women in Versace dresses and Manolo Blahnik sandals

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SON Picks 1 of 10 Maseratis from the Brener Collection. Fore! 67 Mini Moke—a crowd favorite. so intently that I half expected the cameraman to address them like supermodels: "Give me a smile!" (click) "Now a pout!" (click) "Perfect!" Down by the bay, the fog turned the fairways into a British Racing Green carpet for dozens of gleaming Duesenbergs, Auburns and Packards. The car cards listed owners' A tribute to Ford's 100-year anniversary. By Sunday afternoon, the corporate jets were departing Monterey airport as steadily as rising Champagne bubbles. names like "Chip" and "Skip" and residences in Beverly Hills and Dubai. In the midst of the sea of navy blazers and straw hats, I discovered a fabulous island of Buick concepts from the '50s and '60s, their jet-engine headlights seeming to gaze on a glorious Space Age future that never came. I would have happily driven off with George Jetson in the bubble-topped 1956 Centurion. By Sunday afternoon, the corporate jets were departing Monterey airport as steadily as rising Champagne bubbles, and the last of the Italian cars disappeared in flashes of red down Highway 1. I tucked away my Pebble Beach ticket lanyard to use as my office badge holder at home and wondered what sort of souvenir we might bring back next time. Can a 308 tow a Mini-Moke?—Kathryn L. Schipper• 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cal Spyder—owned by a guy named "Chip." 28  The author looking for Mr Jetson. Sports Car Market

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branfon, O. October 17th & 18' 2003 TrIC 15:M 1936 Cord 810 no RC UM 1967 onto( (Yrn D  , 1954 Chevrolet Corvette F10 PCICINC  1954 Ilercury ronterey no K./CM COLLCCTOP CAP AUCTIOR 1967 Aurtin Mealey 5000 111(111 Phafe II bJ8 192811odel A Phaeton PO PCICRVC 1982 error] r . _ _ If 1952 Packard flayfair no RUCPVC  1951 buck fere/ 00 /penal Coupe (66/ ror over twenty year/ the branton Collector Car Auction team hat been proviclins the molt important element of thif wonderful hobby, f ervice to the Collector. In branion you will find the fineft prefentation of antique, daft IC, VirltaBe, /port/ and mu/de cart in the country. On ttase at the fabulout Tri-LaLet Center (formerly the Mel Tillit Theater) 2,700 comfortable feat/ await, at tome of the fineit automobile/ in the country roll to center fteiBe. The number one auction team in the butinetr, major car carriert, collector car inturance and financins all come tosether to make your vim to the entertainment capitol an experience to remember. 250 felected can will be offered for rale beginning at 2pm rriday & at 10am faturday. [or bidding information pleafe aI Uf direct at 800 3)5 )065 . Vifit our web fite for a complete liftin g at www branfonauction.corn. Phone . 800335.3063 Mailing Address: 1316 W. HWY 76 Suite 199 Branson, MO. 65616 Web Address: www bransonauction com E-Mall: auctioninfo@bransonauction.com

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SCM Picks SCAVers in Monterey T 170/oia Voyef Sq.? 1--- e-erkid5c.o, 1444 e'rv 2,0oc. 1C/ en7L Pebbk Sench, 64. housands of Sports Car Market subscribers make the annual pilgrimage to Monterey for the races, concours and auctions. Here are a few that stopped by the SCM booths. se to/e4s xf Vcen  ,gyude, HaYy/aa 6iai Word Sao rvat4ciSc ,o, CArli lo; 1/444 -11e4/cy 1)ovi  30 Vev14-4 ref Kt. ,4 , Nescht. Sports Car Market

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SON Picks Monterey Automobilia Auctions I t seems like every year the auction company headed by Robert Brooks has a new name. First it was Brooks, then Bonhams and Brooks, then Bonhams alone, and now, with the acquisition of the US-based Butterfields from eBay, Bonhams & Butterfields (and to make it even more interesting, the overseas divisions of Bonhams don't carry the Butterfields half of the name). Regardless of which iteration of the name is on the company's masthead, the firm continues to provide the weekend's most titillating array of automobilia at its Quail Lodge auction. With the move of Concorso Italian° to the Black Horse Golf Course, the former traffic problems at Quail Lodge were resolved. The automobilia auction, consisting of 196 lots, started at 2 p.m. and was well attended. There were serious automobilia collectors and dealers in the crowd, along with a number of people who were in need of a break from yet another car event—The Quail, which was taking place across the street at the Quail Lodge— and stopped in as curious spectators. Toby Wilson is the new major-domo for automobilia for Bonhams & Butterfields, and the major change appears to be that fewer pieces were offered with reserves. This makes for a much more exciting auction, as more people tend to get involved with the bidding knowing the piece they are after will, in fact, sell. The majority of the pieces offered were from B&B's seemingly endless source of mascots. Two serious pieces of R. Lalique were offered and sold for adult money (see page 88); however, the 1953 Gold Cup Trophy was passed—perhaps this wasn't the audience for a hydroplane trophy. A number of items were offered with estimates under $200, including a number of period hot rod photographs, and considering that is less than lunch for two at the Lodge, they elicited spirited bidding. Christie's offered a handful of interesting items as a prelude to its automobiles, including an intake manifold from a Bugatti Royale railroad engine that was a no-sale. New this year was the Monterey International Automobilia Expo, held on the formerly activity-vacant Tuesday and Wednesday of the week. The brainchild of SCM'er and automobilia expert Tony Singer, it got off to a modest beginning but has enormous promise. There's more good stuff offered every year, and for those of us who are addicted, this is a wonderful trend indeed.—Carl Bomstead BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #300— PAIR OF WOODLITE HEADLIGHTS. Estimate: $450-$550. A pair of very desirable aftermarket headlights that were lacking the manufacturer's nameplate. SOLD AT $1,438. This same pair of aftermarket Woodlites was a no-sale at the May 3 Brookline auction this year While in very good overall condition, the November, 2003 buyer had best have a source for the nameplate, as lam not aware of anyone reproducing them. CHRISTIE'S #5—PAIR OF WOODLITE HEADLIGHTS, RESTORED BUT REQUIRING ASSEMBLY. Estimate: $750-$1,000. Restored and re-plated to the highest standards. Complete with gaskets and manufacturer's tags. SOLD AT $1,410. Some few minor chips, is rarely offered. Having an affinity for any Mobil piece with a gargoyle, I found 1 could not control my bidder's paddle. But I'm pleased with my purchase. assembly required—not a major task. Considering that the pair offered by Bonhams & Butteifields, which lacked the tags and will require some restoration, sold for a bit more money, the new owner of this pair can pay himself $100 an hour as he puts his together and end up well ahead of the game. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #306— GOLDEN SHELL DOUBLE-SIDED MOTORCYCLE OIL PORCELAIN SIGN. Estimate: S600-$900. Crowned top. Shows the BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #321— LORRAINE-DIETRICH RADIATOR BADGE. Estimate: $300-$400. Enameled badge in 10 colors. Two inches in diameter. SOLD AT $184. A Lorraine-Dietrich raced in early Shell pectin logo in red against a yellow background. 22" x 9". SOLD AT $632.50. A few chips, but nothing major considering this sign usually sells in the $1,200-$1,500 or higher range. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #310— DOUBLE-SIDED MOBIL OIL PORCELAIN SIGN. Estimate: $700-$900. Die-cut in the shape of rectangular oil can. 11" x 20". English in origin. SOLD AT $575. European signs are in favor with American collectors, as the graphics and colors are usually most striking. This sign, with a little edge wear and a the world's first Grand Prix, held in France in 1906. They continued in production until about 1927. The radiator badge, in excellent condition, features the Cross of Lorraine and an airplane but no automobile. A bargain, should have brought mid-range of the estimate. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #327—AVIATOR MASCOT BY BONA FIZEL, FRENCH, CIRCA 1914. Estimate: $1,200-$1,500. Bronze airplane with spinning propeller. SOLD AT $517.50. The last time I saw one of these delightful mascots sell was at RM in Arizona a few years ago. It made close 31

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to $1,000 then, so the estimate here was off the mark. However, value should still be closer to the earlier sale, so this was an excellent buy. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #328— "CAR IN THE CLOUDS" MASCOT BY VERECICE. Estimate: $1,500-$1,600. Signed on the side of the base and Depose stamp on BY HENRI PAYEN, 1920s. Estimate: $1,400-$1,500. A large bronze mascot that is wired to illuminate the lantern. A photocopy of the Henri Payen catalog that pictured the mascot was included. SOLD AT $4,025. Another large and desirable piece that sold for a number far beyond the estimate. Would be a great companion piece with the French "Monkey with a Lantern" mascot by M Le Verier the other side. SOLD AT $1,840. This mascot, real here, often appears as a reproduction. Easiest way to tell is by looking at the bottom of the base as the fakey-doos are marked "Made in France" and numbered on the bottom. An expensive mistake if you ended up with the wrong one. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #332— BLERIOT MONOPLANE MASCOT, FRENCH, 1919. Estimate: $1,400-$1,500. A large and exceptionally rare piece that is well CHRISTIE'S #1—PENCIL DRAWING SKETCH BY PETER HELCK. Estimate: $1,000-$2,000.This was the working sketch used by the artist for his cover illustration for Sports Cars in Review 1966 that featured dented. Chrome was acceptable. Light was offered without bracket. SOLD AT $1,880. The previous lot, which offered a Duesenberg taillight with the bracket, was a much better buy at $2,115. The brackets are available as reproductions but are easily distinguishable by marque experts. On the other hand, if you need a taillight for your Duesenberg the price is almost immaterial as they are rarely offered. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #359— HAND-PAINTED INDIAN MOTOCYCLE LEATHER JACKET. Estimate: $600-$800. This horsehide jacket with the famous Indian Motocycle logo hand-painted on the back was in very good used condition. The colors are still bright and the California Sportswear label is inside the jacket. Size 40. SOLD AT $550. A great period piece to be displayed with your motorcycle collection. It sold for a bit below the estimate, but the expectations may have been a little on the strong side. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #378— ROYAL DOULTON PLATE FROM THE "MOTORIST" SERIES. Estimate: $300$400. This 10" plate was in good condition and documented. SOLD AT $4,025. The detail and size of this piece give it great appeal. It sold to a phone bidder for a price well over the estimate. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #352— ELEPHANT WITH LANTERN MASCOT 32  the artist's own 1921 Mercedes-Benz racer. SOLD AT $1,528. The original watercolor cover painted by Hekk was offered as the next lot and sold for only $2,115, well below the estimate. It also included a 300SLR, so the original watercolor was a great buy compared to this sketch, but hopefully the same bidder ended up with both pieces. CHRISTIE'S #7—DUESENBERG TAILLIGHT. Estimate: $1,000-$1,500. Glass was not chipped or scratched and the shell was not Sports Car Market

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THE WORLD'S GREATEST CLASSIC CAR AUCTION 0 / 77 SCOTTSDALE THE WORLD'S GREATEST CLASSIC CAR AUCTION JANUARY 21-25, 2004 • WESTWORLD • SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA "NOT JUST AN AUCTION, IT'S AN EXTRAVAGANZILP 2003 Sales of $28.5 Million Results Sales Ratio of 90% 800 Classic, Vintage, Sports and Muscle Cars 2,500 Bidders 350 Specialty Merchandise Exhibitors 175,000 Attendees NO RESERVE NO RESERVE NO RESERVE , ffr II LOT #372 - 1972 ITALIA CONVERTIBLE Ford 351cid V8 with 4-speed transmission. Fresh restoration back to original Very desirable limited production roadster.  LOT #420 - 1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ROADSTER 327cid/300hp V8 with Powerglide transmission. Frame-off restoration. All numbers matching with ownership documentation. LOT #422 - 1957 FORD THUNDERBIRD CONV. 312c1c1/245hp V8 with automatic transmission and power steering. Restored by Amos Minter with only test miles. Both tops NO RESERVE , CONSIGNMENTS NOW BEING ACCEPTED • 480.421.6694 • REGISTER TO BID OVER 800 CLASSIC & COLLECTOR CARS NO RESERVE  NO RESERVE RESERVE LOT #662 - 1989 LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH COUPE A superb example of the car built to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini - LOT #659 - 1961 PORSCHE 356 1600 SUPER 90 ROADSTER Professionally restored Super 90. Equipped with rare factory options and documentation Correct in every detail LOT #614 - 1955 PORSCHE BECK 550 SPY DER Beautiful recreation by Chuck Beck. Powered by a 191cid/125hp engine with 4-speed transmission LOT #436 - 1960 MERCEDES-BENZ 220 SE CABRIOLET Rare fuel injected model. Cosmetic and mechanical restoration with original leather interior. Barrett Jackson Auction Company, LL( 3020 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 tel 480.421.6694 fax 480.421.6697 barrett-jackson.com '11-ibune tails* Automobile Ilida lEn Av*

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depicted a motoring scene. SOLD AT $300. These transfer print English China pieces were offered between 1903 and 1913 and included eight different scenes, two sizes of plates and 10 different pitchers and platters. These are very desirable and have been hard to find the past few years. A different scene was offered in the next lot and sold for the same money. This has to be considered the market price. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #384— SILVER CIGARETTE CASE WITH HAND-PAINTED RACING BUGATTI. Estimate: $2,200-$2,400. The attractive silver case is hallmarked 1936 with the enameled tortoise, with the top of the shell incorporating the TN initials. This was his personal logo and was embroidered on his racing overalls. SOLD AT $1,600. This pin was presented in its fitted leather-and-velvet case and sold for twice the high estimate. The new owner was seen wearing the pin on his jacket, so he was obviously pleased with his purchase. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #419— "TETE de PAON" GLASS MASCOT BY RENE LALIQUE. Estimate: $8,500-$9,500. This rare piece is mounted on its original display base and is in unmolested condition. Signal station in the background makes the photo even more interesting. The buyer can't complain about the price, since he probably spent more than that taking his gang to dinner that evening. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #478—SANTA'S NEW TOY BY STANLEY WANLASS. Estimate: $12,000-$14,000. A polychrome bronze sculpture depicting Santa behind the wheel of an early automobile. Bugatti at speed. SOLD AT $1,100. This was the year of the Bugatti at the Pebble Beach Concours and at the Monterey Historics, so it is rather surprising that this delightful piece did not sell for a price closer to the estimate. BONHAMS & BUTTEFtFIELDS #414— HIRONDELLE GLASS MASCOT BY RENE LALIQUE. Estimate: $3,000-$3,500. The swallow with stock number 1143 was finished in clear glass and was in superb, undam- SOLD AT $6,325. I keep looking (and wai ting) for a rebound in what the market is willing to pay for the work of Stanley Wanlass, but to no avail. The prices continue to be depressed even in an appreciating automobilia market. There may just be too many for sale for prices to be stronger BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #479—SCULPTURE "LA COMETE" BY MAURICE GUIFtAUD RIVIERE, CIRCA 1925. Estimate: $40,000-$50,000. This signed, plated bronze sculpture is regarded as being the influence for Rene Lalique's "Victoire" There is a dark hue to the clear glass. SOLD AT $8,625. The Peacock's Head mascot is very sought afier and is not often offered in undamaged condition. Bonhams continues to bring significant Lalique pieces to market and, for the most part, realize strong results for its efforts. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #470— PERIOD PHOTOGRAPH OF CUSTOM 1940 FORD. Estimate: $100-$150. Side-view black-and-white photograph was taken on the - mascot. This was presented at the 1925 Exposition des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. SOLD AT $28,750. This was one of the more significant pieces presented at the Bonhams sale; it sold for only about half the high estimate. The buyer should be pleased and should he decide to sell sometime in the future, he will be rewarded with a decent return on his investment.• aged condition. SOLD AT $3,680. The beak and wing tips of this piece are very susceptible to damage, and when offered in this condition they sell for serious money. This continues a trend of appreciating prices for excellent and unusual R. Lalique mascots. BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS #386—GOLD STICKPIN WITH TAZIO NUVOLARI'S INITIALS. Estimate: $600$800. The pin was formed in the shape of a 34  streets of Los Angeles in about 1947. SOLD AT: $230. The custom Ford is chopped and has what appears to be a Carson Top. The Sports Car Market

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Experience Octane, the great new car magazine •t Lightweight E-tyou  Jaguar's development car, as raced by GrA Hill and Jackie St.,. • .0•11M, Monteverdi Hai What made it so successful? We test three very different GT4Os to find out OR GT40 Playhny at 50 How a Swiss car dealer built a , new Top Speed Wars contender Girls, art and intellectualism: or exhibition and at auction 1W1,:intiinetehstoof:y1;:iii:t1,English sports car's development WINN The greatest cars, from turn-of-the-century pioneers to the latest supercars, tested and analysed by the best motoring writers in the world. Fuel your passion! Published in London, England www.octane-magazine.com or dial 011 44 1795 414972

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Ferrari Profile 1970 365 2 + 2 Back when they were under $10k, we didn't concern ourselves about cosmetic stuff Chassis number: 12651 T his "family Ferrari" was repainted in its original silver-blue from bare metal in 1997. There is new black leather on front seats, the brake system has been overhauled, and new rear self-leveling shocks fitted. A new clutch has been installed, along with fresh belts, hoses and motor mounts. The engine has never been opened and the carburetors are original. It is a three-owner car, with fully-documented history. It has never been stored, but regularly driven. It comes with the original tool kit and owner's manuals, and has covered just 59,800 miles. It is being offered at no reserve. This imposing, but elegant, 2+2 sold for a reasonable $43,740, including buyer's premium, at Barrett-Jackson's Petersen Museum auction on June 22, 2003. The 365 2+2 may be the best and least expensive way for an enthusiast on a budget to enjoy a traditional Ferrari V12. It's cheap and durable by Ferrari standards, and an ideal car for the person who wants a sports car that can haul the family or another couple. Just don't expect a lot of appreciation—or much depreciation, either The 365's air conditioning, power windows, power steering, power brakes, and electric vent-wings all added up, and it was dubbed the "Queen Mary" of Ferraris by Road & Track in 1968, due to its two-ton weight. Still, it would reach 152 mph and went from 0-60 in 7.1 seconds. Succeeding the 250 and 330 2+2s, the 365 was the first 2+2 Ferrari to have independent rear suspension, giving the car fine handling despite its weight. It was as stable at 150 as most cars were at 70 and R&T concluded it was still a thoroughbred Ferrari. The conventional drivetrain featured a frontmounted 4.4-liter DOHC engine with three carbs and dual distributors. This basic engine design was over 15 years old; it would be the last of the two-cam Columbo engines from Modena. By this time, Ferrari had worked out most of the problems from the earlier 330's 4-liter engines—these tended to suffer head cracks between spark plug holes and exhaust valve seats at higher mileage. Although its head and block are similar, the 365's 4.4-liter engine has slightly different stud placement and sintered iron valve seats rather than bronze. These engines still used a multiple-row timing chain with well-developed tensioners (which rarely give trouble) rather than rubber belts. They have valve seals to prevent the ubiquitous Ferrari smoking, and despite the addition of some rudimentary emissions-control equipment, the 4.4-liter engines seem to be more trouble free than their predecessors. The 365 2+2 was fitted with newly developed Koni hydraulic springram load levelers that used suspension movement to pump up and maintain correct ride stance when the large trunk was full. While not nearly as trouble prone as many air-bag suspensions developed in the 1950s, they simply don't last 30 years. They can be rebuilt (at a cost of over $2,000), but many have been replaced with $150 Gabriel "HiJackers" air-adjustable shock absorbers. An owner of two 365s at January's Barrett-Jackson claimed his air-shock converted "driver" handled better than the rebuilt Konis on his "show" 2+2, at about a tenth of the cost, installed. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives   Lot #749, S/N 12539 Condition: 2 1970 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 Barrett-Jackson; Scottsdale, AZ; 1/16/2003 Sold at $51,300 SCM 1D# 30085 Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  $18,900, with A/C, radio, power windows and disc wheels $45,000-$60,000 $2,500-$3,000 $300+ Right side, near starter motor, back of block Ferrari Club of America, PO Box 720597, Atlanta, GA 30358 www.ferrariclubofamerica.org Mercedes-Benz 6.3, Lamborghini Espada, Ferrari 400, '63-'65 Buick Riviera SCM Investment Grade  American 365 2+2s had air conditioning and extra cooling fans, which pulled more current than the 40-amp Marelli alternator provided. The factory installed a second alternator and a troublesome relay box, but details of how to rebuild and upgrade the box inexpensively have been available for 25 years. After the fix, it causes no problems. In the mid-1970s, I took a delightful trip from Atlanta to Watkins Glen for the Ferrari Club Meeting with my wife and three kids in an 80,000-mile 365. We had bought the car over the phone; it had been described as "burgundy" with contrasting stripes. But when it arrived, it was more Cold Duck pink than Rothschild red. And the stripes? They were six-inch-wide, bright violet, fuzzy-edged accents in the best hot rod tradition. These days, an e-mailed photo would have prepared us for the weird paint. But back when 365s were under $10k, we didn't concern ourselves about cosmetic stuff Did it pull to 8,000 rpm, get to 100 fast and have at least 11 of the 12 cylinders with decent compression? Yes. So we just bought it, but were careful to park around the corner at the next Ferrari club meeting. 1968-71 800 Chassis #.... Right front chassis rail, plate on right inner fender, DOT plate-driver's door jamb After looking it over; 1 judged the silver-blue car here to be a 2-; another auction analyst said 3+. It had attractive, non-original five-star-type Cromodoras with good Michelins. The light metallic paint, a good color for these large 2+2s, had some minor bubbles. The car had a nice interior with some wear on the rear seat. The rear bumper chrome was thin, with pits in the pot metal taillight surrounds, a common problem. Trunk lid fit was way off but there was no obvious rear-end collision damage inside. Other panel fits were up to original Pininfarina standards. The windows were tinted and a later stereo was installed, but the original was included. The chassis was clean, but not detailed. The car started easily with no smoke and idled well, indicating no excessively worn shafts on the carbs. It picked up rpm smoothly, evidence that the distributors are still advancing and accelerator pumps still pumping. The owner said the A/C works but needs R12 refrigerant (likely at least a $1,000 problem). The car appeared to be well maintained, and never abused. This was a fair price if the mechanicals check out as well as claimed. If the new owner is a family man, this V12 will be a terrific and stylish way to transport his family to various car events around the country.—John Apen (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.)* COMPS RM; Santa Monica, CA; 5/25/2002 Sold at $39,600 SCMID# 28478 1970 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 Lot #134, S/N 12427 Condition: 2

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Why Not Lease? • Early Termination Without Penalty • Specializing in Highline, Exotics, & Vintage Motorcars • Fast Response... No Song, No Dance, No Stories r- FIN NCIAL SERVICES "Serving Your Leasing Needs Since 1978" Phone: 203-267-7700 • Fax: 203-267-7773 47 Sherman Hill Road, Woodbury, CT 06798 www.WhyNotLease.com

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Sheehan Speaks Of 13-hp BMWs And 310-hp Ferraris T he 743-cc, 13-horsepower flathead-four engine on my children's 1930 BMW DA-2 Kabriolet is far removed from the 3,432-cc, 310-horsepower double-overhead-cam-four engine of a 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza. And most likely, all four of the BMW's cableoperated drum brakes, each the size of a teacup saucer, would fit handily within a single Grand-Prix-bred brake drum of the Monza that RM sold for over $2 million. Be that as it may, I must confess that, for the first time, Ferraris weren't the first things on my mind during the Monterey weekend. I entered my kids' BMW into the Pebble Beach Concours and served as their all-in-one driver, mechanic and detailer for a glorious three days. Mick and Colleen, my 11-year-old twins, enjoyed the 50-mile, uphill and downhill Pebble Beach tour; they were constantly turning around in their seats, amazed at how both the ancient Bentleys and Rolls, as well as the modern Suburbans and Durangos, towered above them. I drove the car flat-out the whole way, which meant, of course, that moms pushing strollers would leave me in their dust when the stoplights turned green. On Sunday, Colleen, with Mick as her riding mechanic, drove the BMW across the ramp and onto the podium at Pebble, where they collected their third-in-class prize at the concours. I know it's a dad thing, but I must say that watching the two of them, in the little classic, brought me more personal pleasure than anything I had done in my previous 29 years attending the events of the Monterey weekend. This wasn't the first time I'd been at Pebble Beach as an entrant. In 1987, 1 showed 1951 Ferrari 340 S/N 082, the 1951 Mille Miglia winner. In 1993, I showed three cars: a 330 GTC "speciale," S/N 9571, and a 206 Pininfarina "speciale," S/N 00106, both as Of course, the big gun of the weekend was the 860 Monza, S/N 0604, that brought $2,057,001. While that is a hell of a lot of money in anyone's book, the 860 Monza is a hell of a lot of car, being one of three built. As a factory team car, it won the 1956 Sebring 12-hours race, driven by Fangio and Castelotti, then was sold to Von Neumann and campaigned extensively by Phil Hill in the US. Important enough to be featured in the May 1996 issue of Road & Track magazine, 0604 has always commanded a premium price and was last publicly offered in Switzerland in 1999 at $1,800,000. Add in that the new owner is a Dutch antique dealer, who is buying in dollars but paying in Euros, gaining an immediate 10% discount. This is a new world-record price for a four-cylinder Ferrari, but I would have to call this price market correct, and I predict this car will see considerable appreciation during the next five years. It's just too cheap compared to the minimum $6,000,000 or so that a 12-cylinder 250 TR will set you back. (For an in-depth analysis of this car, see Thor Thorson's profile that begins on page 54.) But even though the Monza set a new record, it's still definitely not 1989 again. For instance, 330 Michelotti SN 9083, a one-off targa conversion based on a 330 2+2 chassis, brought $143,000 at RM. Yes, that's plenty for a 330 rebody. But on the other hand, it's nowhere near the $1,800,000 I am told was turned down for the car when it was on the lawn at Pebble, in August of 1989. Colleen and Mick, her riding mechanic, with their prize-winning BMW display only, along with a 1952 Ferrari 625 F-2, which earned a second in class. And in 1994, I entered a 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB SEFAC, SN 2729. Those were all great experiences, but watching Colleen and Mick in the little BMW, collecting their trophy and ribbon, was a once-in-alifetime experience. Of course, I couldn't help but make the rounds of the auctions while I was there. That's a "car-guy" thing, and I'm sure you understand. There were plenty of Ferraris offered during the weekend and, for the most part, they all achieved market prices. While Bonhams & Butterfields' August 15 Quail Lodge auction offered a handful of Ferraris, only two sold. The 250 Pininfarina Series II cabriolet, S/N 3311—which needed everything—sold at $135,000, which seemed high to me given its condition, and the 275 GTS, S/N 7337—which was just a nice old used car—sold at $157,500, fair enough. Russo and Steele's August 16 "muscle car" auction had only four Ferraris, all of them garden-variety models that made garden-variety prices. A 1968 365 GT went for $67,500, a 1980 512 BBi sold for $76,680, an '87 Mondial brought $34,020 and a '91 Mondial t was valued at $52,380. The RM auction had a total of 13 Ferraris, and they got some strong money. A 250 Pininfarina Series II cabriolet, S/N 3407, that was nicely restored brought a surprising $258,501, a demonstration that these early open cars have been too cheap for too long. An alloy-bodied 275 GTB/4, S/N 9609, brought a surprising $621,500-1 wonder how long it will be before we see one return to the million-dollar values of 1989. I was surprised when 288 GTO S/N 56343 sold at $279,400—once million-dollar cars as well, they've been a tough sell the past few years above $250,000. Of course, the weekend ended with Christie's, where three Ferraris sold. 330 GTC S/N 11517, in nicely restored condition, brought $156,000, all the money for a non-trophy-winning GTC. A 246 GTS, S/N 5480, brought $105,750, which, for this car, was full retail and them some. Of course, enthusiasts of means don't come to Monterey looking for a bargain, and when they see a bauble they like, they just snap it up. I didn't see many marked-up SCM Price Guides in the lounges of the Gulfstream GIVs, Dassault Falcon 2000s and Boeing 737 business jets parked at the Monterey jet center, and I doubt that the new owner of the Dino cares what I think about what he paid. And more power to him. The sale of the 365 California Spyder, S/N 9889, at $634,500 was proof that auctions do indeed sometimes get "all the money." While this was a nicely preserved example, 365s have never had the appeal of the 250 Cal Spyders. The 365s have mismatched front and rear styling, and no competition heritage of any kind. I thought that $500,000 was all the money for a 365 Spyder, but now I know what all the money really is. Of course, even the amount this car sold for is far less than the $1,000,000 that was offered for a very similar car in 1989. Overall, the lessons offered by this weekend were the same ones we've been seeing the past few years. The market for production GT Ferraris such as a quality 250 PF cabriolet, 330 GTC or 246 continues to rise. Cars with questions will not bring anywhere near the silly prices the same cars brought in the late 1980s, simply because the buyers are far more sophisticated end users, not speculators. This weekend, it wasn't a Ferrari that elicited the "where-did-thatbid-come-from" prize of the weekend. That went to the 2005 Ford GT sold by Christie's, bought by former Microsoft President Jon Shirley, for three times the projected MSRP, a staggering $557,500. But you know what? The proceeds of the sale above the reserve went to charity, and I don't think Mr. Shirley is particularly worried about his financial position being affected if his GT doesn't hold 100% of its value over the next decade.•

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Mecum in Chicago 8th Annual Fall Premier Auction & Expo October 31- November 2, 2003 Pheasant Run Resort, St.Charles, Illinois This is the Pyle! The 7,,fee event that sets the stanatarai the olleetpr ear market. ear al(ter year eetm4 makes it ceear. 74teettm ymr investment G r 4 ktetiern tmAer ! AGIEn 1957 D/E111311r1 One of 14 special built Super Gliarged Munderbin*. Qualified to race at the 1957 Daytona Beach Speed Reek. To RESERVE YOUR SELLERS POSMON IN THIS PROVEN AucnoN EvENr CALL TODAY /ABNA. AMERICA. 13  COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONEERS www.mecumauction.com ECU Call or see our wcbsitc for mom information and the complete Mecum Actnss America Auction lbur Schedule for 2003. — la — 83 El ES Et Mecum Collector Car Auctioneers • 950 Greenlee • Marengo, Illinois 60152 lenim m1too trneralml the ISorkl Recur,' wIting sale for a fat:lora produellon Corwtle ol $6-10.000 (Ineltallog Innen: pterulurnt For IhIs 11167 LAI at the Mecum 001,1 $0011 10e1100 during On Ant lhoomintgon Cold Corwin,: I atl tant at Pheasant Run Reetrl in SIA:harles. Inn*, LW,

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Ferrari Classifieds 53 Europa, #0313EU, Series 1, show car, alloy fastback coupe by Vignale. Featured in many Ferrari books, stored past 30 years, converted to Chevy drivetrain in '60s. Have 0331EU to be rebuilt and installed. nab32@comcast.net $350,000. Dr. Norm Baker, 650-325-5453. CA 61 250 GTE, runs well, needs total restoration, no rust, does not drive. $25,000, offer. 661-393-5957, 661-393-1774. CA 67 275 GTB/4, five year restoration just completed, investment quality, expensive. Jim, 909-849-5530. CA 67 330 GT 2+2, red, tan, restored. David Grant, 661-254-6188. CA 67 330 GTS, red w/cream interior, tan carpets, tan top, VIN 3300TS10113, 1 of 100 made, stunning condition, mechanically flawless, drives like a new car, serious Concours competitor, manuals, tools, maintenance records. mike.westrick@veri zon.net $277,000. 260-433-5835. IN 69 Dino 246 GT, s/n 00316, US model, beautiful red paint, 60k miles, black interior, full service, books, tools, cover, exc condition throughout, shown at CavaIlino Classic in Palm Beach, best offer, possible Countach trade. 561-252-0177. FL 72 365 GTB/4, Daytona red w/black leather, fresh service, detailed engine, fresh leather, paint 4 years old (very nice), new tires, books, tool roll, only 42k miles. $133,500. 727-515-1965. FL 73 GTB/4 Spyder conversion, sin 16781, 43k, red/black, new wide Borranis w/ Michelins, Ferrari power steering, service 1-1-03, fantastic condition. $155,000. Dick Leppla, 216-316-1515, 800-600-2624. OH ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCL ONLY $15. See 74 246 GTS, the last 246 Dino built, US version with books, tools and Becker Mexico radio, this car is in show condition and absolutely immaculate. $145,000. 708289-8460. IL 74 246 GTS, champagne exterior, tan int with Daytona seats, 50,000 miles, unusually fine condition in every respect. $83,500. 757-749-9047. VA 74 Dino 246 GTS Spyder with documented 17,000 original miles, one of the lowest mile Dinos available, very rare with chairs and flares and finished in Bianco (white) with Rosso (red) Daytona seats, options include factory air conditioning and power windows, one of the last US Dinos built (serial #08500). $125,000, possible trade for BMW Z8. 818-895-9906. CA 78 308 GTS, black, maroon, new tires, wheels redone, new 2nd gear synchro, engine out, complete major service, runs excellent, ign tune-up, carbs rebuilt, very nice car, 50k miles, car runs excellent. $29,900. 614-471-7535. OH 80 GTSi US, real tan, 45k, nice original car. $27,900. 516-541-9541. NY 81 512 BB Boxer, last run of the rarer and more powerful carbureted Boxers, Rosso Corso red w/optional tan Daytona seats w/black leather inserts, major engine out service, new synchros, jet coated exhaust, recovered dash, carpets, custom floor mats, original spare (as new), tool kit, new paint, new XWXs, 15x7x9 alloys, complete documentation of all work done, close to $45,000 spent, 22K miles, I of the best. $84,500. 727-515-1965. FL UDE INTERNET POSTING! page 93 for details. 82 4001, silver and black, 16,000 actual miles, will trade and deliver. Greg, 720200-1000. CO 83 308 GTSi Quattrovalve, 33k fresh 30k inspection, Rosso Rubino with perfect black interior, like-new Cromodoras, show quality, new Tubi, new A/C, complete books, records, tools, Alpine stereo, custom sheepskins, pristine and unmolested. emsdks@yahoo.com 949-499-5557. CA 84 512 BBi red/tan, tan dash, red carpets, 13k, books, tools, DOT/EPA releases. 15k major service 2/03, belts, clutch, water pump, injectors, hoses, battery, new MSD ignition, A/C recharge. Outstand- ing mechanical and cosmetic condition, fully sorted, no stories, fast and ready to be driven. Contact Brian, 301-2107799. MD 99 Ferrari Maranello Grigio, alloy, K&N filter, Tubi exhaust, 7,100 miles, looks and drives as new. Tires as new. 516365-1385. NY PARTS Original Ferrari factory manuals, brochures, memorabilia. Huge stock of original Ferrari items from early Scuderia Ferrari to current Enzo Ferrari model and everything in between Download catalog at www.ferrarilitera ture.com. 407-292-6363. Fax 407-5669625. FL* Go to: wwwitalianCarParts.com for the products you need to restore & maintain your Italian Car We have the largest selection of Italian Car Parts & Accessories available on the World Wide Web. Phone: 503.655.9811 Fax: 503.655.9581 America's Oldest Ferrari Dealership

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PALM SPRINGS Keith Mc Cormick presents the 35th Collector Car Auction SATURDAY and SUNDAY NOME kvi AUCTION OF 350 ANTIQUE, CLASSIC, SPORTS, AND SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOS AT THE NEW 7 MILLION DOLLAR DOWNTOWN PARKING CENTER LOCATED AT: 279 SOUTH INDIAN CANYON DRIVE, PALM SPRINGS LAST SALE WAS 61% SOLD OF ALL CARS ENTERED The McCormick Family is once again organizing this auction in their usual friendly and courteous manner. Ask for Keith, Jason or Desley to answer your questions. Sponsored by su.-^ THE OLDIES STATION RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW! DPW+7 1 4.7 fm LOCAL HOST HOTEL: We recommend Las Brisas Hotel Across from Auction Site Telephone: (760) 320-1371 or PHONE FOR CONSIGNMENT NUMBERS. ASK FOR ENTRY FORMS, BIDDER APPLICATIONS, AND GET ON OUR MAILING LIST...NOW! (760)-320-3290  check out these websites: www.palm-springs.org (Palm , Springs Bureau of Tourism) www.PalmSpringsUSA.com (Palm Springs Desert Resorts) 4 :122nd & 23rd, 2003. ..1:5=0„ ENTRY FEES: SATURDAY AND SUNDAY $250. Add $100 for top floor display - only space for 86 cars topside. No numbers will be reserved without consignment fee being paid in full in advance. VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Positions will be filled on first-come first-served basis. To reserve the position you desire, send your check covering the entry fee or phone in your credit card number. You may specify the cars you're entering at a later date. Entry fees are REFUNDABLE less $25 handling fee if you notify us in writing 14 days prior to the auction. Color photographs may be included in our exclusive color brochure. We strictly limit the number of positions available in this two-day event of 350 cars. COMMISSION STRUCTURE: FLAT 5% OF SALES PRICE (One of the lowest in the business). WE SOLD OUT OF LOT NUMBERS PREVIOUS SALE SO BOOK EARLY. Purchase a lot number and we will log your cars photo on-line free of charge. For $50 extra, we will build you a complete web page including 12 photos - engine, interior, exterior, etc. Featured cars attract multiple bidders - our website averages 40,000 visits per day. PALM SPRINGS AUCTIONS, INC. 244 N. INDIAN CANYON DRIVE PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA 92262 U.S.A. ( 7 6 0 ) -320-3290 Web Site - http://www.classic-carauction.com

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English Car Profile 1956 Jaguar XK 140 MC drophead coupe The new owner paid the price times two for one of the finest XK 140 dropheads extant Chassis number: S818074DN Engine number: G5933-8 T he XK 140 was introduced in October 1954, retaining the classic XK lines but with major changes in engineering and appearance. A chrome strip ran down the length of the hood and another on the trunk lid drew attention to the medallion in the middle that proclaimed the marque's Le Mans wins. The car wore sturdier bumpers and a tougher grille and with the C-type head developed for the XKC Le Mans race cars, the motor made 210 hp at 5,750 rpm. Inside, the front seat and dashboard remained the same, but with considerably more leg room than the XK 120 because the engine block was moved forward on the chassis. There was also space behind the front seat. The Special Equipment models were designated "MC" and, like the car represented here, were fitted with wire wheels and Lucas FT576 foglamps mounted above the front bumper. The dual exhaust system had two separate silencers and ran through holes in the chassis cross members, emerging below the rear overriders. This fabulous XK 140 MC drophead special equipment model was originally supplied through Jaguar main agents Charles Homburg Inc. of Los Angeles, having left the factory on December 7, 1955. It is a full matching-numbers car that was professionally restored to the highest of standards by marque experts in California. The body was removed and the chassis stripped, prepared and powder coated, with all suspension bushes and running gear refurbished or replaced. A completely new braking system was fitted, as well as a completely new electrical system. The engine was rebuilt and blueprinted with balanced crank and new pistons, before dyno testing. The driveshaft was reconditioned and the differential received new seals. The Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Alternatives  Web site  $4,315 POE New York $42,500-$62,500 $450 $35 Jaguar Clubs of North America, 1000 Glenbrook Road, Anchorage, KY 40223 www.jcna.com Data plate on firewall Right side of block Aston Martin D8214 drophead coupe, Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III, Chrysler Dual Ghia SCM Investment Grade  Jaguar is also fitted with a new stainless steel exhaust system. The car has been beautifully repainted in deep burgundy and retrimmed throughout in beige Connolly leather upholstery with new carpets and new beige Stayfast soft top. On a test drive in August 2002, the car drove superbly, having an excellent gearbox with overdrive, a responsive engine and proper brakes. The coachwork is unmarked, and more recently this car won a JCNA Best of Class award at the Houston, Texas regional meeting. This car sold for $128,500, including buyer's premium, at the Christie's Rockefeller Center auction held June 5, 2003. For those of us approaching a certain age, the notion of owning and driving vintage sports cars with such amenities as roll-up windows, weathertight top and a posh leather, walnut and Wilton wool interior is quite appealing. Add to that a car whose mechanical specifications and race-proven credentials give you all the performance and bragging rights you need, and the proposition becomes even more so. That is what this Jaguar offered in abundance, and to two bidders at Rockefeller Center it was attractive enough to climb to double the top end of the SCM Price Guide before selling. In fact, there wasn't much this Jaguar didn't have, including a Laycockr , Il k Fr" ist od221 Bonhams & Butterfields; Brookline, MA; 5/3/2003 Not sold at $71,300 SCM ID# 31025 1957 Jaguar X.K. 140 MC roadster Lot #45IA, S/N 813082 Condition: 3+ COMPS DeNormanville factory-option overdrive and a complete and correct factory tool roll. I could have done without the chrome wire wheels and whitewalls, but at least the wide whites were the proper size and appearance for the year of the car The C-type engine spec didn't harm things either The restoration was hard to fault inside or out, being on a level certainly equal to i f not higher than when the car sat on Charles Hornburg's showroom floor The engine and engine compartment were immaculate, the workmanship and materials on the interior correct and flawless, and the paint had a lovely depth and luster 1954-57 2,740 While we can reasonably presume the car was restored from a sound example, that isn't automatically the case. As XK 120s and 140s grew into used cars, with little value, back in the '60s and '70s, they were subjected to all the ravages of time, including road salt, careless owners and accidents. On top of that, these Jags earned an undeserved reputation as troublesome and temperamental machines, mainly because of a lack of understanding among the service-station Goodwrenches and shade-tree mechanics who tried to keep them running in tune without proper tools. But there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the design of an engine which won the Le Mans 24-hour grind and countless other important races. As a talented mechanic friend said when he was rebuilding his first 120 engine: "R's really nothing but a Chevy stovebolt with an extra cam and carb." That's where a careful inspection, on a lift, can come into play. A good body shop (you don't need a mechanic to check for previous rust and collision repairs, you need a specialist in sheetmetal) can tell you if the car has ever been abused, and if it has, just how well its revival has been completed. With this particular car, 1 am sure that Christie's had the documentation necessary to answer whatever questions potential bidders might have had. And truly, it would be very odd for a car that is restored to this extraordinary level to have undealt-with sins lurking underneath. Whatever care or lack thereof this Jag was treated to, surely its second incarnation is a glorious one, reflected in its stunning appearance, lavish interior, excellent running condition and award-winning credentials. The new owner paid the price times two for the car but should derive an enormous amount of psychic satisfaction and pride in owning one of the finest XX 140 dropheads extant. And that's a pleasure beyond price.—Dave Brownell (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Christie:s.). 1955 Jaguar X1C 140 MC drophead coupe Lot #137, S/N S817863DN Condition: 1- RM; Phoenix, AZ; 1/17/2003 Sold at $70,400 SCM ID# 30291

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English Car Classifieds ASTON MARTIN 66 Volante convertible, rhd, automatic, only 37 ever built, Pacific blue w/original beige interior, 32K original miles on this one family car, garaged many years, now runs, drives & looks great, Chicago area, private party, serious inquiries only. www.gbaproperties.com/sale Lars, 415-440-5000. CA AUSTIN 74 Mini Cooper, 1300 cc, lhd, red, black leather, 10" Minilites, bumper guards, older restoration, 200 miles on engine rebuild, new clutch, shocks, exhaust, TN title, can deliver. $11,500. 423-257-3819. TN 77 Mini Cooper, rust-free, lhd, injected motor, power sunroof, alloy wheels, wood dash, stereo cassette, fender flares, leather and cloth seats, super, super nice condition, lots of fun to drive. europeanc@aol.com $11,900. 404-580-5676. GA 94 Mini Cooper Monte Carlo Special Edition, lhd, A/C, flame red with white bonnet strips and white top. Manual 4-speed transmission, been driven only 2,000 miles since new, never in rain, been stored in a heated garage. $19,500. 864-585-4491. SC AUSTIN-HEALEY 55 100-4, 100% stock condition, no rust, excellent frame, floors and chrome, new leather seats, exhaust and clutch, runs perfectly, needs front brake work, paint, old but fairly nice, pictures available at dcummings@webramp.info $12,500. 518377-3179. NY 56 100M with Heritage letter, 1,000 miles on complete frame-off restoration, ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. See page 93 for details. all records, two-tone Healey blue with blue leather, exceptional condition and extremely reliable. $49,500. 630-8791266. IL $195,000. 58 Sprite, rare early Bug Eye, consistent award winner, everything new or rebuilt, one of the best, drive it anywhere. dougi@shaw.ca $15,000. 250-370-2820. BC, Canada. 63 3000 Mk II, roll-up windows, no interior or top, rust-free, straight as an arrow, runs strong, beautiful car just needs interior and top, lost interest. $16,900. 417-353-2095. MO 63 3000 Mk H BJ7 roadster, Colorado red, 27,000 miles, stored many years and restored only as needed, this car truly drives like a new car. $29,500 obo. Tom, 440-526-5908. OH BENTLEY 30 Birkin Blower Bentley, a magnificent recreation constructed in 2001 on a 1935 Rolls-Royce chassis. Aluminum bodywork over an ash frame, 4.5-liter supercharged Bentley Mark IV engine producing 225 bhp. Peterson Engineering has built the car with an unbelievable attention to detail. The motorcar appears as a fully restored original. The Blower is a joy to drive with its ample power and hydraulic braking system. Must see to believe. Other recreations available via special order, P.O.A. www.continentalautosports.com, 630655-3535. IL JAGUAR 53 XK 120 dhc convertible, green with tan interior, matching numbers, older restoration, excellent running condition. $29,900. 305-957-0817. FL 56 xi( 140 MC, red/black, chrome wires, professional ground-up restoration, absolutely perfect show car. $55,000. 860-7631679. CT 60 XK 150S roadster, winner at 5 National JCNA Concours, 49k miles, gray with red int, never any rust, never altered or modified from original. jeg@stic.net $75,000. 210-822-6755. TX 65 E-type Series I 4.2 roadster, professional restoration, opalescent green, tan and black interior, new wire wheels and redline tires, complete engine, running gear overhaul, recent JCNA Concours 99.93, car is show quality and excellent driver. buddair@adelphia.net $64,500. 719-5400241. CO 69 Sll roadster, white with black interior, odometer shows 24,500 miles, excellent condition in and out, perfect running car. $25,000. 305-957-0817. FL 71 XKE 2+2, V12, red, black interior, 4-spd, total nut & bolt restoration, JCNA National 1st Place award winner 2001, eight 100-point shows in past 3 years, proven winner. $55,000. Glenn, 937-6521673. OH 72 XIKE 2+2, 1-owner car, sable with camel interior, automatic, 39,000 original miles, ran perfectly when stored 4 years ago. jafudge 1 @aol.com $10,000. 609915-9309. NJ I'm taking this to trade for one of the last new Plus 8s at MorganWestl 78 CJ V12L, rare find, chocolate brown, 31,600 original miles, #2 condition, gorgeous interior, garaged. $16,800. 541-4964475 evenings. OR JENSEN 73 Interceptor, beautiful 2-tone blue, absolutely no rust, just finished restoration, $25,000 spent, must sell. got2bnuts@aol.com $22,000. 941-3515229. FL Pre-Owned: '02 +8, ROLLS ROYCE FOUNTAIN BLUE METALLIC '89 4/4 '87 +8 '84 +8 '66 +44 SEATER '65 4/4 SERIES V RACER '64 +4 DHC '63 +4 DHC '63 +4 4 PASSENGER '63 4/4 SERIES V '61 +4 '61 +4 '60 +4 '53 +4 RATRAD DHC '52 +4 FLATRAD ROADSTER LOTUS INFERNO RED METALLIC BMW TITANIUM SILVER BLU POZZI BLACK EMERALD GRIGIO INGRID METAWC so Available: '77 FERRARI 308GTB '67 Lorin ELAN '65 LOTUS SUPER 7 '59 MONDIAL 125 SPORT '56 Ducat! 250 DUSTBIN '55 AC ACE SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA organ • 74 Interceptor convertible, silver/black, 24,000 miles, in heated dry storage 9 years, started regularly, everything works, new carb, fan motors, heavy duty radiator, exhaust and all electrics, typical New England rust in wheel wells. Must be sold; lost storage. william@nationalantiques.com $17,500 obo. 917-974-4491. NY LOTUS 67 Elan S3, super safety drophead, rare model, only 241 made, very original except new carpet and super starter, strong motor, very good body and upholstery, no rust on chassis, red lead paint still showing, 64k miles on car. Spring donuts, 9k miles on rebuilt motor. fiselan@aol.com $15,000. 925-376-4361 home. CA 69 Europa Type S4, 4,300 original miles, white, black, good paint, perfect interior, 3rd owner, many special parts. tgaffnet@amcitesting.com $7,000. 732625-0081. MI MG 34 PA roadster, BRG/black, numbers match, everything works, runs & drives, needs restoration. $11,500. Frank, 215675-2670 days only. PA 51 TD, red/red, restored, very good condition, not a show car, but great driver, wires, new tonneau, solid. janetagross@yahoo.com $15,000. 978256-4257. MA 55 TF 1500, red with tan leather interior, less than 500 miles since complete frameoff restoration, chrome wire wheels, looks, runs and drives better than new, numbers matching, same owner since 1970, excellent condition, all restoration receipts available. $29,800. 281-370-4715. TX 60 MGA 1600, no expense spared frameoff restoration 6,000 miles ago, British racing green with black leather seats with red piping, show quality. $24,500 or best prompt offer. Tom Vail, 216-291-9000. OH 67 MGB-GT, rare Special Edition, 1,000 built, Arizona car, fantastic body, bare metal respray, primrose yellow, black, wires, o/d, new windshield, seats, tires, engine, belts, more, see, drive, certified. $12,900. 519-749-0052. ON, Canada TVR 85 280i convertible, 32,000 miles, new yellow Glasurit, black interior and top, gorgeous. $14,500. 570-693-2806. PA WANTED An absolutely serious buyer wants any European antique classic cars: Jaguar, Austin-Healey, MG, Morgan, Triumph, 356, 190SL, Alfa Romeo, Riley, Land Rover, Singer, also pre-war cars and other interesting European cars in any condition, any location. Please call Steve's British Connection, 630-553-9023. Fax 815-786-3372. sbcinc@aol.com. IL. THE WORLD'S BIGGEST & BEST JAGUAR WEB SITE -AP 1  LARGEST INVENTORY OF ALL MODELS DOC'S JAGS http://wwvv.docsjags.com/ WC:› Fe. i_COVVI I E t_J4e.sz WEST 3003 Pico BOULEVARD, SANTA MONICA, CA 90405 • (310) 998-3311 MORGANWEST.NET • DENNIS GLAVIS, MANAGING DIRECTOR TEL: (480) 951-0777 FAX: (480) 951-3339, AZ RESTORATION CENTER (623) 869-8777 23047 N. 15 Lane, Phoenix, AZ ASK FOR "DOC' • E-mail doc@docsjags.com

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Alfa Romeo Profile 1954 1900 Super Sprint The Super Sprint is a sleeper in the subexotic category of vintage cars Chassis number: 1900001822 Engine number: 10200110051 I ts factory devastated by wartime bombing, Alfa Romeo did not resume car production until 1947, and the firm's first all-new offering of the post-war period arrived in 1950. Designed by Dr. Orazio Satta Puliga, and intended for volume production, the 1900 was the first Alfa to employ unitary construction and, in keeping with the company's sporting heritage, was powered by a twin-overheadcamshaft engine. A four-cylinder unit, the latter displaced 1884cc and produced 90 hp, an output sufficient to propel the four-door sedan to 93 mph. Although ostensibly a family conveyance, the 1900 was endowed with sporting credentials like wishbone and coil spring independent front suspension, and an exceptionally well-located live rear axle. It should have surprised nobody therefore, when the 1900's potential was realized in the form of two high-performance derivatives. Launched in 1951, the 1900 Sprint featured bodywork by Pinin Farina (cabriolet) and Touring (coupe), both models using the 100-hp engine of the 1900T1 sports sedan. The model was upgraded for 1954, gaining a 1975-cc engine and five-speed gearbox. This Series II Sprint features five-window Super eggera coachwork crafted in aluminum by Touring. The engine is a later 2-liter unit dating from 1957, mated to a fivespeed gearbox with floor-mounted shifter. We are advised that approximately $70,000 was spent on restoration in the US, including mechanical work and a bare-metal repaint in burgundy. The brake system was overhauled, and a new wiring harness and new Michelin tires were fitted. The car features original Carello driving lights, Connolly leather upholstery, Alfin brake drums and Borrani wire wheels. After importation into the UK in 1998, further work was carried out, including attention to the brakes, electrics, fuel pumps and gearbox. The car was purchased by the present Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCMPrice Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  owner at Brooks' Geneva sale in March 2000 and has not been used since. It is accompanied by a large history/restoration file and UK registration document. This car sold for $54,959, including buyer 's premium, at the Bonhams Monte Carlo auction May 26, 2003. At the March 2000 sale, it sold for $62,121, so while this car may be a good value in terms of machinery for dollars spent, one would be hard-pressed to call the earlier purchase a good investment. A ward of the Italian government, Alfa Romeo was struggling to get back on its feet after the factory was devastated by Allied B- I 7s in October 1944. The 1900 series was a pivotal model, as it was developed at the end of the custom coach-built era and was the first series of massproduced Alfa Romeo cars. Although built primarily as a sedan by the manufacturer; virtually all major Italian carrozzerie offered coupe or cabriolet versions based on the 1900 chassis. During its 10-year production run, just over 20,000 units of the 1900 series were built; approximately 80% were sedans, 10% 1954 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint coupe Lot #I62, S/N 1900001822 Condition: 1- Brooks Europe; Geneva, CH; 3/5/2000 Sold at $62,121 SCM ID# 4789 were Jeep-like vehicles called matta (Italian for crazy) that were built for the Italian Army, and the other 10% were corto or short versions for the coachbuilders. On the short chassis, there were three series of Super Sprints, all with coachwork by Carrozzeria Touring. Production numbers were around 965, but an exact figure is not known. Touring built bodies for a number of manufacturers including Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Pegaso and, of course, Hudson. (You remember the Hudson Italia, don't you?) The first and second series Super Sprints, popularly referred to as 'fivewindow" coupes, were quite similar to each other. The tipo III, the "three-window" coupe, resembled a large Giulietta Sprint, and shared few exterior trim parts and no sheet metal with the earlier bodies. Firewall, right-side vertical portion Engine #.... Right front just below cylinder head Club Alfa Romeo 1900 Register, Mariners, Courtland Ave., Esher, Surrey KTI 0 9HZ, UK Alternatives.... Jaguar X:K. 120 fixed head coupe, Lancia Aurelia, Aston Martin DB2 SCM Investment Grade  These Super Sprints were built one at a time as special-order vehicles, so paint and trim detail decisions were left to the stocking dealer or specific customer There are numerous differences between specific cars of the same type and model year, which makes them more or less difficult to restore, depending on your point of view. The exteriors of these cars are relatively clean, with little trim other than bumpers, grilles and light bezels. The example pictured here is a type 1 Super Sprint equipped with a post-1958 2-liter, 1975-cc engine (or at least cylinder head) with side-draft carburetors. This is a problem with regards to authenticity but a plus for someone who wants a nice driver Parts for these later engines are more plentiful, and the modern carburetors are much easier to service. Both the 1884-cc and 1975-cc engines were built with a castiron block and aluminum-alloy cylinder head and were quite sound powerplants that would happily rev past 6000 rpm. The five-speed transmission, however, was somewhat fragile. around 965 $5,800 1954-58 $45,000-$60,000 $400 $12.65 There are a number of Alfa Romeo 1900s running European and North American vintage tours with great regularity and dependability. There are always a few in the Mille Miglia, being driven "con brio." The Super Sprint is a sleeper in the sub-exotic category of vintage cars that represents an expensive restoration but an easy ownership experience. Despite the fact that the previous owner took a $7,000 loss on this car I still believe that there is room for these cars to appreciate. Without question, a properly set-up one offers a pleasurable, and surprisingly sophisticated driving experience.—Craig Morningstar (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Bonhams.)• COMPS 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint coupe Lot #23, S/N N/A Condition: 2 H&H; Derbyshire, UK; 12/4/2002 Sold at $41,213 SCM 1D# 29691

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Alfa Romeo Classifieds  58 3 2000 roadsters, 90% complete, $2,000 each, or $5000 for all. Classic, 972-2433754. TX 59 Giulietta Sprint Veloce, restored rustfree car, new paint, chrome, interior, rebuilt engine, electrical system, new brakes, shocks, springs, wheels, tires, manuals, tools, Nardi wheel, 90+ pt show car. 440646-1255. OH 60 Giulietta Veloce 101, 1300 cc, VIN AR1493E23895, engine #AR0010601058, California car, no rust or Bondo, new red paint with biscuit interior, car is 60% restored, have 90% parts, selling as is, have no time to finish, I have too much money in car already, selling no less $9,500. 805241-0250. CA older restoration, superb running condition, CA black plate. jhbarch@pacbell.net 415-331-0606. CA 62 GiuBetts Spider, red/black, 5 spd, - 64 Giulia Veloce Spider, decent, solid and rust-free (for an Alfa), very complete with all the correct Veloce bits, great car for restoration. tomcwat@aol.com $4,500. Tom Watling, 209-668-8064. CA 66 Giulia Sprint GT, very red beautiful Bertone coupe, new red/black interior, engine, 5-speed trans, dual stock Webers, all rebuilt, no rust, nice paint, looks great, drives as it should. $7,500 obo. 850-4921412. FL 69 Spider, 5-speed, good top, no rust. $5,000. 714-434-3674. CA 74 GTV, purchased from the original I ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. See page 93 for details. California owner for $10,000 and have spent $10,000 sorting, very, very straight, always garaged, best reasonable offer. paulg@aactionrents.com 707-837-7645 work, 707-433-5837 home. CA 74 GTV, 19k miles, miles reflect condition. 570-223-8691 nights. PA 74 GTV, red/black, sunroof, 47,000 miles, perfect exterior/interior, show ready, maltp74@yahoo.com $18,000. 323-6502523. CA 74 Spider 2000, orange, black, 87,000 miles, well-maintained original, great driver. jhbarch@pacbell.net $6,900. 415331-0606. CA 78 Spider, with 64,000 original miles, red with tan interior and Niki Lauda spoiler, original Campys with near new P205/60/14 tires, always covered, in heated winter storage, New Mexico car with four consecutive Colorado AROC 1st in class awards. audio@tde.com $7,500. John Barnes, 303-691-0720. CO 78 Sportster 4-dr, black/tan leather interior, 29,000 miles. $5,000. 212-633-1632. NY 86 GTV6, loaded, red, black leather, show condition. $15,000 US. 905-570-7445. ON, Canada. 86 GTV6, all original, blue, tan leather interior, factory A/C, power windows, sunroof, runs and looks excellent, 80,000 original miles, serviced regularly, garaged winters, all service records, manuals and original window sticker available. rcarmo@revista-inti.com $7,500. 401-4644691. RI. Largest online parts and accessories catalog with factory part numbers, images, parts diagrams, and online ordering! Original parts and hard to find NOS. '(Rebuilds, sheet metal, restoration and aftennarket parts. '(High performance components. • Full line of Alfa Romeo factory gifts, accessories and collectables. Prompt worldwide delivery. From Giulletta to 164, factory authorized Alfa Romeo parts provider, over 30 years of exclusive Alfa Romeo experience. 800 890 ALFA (2532) 510 525 9435 www.alfapartscatalog.com Ferrari Upholstery Headquarters Complete Seats, Seat Covers and Cushions Made From Scratch in Italy. Original Vintage Wool Carpet, Carpet Savers and Original Vinyl. - ALSO AVAILABLE. 250 SWB Competition 250 Tour De France 365 GTBI4 Daytona 355 Fl Spyder 246 Dino = Original Vinyl 550 Maranello 348 www.alfapartscatalog.com SPECIAL Ferrari's Replacement for Connolly Leather Now Available. 246 Dino 250 Lusso1275 GTB 250 GTO 713-849-2400 www.reoriginals.com

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1952 Abarth 1500 Biposto coupe Except for being repainted at some point in its life, this amazing one-off was totally untouched from new Chassis number 214-01 Engine number 101-000 032083 T his Bertone-bodied Abarth 1500 Biposto coupe is one of the most important barn finds in recent motoring history. It is among the earliest, if not the first, of the Fiat-based Abarths. It is Franco Scaglione's first design for Bertone and the centerpiece of Bertone's exhibit at the 1952 Turin Motor Show. In retrospect, Nuccio Bertone and Franco Scaglione could not have known that this car would be the seminal exercise of an immortal series. They would have found it incongruous if not presumptuous to call it the first of anything. A year later, however, the strength of the concept was manifest in Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica 5. This pioneer Abarth's primacy was implicitly recognized in B.A.T. 5's sequence and the subsequent odd numbering system adopted for B.A.T. 7 and B.A.T. 9. With the benefit of hindsight, recognizing this Abarth as "B.A.T. 1" is no presumption at all. After the Turin Show, Packard purchased the Abarth to demonstrate some new styling possibilities for the U.S. firm. Meanwhile, James C. Nance was hired from appliance manufacturer Hotpoint to give the struggling independent carmaker a renewed direction. Fortune magazine ran a profile of Nance and his Packard plans in the November 1952 issue. Written by Richard A. Smith, it reported Nance's lukewarm enthusiasm for the Abarth, which was described in the magazine as "lunar asparagus." Ironically, after Packard was finished with the car, Nance gave it to Smith in exchange for the suggestion of a new advertising slogan. Smith kept the Abarth in active use for many years until it was finally put away in the family garage in southeastern Connecticut. There it slumbered until early this year when Mr. Smith's heirs contacted Christie's and offered the well-preserved and very solid Abarth for sale at auction. The condition of the engine is unknown. The Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Club  brakes are stiff and the tires are aged Goodyears which still hold air. Richard Smith kept comprehensive records of his Abarth, including correspondence from Packard, which accompanies the lot. Neat and remarkable details abound, like the marker lights under the projecting front fenders, the inset "machine gun" taillights and the thin dorsal fin down the center of the rear window. The greenhouse—with its delicately split wraparound windshield, large rear light and thin pillars— is light and predicts design elements in vogue today. The scooped fender wells, lined here with formed and polished aluminum, are distinctive features that reappear in Scaglione's subsequent designs for Bertone's Arnolt-Bristol and Aston Martin custom bodies. Most distinctive of all are the subtly curving rear fender fins that accurately foreshadow the extravagant empennage of the later B.A.T.s. Their gentle compound curves are marvels of Scaglione's sensitivity to airflow and the craftsmanship of Bertone's artisans. This Abarth is a singular discovery and opportunity. This car sold for $296,500, including buyer's premium, at the Christie's Rockefeller Center auction on June 5, 2003. Kruse; Auburn, IN; 9/5/1998 Not sold at $300,000 SCM ID# 4529 46  1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special Lot #1140, S/N N/A Condition: 5 Talk about your fabulous barn finds! Except for being repainted at some point in its life, this amazing one-off was totally untouched from new. Just as important, it was the pioneer effort by the largely unsung design genius Franco Scaglione, whose work on this car led to the sensational trio of Alfa Romeo BA.T coupes which hit the automotive world like a Texas tornado a year later The BA. Ts were seminal studies in aerodynamics; B.A.T 5 could do a stable 116 mph, though only fitted with a 100-hp motor 1952 1 Plate on firewall 54 School St, Ste. 102, Westbury, NY 11590 Phone number  Alternatives  Alfa Romeo B.A.T. coupe, SCM Investment Grade  1992 Ford Mustang Mach Ill Concept, 1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special A The Abarth Register USA Inc., 516.876.8754 N/A $300-$400 $30 The Abarth's dramatic style and state of preservation was wonderful to behold and, wisely enough, Christie 's didn't tidy it up for the auction. All the barn dust was left in place but, alas, most of it washed off onto the expensive Rockefeller Center red carpet as the rain came down nearly without stop for two days. It's interesting to speculate on just what this car 's value might have been if a more exotic chassis—for instance, an Alfa 1900 like the B.A.T 5—had been chosen to carry the coachwork rather than the workaday Fiat underpinnings. I'd reckon an Alfa or Lancia base might have bmught another $150,000 to the selling price—a price that already was, with premium included, more than double the high estimate. We might also wonder what direction Packard would have taken had the Abarth 's style been adopted for these great American luxury cars that, in 1952, were beginning to make their inexorable slide into automotive oblivion. Would a sports-type line of cars have helped save the grand old marque? Or would its traditional customers have abandoned it with even more alacrity than when Packards turned into ill-disguised Studebakers in their final years of 1957-58? Regardless, this Abarth is all about style and the new owner should enjoy a very warm reception at every concours and Italian-car gathering on the planet, from Pebble Beach to Villa d'Este and back again via Bagatelle and Amelia Island The pivotal question is whether the car should be restored I would think it would detail out extremely well despite the second paint job, and if it were mine I'd leave it alone after the big clean-up. Restored cars of all years, makes, shapes and sizes are commonplace, but where else can you see a pure design exercise of great influence still in nearly the same condition it was over a half-century ago?—Dave Brownell (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Christie s.). COMPS 1992 Ford Mustang Mach III Concept Lot #56, S/N N/A Condition: 1 Christie's; Dearborn, MI; 6/16/2002 Sold at $491,500 SCM ID# 28695 Sports Car Market Donald Osborne

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CITROEN 70 DS21 Pallas, white, owned since 1981, very good condition. Texas car, no rust, no dents, four-speed, Hemi, runs excellent, 115,000 miles, blue interior, seats, door panels need work. $10,000. 262-6620906. WI 72 SM, in storage for 20 years, green, automatic, 35,000 miles, no visible rust, all original. $12,500. 908-232-7098. NJ 73 SM, gold metallic, automatic, 55,00 miles, leather, same owner 23 years, recent upgrades, good condition. $6,900 obo. 626386-0427. CA 77 2CV Special, blue Celeste paint with blue jeans denim upholstery, one owner, private collector, less than 9,000 miles on the clock, in new condition, runs on unleaded, disc brakes, lovely example of the breed. erikdewidt@aol.com $13,500. 301-587-8635. MD DA TS UN 71 240Z, restored, orange/red, automatic, California car, lovingly cared for, gently driven, beautiful car. $6,900. 9 13-5993833. KS 71 240Z, 84,500 miles, no rust, white/blue. New Mexico one owner 1971-1999, new hoses & started, driven only 3,000 miles in 4 years, repainted once by original owner. asbury2323@southslope.net $7,500. 319846-3133. IA DELOREAN 81 one owner, 42,500 original miles, 5-spd stick, V6 Volvo engine, grey interior, parts & service manual included. $16,000. 321773-1972. FL ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. See page 93 for details. DE I /ASO 70 Mangusta, quad headlight, bare metal restoration, $40,000 spent, Third Place Street original 2000 Vegas Concours, #1256. $45,000 obo. 909-860-9553. CA I it IA. 57 FV4, rare narrow body with Hemi engine, solid lifters and dual four-barrel carbs, 41,000 orig miles, power windows, steering and brakes, recent front end rebuild and radials, runs strong and fast, needs paint and interior, some rust in rockers, floor and trunk solid, good dash. Icarvell@nycsr.com $21,500. Lou, 212-688-7205. NY 61 Facellia, one owner with 26,700 original miles, no accidents or corrosion ever, always indoor stored, body and undercarriage superb original condition, interior all original with seats only recovered, older repaint and replacement soft top, recently serviced and runs beautifully, full history, manuals, publications, etc. $19,750. 207282-5030. ME FIAT 48 Topolino cony, in museum for years, 33,000 on speedo. original paint and interior, engine out of car, have extra frame, complete, 4 extra fenders, cony top, extra engine, trans, $40,000 in NOS parts, everything $9,000 firm. 423-272-9788. TN 72 850 Sport Spider, in family from new, 45k, beautiful condition. Serious inquiries only. $7,500. 715-659-4391. WI 76 Spider convertible, red, no rust. $3,000. 775-884-3544. NV 82 Spider, like new, original owner, garage kept, baby blue w/light tan interior, 80,000 original miles. melodj@aol.com $6,900. 508-965-4795. MA ISO 68 Grifo, 7-liter, 500 hp, shown Pebble Beach, 4-spd, 5 wires, perfect restoration, red, gray interior. $65,000. 303-3931424. CO 73 Grifo, Ford, automatic, air, green/tan, in storage. David Grant, 661-254-6188. CA IT.-ILIA 72 Roadster, red/tan, very clean, mechanically excellent with rebuilt suspension, rebuilt 351, lower ratio rear axle, 4-speed manual transmission. Outstanding in every way. $47,900 www.continentalautosports.com 630655-3535. IL LA MBORGHINI 76 Urraco P200, 66 produced. $25,000. 214-648-2885, 512-922-1644. TX 83 Jalpa, black/black, Countach wing, 29k miles, very clean car, runs and drives excellent, lots of new parts. George. 614471-7535. OH MASER,4TI 67 Mistral, all alloy body, Chevrolet engine, 5-spd, runs, does not drive, needs total restoration. $8,500, offer. 661-3935957, 661-393-1774. CA 73 Bora, black/black, Euro spec, rebuilt engine, very nice throughout. $39,000. 770-998-0923. GA 75 Kbamsin, red/black, 44k miles, runs and drives beautifully, no rust, original California car. $27,500. Rick, 773-6201280. IL 80 Kyalami, 1 of 150, red, tan leather, 5-speed, A/C, excellent condition, a Texas/ California car, used in The Great Book of Sports Cars. $23,500. 207-282-5030. ME 84 Quattroporte, burgundy, tan, excellent paint, interior, mechanical, plush comfort and fast. $9,000. Ron, 818-782-2788 days. CA PA NTE RA 71 color lime green, 351C, 4-bbi, 5-spd, chrome wire wheels, black leather int, 11,000 orig miles. $30,000. 570-5427377. PA 73 absolutely no rust ever, 63,000 miles, runs and looks great. $29,600. 209-9311056. CA 73 red, custom wheels and tires, 39,000 miles. $25,000. 760-228-3187. CA SAAB 74 Sonett III, blue, one of the last! Runs well, second owner, rare, a true exotic. some custom wood interior accents, have original parts. $4,000. Bill McIntyre, 908236-2654. USAPPRA1S A I Monthly Mystery Photo Response Deadline October 25, 2003 There's g afg*. Y  Experienced Partner. Services Include: Appraisal Pre-Purchase Inspection Advisory Expert Wimess Vehicle Location and Consignment Restoration and Our Photo, Your Caption Be the author of the most accurate, creative or provocative response and receive a sure-to-be-collectible-someday 1/18 scale collector car model courtesy of USAppraisal. Ties will be arbitrarily and capriciously decided. Fax your response to 503/253-2234. e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com; snailmail: Mystery, P.O. Box 16130, Portland OR 97292 Send us your mystery photo! If we use it. you'll get an official "SC34 Fright Pig Inspector" cap. Use contact info above; email photos at 300 dpi in JPEG format. November, 2003 Collection Management On-Site Auction Counsel • Certified Appraiser - - IAAA International Automotive Appraiser Association • Certified Master Technician - ASE - National Institute kir Automotive Savior Excellenc • Advisory Board Member - NADA Classic and Collectible Appraisal Guides • Auction Analyst/Reporter and Contributor - Sports Car Market Magazine • Society of Automotive Engineers • Society of Automotive Historians FEArbERMAN GI CO Gladwyne, Pennsylvania www.FeathennanCo.com Free Initial Consultation 610.645.5595 no Substitute for an an automotive consultant specializing in ith over twenty years of hands-on professional ok, Scott is an invaluable partner for those seeking an ent, qualified and objective opinion. 47

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1965 Porsche 356C Coupe Fair money for a car that can't be restored economically in today's market Chassis number: 220710 is a highly sophisticated automobile. By this time, any shortcomings in the design and execution of the 356 had years to be identified, analyzed and eliminated. It has been written that the warranty costs for the 356C/SC models were the lowest ever experienced by Porsche. p bulletproof as Teutonic determination could make it. Revisions to the rear suspension had long since refined and perfected the handling characteristics, rendering them nearly flawless. Construction had matured until the cars' fit, finish and function set the standard for which other manufacturers strived. The Porsche flat-four was as close to size. This is because regardless of horsepower, any 356 is great fun on the road, if properly set up. These were never fast cars, but provide balanced enjoyment with a supple ride, great brakes (whether disc or drum), roomy interior and superb build quality. The production Porsches existed in parallel with their racing counterparts, benefiting from the innovations of racing but pursuing their own course toward meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers. This C coupe is nicely equipped with chrome wheels, period Blaupunkt radio and Dunlop tires. Its appearance is that of an older restoration with red paint requiring buffing. The tan leather interior shows well along with fully functional gauges and the correct steering wheel. The engine bay and chassis remain clean and all chrome elements are in good condition. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  The Porsche 356C is as distinctive today as it was 35 years ago, a refined automobile of impeccable taste and of the highest quality, designed to do its job with timeless style and efficiency. This C coupe sold at the RM Meadow Brook auction on August 2, 2003 for $15,951, including buyer 's premium. While at first blush this seems like a low price, I would call it fair money for a car that can't be restored economically in today's market. The best use of this car would be for a lowcost enthusiast refurbishment or with a bit of luck, enjoyed as is. Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  On engine block between generator pulley and crankshaft pulley Porsche Club of America, Alternatives  On horizontal bulkhead in front of gas tank under front hood An example like the red car here reminds us that the current value of less than pristine coupes remains low. Even at an optimistic price of up to $30k for a very nice T-6 356B or 356C coupe, the cost of a correct restoration is almost always well above the value. So forget about picking up a tired coupe, farming out some engine and bodywork, then selling for a fat profit. While mechanically robust when new, 356s do not tolerate cut-rate replacement parts such as Chinese-made cylinders, mismatched and maladjusted Weber carbs, VW distributors and the like. Add a tired transmission and a host of negligent body and chassis work to the mish-mash of engine parts, and you end up with a very expensive project, one best avoided by most. $20,000-$25,000 $400 $26 1964-65 13,508 $3,990 5530 Edgemont Dr., Alexandria, VA 22310 www.pca.org Mercedes 230SL four-speed, Alfa Romeo Sprint GT Veloce, Jaguar XICE Series I coupe SCM Investment Grade  to just be driven and As the final derivation of the 356 model, the C is frequently touted as the "most refined." Yet only two features elevate the C above the late B (1962-63), the different torque characteristics of its engines and disc brakes. Otherwise, the C is nearly identical to the late B, both cars wearing the same "T-6" body style. There is much debate among 356 aficionados, especially those relatively new to the marque, about how much of a value premium a higher horsepower engine (in this case, the SC) brings to a coupe. For knowledgeable 356 buyers, condition is a greater motivator than engine 1964 Porsche 356C coupe Lot #77, S/N 128093 Condition: 3 Kensington Motor Group; Bridgehampton, NY; 6/7/2003 Sold at $18,700 SCM ID# 31356 48 Today it costs upwards of $10,000 to have a 356 engine rebuilt with no excuses. A trans can easily exceed $3,000, an interior runs $4,000 in original materials, and body and chassis repairs can be a bottomless pit. But let 's look on the bright side. This car had an honest feel about it, and let 's assume the mechanicals don't need anything major I would do the following: fully tune the engine and change all fluids, at $400, rebuild the suspension with fresh front-end bushings, at $500 (these are always bad at this stage in a 356's life), flush the brake system ($100) and put some Hide Food on the seats (essentially free ff you do it yourself). So, for a total of $16,951 including purchase price, you could end up with a car that will bring you a lot of pleasure and be worth about what you have invested when you go to sell. In fact, as the cost of restorations continues to soar; used cars like this one, which can be left as used cars, are developing their own appeal.—.Jim Schrager (Historic and descriptive information courtesy ofRM.)* COMPS 1965 Porsche 356C coupe Lot #351, S/N 218016 Condition: 3 Collector Cars International; Branson, MO; 4/25/2003 Sold at $21,200 SCM ID# 30975 Sports Car Market orsche is famous for the careful development of its machines, so it is no surprise that the 1965 356C, the last of the 356 series,

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Five Ways To Compare Real vs. Replica The problem with the Type 993 cabriolet is that today it is just a used car and nothing more ear Mr. Schrager: I particularly enjoyed your comments in the September issue of SCM on plastic Speedsters and agree with your recap. I continue to live vicariously through my monthly auto publications in my quest for an early Porsche. 1 bought your 356 book early on and have Peter Zimmermann 's 911 Guide. Although I would love to buy a #2-condition weekend-driver 356C or SC sunroof coupe, I also love the looks of the Beck 550 Spyder The smart decision is to buy the real Porsche, but Jam emotionally drawn to the Beck. With a budget of $25,000-$35,000, which would you buy? Can you run your five-step program on the Beck Spyder? What if the Beck was ouffitted with a properly rebuilt 356SC engine and transaxle and an upgraded interior? And yes, I know I won't have many hopes of hanging out at the 356 Holiday or Porsche Club Parade.—Philip Millians, Atlanta, GA D Not as sexy as a Beck, but a better car Philip, I understand your dilemma. It's the same old dilemma that we all share, of having fantasies that are limited by a checkbook. However, with the amount you can spend, you do have some interesting options. For $35k you could have any number of wonderful early 911s or 356s, so I can't imagine a toy car like a Beck Spyder being in the same league. Think about a 1971 911S coupe, a 1967 911 soft-rear-window Targa or that 3565C sunroof coupe—each of these strikes me as at least twice the car of any Beck, and each can be bought, with a bit of careful homework, within your $35,000 budget. To some, Porsches are race cars, but to me the ultimate Porsche experience is getting in a masterfully engineered car and having great fun while driving to work. If you want a car to drive at the race track or on a few sunny weekends a year, a Beck might be it. But if you want a car to use through any weather, day-in and day-out, a real Porsche is the clear choice. So let's go through the five points I introduced in the September issue, which provide a systematic way to compare a replica with the real thing (by the way, this same formula can be used for nearly any comparison of real vs. replica, from plastic Cobras to imitation 300SL5): 1. Exterior Appearance: The Beck Spyders look just fine. The body is a reasonably accurate copy and the original cars had virtually no trim. However, the VW steel wheels on some Becks ruin the look. If you go Insure with J.C. Taylor Antique Automobile Insurance Agency 1-888-ANTIQUE (1-888-268-4783) www.jctaylor.corn

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a tube frame, with little in the way of fittings other than a very simple seat, a few instruments and an elegant period steering wheel. The Beck is fiberglass, which looks and feels completely different. The originals have a flyweight race car look that can't be duplicated by plastic, even though the Beck does use an aluminum tube frame beneath the fiberglass. 3. Road Performance: With a hot-rod VW motor for your Beck, it can really fly. I wouldn't have much interest in putting a 356SC engine in a Beck, as they are quite expensive to source, cost a bunch to rebuild and have limited hop-up options without further escalating the cost and hurting reliability. No problem with using one of the big VW engines Beck sells; just realize that they will most likely have neither the reliability nor durability of a stock Porsche engine. 4. Longevity: Mechanically, we have the same issues as with any hot-rod VW-engined kit car. They work okay for a while, and then things start to go wrong. For use, since the Beck lacks an effective top or even side curtains, the reality is you probably aren't going to drive it much, even in Atlanta. It is hard to put miles on a car where the top is more of a sunshade than anything else, so longevity probably isn't an issue. 5. Resale: There isn't much of a market for a used Beck. Unless you have a friend with a similar dream, they can be a hard sell, the James Dean factor notwithstanding. with a Beck, be sure to opt for adapters that allow the use of correct-looking 356A1B drum brake wheels. 2. Interior Appearance: A real Porsche 550 Spyder is aluminum over In summary, the Beck is a better performer than the plastic Speedster, whose appeal is solely its exterior appearance. Becks can look good and perform quite well due to their purpose-built chassis. But, in fact, the Speedster replica is a slightly more useable car on a daily basis. I know folks with Beck Spyders, and also some lucky guys with real 550s, and none drive their cars much on the road. Certainly on today's Interstates, driving a 550 surrounded by towering Escalades, H2s and Excursions can be a terrifying experience. Remember, the original 550s were mostly race cars, more akin to a motorcycle than a regular road-going Porsche. For what you're going to spend, you should buy a 911. Dear Mr. Schrager: Over the past few years I have become obsessed with buying the perfect Porsche. While I love the style of the 1984-89 911 Carrera cabriolet, 1 recently had the opportunity to drive a 1992 America roadster The additional refinement, handling, sound and power of the 1992 Type 964 seems a big step forward from its predecessor But about a week later I came across a stunning 1998 Type 993 Arena Red cabriolet in the same price range. While the roadster is rarer, the newer car sure has its strong points. My objective is a reliable occasional driver that won't break the bank on maintenance costs. Plus, I want to keep it for several years without absorbing huge depreciation. The America roadster with its wide body, turbo suspension and brakes, although powered by the standard 911 Carrera engine, is gorgeous to look at. The 1995-98 Carrera cabriolet is also curvaceous and trades in the same $40,000450,000 range. With the newer car you get the upgraded 993 platform and an additional 35 hp, as well. Condition being equal, which ofthese two cars would you buy? And would you be tempted to spend the extra few thousand for a C4 with its four-wheel drive?—Don Hutchinson, Cary, NC This is a tough question, and it will probably end up as a matter of personal choice. That said, I would buy the newer car simply because it is a better car. The America roadsters were a flop when new, and although they are indeed pretty, they're not highly sought-after today. Despite their low production numbers (only 250 were made), the Americas suffer from the same issue of any "Turbo-bodied" 911—the absence of the big boisterous motor meant to accompany the harsher ride, extra weight and heavier steering of the wide body. Of course, the problem with the Type 993 cabriolet is that today it is just a used car and nothing more. As time passes and the miles roll up, the value will drop. This is less true of an America roadster, as it is already more fully depreciated, but this special model isn't likely to ever have more than a small following. When it's time to sell, looking for that special buyer may take quite a bit of time. Not all of us have such patience—I know I don't. As to the C4 question, unless you plan to drive your car extensively in the snow or severe rain, it doesn't add much driving pleasure. The C4 cars drive funny—not Porsche funny, but 4x4 funny. A 4WD Porsche loses some of the live-wire feel that is the 911's main claim to fame. I would buy a C4 Porsche only for driving in the snow. And I will, one of these days, when the depreciation has bottomed out and I get the courage to take on such a complicated machine. E-mail your Porsche questions to copyed@sportscarmarketcom, or fax them to 503.253.2234.* German Car Classifieds BMW 58 Isetta, prof restored, extremely orig, VIN 573433, matching engine fully rebuilt, 0 miles, rebuilt from scratch, new brakes. battery, electrical, Dinastar, filters, heating system and defrost, etc, brand new laminated glass & windshield, a true gem. damian@topcargo.com 516,500. 305-7159606. FL 76 2002, beautiful garnet red with light beige interior, sunroof, 4-spd, adult owned, garage kept, runs very well, looks excellent. $4,500. 718-474-5085. NY ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. See page 93 for details. MERCEDES BENZ - 55 190SL, soft top only, strong motor, factory gullwing seats, solid car. $12,000. 214-824-6707. TX 55 300SL Gullwing, Rudge wheels, luggage, restored, silver, red interior. 818368-7226. CA 62 300SL, very original car with low documented miles, 36,000, disc brakes, Take a Porsche Test Drive in Your Easy Chair! The Complete Porsche flif) Guide 7IL alloy engine, complete history. 314-6168278. MO 63 190SL, cream, 2 tops, rust-free, offer. 408-279-0944. CA 69 280SL, tobacco brown, cognac, solid car, auto, air, runs excellent, looks good. $12,900. 408-354-3875. CA PORSCHE 61 356 roadster, silver, red, restored. $46,000. 303-668-4555. CO 63 Super 90, white, black interior, electric sunroof, runs great. $10,000. 760-2283187. CA 65 356C, ruby red, tan interior, excellent condition. California physician's car for 35 years, beautiful, always garage kept. $22,500 firm. Jim, 518-587-7880. NY 71 911S coupe, blue, black interior, 5speed, matching numbers, Texas car, Recaro seats, Fuchs wheels, professional restoration. $32,000. 954-252-4112. FL , NEW' EXPANDED -  71h EdItion 888-237-4359 www.RPMAutoBooks.com 72 911T, tangerine, 2.4 MFI, original ext/int, 65,565 miles, maintenance history, updated suspension, Welt Master, 22/ 28mm, torsion, Konis, rebuilt head, 991E cams, been garaged and covered, polished tachs, health forces sale, bargain. $12,500. Melton, 915-565-3478. TX 73 911S coupe, European, black/black, 2.4L MFI, #s matching, extensive restoration completed 2002, very original car, $50,000 invested. scotty7458@aol.com $34,000. Scott, 501-590-4520. AR 87 911 coupe, sunroof, white, burgundy, spoilers, white wheels, A/C, excellent condition, G-50, 40k original miles. $26,000 732-741-1585. NJ VOLKSWAGEN 61 Beetle, total ground-up restoration, 51,000 orig miles, rebuilt engine, Bahama blue, mint condition, 2,500 hours in restoration, must sell. $8,500. Bob, 802-2536862. VT 63 Microbus, orig CA, multiple show winner, fun driver, walk-thru model, safari windows, trip speedometer, roof rack, etc, YOM plates. Beautiful sealing wax red/ beige grey. Restored 5 yrs ago with updated mechanicals. Many accessories included. hmn@blueboxparts.com $26,500. 760716-0667. CA 70 Karmann Ghia, 85,000 original miles, fully documented from 1969, drive anywhere, perfect for restoration. $10,000 ob-o. 678-579-5854. GA 73 Thing, white with roll bars, great condition, have two, need one. $5,000. 508-8672893. MA*

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JANUARY 23-24 s  elliftligi Twor  oco -r -r  0A0111100 . A Ft I  1St A TWO FULL DAYS! TOP MONTEREY SALES -.101:J AND LTDf 1970 Maserati Spyder 1967 Shelby GT 500 1969 Dodge Daytona 1968 Shelby 61500 1968 Ferrari 365 GT 1970 Dodge Challenger 1991 Ferrari Mondail T 1950 Jaguar DHC Consigng NOW www.russoandsteele.com 4117 north 16th street • phoenix arizona 85016 • Fax 480-517-9112 300 ES CO  ENTRIES! "I  Ai CO CO LIVE AUCTION EXCITEMENT! 1969 Chevrolet Camaro L-78 SS 1966 Shelby 61 350 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1988 Porsche 930 Turbo $ 103,680.00 $ 96,120.00 $ 82,080.00 $ 73,440.00 $ 67,500.00 $ 41,040.00 $ 52,380.00 $ 49,140.00 $ 46,980.00 $ 70,200.00 $ 45,360.00 $ 123,500.00 $ 42,660.00

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American Car Profile 1955 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible Less-well-equipped '55 Chevys sell for more, and don't provide nearly the visual excitement or driving pleasure Chassis number. 559M23405 Idsmobile's revolutionary Rocket engine debuted in 1949 and immediately became the favorite of racers. Designed from inception to take advantage of "Boss" Kettering's research into high compression ratios, it evolved steadily with the availability of high-octane gasoline and was a consistent winner in stock car racing. By 1955, Olds engineers were getting 202 horsepower and an impressive 332 lb-ft of torque from the Rocket. 0 Oldsmobile's performance engine injected new life into the brand, which became a styling leader and leaped to fourth place in Detroit's sales race in 1955, selling 583,179 cars in only two series. That wasn't bettered until a decade later, and Oldsmobile had to offer four distinct models to do it. 1955's image-maker for Oldsmobile was the Starfire convertible, a luxurious trendsetter that offered a host of options in addition to the full complement of deluxe-level standard features, which included turn signals, dual horns, cigarette lighter, padded dash, clock and courtesy lights. One memorable attribute of the 1955 Starfire was its spinner wheel covers, artfully designed and distinctive, which became favorites of customizers and street rodders and spawned a sea of imitators. The Starfire covers were, however, the genuine article, and were avidly sought after. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  The 1955 Oldsmobile Starfire offered here has received a careful and high-quality restoration which has now mellowed but is still exceptionally attractive. Beautifully and impressively liveried in black, its red leather upholstery has waffle-pattern centers, the most expensive of several interior options available on the already luxurious Starfire. The top boot cover is also red, while the top is white vinyl. Equipped with power steering, power brakes, power top, six-way power front seat adjustment, power windows and the automatic headlightdimming Autronic Eye, this Starfire is one of only 9,149 built in 1955. Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives  conventional four-seater With a list price of $2,963, a respectable 6,800 were built. In 1955, however; the Starfire took off with sales of 9,149 despite an increase in price of $313, a tidy sum in mid- '50s car dollars. Some of the changes for 1955 included a combination bumper/grille with `floating" horizontal crossbars and changes to the chrome side trim, as well as numerous styling "updates." Going against the American tradition of always making new models bigger and heavier, the '55 Starfire actually weighed 269 pounds less (3,890 vs 4,159 for the earlier model) than the '54. 1954-56 24,530 Left door pillar corner of block above generator, front of left cyl; head at negative battery terminal, plate on floor inside right door Block above water pump, left 1954-55 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, 1954-57 Buick Roadmaster convertible SCM Investment Grade  A showpiece in any collection, this Rocket V8-powered 1955 Oldsmobile Starfire is ideal for tours, events or just a leisurely summer Sunday cruise. This car sold for $47,000, including buyer 's premium, at Christie 's Rockefeller Center auction in New York, held June 5, 2003. The original Oldsmobile Starfire, named after the Lockheed F94B Starfire fighter jet, was first introduced as a show car in the 1953 GM Motorama, along with the Buick Skylark and Cadillac Eldorado. All three nameplates became special top-of-the-line models. With a fiberglass body and bucket seating for two, the Starfire show car had a wraparound windshield and a combination bumper/grille on the front end It was in many ways a Corvette for Oldsmobile; however, it remained a not-for-production styling exercise. In 1954, the first production Statfire was introduced (All Olds 98 convertibles that year were called Starfires) Although it still had styling cues from the show car, it was no longer a sporting two-seater, but a more 1955 Cadillac Eldorado convertible Lot #29, S/N 6200703 Condition: 3+ Oldsmobile Club of America, PO Box 80318, Lansing MI, 48908 www.oldsclub.org Dual Ghia, $3,276 in 1955 $250 $32 At a price of about $1,000 less than the Cadillac Eldorado convertible, the Oldsmobile 98 had plenty to offer the driver of the time, and was well equipped right out of the box. A plentiful assortment of options could be placed on a 1955 Statfire, including air conditioning, a $550 item. Safety power steering could be added for $120, Pedal-Ease power brakes for $58. Power seats and a variety of radio and antenna options were available. The car pictured here had great visual appeal. The black paint (many Starfires were two-toned) with red leather was an understated choice for a mid-'50s convertible with plenty of chrome—a reminder, perhaps, that while turquoise and white or two shades of blue are colors that evoke the '50s of one 's imagination, not every car was painted to match the decor of a local rock- 'n'-roll diner Described as "mellowed" in the catalog description, after personally examining the car; I would describe the condition of the restoration as "matured" While the price was strong, given that this was not afresh, trophywinning restoration, nonetheless the amount paid seemed fair to me. Less-well-equipped '55 Chevys sell for more, and don't provide nearly the visual excitement, or driving pleasure, that this car will. I expect to see the prices of '50s Buick and Olds convertibles continue to climb, as enthusiasts discover what bargains properly restored ones are at current prices. This is a car that would not look out of place in a parade on a Saturday morning, at a neighborhood show 'n' shine in the afternoon and a moonlight drive that same evening. And i f properly taken care of it's hard to see it ever decreasing in value.—Dave Kinney (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Christie r.)• COMPS Kensington Motor Group; Bridgehampton, NY; 5/25/2002 Sold at $49,500 SCM 1D# 28610 1956 Buick Roadmaster convertible Lot #1038, S/N 7C5023753 Condition: 2+ G. Potter King; Atlantic City, NJ; 2/20/2003 Sold at $51,590 SCM ID# 30489

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American Car Classifieds AMC 70 Mark Donohue Ram Air 360 SST Javelin, possibly the only one known to exist, 22,000 original miles, totally original in evety way, including the original tires, which are in perfect condition, #1 car, this car is offered for the first time and has been in storage since driven, window sticker, build sheet and all documents go with car. $29,850. 407-342-7486 cell. FL AUBURN 33 8-105A saloon phaeton, cream on blk, blk cony top, recent mech resto, runs & drives exc, blk & gray leather int, dual sidemounts, spotlight, 2-dr fold-down serving trunk, 2-spd rear axle, 3-spd synchromesh trans, free wheeling & orig Straight 8 eng by Lycoming, just finished 3-yr comp rebuild, handles like a dream at 65 mph on freeway & is a real head turner. gordanl@msn.com $105,000. Gordan, 425-703-3844. WA CHEVROLET 53 Corvette, #100, unrestored original, 2003 Greenwich Concours; #101, older restoration, NCRS Top Flight, 1996 Bloomington Special Collection, registered for Corvette Carlisle Display. $130,000 each, negotiable for pair. 718-979-3655. NY 54 Corvette, 1,370 documented miles, magnificent restoration on the lowest C-1 known, frame-off, all documentation from new, all numbers match, perfect, never damaged body, new interior, everything works, show chrome, serious call 304-7547237. WV 63 Corvette coupe, black/red, 300 hp automatic, numbers match, second owner, ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. See page 93 for details. VanValkenburgh's daily driver, 36 years wear. pvanvalken@aolcom $25,000. 562598-5378. CA 66 Impala SS, 427 c.i., 425 hp, 4-speed, buckets, console, 19,000 miles, #s match, black w/red interior, rust-free southern car. $28,500. 405-282-7367. OK 67 Camaro convertible, 327 V8, power steering, automatic, appraisal report shows 38,000 miles, all numbers matching, still has original top, marina blue, black/white interior, detailed to show quality, body and floors like new, must see and drive this fabulous Camaro convertible. sgcce@aol.com $21,500. 386-447-6925. FL 67 Chevelle, 396/375 hp, M21, 4-speed, 12-bolt, 4.11 posi, 1 of 612 built, AM-FM, #s match, bench seat, blk/blk, frame-off, perfect. jasteging@cox.net $34,900. 602485-0200. AZ 69 Camaro X33 Z/28, Daytona yellow with black stripes, black houndstooth int, DZ302 4-speed, rosewood dash, sport wheel, 12-bolt, console with gauges, pdb. Rallyes, front and rear spoilers, excellent, correct detailed restoration on a numbers matching car. $32,900. 507-289-8640, 507208-0191. MN 69 Nova SS 396, L78, Turbo 400, 4:10, black, tinted glass, redlines, XT wheels with dog dish caps, bench, radio delete, rotisserie restoration, matching number motor, documented, rust-free Nebraska car, correct concours restoration. $36,500. 905637-9993. ON, Canada. You can't trust them with just anyone. Prized Possessions. 70 Corvette convertible, completely restored, 350-350, 4-spd, white, red interior, both tops, #s matching. $29,500. 518-7859123. NY 70 Chevelle, LS6, 454, Turbo 400, column shift, rare option, bench seat, numbers matching, Protect-O-Plate, build sheet. black on black, white stripes, 4.11 posi, full restoration, new paint, new chrome. $52,500 obo. 203-744-5844. CT DODGE 65 Coronet, 273 motor and trans, matching, running cond, casting #, 2465330-2, block stamp 1210, manifold #1 2X4 2483252, 3-speed Torqueflite trans, best offer. 440-579-1007. OH 68 Charger, 440 ci, auto, console, recent restoration, excellent condition, rare gold color with black interior, no vinyl, black California plate, 355 posi, build sheet, original motor, 383 ci, XP29H8B, invested over $25,000. $17,000. 914-631-6250. NY 70 Challenger R/T, JS23U0E, driver/ Survivor, 11.5 to 1 440 factory stock eliminator package and factory air, the sixpack with A/C, very expensive, make offer. 972-948-2285. 71 Challenger Hemi R/T, 4-speed pistol grip w/console, numbers match, build sheet, dark bronze metallic w/black leather interior, black vinyl top, awesome. jerrysurnmersusa@netscape.net $89,000. 586-939-0723. MI 72 Demon, 340, 4-speed, 323 posi, oneowner car, bill of sale and build sheet, completely restored. revarcweld®aol.com $15,000 obo. 757-306-9541. VA 74 Charger Rally, only 213 made, 400 Magnum, A/C, ps, Tuff wheel, AM/FM, bulge hood, slapstick auto, broadcast sheet, fender tags, #s match, sharp looking driver, last muscle car. $15,500. 361-741779!. TX FORD 65 Mustang, 871-460, 9-inch rear, powerglide, custom interior, smoothed body, electric doors, candy apple red with ghost horse, House of Color paint, multiple state and best of show champion, 2000 Mustang Illustrated cover car, NASCAR built 514 SI motor, Dyers custom built blower, over $100,000 invested. $45,000. 508-7339900. MA No matter what your prized possessions are, our award-winning equipment provides immaculate, enclosed, door-to-door transport. We offer containerizing for overseas shipping, automobile storage, and pier service. Featuring HighwayMaster satellite tracking/communication systems. Visit our web site at www.horselesscarriage.com 44134 4 COW tur41 tior5cli:5s t.ijarriage (Cart -in-5, -Jim-. 61 Iowa Avenue • Paterson, New Jersey 07503 800-631-7796 • In Ni 973-742-26925.141973-742-8369 66 Galaxie 500, rare, car was sold by Ford promoting the new body style in 1966, it Artan  was called the White Tag Sale Edition, included all 7-liter moldings and wheel covers, special ice blue metallic paint and interior, 289, numbers match, AM/FM, ps, A/C, very straight original body, no rust, excellent paint. $6,795. 717-284-2123. PA 67 Shelby Mustang GT 500, nightmist blue, white Le Mans stripes, black interior, 428 V8, auto, ps and pb, inboards and Mag Stars. $69,000. Tony, 717-637-6964. PA 69 Talladega, best one in the country, complete 5-yr restoration, only 89 left, maroon with black interior, 428 CJ with automatic, all numbers match, better than new, unreal. build sheet, window sticker, 2nd from last one made. $39,000 obo. 920-203-0206 cell. 920-233-1334 home. WI OLDSMOBILE 67 442 convertible, all original, 77,000 miles, #s match, auto trait, 400 V8, console, buckets, Rallyes, white, black it/top, great condition. $16,500. 914769-2102. NY 70 Rally 350, #s matching L74 350-310hp, automatic, W25 forced Ram Air, W47 power steering, power disc brakes, C60 cold air conditioning, 1/21 Rally-Pac tach, clock & gauges, N34 sport wheel, N66 SS II wheels, W45 Rally package, NI 0 dual exhaust, Sebring yellow, black interior, 47,000 miles, rebuilt drivetrain, much more, very nicely restored, drive or show. $19,500. Tony, 215-499-2693. PA 72 442 convertible, matching numbers, VIN 3J61K2M235693, 350, auto, A/C, originally purchased by mother, engine and transmission had its first overhaul 2,800 miles ago, it's an extremely well maintained 1-owner car, photos available. tseabury@austin.n.com $14,700 obo. 512326-2086. TX PLYMOUTH 66 Belvedere II, convertible, Hemi, concours restoration, fully certified, documented Govier inspection, First Mopar Nationals. $115,000. 908-439-2460. NJ 67 Sport Fury cony, 440-375, Super Commando L-code, #s match, pa, pdb, pw, p seats, tilt/tele, buckets, console, tach, 66,000 original miles, blue, blue, rare car. $21,500. 604-306-5036. WA 70 Road Runner Superbird, 32k original miles, lime green, buckets, console, rare 10 option car, 2 previous owners, numbers matching engine and transmission, 440. automatic, six-pack dealer installed, have all original pieces, top show quality, all original manuals and more, needs nothing. $79,500. 757-255-2653, 757-334-3190 cell. VA. /Wa,o4.ee RESTORATIONS Twenty years dedicated to the meticulous restoration of the world's finest exotic, vintage and classic motor cars. APPRAISING SERVICES AVAILABLE: DECLARED VALUE • LOSS DAMAGE • ESTATES 2347 GOLD RIVER ROAD • SUITE N • GOLD RIVER, CA 95670

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• • • • • • • MI • • • • • • • •••••••••••%V.•••••1 It gives ferocious yank, particularly through rock-hard vintage rubber Chassis number: 0604M Engine number: 0604M T 1 he 860 Monza is one of the baddest, loudest, prettiest Ferraris ever built. While it keeps company with other legendary Ferraris including cars like the Testa Rossas, Monzas and 625 LMs, the 860 Monza really stands apart. It was big, it was hairy and it won races and championships. It was so good that Juan Manuel Fangio, the Ferrari team leader who could have any car he wanted, chose the 860 Monza when it was available. Without the car, which collected half of the Ferrari sports racers' points-paying finishes, Ferrari would not have won the 1956 Marques' Championship. The 860 Monza was fitted with the largest, strongest four-cylinder engine ever built by Ferrari. Breathing through gigantic 58-mm Weber carburetors, it made 310 hp at 6,200 rpm and some unknown, yet certainly tire-shredding amount of torque from its 102-mm bore and 105-mm stroke, the first undersquare engine Ferrari ever built. Constructed in parallel with the 290 MM, the 860 Monza shared the 290 MM's latest Tipo 520 chassis with double wishbone independent front suspension and de Dion rear suspension with the four-speed gearbox in unit with the differential. The better balance of the Tipo 520 chassis was aided by the 2,350-mm wheelbase-100 mm longer than the 750 Monza. Both the 860 Monza and 290 MM bodies were designed by Pininfarina and are essentially identical in concept. Scaglietti, however, exercised his usual refining touches during construction to make each fit as tightly and efficiently as possible over the underlying mechanicals. Thus there are minute but significant differences, aside from the 860 Monza having only one exhaust pipe. The 860's hood is lower, as is its hood scoop, which also has a delicate valley down the centerline. While visually minor, the subtle reduction in frontal area and more gentle air penetration of the 860 Monza reflects Scaglietti and Ferrari's concern for every possible edge. Year produced  Number produced  Chassis #  Engine #  Owners Club.  Web site  Alternatives  sis, it is a unique driving experience. The performance of 860 Monza 0604M will be a revelation to the new owner in drum-braked historic racing, and provides a competitive value that is unmatched among its contemporaries. With its prodigious torque and excellent chas- This car sold for $2,057,001, including buyer's premium, at the RM Monterey auction, held August 15-16, 2003. Four-cylinder Ferraris—and Maseratis, for that matter—are a problematic subset of the wildly desirable category of Important Italian Racing Cars. Though they're every bit as fast, every bit as beautiful, and almost as exotic as their six- and 12-cylinder brethren, they've never come close to matching the values assigned to the "big" cars. Chalk it up to our distinctly American belief in the supremacy of displacement and a machismo desire to have more pistons than the next guy. 1 • • • • • • • • • • • • • l• • • • • • • • IN • • • • • • • II • • When honestly evaluated next to its twelve-cylinder contemporaries, the 860 Monza stands tall. First, The more serious problem that plagues the Ferrari fours is that they tend to blow up their valve train. The cams are driven through a gear tower in the front of the engine and Ferrari made the unwise choice to use straight-cut gears. At about 5,300 rpm, the mechanism develops a harmonic vibration. If you stay at that rpm, the gears simply shatter Appropriate destruction both up and down the system results. It is no problem to pass through that rpm—just don't stay there. Maserati, incidentally, used the same architecture but chose helical-cut gears with no problems. Mike Dopudja, a restorer in Denver who has built several of these Ferrari motors, puts a standard redline at about 6,300 but places •••••••••1111•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••■•••%••••••••••••••••••11 1 In NM MINIM IM Original list price.. $8,000-$10,000 (technically they were never for sale new; they were factory team cars, sold used for what they could get) SCM Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  (you'll need two; 308 caps will work but they're still $600 apiece) SCM Investment Grade  Maserati 250 S, Jaguar C- and D-type P.O. Box 720597, Atlanta, GA 30358 www.Barchetta.com Ferrari 500 TR/TRC, Ferrari Club of America, A $1,600,000-$2,000,000 $2,500-83,500 $600 Center left side of crankcase above water inlet On front crossmember let's put some numbers to its "unknown, yet certainly tire-shredding orque." Rick Hall in England just finished building an 860 3.5-liter engine and reports 280 lb-fl at 4,000 rpm, exactly what you need when you're trying to out-muscle somebody leaving a corner By comparison, the 360 Modena's 50-year newer design, a 3.6-liter, five-valve V8 with computer-driven fuel injection and state-of-the-art everything, makes just 276 lb-ft at 4,750 rpm. The Monza gives ferocious yank, particularly when you're trying to put the power down through vintage rubber with about five inches of rock-hard contact patch per tire. Fangio 's preference for the 860 Monza over the 12-cylinder variant reveals another of the big four 's merits. When the 860's brakes go away (and they surely will) at least in the Monza you've got good engine-braking, he maintained, something the 12-cylinders wouldn't have. 1956 3 But the big fours, for all their merits, weren't perfect. They had a bad, though nowadays less deserved, reputation for being fragile. A fresh, well-maintained race engine was easily capable of 6,200-6,500 rpm with no particular risk, and many were regularly driven that way. But when the engines got old and tired, their rods would break in a weak spot just below the wrist pin. It is thus rare to find a 750 or 860 engine that doesn't have serious patches on the block. This mostly happened later in life, often resulting in a frustrated owner slapping a Chevy V8 into what was no longer a competitive car anyway. If you find a virgin, be very suspect. The good news is that nobody uses the problem rods anymore and virtually all the engine parts, including castings, are currently available from England. Race Car Profile • • • • • • • • • • • • MI • • • I • • • • • • IN • • MEI • • • • • • ELM • • • NI MI MI MI =MI= • 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza

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a big dollar sign on the tachometer right at 5,300 to make the consequences very clear to his clients. Like any inline four-cylinder engine, the big Ferrari four shakes. This inherent vertical vibration increases with displacement, which is why you seldom see any straight-four engines over 2 liters. An 860 engine doesn't rattle your teeth nearly as badly as a 2.5-liter BRM Formula One engine, but still, unless you've got a vety tolerant wife, the big fours are much better as track cars than for long-distance touring. (The 2-liter fours are a joy anywhere) Much has been said about the relative handling characteristics of the various Ferrari sports racers. Though this is certainly heretical, i f you want a car that handles, I'm telling you to go buy a D-type Jaguar or a Maserati 3005. You own '50s Ferraris for the power and the glory, not the handling. That having been said, there are a number of suspension setups among the Ferrari sports racers. All Ferrari frames from the mid- through late '50s are essentially the same, though stiffness was improved as the years progressed. The early factory-racing sports cars (Mondials, Monzas, Sports) used transaxles and de Dion rear suspension with transverse leaf springs front and rear Sometime in 1954, the factory switched to using coil springs in front, but the suspension geometry—indeed, the A-arms themselves—remained identical. The coils do provide better travel at consistent rates. All the de Dion cars retained the transverse rear spring until the very late '50s. Bonhams & Brooks; Carmel, CA; 8/18/2001 Not sold at $720,000 SCM ID# 23273 1956 Ferrari 500 TR Lot #241, S/N 0650MDTR Condition: 1 - The Testa Rossa series of cars (500 TR, 500 TRC, '57 and '58 250 TR) were designed as production-based customer cars and used enginemounted transmissions and live rear axles. The TR 59 and TR 60 were built as 'factory team" racers. They kept the normal transmission but went back to de Dion rear suspension on coil springs. People who have had the joy of extensive experience racing all of the variants (a small and exclusive group, to be sure) say that the transaxle cars are better balanced and more neutral at the limit, and easier to steer with the throttle. The Testa Rossas are a bit nose heavy and inclined to understeer Of the drum-brake Ferraris, consensus is that that the best handling cars have the coil-spring front suspension with transaxle, like the subject car here. The catalog waxes poetic about the "subtle reduction in frontal area and more gentle air penetration." I find this particularly amusing in view of one of my favorite Enzo Ferrari quotes: "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines!" This car needs aerodynamics like a freight train does. It's a lot prettier than a locomotive though, and in the end that counts for a lot. This 860 Monza is an excellent car, and though it sold for absolute top money, I'd still call it well bought. If it had a V12 installed at the factory it would be worth three times as much. By that comparison, the new owner is getting a bargain provided he doesn't come down with a case of cylinder envy every time a 290 MM is parked in the next paddock space. I'm told the car went to Europe, where it will undoubtedly give its new owner many wonderful laps.—Thor Thorson (Historic and descriptive information courtesy ofRM.)* COMPS .1.111...••••••••• •Ii• ••••••  ••••••• • Ilm y • • • • • • • • Barrett-Jackson/Coys; Monte Carlo, Monaco; 5/26/2000 Not sold at $814,286 SCM ID# 9659 1957 Ferrari 500 TRC Lot #65, S/N 0686R Condition: 1

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• • ••••• ••• ••• Ve.•••••••1 • • • • • MI  • • Lotus 51B Formula Ford, straight, unmolested frame w/no leaks, current roll bar, uprated motor, Hewland gearbox, California oil tank, new Aeroquip, wheel bearings, Heims, brakes & masters, new fuel cell in original tank, not raced since complete restoration. $14,500. Steve, 805-383-2864 work, 805-492-5068 home. CA Merlin Mk 31 Formula Ford, five vintage races since full professional restoration, no d/n/f, no offs since, 100% race ready, strong engine, Hewland Mk 8, spares. spdstr5@webtv.net . $15,500, street trade considered. 972-723-5380. TX Packard, 1950s Simon Special, The Corvette Eater, built in the late '50s, raced in the early '60s, tube frame with Packard 397-c.i. V8, T10 gearbox, documented in '60s magazine. 203-778-2601.CT 27 American LaFrance Chief's speedster, 6-cyl, yellow, perfectly restored. $55,000. 303-393-1424. CO 53 Ford Atlas/Ford roadster, rare Mickey Thompson fiberglass body, early Ford chassis, full-race flathead. Vintage raced at Seattle and Portland Histories and Maryhill Hillclimb. Street legal. paulingram3@comcastnet $21,500 trades considered. 541-367-5024. OR 59 Elva Courier Mk II, super modified, beautifully prepared ex-SCCA race car, full race MG engine, close ratio transmission, Accusump, fuel cell, roll cage, show quality paint, alloy interior, Panasports, Carrera shocks, the best of everything, identical to the 2002 SCCA E Production National Champion winning Elva, sacrifice at $29,500. 203-377-6746. CT Vintage Race Car Classifieds 64 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III BJ8 Phase II, BRG with black top and interior, roll-up windows, correctly finished wire wheels, overdrive, in very nice condition, drives extremely well. $29,500. 608-437-3000. WI 65 Corvette B production convertible, SVRA medallion, pro-built 327. Muncie, fire system, J56, log book, SCCA run-offs, vintage raced since 1984, professionally maintained, race ready. $47,500. 757-5650500 days. VA 65 Mustang 871-460, 9-inch rear, powerglide, custom interior, smoothed body, electric doors, candy apple red with ghost horse, House of Color paint, multiple state and best of show champion, 2000 Mustang Illustrated cover car, NASCAR-built 514 SI motor, Dyers custom-built blower, over $100,000 invested. $45,000. 508-7339900. MA 68 Chevelle, race ready, 355, TH400, 12bolt, 4:11, trans brake, Linelock, 4500 stall, 13:1 compression, Brodix heads, full roller valvetrain, too much more to list. $12,500 obo. 574-536-1691. IN 69 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider vintage race car, has raced from Australia and New Zealand to England and the Continent, very nice and reliable. $16,500. 203-3354643. CT 69 Lola 1190 F5000, 305 Chevy, Hewland DG300, original ex-Ron Grable. $39,900. 636-227-3959. MO • • • • • • • • • IN • • • • • • • • • I "' " " " 1".•••■•• ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. See page 93 for details. 69 McKee F5000, space frame, aluminum Konis. Mags, less engine/transaxle (available), $14,900 or $24,900 with Hewland transaxle, takes wet sump Chevy. 636-2273959. MO 88 Corvette Challenge race car, car #3, Proto-Fab #157-010, 5,200 miles, car raced in 5 Challenge races in 1988, originally owned by Tom Glou, driven by Murphey & RK Smith, fully documented with original sealed engine, condition is as last raced, race in vintage races, own a piece of Corvette history. stingraycr165@ao1.com $32,500. 516-639-1351. NY •••••.W 98 Caterham Super Seven, de Dion, 1700 crossflow, oil cooler, Quaife LSD, FIA roll bar, 6 pt harnesses, adj rear anti-roll bar, MSD ignition w/adj rev limiter, clam shells, red/polished aluminum, many extras. caterham@mindspring.com $34,500. 919-363-9386. NC 98 Ferrari Spider F355, 2002 Ferrari Concours show winner, major service done and maintained by Algar Ferrari, all records available, Tubi, cover, tools, two sets of mats, 15,500 miles, strong and reliable, US car. craigcsz@aol.com $119,000. 215651-4128. PA. • • • .VI • • • NI NI Ila Classic c (kr Exclusively 280SLs Low-mileage and original cars are our specialty to buy or sell. Several cars in stock for immediate delivery. 2 Springdale • Cherry Hill, New Jersey (888) 840-1700 WWW. tonvlabella.com GREAT VINTAGE RALLIES! FORZA MILLE Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine! 4 Driving Days—September 21 to 26, 2003 Any exotic sports car of any year S3995 per couple, all inclusive Allard Reunion, Austin & Texas Hill Country! 4 Driving Days—November 2 to 7, 2003 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars S3995 per couple, all inclusive Amelia Island Concours & Collier Museum! 4 Driving Days—March 14 to 19, 2004 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars S3995 per couple, all inclusive FORZA AMELIA Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine! 4 Driving Days—May 23 to 28, 2004 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars S3995 per couple, all inclusive NEW ENGLAND 1000 ••••• ••• .••••••• • Vintage Rallies 80 Jackson Hill Road, Sharon, CT 06069 800-645-6069 fax: 860-364-5899 www.vintagerallies.com • ••••••••• ••••••• ••••••••• •••• 4•••••••• ••• •••• •. •••• • •••••• ••••••• • ••• • TEXAS 1000 • NI

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Market Report Overview On the other, at the auctions themselves, there was no sense of doom and gloom. Contrast this with 1991, when dealers were holding signs proclaiming, "Will Sell Cars for Food." There's no question that the state of the economy at large is affecting the collector car market. But just as clearly, the auction companies have carefully realigned their consignments to offer what they think collectors are buying. T here are a couple of ways to look at the results from Monterey. On the one hand, they are clearly down significantly from those of previous years. It's not a good time to sell multi-million dollar cars, at least publicly. Even the very highest of high rollers have sat back and are waiting to see how their various investments are going to perform in the next year or so before jumping back into cars in a big way. On the other hand, those making $125,000 to $300,000 a year, and who have not been affected by the current wave of layoffs, continue to buy toys in the $25,000-$75,000 range with relative abandon. Interest rates are still near historical lows, so you can finance a $100,000 246 GTS Dino for the same payment that used to buy you, at a higher interest rate, a $60,000 246 GT. I can't say this was a great year in Monterey. But I can say, unequivocally, that there were plenty of excited buyers for the right merchandise, and they were willing to pay above market prices to get what they wanted.—Keith Martin• 7 52  1 - THIS MONTH: SCM Experts rate 164 cars! 1. 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza race car, $2,057,001, R-C 2. 1935 Duesenberg 1 convertible, S825,001, R-M 3. 1967 Ferrari 365 California Spyder, $634,500, C 4. 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Berlinetta, $621,500, R-C 5. 2005 Ford GT coupe, $557,500, C 6. 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport, $447,500, C 7. 1956 Maserati A6G2000 coupe, $467,501, R-C 8. 1952 Siata 4001.Spyder, $337,500, C 9. 1970 Ford Mustang race car, $343,200, R-C SALES THIS ISSUE 10. 1933 Cadillac V16 convertible, $335,500, R-M RM's Mike Fairbairn at Meadow Brook, proudly displaying the winning bidder number for the 1935 Duesenberg Model J convertible, at $825,001. Four-cylinder Ferrari was tops in Monterey MONTEREY WEEKEND SALES, 1998-2003 Sales Total (in millions) $25 — $20 — $15 — $10 — $5 — 1998 Yearly Total &, 4 — (all sales):  4) ,) I 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 • Christie's Pebble Beach 111 Russo and Steele Monterey *All figures rounded to the nearest million m $44M $54M $33M $34M $24M RM Monterey  Bonhams Carmel SCM 1 6 Scale  - Condition Rating:  1 National concours standard/perfect  2: Very good, club contours, some small flaws  3: Average daily driver in decent condition  4: Still a driver but with some apparent flaws  scNiBest Buys 1. 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 cabriolet, $52,900, B 2. 1965 Porsche 356C coupe, $15,951, R-M 3. 1963 Jaguar XKE coupe, $26,450, B 4. 1974 Ferrari 246 GTS Dino, $67,100, R-M 5. 1961 Daimler SP250 roadster, $18,900, R-C One of the nicest 3.5 cabs seen recently ilide RM, Meadow Brook Hall, MI (R-M)  Bonhams, Carmel, CA (B)  Christie's, Pebble Beach, CA (C)  RM, Monterey, CA (R-C)  Russo and Steele, Monterey, CA (RS)  p.58 p.62 p.67 p.72 p.82 5: A nasty beast that runs but has many problems 6. A wretched car only good for parts

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Market Reports  jr . RM Auctions - Meadow Brook Hall, MI cr, „) R M AUCTIONS INC. RM Auctions Meadow Brook Hall Rochester, Michigan August 2, 2003 Auctioneer:  Klumluar of nianmntivo lots  Number of automotive lots sold:  Sale rate:  Sale total:  Rod Egan 79 60 83% S6,138,706 High sale: #101, 1935 Duesenberg Model 1 convertible sold for $825,001, including buyer's premium Premium: 10% (Included in prices of sold lots.) Report by Dave Kinney Market opinions in italics 003 was the 25th year for the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance and it was my first visit to this suburban Detroit-area event. The RM auction, in a single-level hall on the campus of Oakland University, is a one-day affair held the Saturday before the Sunday Concours. RM Auctions has traditionally held just four catalog sales per year: Vintage Motorcars in Arizona, Amelia Island, Meadow Brook and Monterey. This year, a few additional catalog sales have been added and the non-catalog sales like Novi and Toronto are now referred to as "mainstream" auctions. It seems as if RM's dance card is quickly filling up—every time I visit the Web site, a new auction seems to appear. The gang at RM is clearly working very hard – no other auction company in the US puts on so many auctions, of so many varying types, in so many locations. 2 This year's auction was a spectacular sales success with 83% of the cars offered (60 out of 72) sold. To put it in another perspective, the gross receipts, at just over $6m, were about the same that Christie's and Bonhams together achieved in Monterey. The offering of cars was a great mix of the expensive—with a Duesenberg as well as many Packards and Rolls-Royces—and the inexpensive, with plenty of under-$30,000 Fords and Chevrolets, as well as a smattering of other import and domestic marques. Other interesting vehicles included a 1932 Marmon Sixteen that sold for $187,001 and a 1969 Oldsmobile Delco Remy cutaway car with no interior, built to display Delco Remy parts, that found a new home with an SCM'er for $19,800. One of the interesting things to take note of in this sale was the exceptional number of cars purchased by one bidder in this event. The individual, an attorney, was also said to 58  have purchased a large amount of the jewelry offered before the automobile sale. The weather for the preview day included a morning with bright and sunny summer skies, followed by an afternoon with increasingly threatening clouds. In the mid-afternoon, a call went out for all those nearby to assemble inside the hall for protection from high winds and possible tornadoes. The high winds did arrive, and quick thinking by the company that provided the tent where most of the cars were displayed prevented what might have been some damage to cars. Rain fell for the balance of the preview Friday and sunny skies and mild breezes were the order of the day for sale day Saturday. The Concours, held just a few thousand feet away from the auction at the historic Meadow Brook Hall, the former residence of Oakland University founders Matilda Dodge Wilson, widow of Dodge automobile company's John Dodge, and her second husband Alfred G. Wilson. Meadow Brook Hall is best described as an American castle, a monumental creation in a beautiful setting. The Concours is in a rebuilding period, after a now-healed rift between various supporters of the event that had different perspectives on how it should be run. Finally a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, out from under the umbrella of Meadowbrook University, the future for the Meadowbrook concours is bright. And judging from the sales total here, the collector car market is bright, as well.—D.K. Sunday, the Concours escaped the threatening rainstorms until the mid-afternoon, after the cars had been judged, yet before all the awards were passed out. ENGLISH #85-1924 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER GHOST REPLICA Convertible. Body by Wilkinson. S/N 21223. White, polished aluminum, red/red leather. RHD. Odo: 896 miles. Oak tool boxes and running board inserts in light stain look very out of place, as does light full cleaning, lots of detailing work would help. Carpets excellent, very good glass and dash. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $77,000. I have seen lots of upward movement in XK 120s, 140s and 150s, and this car continues the trend. It will make it all the way to a 2+ with a heavy detail, but the buyer already paid 2+ money to own it. Sold by an SCM'er #66-1966 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD III Drophead Coupe. Body by H.J. Mulliner, Park Ward. S/N LCSC77C. Black, dark silver/black leather. LHD. Odo: 56,330 #114-1948 MG TC Roadster. S/N TC7272XPAG8145. Yellow, black fenders and trim/black leather. RHD. Odo: 60,201 miles. Judson supercharger. Full of hard-to-find original bits, interesting taillights not original but good-looking. Very nice presentation includes tool roll, with tools displayed. Older restoration holding up well, no visible sins other than age. SCM'er car. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $31,901. Market correct, perhaps even a bit cheap. Surprised? The supercharger is cool stuff no longer easy to find. The tools and tool roll add a bit to the overall presentation, and the condition makes it just right for a drive-on-Saturday/ show-on-Sunday ride. 1959 JAGUAR XK 150S Roadster. S/N S830981DN. Black/red leather. LHD. Odo: 40,674 miles. 3.4L. Very nice paint and bodywork, excellent leather and chrome. Looks like a no-longer-fresh restoration: Cloth top needs #71 - pile loop carpet. Good brass and chrome, excellent leather. No info about origin of body. Cloth top is deeply stained, looks ready to give up the, ahem, ghost. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $94,601. Pretty, yes. Real? Well, no. It's a Rolls for sure, but that's about it. This Balloon Car replica—so named for the unusual coachwork that provides mom behind the passenger compartment for a hot air balloon—looked good, brought fair money. miles. An older restoration, now a driver. Plenty of edge paint chips, bug chips and a door ding or two. Chrome is good, interior fair but with some needs. A car to drive; restoration Sports Car Market

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RM Auctions - Meadow Brook Hall, MI  would double (or more) the cost to buy. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $95,701. Sold for more than its twin at this sale (Lot #95) with the same bodystyle in the same color I'll give you that it has a rare full instrument panel with tach, but contrary to the catalog description, all the buffing in the world won't help this paint. GERMAN #82-1952 MERCEDES-BENZ 220A Cab- riolet. SN 0343152. Burgundy/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 27,517 km. Participant, 1999 Meadow Brook Hall Concours d'Elegance. Very good paint, chrome and top, all showing dash, scarred paint at ignition key. Blaupunkt AM/FM, air conditioning. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $67,100. Right on the money, perhaps even a decent buy for an end user. About 70% of the needed repairs are of the weekend-fix style, but repairing a tear in the dash is best left to the professionals. #94-1983 FERRARI 512 BBi BOXER Berlinetta. S/N ZFFJA09B00044231. Red/ tan leather. LHD. Odo: 16,546 miles. Wear to driver's seat bolster, some dryness to all leather that could be caught if treated now. Michelin TRX radials, Pioneer AM/FM cassette signs of age to a greater or lesser degree. Scuffing on left front fender, will detail out to look better. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $60,501. Trends are hard to spot when they start, but it looks to me like there is a growing general following, and stronger prices, for big and little Benzes of the '50s. Get a fully restored one; a restoration on a "decent" car will break the unwary. #51-1965 PORSCHE 356C Coupe. S/N 220710. Red/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 1,617 miles. Very cool Blaupunkt radio with on, off and music buttons. Older correct-style carpets, door panels and seats have good patina. drivers side. Missing soft top inner headliner. Still a very popular choice with the old-car set. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $110,001. Pierce - Market Reports garage, and with these prices, few excuses remain for staying away. #76-1915 PIERCE-ARROW MODEL 48 Touring. S/N 4816256. Green/dark green leather. RHD. Odo: 33,917 miles. Older restoration showing more signs of aging than of use, light scratches to some paint, wear to interior. Jump seats, dual spares mounted to Arrow was one of the "it" cars of its time, well built and strong running. This is a massive car, with a cast aluminum body. Sale price is not a surprise, as some antiques continue to be sought after, and this is one worth seeking. #108-1931 CHRYSLER CG IMPERIAL Dual Cowl Phaeton. Body by LeBaron, Inc.. SN CG2988. Tan, burgundy trim/red leather. LHD. Odo: 262 miles. Full trunk, dual side mounts, four glass wind wings, Pilot Ray driving lamps. Very nice restoration, some minor with matching equalizer. Paint shows well with some touched-up chips. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $71,500. Sounds like current-market money to me. At one time the Boxer was the Ferrari to have, but as with all fashion trends, it fell off a cliff after the next set of models arrived. It is crawling back now, so the bargains are drying up. AMERICAN #122-1909 FORD MODEL T Touring. S/N 41653. Red/black leather. LHD. A brass car that appears to have been restored and then left in the weather. Some chips to paint in random areas, all brass is in need of polish. Bulb horn, Paint is cracked over the entire front end of the car, peeling inside the driver's door area. Some chrome is pitted. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $15,951. Plenty for the Porsche buzzards to pick off of this carcass, but I'll be brave and call this car sold at a fair price. Yes, a restoration will cost well over twice the final bid, but let's just drive the paint off of this one and enjoy it, for a change. ITALIAN #53-1974 FERRARI 246 GTS DINO Tar- ga. S/N 07756. Fly yellow/black leather. LHD. Odo: 79,813 km. Very nice paint marred by at least one ding, good chrome. Let down by interior details that, although not hateful, have some issues with fading chrome, small tear in November, 2003 rip in top. Needs love, polish and a good bit of money to be perfect; an okay driver as is. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $14,521. No real harm done here, even though fully priced in the current market. Every serious car collector should consider having at least one brass car in the 59 paint flaws but overall no harm done. Trunk has staining, top is without visible flaws. Very good leather has one or two worn areas. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $112,201. Price paid is fair, no bargain but not overpriced. Well equipped, and condition rating has some room for improvement with a full cleaning and some light detailing. #87-1931 CORD L29 Cabriolet. S/N 2929157. Black, red/red leather. LHD. Odo: 55,956 miles. 299-c.i. in-line eight, three

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Market Reports  speed. Rumble seat, dual side mounts, trunk rack, Pilot Ray driving lights. Very nicely detailed and well turned out, excellent paint, chrome, leather, carpets. Top material has light grained color, very nice. Mothball smell. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $203,501. Sold at fully $30,000 over the none-too-shy high estimate, this is one to make the market take notice. A nice car in great colors, the front-drive Cord L29 looks like the Jazz Age on wheels. Breathtaking styling, breathtaking price. #97-1933 CADILLAC V16 VICTORIA Convertible. Body by Fleetwood. S/N 5000043. Burgundy/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 14,425 miles. 452-c.i., 185-hp V16, threespeed. Fran Roxas restoration. AACA and to trunk rack, leather starting to harden. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $825,001. A handsome car from a great builder, at a sub-million-dollar price that seems reflective of their slow-moving market. Most, if not all, of the problems noted are easy fixes (hard leather; chrome), so perhaps no re-restoration is needed. #74-1936 AUBURN 852 SC Dual Ratio Phaeton. S/N 34526H. Eng. #GH4760. Crème yellow, brown/brown leather. LHD. Odo: 78,613 miles. 280-c.i. in-line eight-cylinder with Schwitzer-Cummins supercharger. Some cracking and minor chip repairs to paint CCCA first-prize winner, Pebble Beach entrant. Some light wear to interior, excellent paint and chrome. Excellent overall. 149" wheelbase. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $335,500. 1 of 2 built in 1933 with V16. Price new $7,500 (Depression-era dollars). Former owners include Roy Warshawsky of J.C. Whitney fame. An important car, I won't argue the price paid for a long-term collectible. #77-1933 AUBURN 8-105 Salon Dual Ratio Phaeton. S/N 2663H. Gold, brown trim/ brown leather. LHD. Odo: 831 miles. Hard shell external trunk, dual side mounts, top is dirty and shows wear. Paint is good, has plenty work. Good chrome, cloth top has some light stains. Interior quite nice, some signs of age and wear. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $55,001. The final year of Auburn. ACD (club) certification #A-151. Sporty, with a sloped windshield and lots of 1930s styling flair I want to count this car in the well-bought column, and I think it will prove to be. Let's call the flaws patina and let it pass. #98-1942 PACKARD SUPER EIGHT 180 VICTORIA Convertible. Body by Damn. S/N CE500053. Dark blue/red leather. LHD. Odo: 8,028 miles. Leather appears fresh, some fittings inside cockpit less so. Bodywork and of life left in it. Interior shows minimal wear. A likeable example, will clean up for show. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $66,550. Sale price is right in the middle of the estimate; when this car cleans up it will look more like a winner This car has a very formal look, appealing to those who like al fresco motoring while wearing a suit. Decent buy. #101-1935 DUESENBERG MODEL J Convertible. Body by Murphy Body Company. S/N 2406. Eng. #J527. Burgundy/black leather. LHD. Odo: 33,298 miles. Original motor removed, and a motor from a supercharged car was used as a replacement. Car now has non-original motor without supercharger. Excellent paint, good chrome. Dual side mounts, mirrors, spot and driving lights. Discoloration 60  RM Auctions - Meadow Brook Hall, MI #107-1952 STUDEBAKER COMMANDER Convertible. S/N 8272466. Baby blue/red leather. LHD. Odo: 1,479 miles. V8, threespeed. Translucent-red steering wheel, easily . SOLD AT $38,500. 1 of 1,750 built. These once unloved orphans are on the rise, with well-restored examples pulling way above the guidebook values. Why? With droptop Chevys and Fords bringing more and more, the less expensive choices look better and better the coolest steering wheel here. Spotlight, tissue dispenser and AM radio appear to be the only other options. Very good paint, interior and chrome. Underhood detailed well. Cond: 2 - #106-1957 PONTIAC STAR CHIEF CUSTOM BONNEVILLE Convertible. S/N P857H30450. White, red spears/white and red leather. LHD. Odo: 498 miles. Fuel-injected V8, auto. Signal-seeking AM radio, ps, pb, pw, power top. Excellent in all ways, no visible flaws to paint, chrome or interior. AACA Senior 1994, Grand National 1995; looks as if it was completed last week. Sold RM Boca 2/03 for $106,000. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $96,801. 1 of 630 built. Looks like ownership here cost someone $2,000 per month plus shipping and other expenses. Still expensive, but worth it— it 's that nice a car #62-1957 FORD FAIRLANE 500 SKYLINER Retractable. S/N C7EW265623. Baby blue, white/blue and white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 57,417 miles. 312-c.i. V8, auto. Good- paint very good. Most chrome excellent, some trim a bit weak. Better than driver throughout; not a national show winner but has potential. Pretty body; cut-down doors look good. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $214,501. Winning bid, with reserve, was $499 under low catalog estimate ($215k to $250k). This is the only Darrin body style built on the rare 1942 chassis. 1999 Meadow Brook class winner Fully priced for condition. quality restoration, incorrect color and grain of vinyl to seats. Very good chrome, paintwork. Detailed underhood, minor delamina- Sports Car Market

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Market Reports  tion to vent window. Continental kit, AM radio. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $28,601. A little more than I expected was paid here, but let's call this a fair deal for both buyer and seller The mid'50s were the only years for the retractable, a love-it-or-hate-it design and style. #59 1957 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE - Station Wagon. SN C74Y184834. Mint green, wood-grain panels/green and white vinyl. LHD. Odor 75,463 miles. 292-c.i. V8, auto. AM radio, ps, pb, padded dash, tinted #T0116ET1Z136208. Goodwood Green/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 14,751 miles. 427-c.i., 435lip V8, four-speed. AM/FM, power brakes, Tri-Power. Pirelli P 6000 tires, side exhaust. Non-matching numbers motor. Seam visible in driver's side front fender. Driver or local show contender. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $56,101. At auction, without an inspection or documentation, a 1967 Corvette coupe can be a bad buy at $18,000 as well as a steal at $60,000. Originality, equipment and engine options make all the difference. Without the original block, pricey here. #117 1969 OLDSMOBILE DELCO - REMY Cutaway Car. Silver pipes/no interior. LHD. Odo: 1 mile. V8, automatic. Built to display Delco Remy elements in the 1969 RM Auctions - Meadow Brook Hall, MI 83 Rnnhnme Plata/461k NOV.1.1■••114 Quail Lodge, Carmel, California August 15, 2003 Auctioneer:  Number of automotive lots.  Number of automotive lots sold:  Sale rate:  Sale total:  Malcolm Barber 73 39 53% S2,088,188 High sale:  #552, 1932 Ford Roadster sold for $192,000, including buyer's premium Premium: 15% on first $100,000, 10% thereafter (Included in prices of sold lots.) glass. Quite nicely presented, some "woodgraining" was done with airbrush paintwork. Unfortunate dent in rear bumper appears fresh. Looks great from five feet—the devil is in the details. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $26,000. The new owner a dealer, is looking to make a profit above this number Not impossible, as the station wagon is the SUV of the '50s and '60s, what baby boomers remember their parents driving. I don't see a lot of upside here, however #111 1958 EDSEL BERMUDA Sta- tion Wagon. S/N W8RT700053. Mint green, wood grain/green and white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 69,466 miles. 400-c.i. V8, automatic. Dual mirrors, tinted glass, Town & Country radio. Report by Scott Featherman Market opinions in italics Olds, including Jac Pac 175 air shocks, radiator, evaporative emission control, ignition, NDH wheel bearings and pleasurizers, among others. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $19,800. I guess this could be a perfect centerpiece for anyone's 1969 Oldsmobile collection, but I don't know of anyone who has a collection of '69 Oldsmobiles! A museum piece in search of a home, now it found one with an SCM'er #58-1975  CHEVROLET  CA- PRICE CLASSIC Convertible. S/N 1N67H5 S170176. B lack/saddle vinyl. LHD. Odor 58 miles. 350-c.i. V8, auto. A/C, ps, pb, pw, cruise control, AM/FM 8-track. Original but certainly not from lack of effort. The weather gods provided glorious sunshine, the Bonhams crew was well organized and the company offered a good selection of automobiles presented to an enthusiastic, if not overly large, audience. However, when the gavel fell on the B Some chips in wood grain and paint mar an otherwise well-presented example with very good paint, tidy and correct interior. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $26,951. A trip to the airbrush detail artist is in order here, as the chances of finding the original wood grain are about nil. Yes, Edsels are hot right now for the first time in a long while. But personally, I'll wait out this trend for now, thank you. #75 1967  - CHEVROLET  CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 194377S111668. Eng. miles. A new car with "some" paintwork (disclosed at sale), but I would say new car with most of the car repainted. Aftermarket Appliance mag wheels no help. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $23,101. Brand new is brand new, but this car has had major paintwork so, low miles or not, it now has a story to explain. Sorry, but for my money I'll take one with 25,000 miles and no paintwork any day.• scm Showcase Gallery Visit SCM's Showcase Gallery Buy, sell, trade or just browse (see page 93) 62 onhams & Butterfields' sixth annual auction at the picturesque Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley might not have been a roaring success, final car, Bonhams had to be disappointed as just 39 of 73 automotive lots offered sold, with total sales amounting to just a bit over two million dollars. The highest-selling lot was hardly a nosebleed figure at $192,000 (1932 Ford Roadster), and there were only six other lots that sold for over $100,000. Not to kick sand in anyone's face, but the RM boys this same weekend sold a single car, the 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza, for just over $2,000,000. And on Sunday, it took Christie's a total of only four lots to go over the $2,000,000 mark. Last year, Bonhams sold $3.5 million at this event, certainly closer to what it was expecting. In fairness, we must note that total sales at RM were down about 40% and Christie's 30% compared to last year. It's not that Bonhams did not have any "big-buck" lots. If fact, six significant cars, each with estimates between $350,000 and $600,000, simply didn't sell. One, the 1968 Howmet TX Gas turbined-powered race car chassis (No. 2) offered for sale in the catalog, was delayed in US Customs upon its return from Goodwood so failed to make an appearance. Cleverly, Bonhams arranged for chassis No. 3 to be onhand for viewing. But although it pleased the audience with its wailing turbine motor, chassis No. 3 was not the actual car being sold. Nineteen cars of the Robert Hood Collection were offered, primarily of British Sports Car Market

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Bonhams - Carmel, CA  with his global ambitions and deep-pocket backers, is braced for the long haul in the US market. Bonhams has the connections to the car owners, it knows the buyers and it has the marketing savvy. If it can just pull all of these attributes together, it's sure to start having more success over here.—Scott Featherman and Keith Martin marques, most at no reserve. All 19 sold, the high sale being a nicely restored 1938 Lagonda LG6 drophead coupe that brought $137,000. The Robert Hood Collection sales totaled $55,000, 28% of the auction total, and accounted for 48% of the 39 total lots sold. Notable sales included a very attractive, original, well-maintained 88,000-mile 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 cabriolet at $52,900, a painstakingly restored 1962 Porsche 356 cabriolet that brought $47,150 and a finely patinated 1954 Lancia Aurelia B20 series 4 coupe, adored by the Lancia cognoscenti onhand, that went for $40,250. Newly appointed CEO of Bonhams & Butterfields Malcolm Barber has his work cut out for him. The auction field in Monterey, and the US in general, is getting more crowded, not less. While the Quail location is an attractive one, it's far away from the action, especially with Concorso Italiano gone up the coast. Personally, I would suggest that next year Barber consider joint-marketing the auction and the high-end "The Quail" car event that takes place at the same time. There's no question that Robert Brooks, ENGLISH #510-1935 ALVIS SPEED 20SC Convert- ible. S/N 12772. Eng. #13222. Dark green/tan leather. RHD. Odo: 89,901 km. Older restoration, paint cracking and sanding marks evident, presentable looking. Panel fit and door Market Reports $137,000. Only 50 LG6s believed remaining. Extensive photographs of three-year restoration. Reported only 47 kilometers since restoration. Chairman's Choice award at 2000 Palos Verdes Concours. Sold below $150k low estimate, but still fully priced. function okay. Chrome has some light pitting. Interior leather appears re-dyed, carpet and wood fine. Chassis appears sound and clean. Wires fine. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $50,600. Sold just above low estimate of $50,000. A car with a limited following in the US. #517-1938 LAGONDA LG6 Drophead Coupe. S/N 12319. Silver blue, blue metallic/ gray leather. RHO. Odo: 47 km. Total restoration completed in 1999. Quality paint finish, some uneven areas. Panels fit well. Interior well done, wood excellent. Chrome very good, mixed with some nice original. Engine compartment and chassis detailed. Canvas top well done, like new. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT Proudly offering the world's finest collector vehicle tires and wheels since 1958. #520-1956 JAGUAR XK 140 MC Drophead Coupe. S/N S817703. Eng. #G4593-8S. Red/tan leather. LHD. Older restoration show- Coker Tire 1317 Chestnut Street Chattanooga, TN 1-800-251-6336 www.coker.com 37402 November, 2003  63

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Market Reports  ing age, still some shine to paint but multiple bubbling, chips, cracks. Interior leather worn through color in spots, left door panel frayed badly on corner. Chrome okay. Wires weary. Chassis and engine not detailed. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $30,475. US spec. Aftermarket air conditioning installed in rear deck, original manual trans was switched to automatic. Sale price in line with condition. For someone who needs an automatic, this was a fair price. But that a rare buyer #567 1962 ASTON MARTIN DB4 - SERIES IV Coupe. S/N DB4/838/L. Dark green/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 19,048 miles. Restoration stated to be completed in 2001. Quality paint finish, some fisheye flaws, especially in Bonhams - Carmel, CA $400,000. Reported first Mark III, first LHD and the lowest-mileage production Ford GT40 in existence. Long history: Started as prototype, damaged and repaired by Kar Kraft, engines and colors swapped, multiple owners, all documented along the way. Bid respectable. #501 1974 JAGUAR XKE SERIES HI - Roaster. S/N UE1S23476. Dark green/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 84,227 miles. Auto. Older repaint of mediocre quality, dulling, chips, scratches, some bubbling. Interior looks tired, leather. LHD. Odo: 13,522 miles. Reported restored in the 1990s and traveled since. Paint quite presentable yet flaws appearing, especially on the left fender and door. Panel fit and chrome very good. Interior well done, shows minor wear. Chassis and engine clean, some minor oil soiling. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $200,000. Only 53 300Sc roadsters were built. This example comes with fitted luggage. If the mechanicals are solid and sorted, the bid was below current market. Limited but obvious paint flaws might have raised doubts. #547A 1957 MERCEDES BENZ 300SL - - Roadster. S/N 19804210002462. Eng. #1989807500419. Gray/red leather. LHD. Odo: 48,720 miles. Older mediocre repaint, overspray in door jambs, presentable. Panel fit front fender. Doors rattle when closing. Panel fit okay. Interior well done, driver's seat back loose. Brightwork good. Engine detailed nicely. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $89,700. DB4 was the marque 's first pressed-steel platform chassis (previously square and rectangular tubing) combined with Superleggera construction (small tubes supporting alloy panels). Market desire for DB4s continues to increase. Price in line with market. #513 1963 JAGUAR XICE SERIES I - Coupe. S/N J64889695. Silver blue metallic/ blue leather. LHD. Odo: 63,223 miles. Older restoration showing some age, paint still presentable. Panel fit fine. Lots of sealer around driver's seat loose and rattles, headrests imploded. Chassis not detailed. Chrome fair. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $18,975. US model, originally had manual transmission that's been converted to automatic, no details given. Not an awe-inspiring example; price was more than enough, considering. Will always be a car with a story. FRENCH #545-1948 TALBOT-LAGO TYPE 26 COURSE Formula One Racer. S/N 110004. French blue/black leather. RHD. Older restoration, paint presentable, small cracks near exhaust manifolds. Interior reported to be original, seat is worn to nice patina, cockpit is clean and gaps okay. Interior is older redo showing wear, not correct yet serviceable. Dash looks tired. Chassis and engine not detailed. Reported stored past 15 or so years. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $170,000. Long-term storage takes its toll on cars—this example appears decent and unmolested but you never really know until careful inspection, especially the mechanicals. Price in line with market. the front and rear windows. Interior clean and tidy, worn-through spot on console leather. Engine compartment clean, chassis appears sound but not detailed. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $26,450. Reported ownership history with past concours Jaguar Club wins. Seems honest enough car With a major detail, could look like a $35,000 car. 1967 FORD GT40 MARK IH Coupe. S/N GT40 M3/1101. Eng. #SGT/9. Yellow/ black. LHD. Odo: 893 miles. Paint shiny and presentable, multiple edge stress cracks and chips. Panel fit as original. Interior clean and neat overall, driver's seat shows some modest wear. Chassis clean. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT #528 - 64  1962 PORSCHE 356B Cabriolet. Body by Reutter. S/N 156406. Medium blue/ light gray leather. LHD. Odo: 35,565 km. Recent full restoration to high standard. Paint finish very good, panel fit and gaps good yet door fit off a bit, and stiff operation. Comprehen #531 - and tidy. Engine and chassis clean. Painted wire wheels and tires nice. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $550,000. Extensive Grand Prix competition, historic event and ownership history. Stated to have a Chevrolet engine at one point. Currently maintained with its original configuration. Makes an obvious Historic and Vintage Racer Bid was not unreasonable. GERMAN #554 1957 MERCEDES BENZ 300SC Roadster. S/N 1880157500039. Black/tan - - Sports Car Market

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Bonhams - Carmel, CA sive photo documentation from start to finish. Appears to be quality workmanship and very thorough job. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $47,150. Hard to fault. Reported to be original color combination with eye on authenticity throughout project. If post-restoration sort-out was done and road test confirms original 356 feel, considering restoration cost, price paid was a bargain. #532-1969 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SL Roadster. S/N 11304412004983. Silver/ burgundy leather. LHD. Odo: 20,934 miles. Fresh restoration. Paint quality good. Panel fit, gaps fair. Chrome nice. Interior reason- Bondo-filled. Interior original and decent, some material shrinkage rear. Chassis light surface rust but likely sound. Engine not detailed. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $40,250. The Aurelia had advanced engineering features. First car to use a V6 engine. It had unit-body construction, rear transarle and de Dion rear suspension. Much discussion and appreciation by the cognoscenti. Correct money for decently preserved example. ably well done, fit, finish not as good as original factory. Engine detailing good. Chassis clean, rocker panels incorrect finish. Aftermarket A/C. Fitted luggage. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $55,200. Very high price paid for a nice-looking 280SL. Hope all mechanicals were thoroughly restored and sorted. Heating and ventilation controls on dash were stuck, common and relatively expensive repair on these cars. Do other issues lurk? #525-1971 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet. S/N 11102712002980. Medium blue/blue leather. LHD. Odo: 88,818 miles. Older quality repaint very presentable. Panels straight, fit and gaps very good. Interior appears original, leather and carpet show #560-1957 FERRARI 250 GT Coupe. Body by Boano. S/N 06451. Black/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 95,040 km. Recent high quality restoration. Paint finish, panel fit virtually G RE GOR F is KEN Fine Historic Automobiles Situated in Kensington Mews, internationally famous for old cars, we are proud to offer a varied selection of historic automobiles. Our prices are keenly competitive in today's market and we are always interested in buying, part exchanging or selling on clients' behalf cars similar to those below. Please write, phone, fax or e-mail with your requirements. _ k . i'' B ( ; (7) R 1 F I SK E NJ , C 19 (---,ik--s• 1953 OSCA 20005 This famous er-Louis Chiron OSCA 2000 was raced by himself during the1953 season at no fewer than ten events including the Grand Prix's of Syracuse, Pau and Monza. Originally configured as a single seater, chassis 2002 was re-bodied by Frua in 1954 and entered in the Tour of Sicily and the 1955 12 Hours of Hyeres. The present owner has shown the aSCA at Pebble Beach in 2000 audit was raced by Brian Redman at last years Goodwood Revival. A recent overhaul by Ivan Dutton makes this an extremely eligible entrant. i _ ..,,,..!...._.  ...  ,.  _  ... flawless. Interior, chassis, engine compartment well done and highly detailed. Brightwork, trim and Borrani wires very nice. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $200,000. Reported to be matching numbers with original build-sheet documentation. 1 of 69 Boano coupes produced. Market is finally moving upwards on the Boanos; high bid was not unreasonable for condition. #546-1958 DUAL-GHIA CONVERT- some wear. Gauges, wood, trim nice. Chrome strong. Engine and chassis not detailed but look very original and honest. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $52,900. Factory air conditioning. Reported original miles, believable. Two owners. This in one of the nicest unrestored, honest 3.5 cabs I've seen recently. Color combo might not be the most popular, but a nice find and good value. ITALIAN #502-1954 LANCIA AURELIA B20 SERIES 4 Coupe. SN B205-1078. Eng. #MOTB24-1107. Light green/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 14,609 miles. Older repaint that looks okay from 10 feet, lots of cracking/crazing from age. Panel fit fine, appears not to be November, 2003 panel. Interior well done, clean. Chrome nice. Engine compartment highly detailed. Chassis has lot of fresh undercoating, thick in spots. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $110,000. Chrysler chassis and drivetrain, bodied by Ghia in Turin, Italy, then returned to assembly in De- IBLE. Body by Ghia. S/N 871. Black/black leather, white piping. LHD. Odo: 60,604 miles. Recent restoration. Paint quality and panel fit good. Filler appears thick right rear quarter i..  iao _  -ia.... ,..... 1970 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3 Chassis number 019, an original ex-Autodelta team car and the actual car that formed part of the team's famous 1971 Targa Florio triumph, driven by De Adamich and Van Lennep to second overall behind team mate Vaccarella's 7Ipo 33. Retained by Autodelta until the 1980s when its sale was negoliatedfrom the team's last remaining stock of cars and parts. During its present ownership 019 has been the subject of a magnificent restoration which while sympathetic to its originality has brought it back to front running order including a much publicised tram at last years Le Mans Classic. Offered with spares and a well documented history file. CARS IN STOCK 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza ex Renato Balestrero 1964 Alfa Romeo Ill 1974 Aston Martin DRS V8 - ex Robin Hamilton Le Mans 1929 Bentley Speed Six 1939 Bentley 41/4 Litre 'Honeysuckle' 1953 Cooper Bristol MK II 1953 Ferrari 375 MM Pininfarina 1960 Ferrari 246S by Fantuzzi 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 Alloy LHD 1953 Frazer Nash Le Mans MkII 1953 HWM Jaguar. ex Team Car 1950 Jaguar X1(120 - ex Le Mans car 1993 Jaguar XJ 228€- Le Mans class winner 1961 Maserati Tipo 63 'Birdcage' 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster Development Prototype 1960 MG A "Ilvin-Cam 14 Queens Gate Place Mews, London, SW7 5BQ Telephone 011 44 20 7584 3503 Fax 011 44 20 7584 7403 E-mail: cars@gregorfisken.com  www.gregorfisken.com

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Market Reports  troit. Low production, expensive and popular with celebrities, e.g. Frank Sinatra, Eddie Fisher Peter Lawford. $160k low estimate just too aggressive. II Cabriolet. Body by Pininfarina. SN 3311. Red/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 35,139 km. Older repaint, highly deteriorated, chips, bubbles, cracks, fading. Except for right door, does not appear Bondo-laden. Gaps okay. Chrome slightly pitting. Stone shot in windshield. Borranis peeling. Chassis and engine dirty but ap- #568 1962 FERRARI 250 GT SERIES - Bonhams - Carmel, CA 1 of 200 built. Sale price in line with market and condition. Ex-Oregon car. #548 1967 LAMBORGHINI 400 GT - Coupe. Body by Touring. S/N 0481. Silver/ black leather. LHD. Odo: 81,939 miles. Mediocre paintwork, many sanding marks. Panel fit only fair. Body panels appear Bondo-laden, especially right rear quarter panel. Cheap fine for race car. Interior is clean and tidy. Engine and chassis are clean and detailed. Wheels a bit battle scarred. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $595,000. Watkins Glen July 1971 race winner of the F1A World Championship Series (with the 3-liter engine installed). Currently has the Can-Am-spec 4-liter 2-liter 33s are immensely popular in many European events, 3- and 4liters less so. Bid was fair pear sound. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $135,000. Reported past ownership for 29 years, mostly original, engine rebuilt during ownership. Restoration candidate or maybe cosmetic upgrade to driver; mechanicals a question. Decent buy if no big-dollar surprises. PF Cabs have doubled in four years. #544-1963 FERRARI SUPERAMERICA 400 SERIES H AERODINAMICA Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. SIN 5115SA. Burgundy metallic/dark red leather. LHD. Odo: 62,340 miles. Stated to be original color combo. Several restorations reported. Paint finish, panel fit, trim, gaskets in near excellent #506-1973 FERRARI 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA Spyder Conversion. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 16125. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 39,355 km. Repaint still shows well, minor flaws—stress cracking, right rear fender minor surface rust. Panel and gap fit okay. plastic side mirrors. Interior decent but dirty. Right window badly scratched. New window gaskets. Sold by Bonhams for $48k 8/98. Cond: 3 . NOT SOLD AT $70,000. 400 GT more in common with 350 GT than 400 GT 2+2. Only 3 had aluminum bodies like 350 GT; this is a steel body. Quality of workmanship does not inspire confidence. Rising market for these cars, but bid was strong money for condition. - #527 1967 FERRARI 330 GTC SPECIA- LE Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 10241. Silver blue metallic/beige leather. LHD. Odo: 124,130 miles. Older repaint that still shows well, very minor aging flaws. Panel and gaps 11111';' Ira% 4XEL. ,41  — condition. Interior is well done, as is engine compartment. Chassis has some spots of undercoat "touch-up." Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $315,000. Third from the last built of a total of 48 400 Superamericas. First owner Nelson Rockefeller history afier unclear. Rare color combination with stunning appearance. Assuming mechanicals correct and sorted, would have been a near bargain at bid. #547 1965 FERRARI 275 GTS Convert- ible. Body by Pininfarina. SIN 275GTS07337. Red/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 91,629 km. Reported restored in the 1990s, with extensive service records. Paint and panel fit appear good overall, yet heavy taped-off edges in door jambs and a few bubbles raise questions. Right side inner fenderwell wrinlded. Interior nice, engine detailed. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $157,500. 66  7TriniTritf ' Chrome and Borranis nice. Dash worn down, driver's seat shows wear, gauges fine. Chassis a mix of old and new undercoating. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $110,000. Engine compartment tidy. Reported to be Mike Sheehan conversion. Daytona values have been slightly increasing, good conversion Spyder Daytonas usually bring a bit more than comparable-condition coupes. This bid was below the low end of the market. AMERICAN good, deck lid off a bit. Interior leather very good, carpets and trim good. Brightwork nice. Engine and chassis clean yet not highly detailed. Borranis fair. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $390,000. The last of the five rare Special 330 GTCs built. Distinctively styled with 365 California Spyder front and concave rear window and C-pillar design similar to the Dino 206. Documented history. Tough to value but should have been enough for this example. #557 1971 ALFA ROMEO T33/3 Sports - Racing Prototype. S/N AR 750 80 023. Red/ black cloth. LHD. Paint presentable, panel fit Sports Car Market 1932 FORD ROADSTER. Green metallic/light gray leather. LHD. Odo: 89,987 miles. Class winner at 1997 Pebble Beach Concours. Paint finish still very good, minor flaws, doors fit tightly. Chrome, trim strong. Interior very nice, chassis, suspension and engine still show very well and highly detailed. Deuce Roadster built in early 1950. Cond: #552 -

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Bonhams - Carmel, CA  2. SOLD AT $192,000. Featured in magazines and movies, known as the "Ricky Nelson Roadster"—he drove it in the TV show Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Built on '32 Ford Z-ed frame, power by stock '65 'Vette V8, '40 Ford trans, axle and steering. True rods with history are staying strong. #540-1947 FORD V8 DE LUXE Station Wagon. S/N 799A1462043. Eng. #I46043. Pearl white metallic/brown vinyl. LHD. Odo: 3,728 miles. 239-c.i. V8. Restoration completed in 1999. Decent quality paint finish, panel and gaps good. Woodwork very nicely done. CHRISTIE S Christie's Pebble Beach, California 17 WI Auctioneer:  Total number of automotive lots.  Total number of automotive lots sold.  Sale rate:  Sale total:  Dermot Chichester 65 40 62% 55,706,850 High sale: #30, 1967 Ferrari 365 California Spyder sold for $634,500, including buyer's premium Premium: 17.5% on the first 5100,000, 10% thereafter (Included in prices of sold lots.) Report by John Apen and Dave Brownell Photos by Donald Osborne Market opinions in italics Interior vinyl good, dash showing age, nice patina to wood. Trim appears combo of good original and replacement. Engine not detailed. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $71,300. Claimed matching numbers, known ownership history and restoration aimed toward preserving originality. Well documented, preserved and restored woodies continue their increase in value. Price was on the high side of current ranges. #561-1966 FORD MUSTANG Convert- ible. S/N 6R08*142971. Red/red and white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 61,548 miles. 289-c.i. V8, automatic. Okay-quality repaint, some light sanding marks showing. Chrome good. Combination of presentable original and quality I replacement bits in interior. Engine compartment detailed nicely. Chassis reasonably clean, appears sound. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $28,175. Market values continue to creep forward on these American classics. Correct market price for this example. First-gen Mustangs are af fordable, user-friendly collectibles.• Next Month • Silver Hot August Nights • Mecum Elkhart Lake • Kruse Auburn • Bonhams Nurburgring • Bonhams Goodwood Revival • Christie's Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) November, 2003 In the past, it had felt like Christie's was running at a breakneck pace to make sure its sales totals were above those of RM. But as RM moved into big-buck car territory, and as it has two nights to Christie's one, Christie's couldn't expect to stay on top forever. And now, after a couple of years of RM being top dog, Christie's seems to have more or less forgotten about the race, and has started concentrating on what it does best, present interesting cars in an attractive atmosphere. Yes, sales were down, but they were down for the whole weekend. I believe that is more reflective of the economy in general than of any particular auction company's way of doing business. The issue for Christie's, and Miles, is really creating their own circuit of auctions in the US. When you maintain staff all year 'round, the true costs of adding another event or two aren't high. RM has really shown the way by making its Biltrnore, AZ, Meadowbrook, MI and Amelia Island, FL events, along with Monterey, a grand quartet of sales. It's too bad Christie's didn't get the Maserati Birdcage sold, as it was one of the few truly significant cars to be on offer during the weekend. At $1,250,000, the high bid seemed respectable enough. The Alfa 6C 1750 at $447,500 represented good value for a car remarkable in its originality and presentation. f you had just one day to spend around collectible cars each year, it would have to be the Sunday of the Monterey weekend. The combination of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance followed by the easy formality of the Christie's auction makes for a terrific one-two punch. Even though sales were down significantly this year for Christie's, from $9,756,875 to $5,706,850 (a 41% decline), the sale felt, well, successful. The mood in the tent was relaxed, and most notably Miles Morris, head of the car department, seemed in his element. Market Reports What Christie's has going for it is its venerable tradition (even if we do see some of its execs being trundled off to the slammer now and then for price-fixing). But for that tradition, and for the cachet of Christie's to be truly effective, it simply has to put on more of its always-classy events. It's as simple as that.—Keith Martin For Christie's to be more than just a twotime-a-year player (Rockefeller Center and Pebble), it is going to have to decide where there are a couple of venues that it can lay claim to, and then grow. ENGLISH #12-1934 MORRIS 10/4 Tourer. S/N 35TN40109. Black, wine/maroon leather. RHD. Odo: 249 miles. Poor headlight interiors, bad driver's door fit, looked like a combo of amateur and professional restoration. Recent complete mechanical and electrical restoration. Squeaky brakes. Cond: 2 - . SOLD AT $16,450. Sold for the benefit of the Pebble Beach Concours, which will donate the money to its designated charities. Cute little car for puttering around 17 Mile Drive. #13-1938 ROLLS-ROYCE 25/30 Sports Sedan. Body by Hooper & Co. S/N GGR20. Eng. #E29E. Gray, black/beige leather. RHD. Odo: 87,351 miles. Chips and cracks in paint, poor hubcap plating, some leather wear and tired interior woodwork. Frightfully loud yellow wheels did nothing for its eye appeal. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $44,650. Looked better cosmetically from 10 feet away. All the money for this Roller with a good-looking body style, which was sold at no reserve. #40-1939 LAGONDA V12 Drophead Coupe. Body by Lagonda. S/N 14069. Eng. #14069. Two-tone green/green leather. RHD. 67

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Market Reports  matic tranny. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $15,275. No reserve, and a good thing, too. Estimates of $25,000-$45,000 off the wall. Let's hope the new owner has a sense of humor Is this the only Alvo-Chev? I was waiting for Dermot to announce that, "Alvis is in the tent." Okay, I'll stop now. Odo: 1,058 miles. Inconsistent finish on wooden dashboard, hood fit off. Otherwise a lovely, impressive automobile in all respects. Ex-Nethercutt and General Lyon collections. Design by Frank Feeley. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $222,000. Elegant style, strong performance with V12 engine, one of the best late- '30s British designs. Brought a respectable figure. #33-1951 MG TD Roadster. S/N TD6439. Eng. #18GBUH11130. Red/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 3,487 miles. Upgraded with MOB engine, four-wheel disc brakes, radial tires. Should prove a real sleeper at stoplight Grand #52-1959 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MK 12 + 2 Roadster. S/N HBT7L/1565. Eng. #29DUH11583. British Racing Green/black leather. LHD. Odo: 64,158 miles. Dayton wire wheels in place of original discs. Color and upholstery changed. Excellent door fit. Conn- Christie's - Pebble Beach, CA at this price, a rock chip could lead to a nervous breakdown. #32-1964 MORGAN PLUS FOUR SUPERSPORT Drophead Coupe. S/N 5730. Eng. #TS75786. Burgundy/brown leather. LHD. Odo: 39,139 miles. Supersport engine pumps 20 more horses than regular Moggies. Very correct and well-done car. Hood fit a bit pletely and carefully restored. New electrical system including harness, relays, lights. New stainless exhaust system correctly painted. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $52,875. Looks like all the big Healeys in this condition are cracking 50 big ones nowadays, and 1 expect this trend to continue. #66-1962 BENTLEY S2 Drophead Coupe. Body by H.J. Mulliner. S/N B 68 LDW. Eng. #284 DB. Dark blue/beige leather. LHD. Odo: 32,702 miles. Straight car with known history from new. One of only six lefthand-drive SI Prix. Wire wheels add to good looks, lousy top fit doesn't. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $16,450. No reserve. This car receives "Christie 's Dafi5, Estimates of the Auction" award. There's always at least one car in a Christie 's auction that is estimated in a totally goon; price range. For 2003, this was it ($25k-$35k). Worth the bid, not more. #42-1953 ALVIS TA21 "GREY LADY" Drophead Coupe. Body by Tickford. S/N TA21 25019. Silver, burgundy/burgundy leather. LHD. Odo: 37,756 miles. Doors suffering from "gaposis." J.C. Whitney "wire wheel" covers, modem instruments. Lousy hood fit, hastily applied cosmetic upgrades for auction. Powered by Chevy 327 with Hydra Mulliner dropheads ever built. Orange peel in portions of paint, excellent interior wood, okay door fit. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $205,500. Just about on the button for this car considering its condition and collector desirability. The S1 is worth about five times more than a comparable S2 drophead. #51-1964 JAGUAR XICE SERIES I 3.8 Roadster. S/N 881185. Eng. #RA5667-9. Silver/red leather. LHD. Odo: 16 miles. Stunning restoration; car absolutely glows. As close to a factory-new car as you're likely to ever see. Engine rebuilt with new pistons, bearings, valves, guides, seals and timing chain. Rebuilt head, carbs, clutch. Cond: 1+. SOLD AT $111,625. Meticulous refurbishment in every respect and worth the money. Trouble is, the car looks too nice to drive. And 68  Needed nothing. Matching-numbers car. Dayton wire wheels in place of originals. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $64,625. Healeys, especially BJ7and BJ8-series cars, continue their upward march in market price. Fair and full money paid for a first-rank car For perfect cars, prices range from $45k to $90k, depending solely on how many motivated bidders are in the room. Sports Car Market It* — a;);•('— off but that's normal with handbuilt Morgans. Dropheads with Supersport spec about as rare as post-war Morgans get. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $61,100. Just about market correct when you consider that a comparable Plus Four Supersport roadster brings in the $50K area; the drophead body certainly is worth an extra 10 grand to Morgan fanatics. #16-1967 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MK III PHASE II Convertible. S/N HBJ8L/ 41062. Eng. #29-K-RU-H115682. Black/red leather. LHD. Odo: 85,603 miles. Freshly, fully and correctly restored example of the most civilized and powerful of the Big Healeys.

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Christie's - Pebble Beach, CA FRENCH  #54-1908 DELAUNAY-BELLEVILLE F6 Roi-Des-Belges Tourer. Body by Multi- Market Reports net S/N 1406V. Eng. #1406V. Dark blue/dark green leather. RHD. Older repaint, substantially original car including upholstery. Wonderful brass trim and lamps. Six-cylinder L-head engine, quadrant change four-speed with reverse. Imposing, obscure, high-quality French automobile. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $249,500. Big spread on estimate ($220k-$380k) shows that even Christie's wasn't sure where the top bid would land A quarter-million seems fair enough for this impressive Edwardian bolide that is said to be the first six-cylinder example of the marque built. #58-1949 TALBOT LAGO T-26 Cab- riolet. S/N 3144 T26. Eng. #26144. Yellow, black/black leather. RHD. Odo: 68,859 km. Color combo rather peppy; few paint chips. Car said to run very well. Hood fit badly off. Recently had new brake shoes and cylinders fitted. Engine removed in late '90s and rebuilt by Leydon Restorations. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $79,900. A subtler paint job would probably have increased the price. These cars share the same mechanicals as Talbot Grand Prix cars of the period and offer very satisfiling performance and stylistic distinction. GERMAN #37-1955 MERCEDES-BENZ 30051, Gullwing Coupe. S/N 5500066. Eng. #5500103. Light metallic green/light green plaid cloth. LHD. Odo: 34,441 miles. Highquality professional restoration by specialist Andrew Bach still quite fresh. Uses 300SL roadster gearbox, rides on desirable Rudge knock-off wheels. Well-sorted car let down by vinyl interior trim, panel and trim fit just ever- so-slightly off. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $326,500. Original gearbox and wheels included with car. Nice to see a car not in red/silver/black do well. Top dollar here, but deserved. #55-1956 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SC Cabriolet A. S/N 188.013.6500121. Burgundy/ tan leather. LHD. Odo: 33,932 miles. Complete restoration done in 2000. Paint still very 74ot44v 9&tge-reiew 1145 Park Avenue Emeryville, California USA 94608 Phone: (510) 653-7555 • Fax: (510) 653-9754 www.fantasyjunction.com 94efeatmeez C:14 0, elle Le it€'te4t, eicumic agd 6:94 fzeirlfaukaoce and 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C Grand Sport 5th Series Zagato, sM 6C 10814358. Outstanding matching numbers example with its original body. Sympathetically restored and maintained by one owner for the past 40 years. Four owners from new. Certainly among the very most correct. POA 1938 Bugafti Type 57, s/n 57670. Stylish oneoff Graber body. Late example with hydraulic brakes and telescopic shocks. Rums and drives very well. Remarkably preserved with well cared for mechanics and cosmetics. $165.000. November, 2003  1963 Ferrari 250 GT SIM Spider California, s/n 4121. One of last four can built with high output 168/61 spec engine. Matching numbers with only one owner 1972 to 2003. Original factory hardtop. Rebuilt motor, brakes, differential and wheels. Excellent condition. $1,650,000. 2000 Ferrari 360 Coupe. Nurburgring Silver with Wiwi interior and red calipers. One California owner. 3,623 total miles. Like new throughout All records and books, both tool packs, light and car cover. $ 148,500. 69

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Market Reports  good, with few small cracks/chips at corners/ edges. Panels and doors very good. Excellent detailing throughout. Chrome as-new. Good car. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $266,000. Splendid car done just right in all areas. Multiple winner at Meadow Brook Concours. Winning bid reflected the quality of the car #65-1962 MERCEDES-BENZ 300d Se- dan. S/N 300D 002863. Gray beige/red leather. LHD. Odo: 47,200 miles. Clean, honest-looking car presented well. Aftermarket Surprisingly high price for this puddle-jumper Many now on eBay for $10,000 or so. But there are always a few cute cars during the Monterey weekend that get caught up in the tailwind of the milion-dollar buys, and their values spiral upwards as well. #38-1952 SIATA 400L PROTOTYPE Spyder. Body by Bertone. S/N BS502. Eng. #BS063. Dark blue/biscuit leather, gray corduroy. LHD. Flawless restoration on prototype of the gorgeous 208S Spyders. Ex-Bill Devin. cruise control added. Has dreaded Hydrak transmission, an electromagnetically operated stick shift that eliminates the clutch pedal. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $29,375. Sold at no reserve for quite robust money Now comes the search for a mechanic experienced in Hydrak maintenance/repair ITALIAN #73-1931 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 SUPERCHARGED GRAN SPORT Spider. Body by Zagato. S/N 10814368. Eng. #10814368. Black/black leather. RHD. Odo: 3,807 km. Stunning automobile in every respect and from every angle. Looks amazingly Unique door-handle recesses preceded similar design on Ferrari Dinos. Slight wear to driver's seat, chassis just a driver. Owned by aristocratic Italian family 33 years. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $634,500. Only 14 built, but Blackhawk had the 13th one with asking price of $650k not 500 feet away which maybe influenced someone to pay a world-record price for this model, which has only become sought after lately. Christie 's top sale. Astonishing paint, chrome wires, exquisite in every detail. 2-liter V8 propels this lithe roadster down the road at indecent speeds. Fourspeed. Sold by long-time SCM'er. Cond: 1+. SOLD AT $337,500. Rarer by far than a Ferrari 212 Barchetta and arguably better looking. Turin and New York show car Price, while huge for a Siata, was on the money for one of this lineage and importance. #74-1960 MASERATI TIPO 61 "BIRDCAGE" Two-Seat Sports Racer. S/N 2461. White with blue stripe/blue cloth. RHD. ExStirling Moss, Dan Gurney. Ntirburgring 1000 km winner. Authentic Camoradi team car. Great racing history and actively campaigned attractive in black. This color will show every body flaw, of which this car has none. As good as they get. Cond: 1+. SOLD AT $447,500. The difference between a Spider and a tourer a Gran Sport with supercharger vs. a straight 1750 with a changed engine? Consider Lot #39, a much-modified 8C 1750 Le Mans that didn't sell at $230,000, and you'll see immediately. This was market price. #22-1951 FIAT TOPOLINO Coupe. S/N 294013. Eng. #497132. Green/gray cloth. LHD. Odo: 37,921 km. Nice new interior, good paint, okay door fit, new tires. Rust free, cosmetically restored by current owner. All brightwork replated or polished. Engine bay detailed. Looked ready for fun. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $19,975. 70  today. Restored just right. Few paint chips and cracks from track work, otherwise fine. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $1,250,000. Christie 's had put a lot of effort into publicizing this #18-1967 FERRARI 330 GTC Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 11517. Eng. #11517. Fly yellow/black. LHD. Odo: 60,660 miles. Restored in 1997 in CA, no mileage since. Nothing specific about mechanical restoration work was stated. Winner of many first-place awards Christie's - Pebble Beach, CA car in order to sell it, but the bids just weren't there. Worth more than top bid? Yep. More like low estimate ($1,500,000) is the right kind of money. #30-1967 FERRARI 365 CALIFORNIA Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 9889. Eng. #9889. Light blue/black. LHD. Odo: 20,391 km. Built on the solid rear axle 330 2+2 chassis, with styling clues from the Superfast. since restoration, nothing to fault. Paint, interior and chassis to original, like-new condition. Cond: 1 - . SOLD AT $156,000. Someone paid a lot to avoid the pangs of restoration. Even if the mechanicals had been done competently and documentation were available, this is still a very strong price for a GTC, especially in the none-too-flattering bright yellow. #46-1973 FERRARI 246 GTS DINO Spy- der. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 5480. Fly yellow/ black leather. LHD. Odo: 34,602 miles. Restored "some years ago" before going to Japanese collection. Books and owner's pouch. No mention of any mechanical restoration. Chassis semi-detailed, lower body panels gloss instead of original flat black. Dash appears original, correct fabric. Cond: 2. SOLD Sports Car Market

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Christie's - Pebble Beach, CA  Market Reports way off and chassis looked out of balance— perhaps because of a weak spring. Still, a sharp-looking woody. Purchased by current owner from private collector in NC who had it professionally restored. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $36,425. Sold at no reserve. Estimates of $45,000-$55,000 too aggressive for a Model A; these figures go with early V8 woodies, not four-cylinders like this one. Brought all the money. AT $105,750. Again, high price for a cosmetically excellent car with no claims or documentation as to mechanical work. On the other hand, isn 't that what Monterey auctions are all about? See a toy you like and just buy it. You'll remember the car more than the price. AMERICAN #49-1913 PIERCE-ARROW 48-B Five Passenger Touring Car. S/N 10431. Eng. #10431. Dark blue/blue leather. RHD. Odo: 3,555 miles. 524-c.i. in-line six, four-speed. Nine-year-old restoration still looking good in most all areas, including excellent door fit. Top liner fit slightly awry. Correct, excellent lamps. Looked ready to tour anywhere. 1994 Pebble Beach class winner. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $222,000. You can't have more quality in an early American car than the likes of this big, beautiful bruiser from Buffalo. Price was right, car was right. #14-1930 FORD MODEL A Station Wag- on. S/N A3641874. Beige, black, wood/brown leatherette. LHD. Odo: 999 miles. Beautiful woodwork on older restoration, but hood fit #44-1931 CADILLAC 355-A Roadster. Body by Fleetwood. S/N 6295. Eng. #809054. Silver, blue/red leather. LHD. Odo: 842 miles. Eye-catching classic in incorrect color scheme. Good doors and panels, lots of accessories such as spotlights, running lights, Pilot Ray, etc., plus correct Cadillac trunk. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $64,625. No reserve. Bought at Christie 's New York auction in June for $82,250. Driven rand 'Prix de 1.4 is ton Austin's Great Vacations & Sports Car Market introduces the I ALY & MONACO CAR COLLECTORS TOUR Join Keith Martin, Cindy Banzer and Steve Austin on a 9-day Car Collector and Motorheads extravaganza Touring in Italy & Monaco; Italian sports car factory tours and museums; admission to collector car auctions with private previews; special seating privileges at the 4th Monaco Historic Races; private paddock tours hosted by celebrity drivers and much more Tour Date: May 9-17, 2004 Tour Price: $3600 per person/twin occupancy/air not inc. For information or reservations, contact Steve Austin at: 1-800-452-8434 or steveaustin@canby.com Please note: For tour quality, we are limiting the tour size to a maximum of 40 people. Please book early. November, 2003  71

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Market Reports  28 miles since. Huge depreciation for such low mileage in a short time. A very good buy if you wanted a full Classic Caddy roadster #28-1932 STUTZ DV32 SUPER BEARCAT Convertible. S/N DV - - Eng. #DV-33155. Two-tone green/green leather. LHD. Odo: 48,048 miles. Excellent older restoration still shows well. Small paint touchup on left rear fender, very good door and pan- SB 1439. 9,846 miles. Clean, older restoration still shows very well. Good doors and panels, correct running gear, correct accessory Ford script radio and deluxe wheel covers. Nifty car. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $42,300. Sold at no reserve for a slightly higher than market-correct level, but it looked ready to show and go for many years to come. 1937 CORD 812 Phaeton. S/N 1480H. Eng. #FB1955. Tan/burgundy vinyl. LHD. Odo: 92,811 miles. Fair door fit, okay hood fit, few paint chips, vinyl interior incorrect mate- #15 - Christie's - Pebble Beach, CA R M AUCTIONS I NC. RM Auctions Monterey, California August 15-16, 2003 Auctioneer:  Number of automotive lots:  Number of automotive lots sold.  Sale rate:  Sale tntnl.  Peter Bainbridge 177 136 77% <11 RA11 719 High sale: #453, 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza race car sold for $2,057,001, including buyer's premium Premium: 10% (Included in prices of sold lots.) el fit, clean engine bay. Stromberg carburetor, radiator stoneguard, external horns, twin Pilot Ray driving lamps. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $293,500. For many enthusiasts, the ultimate Classic Stutz with its long nose, short deck profile and double overhead-cam high-performance straight-eight. Handsome example. Full and fair price paid. INDY RACE CAR. S/N 5. White, red/red leather. LHD. Fantastic restoration work to what is likely better-than-new condition. Hard to fault. Placed sixth, third and 23rd in its Indy #29 1935 MILLER FORD TWO MAN - - - :4(k rial. Top cover fit poor, top somewhat discolored. Ready for some freshening. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $88,125. More than enough money for a Cord in this condition. A car in similar shape sold for $66,000 at RM Meadow Brook last year 2005 FORD GT Coupe. S/N 10. LHD. The first GT to be sold to the public, delivery in late '04. Buyer will decide on color scheme. 5.4-liter, 500-hp V8, six-speed. Estimated production run, 4,500. Proceeds above $150,000 #21 - Report by John Apen, Dave Brownell, Dave Kinney and Donald Osborne Market opinions in italics T outings. Uses hopped-up Ford flathead power, two-speed transaxle. True piece of American racing history. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $310,000. I thought it might head for the high estimate of $400,000, but bidding petered out and seller was satisfied to see a price of $310,000. Thin market for any car like this, so smart move on the seller 's part. 1936 FORD V8 DELUXE Phaeton. S/N 183076880. Blue/tan leather. LHD. Odo: #43 - estimate go to charity. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $557,500. Ford's way of celebrating its 100th anniversary, by updating its Ferrari-beating GT40 of the '60s. Yes, price was crazy, but the first of anything special almost always makes big money. And the proceeds went to a worthy cause. High fives all around.• here are just two auction venues where the "lifestyle" seems to be part of the event: Scottsdale in January and Monterey in August. Now, instead of one or two auctions at each event, multiple auctions have been built alongside each other. RM's Monterey Sports Car Auction, now called the Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction, remains the two-day big dog, big-dollar event. Russo and Steele has a no-reserve hook, Bonhams & Butterfields gets the Classics and Christie's has the premium event to see and be seen at. But at the end of the day, it's RM that sells the most cars and brings in the most bucks. How many bucks? This year's $13,840,739 was down from last year's $20,030,755, but there is more to the story than that. Last year, one car, a 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM Testa Rossa, sold for $6,490,000. There were no cars that expensive offered this year, as European owners, with a stronger Euro and in some cases a stronger market, are loath to bring their cars here to sell for cheaper dollars. Not to fear, however, as "cheaper" cars, priced in the mere hundreds of thousands, remain at least level in value, if not showing a slow increase. The real action seems to be in the affordable segment, cars priced at the $30,000 to $40,000 mark and below. Does the thought of over $35,000 for an MGA seem out of place to you? Not anymore, as more than one MGA crossed the block for that kind of money. It's been a while since we have seen 289 Shelby Cobras approaching the $200,000 mark. It happened here, and in this case for not too nice an example. Other notable sales included a 1929 RollsRoyce Phantom I Henley for $313,500, a 1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K sport cabriolet for $973,501 and, of course, the catalog- 72  Sports Car Market

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RM Auctions - Monterey, CA  If ever an event were held where weather was not a factor, this was it. The Monterey peninsula can get downright chilly, even in August. This year, the weather remained at just about room temperature day and night, interrupted with only the lightest of sea breeze-induced mists. Delightful? Frankly, closer to heavenly. cover car, a four-cylinder 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza, which found a new home in Europe for $2,057,001. HDA4328764. Black/black leather, red piping. LHD. Odo: 24,119 miles. No reserve. Restoration appears to be of a high quality. Very good paint, chrome, crisp interior. Chrome wire #117-1957  MGA  Roadster.  S/N Market Reports pets faded, good gauges. Old-style Dunlop racing tires look great. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $88,000. Lots of vintage race history in the past 15 years. The last two AC Ace Bristols in our database list sale prices of $83k and $82k (both 2003 sales), so, despite RM's estimates of $90,000 to $110,000, this was a fair price all the way around. #130-1957 JAGUAR XK 140 MC Road- The marketplace in general, however, to my eye remains buoyant. Not quite happy, not quite elated, but not glum or dour, either. Will the ever-increasing deficit and sure-torise-someday interest rates make the party run and hide somewhere for a while? Perhaps. But for now, the seas of the collector car world are calm, with, in RM's case this weekend, 136 cars sailing blissfully from the harbor of one owner to another.—D.K. ENGLISH #179-1929 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM HENLEY Roadster. Body by Brewster. S/N S303LR. Light yellow/tan leather. LHD. 7668cc OHV six-cylinder, three-speed. Older restoration still shows well. From well-known Con- ster. S/N S813096. Eng. #G9790 85. British Racing Green/green and biscuit leather. LHD. Odo: 11,519 miles. Tonneau cover, Lucas fog wheels seem to have never so much as been washed since the restoration—it's that fresh in appearance. Nicer than new, very appealing. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $35,200. Photo-documented restoration, Heritage Trust certificate, the works. Dealer-owner made some great marketing choices here, the biggest of which appears to have been letting the car sell as a no-reserve. Bidding was long, but in the end, a great price. #122-1957 AC ACE BRISTOL Race Car. S/N BEX 337. Eng. #100D672. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 78,688 miles. Roll cage, Sparc° racing harness to driver's seat, wood lamps, left and right exterior mirrors. Restoration not quite as fresh as new but very recent appearing. Unfortunate divot to driver's door and front fender, paint otherwise unmarked. Excellent chrome, good quality throughout. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $75,000. Sorry—this one should have changed garages at this price. Perhaps the seller counted his car :s condition as being nicer than it is, or perhaps he figures after repairing the dings it will bring more. I don't agree. necticut Rolls-Royce collection. Henley body mounted on chassis in 1940. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $313,500. One of two Phantom 1 Henleys known. These bodies were originally designed for the Phantom II Springfield Rollers. Dashing-looking car brought the right money. #185-1953 NASH-HEALEY ROAD- STER. S/N N2370. White/tan cloth and leather. LHD. Odo: 85,291 miles. Only the bravest of the brave need apply; this bad boy is in need of a complete and total restoration. Appears complete, in need of everything. Rusty steering wheel, fire-supression system. Windshield post holes poorly re-covered, competition-style windscreen fitted. Good seats, car- Insurance for Classic Cars Costs Less Than You Think! SAMPLE QUOTE 1953 Jaguar XK120 Insured Value: $60,000 Liability & UM: $50,000 Annual Premium: $326 chrome, most leather is gone, cracked paint, poor bodywork. More than a parts car, but not much more. Cond: 5. SOLD AT $19,800. Sold to a dealer who will throw it into one of his storage buildings and wait. No argument that it will be worth more, just how much and how soon are the variables. This dealer 's instincts are among the best; I won 't bet against him. November, 2003  Ask for Gary Gandy • "0" Deductible  GEEAIA.vinurAN (800) 678-5173 www.parishheacock.com Parish' Heacock s-Z INSURANCE FOR AUTOMOBILE ENTHUSIASTS 73 • "Agreed Value" Coverage • Credit Card Payment Option • One Liability Charge  • 24 Hour Claims Service • "A" Rated Insurance Co. #427-1958 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD I Sedan. S/N 1SGE194. Sand, sable/ tan leather. LHD. Odo: 59,752 miles. Very nice paint and chrome. Resprayed leather. Good wood and carpets, some delamination to back glass. A nice car, but not a special one. Air conditioning added in the center of the dash. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $41,250. Ex

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Market Reports RM Auctions - Monterey, CA Jerry Moore collection. All the Cloud-series cars presented here brought over retail. Is this (I) Monterey magic; (2) the aura of cars from the Jerry Moore collection; or (3) a sign of a jump in prices? I'll choose #:s I and 2, #3 still looks remote. #459-1958 AC ACE BRISTOL Road- ster. S/N BEX403. Blue/black leather. LHD. Odo: 73,205 miles. Very fresh-looking restoration, "deep dish" wire wheels, excellent doors and panels, oddball color. Triple Solex icate indicates original black finish, hence current black paint. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $35,200. Makes the Twin Cam that sold at Christie 's New York sale in June seem cheap at $30,550. MGA roadsters in general and the scarce Twin Cams in particular are having a price breakout this year, especially for dandy examples like this one. #426-1960 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD II Sedan. S/N LSRA81. Dark blue/ gray leather. LHD. Odo: 63,192 miles. Quite nice paint, excepting three small holes drilled to base of B-pillars, where side marker lights spoke wires. Sharp car. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $37,400. No reserve. Modern changes/updates certainly didn't hurt the price in this instance. #433-1961 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM V Sedan. Body by James Young. S/N 5LVB27. Sand, burgundy/tan leather, burgundy piping. LHD. Odo: 57,964 miles. Good paint, flaw on driver's side fender. Metallic corrosion below carbs. Owner says 2000-2002 restoration was to original specification. Top, tonneau, side curtains. Cond: I-. SOLD AT $82,500. Better to buy one completely restored than to search the earth for Bristol engine parts, which are becoming scarcer than hen's dentures. Winning bid right on the money according to SCM Price Guide. Rising Cobra values are pulling Ace Bristols along. #473-1958 MGA 1500 Roadster. SN HDA4340749. Black/red leather. LHD. Odo: 13,577 miles. Less than 200 miles said to be on fresh, award-winning restoration. Car was once stood. Very nice leather, has light redye to seats. A/C, Lear stereo 8-track under dash. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $49,501. Ex - collection. The Cloud II and Bentley S2 cars have a big following; lots offolks like the twoheadlight treatment with the V8 motor That said, this car was well over the expected bid, perhaps $15,000 or so. #104-1960 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MK Roadster. S/N HBT7LS2256. Yellow/black leather. LHD. Odo: 4,132 miles. Excellent top and interior, good door and panel fit. 60-spoke Jerry Moore parking light. Very nice chrome, interior in good shape with excellent wood and very good leather with light patination. AM/FM 8-track, divider window, suicide doors. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $104,501. Ex-Jerry Moore (Texas) collection. Very big money for this condition— but way cheaper than a Maybach, the PV of today. Very handsome for a car big enough to quali for its own zip code. Is there a Big and Tall shop for car covers? #12I-1961 DAIMLER SP250 Roadster. S/N 100284. Black/black fabric. LHD. Odo: 4 miles. Four-speed. Very well prepped for vintage racing events including roll cage, fire systems, racing seats, etc. No obvious faults or problems. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $18,900. 2.5 li- done just right, looked totally correct inside and out. Restored from rust-free example. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $36,300. Sold at no reserve and one of the surprises of the auction in terms of sale price. Has to be a record for non-Twin Cam MGA roadsters. Successful bidder got a guaranteed trophy winner, but at a price. #140-1959 MGA TWIN CAM Roadster. S/N YD3818. Black/black leather, red piping. LHD. Odo: 1,244 miles. Hard to fault in any area; looked like it just rolled off the delivery lorry from Abingdon-on-Thames. Full frameoff restoration a few years ago. Heritage certif- 74 wire wheels, incorrect color. Quite a good example all around. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $27,000. Healeys are hot, but this one was priced a little too aggressively for today's market. The yellow color simply kills the car. High bid was fair #413-1960 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MK I Roadster. S/N H-BN7-L3629. Eng. #29DRU-H/3838. Blue, white/black leather. LHD. Odo: 81,202 miles. A #1 in appearance but #3 in authenticity due to numerous updates including alternator, five-speed gearbox, Healey Series E engine, modern starter, Dayton 72- Spada Car Market ter hemi V8 makes these cars a formidable competitor in their class. Styling remains controversial after 40 years. Some think these fiberglass flyers look like an angry caOsh, others love 'em. Winning bid was low for the work represented #474-1962 JAGUAR XKE SERIES I Convertible. S/N 876754. Light blue metallic/

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RM Auctions - Monterey, CA  blue leather. LHD. Odo: 9,699 miles. Quite nice exterior. Very good paintwork, cloth top, wire wheels and chrome. Driver's seat side shows quite a bit of wear, some dings in console. Very clean underhood, shows some light wear. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $50,051. Anywhere else, this Jag would have struggled to get into the high $40,000s. Monterey, however, is where XICE prices tend to trend high if not soar This one, adjusted to Monterey prices, was a fair buy. #106-1963 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MK II Roadster. SIN HBJ7L22215. Black/red leather. LHD. Odo: 4,570 miles. Nice, straight door and panel fit. Chrome wires. Small dent in lower right front fender, sharp older restoration #425-1965 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD III Sedan. S/N LSKP5. Black/oyster leather. LHD. Odo: 34,497 miles. Very nice Market Reports paint evenly applied, excellent chrome except for some pitting to center of rear bumper. Leather feels wrong, possibly US-sourced and not Connolly. Overall nice, just not correct. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $49,501. Ex - on driver's side broken off. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $192,501. That sound you hear is me ripping up my one-year-old Shelby price guide. This car; needs and all, brought about $50,000 more than the experts would have pegged it just one year ago. So, in comparison, how did your 401k do last year? Jerry Moore collection. I won't argue that a nice, late Cloud III is not a car worth in the extreme high $40,000s. I will argue that this car could easily be replaced in the marketplace by a better car for the same money. driven little since. All mechanical components restored or replaced. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $33,000. The right price for a right car Restoration just beginning to mellow. And probably a better buy, in terms of pleasure, than a $90,000 trailer queen where every rock chip will give you apoplexy. #437-1965 AC SHELBY COBRA Road- ster. S/N CSX2327. Red/black leather. LHD. 289-c.i. V8, 4-speed. Removable paper-clip roll bar, replacement tach and speedo. Incorrect gas cap, side pipes. Oversized Michelin XGT tires. Far from correct. Hurst shift knob. Lots of incorrect bits, good paint. Wind wing You can't take the Chequered Flag if your car doesn't make the event! COSDEL INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION The only experienced shipper of high-value sports and racing cars to road, track and concours events world-wide. We take care of everything! You just FLY & DRIVE! Martin E. Button Inc. Phone: 415-777-2000 > Fax: 415-543-5112 Email: info@cosdel.com atb. oIrs■ a • Quality Service Since 1960 We are the exclusive shipper for all three major Monterey Auctions. November, 2003  I Ferrari Maserati Lancia Fiat  WieVW.liaipartS.COM Alphen aid Rijn-Holland borghini Fax: +31(0)192-240536 E-mail: info@italparts.com 75 MOTORSPORTS Collection HALEY The - Prints & Posters Models Books Automobila & More Limited-Edition Fine Art Motoring Prints by Nicholas Watts Jay Koka Randy Owens John Ketchell Sports Cars - Grand Prix - Fl Le Mans www.haleymotorsports.com View & Order Online  Specialized in Italian car parts & pre-war car parts. VIA Telephone (636) 828-4389 #466-1965 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MK III Convertible. S/N HBJ8L29107. Ice Blue/ blue leather. LHD. Odo: 2,548 miles. Dayton wire wheels the only incorrect bits on the car, and the restoration quality was flawless. Possibly the best BJ8 Healey in the universe.

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Market Reports  Numbers-matching car all the way. Cond: 1+. SOLD AT $90,200. If any Healey is worth the price paid, this is it. Fantastic car in, out and under Likely a world-record price for the marque. Two determined bidders. After the auction, winner was happy he got the car of his dreams, and the price was irrelevant. #421-1966 JAGUAR XICE SERIES I Roadster. S/N 1E13101. Dark blue/biscuit. LHD. Odo: 322 miles. Your basic as-new, freshly restored XKE. Glass-like paintwork. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $33,550. Quickly becoming the Auction Queen of the new century, this once-appealing wagon is starting to show wear, undoubtedly from transport truck drivers moving it on and off their rigs. Let's hope it found a real home at last. #480-1991 JAGUAR XJR 15 Race Car. S/N XJR15001. Blue/black cloth. RHD. Odo: 15 miles. The answer to the question, "When do Hoosier tires most look out of place?" Excellent chrome. Interior as new, wood original-style, AM/FM/SW a nice touch. Darn close to visually perfect. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $101,201. As pretty as a shiny new penny. Think pretty doesn't sell? Look again, as this Jag brought home twice what a decent example in #2 condition could bring. Fully priced today, even by Monterey standards. But next year it might look a bit low. #454-1967 AUSTIN MINI MOICE Convertible. S/N AAB1L816306. Green/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 36,526 miles. Astrali wood steering wheel, Mini-Lite wheels. Full "bodyoff' restoration, excellent-quality paint, some wear. Original Telefunken radio shell is in the dash, but radio itself is missing. Door fit on both sides is off, passenger side has poor repair work to it. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $64,351. A new take on the removable-faceplate radio, this car has the faceplate but no guts—I wanted to see the look on the new owner 's face when he finds that out. Well above what the price guides say; are the 220s on the rise? Large divot on driver's door, balance of paintwork good. Lots of wear evident on exterior. Unsold at RM Amelia Island 3/2003 at $135,000. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $154,000. Number 37 of 50 produced, and the 1st of 20 in race trim. When I turn my back yard into a full-size private race track, this is one car I'll go looking for first. Until then, it's a very limited-use example—not expensive, yet not a bargain. FRENCH #467-1955 TALBOT-LAGO GRAND SPORT Coupe. S/N 111019. Dark Blue/tan leather. RHD. Odo: 82,234 km. Excellent paintwork, chrome appears visually flawless. chrome fresh. Yokohama tires, new top and upholstery. Much nicer than new. Restored by an SCM'er. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $25,301. The Mini Moke was the Fiat Jolly of Minis, a beach car or something to run around your estate in Spain with. The seller of this car was hoping a little Monterey Jolly Price Magic would rub off on his car, and it did. All the money, but for a very neat toy. #115-1967 BENTLEY T Estate Wagon. S/N SBX1725. British Racing Green/tan leather, brown inserts. LHD. Odo: 5,002 miles. The Bentlo returns! Last seen at Amelia Island 3/ 2002, where it was not sold for $45,000. Also sold at "The Auction," Las Vegas 4/2002 for $30,240. Now shows a good bit more wear to interior, does not appear as crisp as before. 76  brightwork, interior shows as new with very good leather and carpets. Appears to be a very fresh restoration, very tough to find fault with. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $236,501. Spot - #460-1956 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL Gullwing Coupe. S/N 1980406500278. Creme yellow/red leather. LHD. Odo: 15,112 miles. Excellent paint shows no flaws, bodycolored wheel wells are spotless. Excellent RM Auctions - Monterey, CA GERMAN #139-1952 MERCEDES-BENZ 220A Cabriolet. S/N 1870120809352. Medium blue/white leather, blue piping. LHD. Odo: 52,510 miles. Excellent paint, chrome, leather and top. Woodwork is top notch, carpets show on price achieved here, perhaps even a bit light. Yellow with red shows better than it sounds. Body restoration by Classic Car Center in Germany. Is the bloom off the Gullwing rose? I think not, just a good buy on what looks like a great car #496-1970 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SL Roadster. SN 11304410016052. Silver/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 42,047 miles. Concord AM/ FM cassette, not-nice tweeters located on door panel at mid-steering wheel height. Goodquality repaint appears to be fresh. Good wood Interior, said to be original, shows some wear from use, excellent glass. Wire wheels appear as new. Great panel fit. Overall, a very pleasing car. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $150,000. Bid price is $50,000 below the low estimate, $100,000 below the high. This car has already done the Concours circuit, with appearances at Pebble, Amelia and Meadow Brook Tough to peg a price on this one; I'll hang close to the high bid. Sports Car Market

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RM Auctions - Monterey, CA  trim, balance of interior tired but serviceable. Rare third seat in back. Some window gaskets weak. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $24,751. Another expensive-for-condition car Nice ones have no trouble bringing this kind of money or better; this car was just a driver yet brought the kind of dollars expected from a #2 car Put another way, the seller did well. ITALIAN #415-1951 CISITALIA 202B COMPETITION Berlinetta. S/N 334513/105. Medium blue metallic/red leather. LHD. Odo: 32,109 km. Beautiful Abarth steering wheel graces a well-presented interior; excellent leather, carpets. Color choice and paint fairly screams AT $2,057,001. Recently run in the Colorado Grand, a usable race car with impeccable provenance. Top sale of the weekend for an outstanding, usable piece of Ferrari history. World record for a 4-cylinder Ferrari, but deserved here. (See profile this issue, page 54.) #469-1956 MASERATI A6G2000 Coupe. Body by Zagato. S/N 2189. Red/blue leather. LHD. Odo: 1,329 miles. Very good panel fit, very good paint; small bubble on left front fender, minor stress cracking at rear of right -777 11 , 1970s, well applied and in good shape. Missing front and rear bumpers—I think it needs them. Plexiglas side, rear windows. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $130,000. Of all the cars with "buzz" at the sale, this car had the most, with rumors aplenty about its heritage and history. That buzz must have been enough to scare off potential bidders; let's see more information presented at its next showing. #470-1952 CISITALIA GRAND PRIX Child's Car. Body by Piero Patria. Red/blue vinyl, orange piping. Odo: 94 km. Single seat, Grand Prix-style racer. Wood steering wheel appears to be Nardi style. Very good paintwork, good chrome, polished floor pans. Some ":"-1 7IITIMR side rear window. Excellent interior with mix of modern adapted and older window rubbers. Owned by an SCM'er. Cond: 1, SOLD AT $467,501. Stunning car, seen at RAI Monterey twice before: Sold in 1999 at $368,500, no sale in 2002 at $396,000. Ex-Skip Barber One of the most beautiful Maseratis. Went to an SCM'er who was looking for a car he could take his wife in on events. **Classic Showcase chips to front end, front tires have major dry rot. 125-cc single-cylinder motorcycle engine. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $23,100. I think I'll start a new business scouring all of "Old Europe" for kiddie cars stuck in attics. If that doesn't work. I'll start looking for old pram/buggy wheels and compressor motors, and build 'em myself Fully priced here, but a cute souvenir #453-1956 FERRARI 860 MONZA Race Car. Body by Pininfarina, Scaglietti. S/N 0604M. Eng. #0604M. Red/black. LHD. One of the great 3.5-liter, four-cylinder engines pivotal in Ferrari winning the 1956 Make Championship. Restored 10 years ago in France, still appears perfect. Tremendous race history, with original engine, body panels, chassis and most mechanical parts. Cond: 1-. SOLD November, 2003 NEXT ISSUE Featuring Monterey Weekend Visit us online at www.classicshowcase.com _ 447.Y.IX Sales: 760.747.9947 Restoration: 760.747.3188 Fax: 760.747.4021 San Marcos, CA 92069-3128 USA • management@classicshowcase.com CLASSIC I. U . • • O 111 • • • • ` ..11 SIIOWCASE 77. Market Reports #451-1957 MASERATI A6G2000GT Spi- der. Body by Frua. S/N 2191. Crème, black/ black leather. LHD. Odo: 22,086 miles. Excellent panel fit, very good paint. Some cracking on left rocker at front corner of door, right rocker at rear corner of door. Very good chrome. Excellent seats, dirty carpets and scuffed door sill plates. Yellow headlight bulbs—time in France? Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $324,500. Alfredo Brener collection. A rare car (one of 17 coupes and Spiders bodied by Frua) in attractive colors. A very good-quality restoration, showing some age. A perfect tour car at the correct price. #444-1957 MASERATI 3500 GT Spider. Body by Frua. S/N 101268. Yellow/green and beige leather. LHD. Odo: 491 miles. Older re- Jaguar Specialists Creating Showears "Offering a fine selection of European Vehicles" Order our FREE quartet* E-Newsletter! Jaguar Club News Classic Car Features Upcoming Events - News and information you can use!

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Market Reports  paint, some minor cracks and chips, some replated chrome. Inoperative trunk latch, presentable interior. South of France registration plates. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $106,701. Alfredo Brener collection. Needs a complete restoration for show—as it is, ready for cruising South Beach. A lot of style for the money ... if it's your style. #489-1962 FERRARI 250 GT SERIES H Cabriolet. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 3407. Eng. #3407. Black/red. LIED. Odo: 35,458 miles. Recently restored to very nice and original standard, not shown yet in National nal Philips in-dash record player. Fully detailed engine compartment. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $319,000. Alfredo Brener collection. Stunning design, well presented. Only the interior disappoints and keeps this car from being a #1. Well bought. #464-1963 FERRARI 250 GT SWB CALIFORNIA Spyder. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 4121. Eng. #4121. Ford dark red/black. LHD. Pininfarina-designed. Third from last SWB California, owned over 30 years by dedicated RM Auctions - Monterey, CA imately 80 with aluminum coachwork. After comprehensive—and expensive—restoration since January, seller was expecting a tidy return on investment. The right buyers weren't in attendance, so the buyer got the bargain of the weekend. #133-1966 FERRARI 330 GT 2+2 Coupe. S/N 8485. Eng. #8485. Blue/creme leather, blue piping. LHD. Odo: 25,269 miles. Hard to tell what this car is—seems to have had corn- FCA competition but should score mid-90s. No visible flaws. Owner says it drives as good as it looks, no smoke on start-up. New paint, chrome, rebuilt Borranis, Koni shocks. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $258,501. 202 Series II openheadlight cabriolets were made. A quarter of a million dollars must be a new 21st century record price for this model. #450-1962 MASERATI 5000 GT Coupe. Body by Allemano. S/N 103054. Black/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 1,104 miles. Superb panel fit under excellent black paint. Minor touch LA enthusiast. All the neat and latest chassis and engine updates, but also open headlights. Fettled and ready to go across country. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $1,300,000. Not at the top of the California collectibility because of its open headlights. Not ready for serious Ferrari concours, having many little mods to make it a great driver A bid of $1.3m seems more than adequate. #445-1964 1VIASERATI 5000 GT Coupe. Body by Michelotti. S/N 103016. Silver/blue leather. LHD. Odo: 66,692 miles. Very good paint with minor scratches, very good panel fit; petent cosmetic restoration, although blue piping was not factory option and looks a bit gaudy. Hood gap off. No mention of mechanical work or significance of low odometer. Factory A/C. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $51,500. If the mechanicals check out, not a bad price for a nicelooking car #482-1967 FERRARI 330 GT MICHELOTTI Coupe. S/N 9083. Eng. #9083. Maroon/tan. LHD. Odo: 30,632 miles. Nicecondition engine and chassis restored to original specifications. But just a rebody, albeit by ■ry' vf''' ifit_LspEirEampi --7- *In - VIM ' O ,) ups and pitting under plating on door handles. Very good interior, clean underhood. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $176,000. Alfredo Brener collection. Well bought by an SCM subscriber A lovely car, let down only slightly by details, which can easily be attended to. Great presence. #448-1962 MASERATI 5000 GT Coupe. Body by Fnia. S/N 103060. Blue metallic/ beige leather. LHD. Odo: 26,366 miles. Excellent panel fit under superb paint. Small stone chip on front end. Re-dyed original interior with some staining on headliner. Origi- ill="1 ANIL 41111 . - .1.111111.111 minor problems with chrome and rear package shelf. Front turn signals replaced. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $302,500. Alfredo Brener collection, ex-Briggs Cunningham. A lovely design, a superb visual presentation. Not ready for Pebble Beach, but a standout among the "car of kings." Worth the price. 5000 GTs of all flavors continue to be strong. #441-1965 LAMBORGHINI 350 GT Coupe. S/N GT3500361. Red/black leather. LHD. Alloy body, six two-barrel Webers. Excellent paint and panel fit. New interior, including dash and center console. New Bor rani wires. Engine detailed and fully serviced by marque expert Gary Bobileff, with $24,000 in receipts. Sold B-J 1/03 for $71,280. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $81,400. I of 143 built, approx- 78 Borrani wires and proper knock-offs. Restored in early '80s with new nose from Italy. Certified Platinum, 95 points or better, in 2003 at Cavallino Classic and Amelia Island. Tools and manuals. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $621,500. Only 9 of these alloy-bodied four-cams exist out of 14 made. The 275 series is the most collectible '60s Ferrari, and the alloy-body fourcams are in a class by themselves. Another record-beating price, but fyou want the ultimate four-cam, this is it. Sports Car Market established Italian designer. Not one of Miche lotti's best designs, appears especially awk ward from rear. Frame-up resto '87-'89. Peb ble Beach 2nd in '89. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $143,000. Could have looked better if done on shorter; more modern two-seater 330 GTC chassis instead of 330 2+2. Sold at just under low estimate. #457-1967 FERRARI 275 GTB/4 Bern- netta. S/N 9609. Eng. #9609. Red/black, blue cloth. LHD. Odo: 2,427 miles. Probably nicer than when delivered new, now equipped with

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RM Auctions - Monterey, CA  #134-1967 MASERATI MISTRAL Coupe. Body by Frua. S/N AM109A11420. Blue metallic/blue leather. LHD. Odo: 14,796 miles. 4-liter model. Good panel fit, thick paint and undercoating. Some bubbling under front Market Reports AT $68,200. 1 of 120 made, in resale color A driver On the high side for a Mistral Spider but not harmfully so. And these cars deserve a little more attention from the marketplace. #446-1967 MASEFtATI MEXICO Coupe. Body by Frua. S/N AM 112588. Gray metallic/ red leather. LHD. Odo: 3 miles. Panel fit good, but variable. Very good paint, cracked tail- sold at 2000 RM Monterey for $102,300. Elegant and handsome, well bought. left door. Some pitting in chrome trim. Aftermarket black plastic mirrors. Original interior, cracked but not split. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $25,301. Handsome driver—not to show or to restore. The right price. Mistrals' striking styling is offset by their antiquated, long-stroke six-cylinder engines. But still, a true exotic for less than MGA money. #449-1967 MASERATI MEXICO SPECIALE Coupe. Body by Frua. SN AM 112001. Burgundy metallic/luggage leather. LHD. Odo: 83,389 miles. Very good panel fit, good paint with some cracking on rear fender, trunk and doors; some problems with chrome. Very good interior, except for loose and dangling window switches. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $77,000. Alfredo Brener collection. A one-off 65 + Cars In Inventory Buying, Trading and Consigning American Classics, Eurosports, Rolls/Bentley and Collection Liquidations. Always Buying. Web: Vintagemotorssarasota.com Ale 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Fuel Injected, 283, 2 Tops. Red/Red New interior, original body $55,000 • 4, UK green orig. 'DP body ready to tour $31s.000 1927 Bentley 4.5 liter Vanden Plas 'tourer OF SARASOTA, INC Web: Vintagemotorssarasota.com MOr ORS VINTAGE MOTORS EXCLUSIVE FACTORY AGENT OF 010 1956 Aston Martin DB 2/4 MKII Drophead Olde English White/Red/Black canvas top restored $99,500 1972 Ferrari 365CTB/4 Daytona Coupe, Red/Tan, Books. Tools $119,000 XKSS 1996 Ferrari Spyder Red/Tan 32K miles 30K Miles service performed $89,000 November, 2003  3 XKSS In Production #477-1967 MASERATI MISTRAL Spi- der. Body by Frua. S/N AM 109S1599. Red/ beige leather. LHD. Odo: 73,604 miles. Very good paint. Panel fit acceptable except for doors, which don't match profile of rear fenders. Some chrome redone, flaking paint on nose badge. Good interior. Cond: 3+. SOLD light. Redone interior, waviness under new dash wood varnish. Seats lack fore-aft adjustments. Some missing chrome trim. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $80,300. Alfredo Brener collection. A very handsome design, a very quick "restoration." Priced appropriately near low estimate. #442-1968 MASERATI 3500 GT Coupe. Body by Moretti. S/N AM 1011858. Red/ white leather. LHD. Odo: 1,155 miles. Poor panel fit, orange peel in paint, touched-in stone chips and cracks. Wire wheels pockmarked from sandblasting; interior resprayed, dusty and dirty. Missing passenger window switch. Cond: 2836 N  -,11,1,thi. II Phone: 941-355-6500 Fax: 941-359-0810 saleso temperocars.com 024: DBR2 Tempero is proud to create hand-crafted reproductions of many of the world's most famous sports and racing cars. Our cars are based on the manufacturer's original designs, and are built to each customer's individual specifications. They have been upgraded to reflect modern requirements of safety and performance. Each car is lovingly and skillfully constructed from sheet aluminum using the time-honored methods employed by reputable coach building companies. Classics start at $130,000. Tempero has also custom-built these 1950-1960 racing classics: Shot! Nose 0-Type C Type Lightweight E-Type )U13 Lister Costin 79

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Market Reports  RM Auctions - Monterey, CA #136-1996 MASERATI GHIBLI OPEN CUP Coupe. SN 361301. Yellow/black alcantara. LHD. Odo: 634 miles. Factory-built race car—stripped interior, flared fenders. 4. SOLD AT $29,701. Alfredo Brener collec tion. Remarkably unattractive—a bad copy of an Iso Gnfo, no improvement over standard coupe. One-off and we're thankful for it. #124-1970 MORETTI SPORTIVA Coupe. SN 1152471. Yellow/black, yellow piping. LHD. Odo: 1,184 km. Very unusual but pleasing styling combines elements of many other cars. Front end very much a scaled-down reminder of a Fiat Dino Spider. Very good slightly out at rear edge. Good interior with mangled glovebox door. US model, 4.9 liters. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $46,201. Not quite the $62k one brought in West Palm Beach this past March, but not quite the car either Very nice Ghibli coupes seem to be $46,000 cars, and at that price, are a tremendous value. #447-1974 MASERATI QUATTROPORTE Sedan. Body by Frua. S/N AM 121004. Dark blue metallic/beige leather. LHD. Odo: 81,190 miles. Good paint, with some overspray problems. Worn interior, with Very good paint with touched-in stone chips, stone chip in windshield. Much variation in body color over materials. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $28,051. Built for short-lived (one-and-ahalf seasons), one-make series. Low mileage— only driven on weekends. Now what do you do with it? And worse, where do you get spares and have it serviced? #148-2000 FERRARI 360 MODENA Berlinetta. S/N 121894. Red/tan. LHD. Odo: 1,837 miles. Still in short supply with a waiting list at most dealers, here was a chance to paint, interior finish is excellent, seats well upholstered. Most chrome is excellent, some trim is weaker. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $17,600. Only in Monterey—not one but two Morettis show up, this one the Sportiva model. Plexiglas windows to both doors looked out ofplace. My all-Moretti price guide went missing last week, but I think I'll put this one in the "sure, why not?" column. #111 -1970 INNOCENT! MINI-COOPER 1300 Coupe. S/N B396173263D. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 78,853 km. Twin SU carbs. Recent import from Italy, fully detailed and deteriorated wood trim. 4.9-liter V8, five-speed ZF gearbox, de Dion rear suspension with coil springs. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $53,901. Alfredo Brener collection. One-off built for the Aga Khan. Tremendous presence + worn interior + quick paint + Citroen hydraulics = Not For The Faint of Heart. Appropriately priced, but will always be an interesting piece. #120-1996 FIAT CINQUECENTO TROPHEO RALLY Coupe. S/N 508171. White, orange/red cloth. LHD. Odo: 9,371 miles. FIA homologation #A 5463. Momo steering wheel, Sparco seats and fire-suppression systems. Terra trip rally computer, buy a virtually new car and drive it home the next day. Purchased in 2001 and barely used, stunning. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $159,500. No hassles and no bargaining with sales people. Apparently worth the slight market premium, but below low estimate of $160,000. MSRP in 2000 was $138,225; in 2003, $150,060. AMERICAN #143-1930 PIERCE-ARROW MODEL B Sedan. S/N 201971. Sand, black/green fabric. LHD. Odo: 51,755 miles. Interior replaced with green cloth. Paint looked to be remarkably original. One saggy door handle, Trippe shows well. Good or better paint, chrome, interior complete with Innocenti floor mats. Nicely detailed underhood. Great chrome, Dunlop mags and tires. No reserve. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $16,500. Brought by a seller who preps cars specifically for this auction. The perfect car for the Italian Anglophile, the Italian-built Mini has some features not found in the homemarket editions. (Okay—it's got more cool gauges.) A bit expensive here. #135-1972 MASERATI GHIBLI Coupe. Body by Ghia. SN AM 115/491752. Red/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 43,130 miles. Very good paint, with a bit of bubbling in rear edge of right door, touched-in stone chips. Both doors 80 . SOLD AT $11,551. Included is a 156-page homologation file with photos and information about equipment used. If your desire is to drive blindingly fast on dirt roads with spectators just an inch or two away, here's your chance. Cool toy, price seems fair Abarth tach, full roll cage, quick-release rear hatch. Great graphics, lots of repaint to lower front, interior in good shape, good glass. Cond: 3 - driving lights incorrect for year of car. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $28,600. Good money for a good car Full CCCA Classic and hard to beat for quality of materials, construction and engineering. #103-1942 FORD GPW JEEP. S/N 11490. Olive drab green/olive drab cloth. LHD. Odo: 1,246 miles. Ex-Frank Sinatra. Moderate wear, seats and top have some stains (spilled martinis?) but elsewhere holding up well. Star Sports Car Market

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RM Auctions - Monterey, CA  . SOLD AT $42,500. Unfortunate fit to the trunk area was the only notable flaw, but a flaw this size can make a difference in the price achieved. No harm for a driver but big trouble for a show car A good deal for the end user who can put up with the fit. Mostly better than new throughout. Cond: 2 - #495-1957 FORD THUNDERBIRD Convertible. S/N 7FH372603. White/black and white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 89,440 miles. A/C, power steering, tinted glass. Nice paint, good bumpers. Some pitting to chrome trim. Interior markings to hood show it is in post-D-Day livery. Shovel, ax, gas can and other period equipment. Good paint, tires and glass. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $26,951. Used by ol' Blue Eyes at his Palm Springs home. Catalog states several registration cards in Sinatra 's name come with car to enforce ownership claims. 1 of 11,159 Ford-built Jeeps in April 1942. I'll agree with the high bid here; worth it. #109-1951 GMC 250 SUBURBAN Bus. Body by Gillig Brothers. S/N 25322C1006. Eng. #B228334899. Dark forest green/brown and green vinyl. LHD. Odo: 24,850 miles. Market Reports $55,000. The motor was a one-year option, 1965 only. We tend to forget that brakes were a big issue in 1965; this example has four-wheel discs. Not as nice as the catalog description, I'm sure that's never happened before. Fair bid here. #410-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 194376S112884. Burgundy/black leather. LHD. 427-c.i. V8, four-speed. Claimed all numbers matching. Radio delete, electric power windows, telescopic steering col- appears to have fresh seats and carpet. Glass on optional wind wings is delaminating. Underhood is a mess, pitted metal and spray-can work abounds. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $19,800. A bit expensive; no harm ff kept as a driver It seems that at any time, a thousand '55-'57 TBirds are on the market, so, unlike many collector cars, you can choose your colors, options and condition. I'd look for a better one, and pass on any with needs. School bus body, lots of local history. Older, off-quality paintwork has some flaws, scratches. Two passenger windows broken, most chrome scratched or pitted. Interior shows plenty of wear. Late of Carmel Valley Douglas Ranch Camp. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $27,501. A bus that almost no one could hate. Lots of light damage that we can pass off as patina when it on a school bus. Sold to a dealer with a habit of storing cars for a few years while waiting for the perfect new owner I predict a profit, but not soon. #I12-1955 CHEVROLET BEL AIR Convertible. S/N VC555152380. Gypsy Red, Shoreline Beige/orange and white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 2,901 miles. 265-c.i. V8, auto. AM/FM cassette, all other options are period-correct. Restored to almost the quality of cars seen at the January Scottsdale auctions; excellent paint, chrome, interior, finish and materials. #402A-1965 FORD MUSTANG GT Convertible. Black/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 86,417 miles. 289-c.i. V8, automatic. GT options, Rally-Pac, full console. Fog lights, AM/ FM cassette, pony interior. Very nice but not umn, cast aluminum knock-off wheels, Goldwall tires, teak wood steering wheel. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $42,000. Dead-on price for equipment and condition, let's call it $28,000 for the car and $14,000 for the 425-horsepower motor A coupe without air conditioning is a limited-use vehicle in many areas, but the big block makes owning one worthwhile. #432-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 194677S115172. Black, red stinger/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 42,896 miles. 427-c.i. V8, four-speed. Redline tires, AM/ perfect paint, top now getting a little old and will need replacing soon. Very good interior, most chrome good. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $24,201. A very likeable driver in good colors with great, ff added on, options. No harm done. Take a scrub brush to the top and drive this pony for a few more years, clean it again and get all your money back. Win, place and show all at once with this 'Stang. #492-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 194675S119704. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 40,931 miles. 396-c.i., 425hp V8, 4-speed. Side pipes, knock-off wheels, AM/FM. Good paint with some cracking at seams in a few places, some clear coat is delaminating near the badge in the front. Good driver or local show-quality car, not national prize material. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT November, 2003  FM, side exhaust, two tops. Very good paint, some chrome is older and has scratches, especially on hardtop. Interior is clean and complete, not fresh. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $70,400. The spitting image of what a classic #3-condition Corvette is supposed to look like, and the dollars are the spitting image ofwhat a #3 Corvette with this equipment is supposed to sell for Fair deal for both seller (Jerry Moore) and buyer #404-1968 PONTIAC GTO Convertible. S/N 242678B122225. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 68,808 miles. 400-c.i. Ram Air V8, automatic. Present owner has had it since high 81

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Market Reports  STEELS' MUSOCI AND Russo and Steele Monterey, California August 16, 2003 school, selling with 120 pages of recent restoration work bills and photos. Very good paint, chrome and interior. Changed from four-speed to auto. Sold by an SCM'er. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $61,601. Said to have $120,000 invested— that's tough to see but it is as nice as they come. A little less than triple what a guide book will tell you to spend, this must be a world record for a 1968 GTO, and certainly one with a 4speed-to-auto swap. #434 1970 FORD MUSTANG BOSS 302 - TRANS AM Race Car. Yellow, black stripes. LHD. 302 V8, 4-speed. Ex-Bud Moore, built from a "body-in-white," no factory SIN. Stripped-out racing interior. Assembled in '71 - T from parts available after factory support ended in '70. No records to determine who drove it. Properly restored, recently raced. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $343,200. A reminder of how popular the Trans-Am series was. Price here is surprising because car was campaigned in "winding-down" '71 series with no way to determine who raced it or what success it had. But it's a factory Moore car, and buying history isn't cheap. #123-1992 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX "MELLO YELLOW" Stock Car. S/N 4201. Black, green/gray paint, black cloth. LHD. 350-c.i. V8, 5-speed. No reserve. Kyle Pettydriven, Mello Yellow livery. Quite good-quality fit, even and well-applied paint, better quality than usually seen on ex-race cars. Plexiglas ztk, Report by John Rogers Photography by Diana Craft Market opinions in italics he magic of the Monterey weekend is like a giant magnet that draws automotive enthusiasts from around the world to participate in one of the year's premier happenings. The weekend is rich in tradition. Vintage Races at Laguna Seca, the Pebble Beach Concours, Concorso Italian°, Christie's, the RM auction at the Doubletree, etc. To attempt to add another event—such as the Russo and Steele auction—to a Saturday night already crammed with activities is a venture with long odds against success. In their third year, Drew and Josephine of Russo and Steele have proven that not only can it be done, but it can be done successfully, and with a personal touch that is unusual in an auction venue. From the time that a bidder or consignor checks in, the levels of hospitality extended are extraordinary. The head auctioneer, Hawaii resident Dennis Wisbey, in conjunction with the staff, contributes to the feeling of a family environment. Auctioneers:  Number of automotive lots. Number of automotive lots sold:  Sale rate:  Sale total:  High sale:  Dennis Wisbey and Frank Billow 55 55  100% $2,887,498 #170,2003 Lamborghini Murcielago 6.2 coupe sold for $264,600, including buyer's premium Premium: 8%, 5% owner buy-back. (Included in prices of sold lots.) RM Auctions - Monterey, CA slithered away into the dash while I was checking the odometer reading. Fortunately, I was the only one who witnessed this occurrence and it didn't seem to affect the sales result of $52,380. Frankly, nobody gave founders Drew and Josephine Akazar much of a chance when they entered the arena three years ago. And surely they still have a long row to hoe; Drew mentions that, "We really need two more auctions a year, in addition to this one and our Scottsdale event, to make the whole equation work." But when Dean Kruse is sitting in the front row of your event (and bidding) despite all of the other options on that Saturday night, you can say that you're clearly getting the attention of the right people.—J.R. *Editor's note: There were many comments caused by the combination of Russo and Steele advertising a "complete no-reserve auction," and at the same time, prominently posting on its Web site the notice that consignors could buy back their "no reserve cars" for a premium of 5% of the high bid Owner buy-backs are apart of the auction indushy that no one talks about very much, and they happen at nearly every auction. Auction companies don't like them. In fact, the major companies put in writing that owners may not bid on their own cars, especially when they are offered at no reserve. However, this doesn't stop "friends" of the owners from bidding on their cars. In auction jargon, that's called "protecting them." An owner buy-back distorts the auction process, and provides a warped view of auction results. Bidding on cars can be run up to whatever level the owners want, and then they buy them back, in this case at a cost of five percent of the high bid The sale is reported as real, and yet, no car changed hands. The resultant reported values can skew the market. We understand the motivation of Russo One of the big attractions at this event is that all lots are sold at no reserve* (see editor's note, below) and a bargain 8% buyer's premium (RM is at 10%, and Christie's and Bonhams significantly more than that). The room utilized is smaller than most auction venues, but it contributes to the ambiance of the event. windshield and glass scratch free. Interior good overall. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $19,525. An excellent buy. Former owner has invested a lot of time and money making this one nicer than new cosmetically. New owner, a dealer, plans to spend some time on the track before letting it go. He can use it, sell it and turn a buck at this price.• 82 The top sale on the block was a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle 454-c.i., 450-hp LS6 convertible, fully documented and restored to perfection, that commanded a price of $172,800. A 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago sold post-block for $264,600. My own special moment of the auction came when I dislodged a rat that had taken up residence in the 1991 Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn Ferrari Mondial under the passenger seat and then and Steele: When going up against the deep-pocket big guys of the weekend, it had to come up with something to set its auction apart, hence the "all no reserve" approach. But as there are risks associated with consigning a car, especially an expensive one, to a no reserve auction, chances are Russo and Steele felt it had to go the extra mile to provide a way out for a consignor if the bidding on his car just didn't materialize. An informed source from Russo and Steele commented, "The very nature of the all-no-reserve format will inevitably result in a select few 'owner buy-backs. 'While all cars did actually sell, sadly, several owners elected to evoke their optional buy-back, at 5% of the high bid price, representing approximately $700,000 of our reported $2,900,000 in gross sales. The buy-back fees paid to Russo and Steele amounted to about $35,000." SCM believes the actual sale total, excluding buy-backs, was in the range of $2.2m. We estimate 12 sales were either owner buy-backs or unwound, making the Sports Car Market

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Russo and Steele - Monterey, CA  sale rate 78%. Those are still strong numbers; in fact, nearly 10 percent better than the automobile section of Bonhams' sale the previous evening. The non-buy-back lower numbers are what we will use in our graphs and analyses of the overall weekend. We join John Rogers in recognizing the hard work and progress of Russo and Steele over the past three years, and 1 especially appreciate the organization's honesty when we called with questions about its results. At the same time, SCM must go on record as being opposed to owner buy-backs in any form, in any venue, especially of no-reserve cars. And if an owner does buy a car back, we believe there should be strong financial penalties in place, at the very least including the payment offull buyer 's and seller 'scornmissions rather than a reduced rate, which would create a true financial disincentive for this action.—Keith Martin ENGLISH #110-1962 AUSTIN MINI COOPER Coupe. S/N NAZRXD168513. Blue, white/ blue. LHD. Odo: 9,200 miles. Lack of detailing and wear on interior parts that was incon- AT $17,820. This was strong money considering the condition. The interest in the new Mini Coopers has escalated the value and interest in the cars (a rising tide floats all ships), but this price was much higher than the current market for a non-S. The seller should be pleased. GERMAN #132-1964 AMPHICAR 770 Amphibious Convertible. S/N 100184. Blue/white, yellow . LHD. Odo: 101 miles. Beautifully executed and water-tested example. No evidence of any had to have this model, then this was the car that you wanted The price is not out of line for the quality of the restoration and I would mark this one well bought. #172-1969 MASERATI GHIBLI Coupe. S/N AM115-1150. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 27,576 miles. Purported $110k in restoration costs. Stunning paint and immaculate undercarriage. Perfect panel fit all the way around, perfect interior. Engine compartment commen- rust. Flawless paint, chrome and interior. A superb, straight example with the only noted flaw a missing radio. Cond: I. SOLD AT $26,460. 1 of 800. Your wife won't let you have a classic boat and a classic car? Here's the solution. This restoration was hard to fault; rarely are these done to this standard. Top dollar for a top example. Just remember to keep the doors closed while on the lake. ITALIAN sistent with the mileage showing. Cigarette burn on driver's seat. Faded paint with the normal flaws of a used car. Cond: 3-. SOLD . SOLD AT $67,500. A Gran Turismo in the Ferrari tradition that was impeccable. If you #160-1968 FERRARI 365 GT 2+2 Coupe. S/N 116113650111611. Gray/black. LHD. Odo: 65,220 miles. Beautifully done to a high standard with every detail attended to. Euro car originally from Italy and later, Switzerland. At least equal to as-new or even better. Cond: 1 - 4,  -h ..  •  WeApologize dif .....--_,..-„..,........  .,_ -i-   zymiil ma■ be um of your reach While our brilliant shine, exacting quality standards and customer satisfaction are world renown, you may not be able to find the zymol your car needs. Not to worry. All of the products, instructions and Authorized Reseller locations are available OnLine and on CD-ROM. So... your zymi51 is simply a login or telephone call away. zymOl may be a reach but  car deserve itl and your ti2003 zymol Enterprises Inc www.zymol.com 1-800-999-5563 November, 2003  zymol  closed Carrier Service! e...0 , . ........ . Get the whole story of Exotic Car Transport, visit us on the Worldwide Web." 1-800-766-8797 www.exoticcartransport.corn _. Nationwide Transport of Exotic, Vintage and Luxury Automobiles indoor Storage Available 83 Exotic Car Transport 0 FLORIDA 0 i  Market Reports

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Market Reports  surate with the quality of the rest of the car. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $51,840. Attention: Another lesson in Classic Car Restoration 101, as it's always cheaper to buy a car already completed The buyer got the car free and a 51% discount on the restoration costs. Well bought. #128 1987 FERRARI MONDIAL Cab- riolet. Black/tan. LHD. Odo: 30,230 miles. Cigarrette burn on driver's door panel, interior wear consistent with mileage. Average paint. see this car cross the block, but it was reported after the auction as the highest sale of the night so I included it. MSRP $281,400. AMERICAN #148 1927 FORD TRACK T Roadster. - SN 37446T. Orange/orange. LHD. Odo: 5,460 miles. Chevy 368-c.i. V8, auto. Consistent first-place winner, and one of the top 10 best designs at the LA and Oakland shows. Four- Russo and Steele - Monterey, CA ed its condition. The good news is that with a parts catalog, a Visa card and a telephone, it can brought up to a #2 level. But this will always be a driver; not a $100,000 show winner #154-1965 SHELBY COBRA 40TH ANNIVERSARY CSX 4000 Roadster. SN CSX4213. Blue/black. LHD. Odo: 2,670 miles. 427-c.i. V8, four-speed. As new. Manufactured in the second run of 40 cars with Carroll Shelby's signature on the dash. Still titled to Carroll Shelby with a copy of the title dis- Overall, just a car with few minuses or pluses. And I didn't see any info about the 30,000mile service. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $34,020. In the world of Ferraris, low miles and meticulous care are the buyer's mantras, and this example did nothing to instill confidence on the part of a buyer Unless the prescribed maintenance has been performed, this could be a time bomb waiting to explode. vertible. S/N 2FFK33A5L0087939. Red/ tan. LHD. Odo: 13,581 miles. Original owners Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. 30k service performed. Eight-inch scratch on driver's front fender touched up. Maintained and #176 1991 FERRARI MONDIAL T Con- bolt main with an '85 Corvette rear end. Excellent quality paint, and no visible flaws hindered this street-rod creation. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $33,480. The problem with custom creations like this one is that the buyer must have the same vision and tastes as the creator; and it's a difficult objective to achieve. At this price, there was no harm done to either party. #188 1957 BUICK ROADMASTER - Coupe. SN 7D2005485. Brown, white/ brown, white. LHD. Odo: 95,608 miles. Beautiful car with every detail attended to. All soft played on the windshield. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $167,400. First hammered sold at $5k higher; then re-run due to a non-registered bidder (every auction has one or two), this is a good compromise between a 1965 period original and a fakey-doo. Market valuation over time will be interesting on this series. #140 1966 SHELBY MUSTANG GT 350 - Fastback. S/N SFM6S214. White, blue stripe/ blue. LHD. Odo: 61,471 miles. 289-c.i. V8, detailed with a perfect interior. If you have to have a Mondial, this is exactly what you want. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $52,380. While I was sitting in the driver 's seat writing up this car, a rat jumped out from under the passenger seat (a Hollywood agent in disguise?) and lodged itself under the dash. Let's hope the new owner sees this report and rectifies the rodent stowaway. #170 2003 LAMBORGHINI MURCIEL- AGO Coupe. S/N ZHWBU16M33LA00620. Black. LHD. Odo: 10,672 miles. 6.2-liter, 572hp V12, six-speed. All-wheel drive, 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds. Carbon fiber body except for steel roof and doors. Electronically controlled rear spoiler and radiator intakes. As-new condition. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $264,600. I didn't aluminum trim polished, perfect chrome. Factory air conditioning, flawless paint and panel fit. If you'd really rather have a Buick, then this is your car. Cond: 1 - . SOLD AT $25,380. The buyer could not duplicate this car for the price paid. The big Buicks of the '50s are a symbol of the Detroit excesses of the era; this was a handsome example and the buyer should be pleased with the quality of his purchase. #190 1957 FORD THUNDERBIRD Con- vertible. S/N D7F11280938. White/white. LHD. 312-c.i. V8, auto. Missing odometer, driver's door weatherstrip. Strange red liquid 4-speed. Nice street/driver-quality restoration, with a properly detailed engine compartment. Good chrome and body lines with aftermarket tires. Not a state-of-the-art example, but very good nonetheless. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $70,200. Another example of high-peiformance '60s muscle bringing a high-peiformance price. In this market, the combination of baby-boomer '60s nostalgia and high-performance exclusivity in an American muscle car is always a winning combination. #174-1967 SHELBY MUSTANG GT 500 Fastback. SN CSX4213. Blue/black. LIM. Odo: 51,153 miles. 390-c.i., 335-hp V8, 4speed. Carroll Shelby autograph on dash. Minor paint flaws on top of driver's door, pitting oozing from interior door handles. Poor seat cover fit, chips to steering wheel, street-quality paint. Not a top-flight restoration. Solid body. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $27,108. '57 T-birds are commodities, and the price given here reflect- 84  on vent frames, well-done interior with all trim bright. Stunning paint and body panel fit. MCA Gold rating. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $96,120. An Sports Car Market

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Rosso and Steele - Monterey, CA attractive car with minor, easily correctible flaws, and will always be in demand For Mustang fans, this is the Holy Grail, and the price obtained here is a testament to the universal appeal and quality of the restoration. #158-1970 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE SS Convertible. S/N 136670B142595. Blue/ blue. LHD. Odo: 41,000 miles. 454-c.i., 450hp V8, 4-speed. Build sheet, F41 suspension, Z15 package, matching numbers. A frame-off resto that can't be faulted in any way. Quality ration that was hurt only by the seller 's honesty of having had a replacement engine. Too many times, these cars have misrepresented restamped blocks, and this seller earned my respect. Even at this price, this was a good buy. #162-1970 DODGE DAYTONA Coupe. S/N XXZ9L9B409074. Green/white. LHD. Odo: 36,074 miles. 440-c.i. V8, auto. Scratches on hood pin mounts, dash deterioration Fresh Meat Real market prices for currentproduction cars of interest. 2003 MERCEDES-BENZ CL55 documentation is superlative and exemplifies what would give any buyer a sense of confidence. Cond: 1+. SOLD AT $172,800. A great car, a rare car, a high-performance icon. But for the price paid here (market correct, by the way), I'd take a '72 Ferrari Dino and a '65 fuel-injected Corvette convertible and put the extra $22,800 into a repair/maintenance fund #171 1970 PLYMOUTH SUPERBIRD - Coupe. S/N RM232U0A167062. Orange/ black. LHD. Odo: 34,492 miles. 440-c.i., 375hp V8, 4-speed. Pistol Grip, radio delete, non- 2004 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO at windshield, interior chrome pitted, slight windshield clouding, dash lenses scratched, cut in driver's sun visor. Excellent paint and chrome with good body panel fit. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $82,080. A very nice car, but not a sharp over-the-top restoration. With the noted flaws and an automatic transmission, this is fully priced, as most buyers that have to have this flagrant styling also want the 4-speed for the "go" to go with the show.• Date sold: 8/18/03 Sale location: eBay Motors; #2427800278 Details: 1,500 miles. 5.4-liter, 493-hp V8, automatic. Rain-sensing wipers, 20" wheels. Sale result: Sold at $119,900, 3 bids. Seller's feedback: 28 Buyer's feedback: Private auction MSRP: $115,320 Edmunds.com: $115,022 Other current offering: Exotic Motorcars of Palm Beach (Palm Beach, FL; www.exoticmo torcarsofpb.com). Asking $121,900 for a 74mile example. matching numbers, but a high-quality restoration that was hard to fault. Excellent paint, fit and finish. No detail overlooked. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $75,600. This was a flawless resto- WANTED AC Bristol, Alfa, Allard, Amilcar, Alta, Bandini, 328 BMW, Bugatti, Cisitalia, Cooper, Dagrada, DB, Delage, Delahaye, DeSanctis, Denzel, Devin, Elva, Ermini, Fiat 8V, Fraser Nash, Giannini, Giaur, GN, Gordini, HRG, Isis, Kieft, Lancia, Lola, Lotus, Moretti GS, Nardi, OSCA, Porsche, Riley, Siata, Taraschi, Tojero, Veritas, Volpini, Wonderer or any similar two or single seat car in any condition, Finder's fee paid gladly. BB One Raymond Milo, le patron  November, 2003 323.656-7483 Exports bbone8v@dslextreme.com fax 323.654.8788 8375 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90069 Date sold: 8/27/03 Sale location: eBay Motors; #2429733633 Details: 50 miles. 5-liter, 500-hp VIO, sixspeed. Sale result: Sold at $219,000, 1 bid. Seller's feedback: 139 Buyer's feedback: 0 MSRP: $160,000 Edmunds.com: N/A Other current offering: April Miller (Springfield, MO; www.aprilmiller.com). Asking $219,500 for a 20-mile example. 2004 CHRYSLER CROSSFIRE Date sold: 8/26/03 Sale location: eBay Motors; #2428790477 Details: 0 miles. 3.2-liter V6, six-speed. Center console, energy-absorbing panels. Sale result: Sold at $36,495, 12 bids. Seller's feedback: 4  Buyer's feedback: 1 MSRP: $34,495 Edmunds.com: $34,495 Other current offering: Evansville ChryslerKia-Volvo-Mazda (Evansville, IN; www.ev ansvillechrysler.com). Asking $35,570 for a 1-mile example.•

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SON Price Guide: Italian Cars T BARTH 207A Boano Spider  Zagato 750 Dbl Bbl  Record Monza  850 IC 2+2 FA ROMEO RI Norm./Turismo RI Sport/S. Seen RI Torgo Florio 6( 1500 Norm. 6( 1500 Span 6C 1500 SS S'charged 6( 1750 Turismo 6( 1750 Gran Tur. 6( 1750 GS SC 2+2 6( 1750 GS SC Zoo 6( 1750 GS Touring  57  58-61  59-62  62-66  n-25 25-26 23-24 27-19  28  28  29-33  30-32  30-33  30-33  30-33  8(2300 sh. chassis NM"  8( 2300 'Monza'  Tipo B Monoposto (P3)  Tipo C Monoposto (8C-35)  6(2300 Saloon (Wadi  6C 2300 Sp. Coachwk.  6( 2300 Milk Mig  8(2900 short chassis  8( 2900 long chassis  6C 2500 SS (Coachblt) 6( 2500 SS Corso 6(2500 Cab. ((oachblt.) 6C 2500 SS (Coachbh.) 6( 2500 Frac D'Oro 6( 2500 Villa D'Este 1900 5-Window Cpe 1900M 4WD 1900 3-Window Cpe 1900 Cabriolet 1900 Zagato (SSZ) 2000 Spider 2600 Spider 2600 Sprint 2600 Sprint Zagato 750 Sprint Normal° 750 Spider Normak 750 Spider Veloce  750 Sprint (Ugh 750 Sprint Veloce 750 SS (Low-nose) 101 1300 Spi. Norm. 101 1300 Sp Velar,  31-34 31-34 31-34 31-34  32-34  35-36  34-39  34-39  38-39 36-38 36-38  12 n/a n/a n/a 1,702 929 4 1,058 Inc inc. 2,259 inc. ins. inC inc. 130 12 $100,000 $14,000 515,000 58,000  540,000 $60,000 5275,000 $50,000 595,000 $200,000 $60,000 $15,000 5150,000 $350,000 $350,000 (Deduct up to $100k for non-matching engines on previous 8(2300 long chassis  Le Mons Team Cars  20' 26 15 6 1,606 inc. inc. 17 27 39-43 50 - 100 39-40  39-53 46-53  46-50  49-53  51-54  51-53  55-58 52 55-57 58-62 62-65 62-67 65-67 54-59 55-59  56-59  10' 50' 383 680 250' 949 1,949 854 91 28' 3,443 2,255 6,999 105 7,000' 7,000 2,300' 100' 1,100' 100' $900,000 51,250,000 51,900,000 52,500 000 $1,400,000 52,000 000 $32,500 $85,000 $250,000 $3,750 000 $3,250,000 (2,594 6C 2500 chossis of all types were built. Numbers bek 5115,000 $150,000 $110,000 $115,000 $40,000 $150,000 $45,000 $10,000 545,000 $50 000 $140,000 $15,000 $18,000 $7,500 $30,000 $9,500 $9,500 522,500 $45,000 5150 000 520,000 528 000 SI I 500 550,000 575,000 5325 000 565,000 5115,000 $245,000 S70,000 $90,000 S185,000 5400,000 5375,000 categane SI 100 000 51,700,000 S2,300 000 53 300 000 $2 000 000 53,000 000 S37,500 5105 000 5300 000 56.000.000 53,500 000 S150,000 $200,000 $125,000 5150.000 550,000 5175,000 560,000 S15,000 $55,000 560 000 5175 000 $18,000 $25,000 $10.000 $45,000 511.000 513,500 530,000 101 1300 Sent. Norm 101 1300 Spnt Vel. 101 1300 Spnt. Spec SZ-1 SZ-2 12-1 12-2  (Add 50% for 1956-57 Veloces due Ineligibility for prestigious vintage events.) 56-57  56-59  57-58  59-62  59-62  59-62  59-62  58-62  6041  61-62  63-64  64-65  7,800' 500 17,000' 1,900" 1,366 169 44 101 12 101 1600 Spi. Vol. 101 1600 Spnt. Norm. 101 1600 Spat. Spec.  86 61-65  64-65  62-64  63-66  9,250 1,091 7,107 1,400 $20,000 $32,500 $9,000 $16,000 $9,500 $15,000 $20,000 $65,000 $75,000 $175,000 51,000,000 $14,000 $1 8,000 510,000 518 000 555 000 530,000 540,000 513,000 522,500 $12,500 $75,000 $25,000 $85,000 595,000 5210,000 St 250,000 520 000 525 000 518.000 575 000 A 7/99 A A 7/99 A 6/01 A 5/00 A 1/96 A A A 8 4/99  B 10/99 B 8/98 (Add $15k for correct twin-corn engine. 850a twin-corn models, add $38k-559k; 1000a twin-corn Bialbero models, add 570k-590k.) he values below reflect a retail buying and selling range for cars in very good to near excellent condition-significantly above a "daily driver" and one step below regional concours; a strong #2 on the accepted 1-6 scale, 1 being the best. These values are set by sales activity, primarily in the United States, as well as conversations with owners, dealers and collectors. Condition and history are the ultimate determinants of value. Prices below assume cars with "no stories Price Range Giulia Sprint GI Giulia Sprint GT Vel. Giulia GTC Giulia 11 Super Giulio Super 4R legato 1600 GTA Stradale 1600 GTA Corsa A D 1/02 C 3/00 8 3/00 C 8 A A 1300 GTA Jr. Strad. 1300 GTA Jr. Corse 1750 UNA 63-66 66-68 64-66 63-64 65-72 66-68 65-67 65-67 60-71 68-71 68-72 8/00 67-69  67-69  69-72  75  77  1750 Spider (Rndtail.) UN 1750 1300 Junior Zapata 1600 Junior legato Montreal Berlina 1750/2000 GTV 1750/2000 Spider 1750/2000 Spider 2000 Affena Sedan  Affelta 61 )05) Spider 2000 ore included in that figure.) 619-6 4/99 B 9/01  9 12/95 619-6 Balm 619,4 619-6 Twin Turbo Spider 2000 Milano  8 A 9/94 C  1/01 C 9/98 8 4/02 8 4/03 A 8 1/03 A 8 Spider 2000 legato ES-30 164/164L 1645  Spider 2000 Spider 2000 (cam. ed.)  66-67  68-69  69  21,542 14240 1 ,000 501 124,590 92 560 inc. 447 inc. 40 18 30 20 12 2 attached." An automobile priced above our guide is not necessarily overpriced, nor is one priced below automatically a bargain. The SCMTier of Collectibility is an A to F scale, which ranks the cars in terms of their long-term desirability. The scale ranges from A-Tier cars, great classics like the Mercedes 300 SL and the Ferrari 250 SWB, to F-Tier cars, hopeless sleds like Alfetta sedans and four-cylinder Pontiac Fieros.• Price Range $7,500 $8,500 $12,000 $15,000 $8,000 $30,000 $50,000 $55000 $30,000 $35,000 $75,000 15,047 inc 68-72  72-75  72-75  69-74  70-74  70-74  7511  75-79  (Automatic transmission, deduct $500.) 75-79  82-84 81-83 82  84-86  85  8546  87-89  (Automatic transmission, deduct $1,000.) Milano Verde  8749  87-90 90-92 91-95 91-95  44265 1,108 402 3,925 n/a 37,459 n/a n/o n/a 13,715 n/a ohs 350 n/a n/o n/a n/a n/a n/a 1,020 n/a n/a n/a n/a $600000 5350 000 5300 000 $300000 $250000 $10,0 0 $9,000 $8,000 518,0 0 $20,0 0 514,0 0 $2000 $8,000 $5,8430 $5,000 $2,000 $2,500 $3,000 $3,000 54. 00 $4,500 $13 500 53,500 $1500 54,500 $4,500 527,000 53.500 $7,500 $8,000  59,500  $12,000 $14,000 $16,500 $20,000 $10,000 535 000 560,000 $80,000 $35,000 $45,000 595,000 5725,000 5450,000 $350,000 5400.000 $275,000 $13,50 $12,50 510,00 $20,00 $24,00 $16,00 $3,500 511,00 $7,000 $6,500 $3000 54,000 55 500 54 000 $500 $1.50 515 000 $6,000 $4,000 S7,000 $7,500 530 000 56 500 510,000 (1994-95 only, 4-cam 1641 and LS, add $4,000. 1995 only, 1640 odd $7 000 ) 91-92  93  510 000 512,000 (Automatic transmission, dedun $1,500.) BIZZARRINI 5300 GT and Strada ISITALIA 65646 202MM (Spyder Nuvolari)  69 46-48 47-51  100' $170,000  30 530 000  5150,000  $200,000 585 000 5225.000 (Deduct 25./o for incorrect engine. Beware: Cisitalios one currently the lake du jour. The replicas are built around correct-type chassis numbers that were never used by Cisitalia. They generally hove a Simca engine, look brand new [because they are] and have no paperwork or history.) 202 Coupe 202 Cabriolet A A 3/94 A 11/98 (Note: Rs and SZs are easy to fake; prices are for authentic can with paperwork.) 101 1600 Sm. Norm  DE TOMASO Vallelungo Mangusta Pontero Pantera G1/1, 61S (Add $3,500 for true 615.) FERRARI 166 Spyder Corso 166 MM Berlinetto 166 MM Borchelt 166 Inter 47-48 48-50 48-50 48-51 8 12 25 38 $800,000 $750,000 $1,100,000 $200,000 $950,000  5950,000  A A 51 600,000  A 5295,000 6/99 47-54 47-54 67 67-71 71-74 75-89 400' 5,629 3,500' 153 17 $50,000 $50,000 565.000 $28000 524 , 000 52/,000 590,000 $90,000 580.000  $35,000 $37,500 $37,500 B 6/98 4/01 D 4/01 C  B 8 B 8 A 8 A A  (Note: GTA prices are especially affected by originality, completeness and h story.) U 33/2 Stradale TT 33/2 (2-liter) TT 33/3 (3-liter) 11 33 12-cylinder 11 33 SC 12 (S'tharged) Dueno A A A A A B 4/99 B 8/95 B 11/97 8 B 6/00 12/02 O c 11/97 O 7/01 -D g 8/01 B  12/00 8  1/99 195 Inter 340 America Closed 340 Americo Open 340 Mexico 3)98 342 America 8erlinetta 342 Amer. Cob 112 Export (Closed) 212 Export (Open) 212 Touring Barchena 212 Inter 225 Sport 166 MM Berl $2 166 MM Spyder 52 250 Mille Niglio Spy. 250 MM Berlinetta 340 Mille Miglia 500 Mondial 375 Mille Miglio SPY. 375 MM Berlinena 250 Europa Series 1 375 Americo 375966+ 250 Monza 750 Monza 250 Europa Series II 410 Sport Spyder/Cpe. 860 Monza 50018 410 Superamerico 25061 Boano/Elle, 25061 Tour de Fr. 0 11/01 C 11/00  50-52 51 51 52 52-53 52-53 51-52 51-52 51-52 51-52 52 52-53 52-53 52-53 52-53 53 53-54 53-54 53-54 53-54 53-54 54 54 54-55 54-55 55 55-56 56 56-59 56.58 56-59 o Price Range en 19 12 13 4 3 3 9 8 7 84 21 4 9 13 16 9 33 16 7 18 12 6 4 33 34 4 2 17 37 130 77 57 250 Testa Rosso (all)  25061 PF Cob. Sin. I  25061 PF Cab. Srs. II  25061 Cal. Spy. LWB  'Alloy-bodied  25061 Col Spy. SWB  'Mloy-bodied 250 GT Int. Bed. 250 Pininlarina Coupe 250 GT SWB (steel) 'Alloy-bodied with no stories 'SEFAC variant 400 Superamerica 250 611 2+2 250610 250 611. Lusso 3301W Berlinetta 330 America 330 61 2+2 2501W (no stories) 500 Superfast 275 GT8/2 SN  275 GTB/C SH 275 GTB/C Le Mans 275 GTS 275 GTB/C 275670/4  (Add 5200k for alloy body.) 275 618/4 NART Spy.  330 GT( 330 GTS 365 Calif. Snyder 56-61  57-59  59-62  57-60  6063  59 59-62 60-61 61 60-64 60-63 62-64 62-64 63 63 63-68 64-65 64-66 64-66  65 65 8 (ix) 5 (inc.) 20 34 40 200 41 9 51 3 7 350 122 Inc. 23' 45 955 39 350 4 50 1,080 32 36 450 5200 000 $350,000 5400,000 51,200,000 5250.000 5400,000 5200,000 5300,000 5800 000 5225,000 5750,000 $150,000 5750,000 5950 000 $1 ,000,000 51,800,000 $600,000 $3,250,000 $2.750,000 5225,000 5350,000 54.000,000 51,700.000 $650,000 $300,000 $2,000,000 $1,600,000 5700,000 5375,000 $90,000 $950,000 51,000,000 51.500,000 51 000,1M 55 000,C01 5550 000 5125 IVO 5850 000 51,400,1:100 51 800,1XM 52 500,000 5600 000 555,000 5950 000 51,800,000 52,500,000 $325000 $32.500 57,500,000 $150000 55,000,000 535,000 530,000 $2,500,000 5300,000 5200,000 5295,000 5475,000 $550,000 $1,400,000 5375,000 5750,000 $295,000 5350,000 51,000,000 5300,000 $950,000 $950,000 $950,000 $1,200.000 $1,600,000 $2,250,000 51,500,000 $4,000,000 53,250,000 $300,000 $750,000 $5,000,000 52,700,000 5850 000 5475,000 53,000,000 52,000,000 5900.000 5500,000 5180,000 S1,200,000 (Early Pininforina-bodied 'roundtail' TdFs ['56] will command n premium ) '14-louvre comp. car 'legato-bodied 500 TRC  51,700 000 51.750,000 $1,500,000 $7,000.000 5750,000 $245,000 $1,100,000 51,600 000 S2,2081000 $3,000,000 $900,000 590.000 51,250,000 $2,450,000 $3,002,000 5450,000 $50,000 59,000,000 $350,000 $7,000,000 $41,500 545.000 54,500 000 5400 000 5225,000 (Add 525k for longnose, $25k for 6 carbs, 525k for alloy body 11 3 6546 66 66-68  67-68  65-68  66-68  66-67  200 12 280 10 600 100 14 $800000 52.100,000 $145000 5950 000 5775,000 SI 700,000 585,000 5185,000 5475,000 5950.000 54,000 000 $200,000 51.200 000 5400,000 $2,000,000 $145.000 5245.000 $600,000 A A A A A A B 05/99 A 11/02 A A 6/00 A A 11/01 A 8/97 A A 4/95 A C 1/00 A 8 6/01 A A 9/97 A A 12/95 55k for outside filler cop.) A A 2/02 A 12/99 A 1/98 A 13 4/o1 Sports Car Market

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SC/14 Price Guide: Italian Cars Price Range  a- 206 GT Dino  36561C  365612+2  365 618/4 Daytona Cue.  365615  67-68  68-70  68-71  68-73  69  365G1B/4C (Fact. Day. Comp.) 71-73  Non-factory Comp. Day.  365 615/4 Daytona Spy.  365 GTC/4  24661 'Dine Cpe.  246 GTS Spyder  365 614 2+2  365 614 BB Boxer 308 GT4 2+2 71-73  72-73  71-72  69-74  72-74  308 618 (fiberglass)  308610 (steel)  308 GTS  512 BB 'Boxer  (Add $7500 for "chairs and flares.") 72-76  74-76  74-79  75-77  (Add $5,000 for dry sump.) 75-79  77-79  76-81 4002+2 carbureted 76- 2,089 3,218 929 (Add $2,500 for 400/400i with manual shift.) 512 BB LM  308 GM  308 GTSi  400i  Mondial 8 Coupe  512 BBi 'Boxer'  308 GTBi 09  308 GTS1 09  Mondial Coupe 89  Mondial Cab. 89  268610  Testarossa  Testarossa  412  Mondial 3.2 Coupe  Mondial 3.2 Cab.  328618  328 615  F40  328 GTS  Mondial 'r Coupe  Mondial 1' Cab.  348 th  348 Is  51218  456 GT Manual  348 Spider  F512 M  F355 / 355 Berlinena  F355 GTS  F355 Spider  F50  45661 Automatic  550 Maranello  355 Serie Fiemno  360 Modena  79-80  80-82  80-82  80-84  81-82  82-84  83-85  83-85  83-85  03-85  84-85  85-875  875-91  85-89  86-88  86-88  86-89  86-88  88-91  89  89  89-91  90  90-92  91-95  95-  9395  94-96  95-  95-  95-  95-97  96-  96-  99-  99-  360 Modena Snyder (US Ears) 99-  360 Modena Challenge  550 Barchetta Pininfarina  Enzo  99-  00-  03-  S25 000 525 000 555 000 80 502 S18,500 25 494 1,743 1,308 708 1,007 748 3,042 1,848 629 272 7,200 inc. 576 987 810 1,345 6,068 1,315 inc. 840 1,010 2,895 4,230 2,280 1,417" 1,090 500 2,855" 1,455" 1,440" 349 212" 225" 225" 104 n/a n/a 448 349  5425 000 S22,50 522,500 518,000 515,000 560,000 528,000 528,000 $20,000 525,000 525 000 540,000 550,000 530,000 528,000 530,000 535,000 535,000 5275 000 540 000 532,500 535 000 545 000 550 000 580 000 575 000 560 000 SI I 000 575 00 S80 000 595 000 5675,000 $75000 5115,000 575 000 5125,000 5215,000 5100,000 5250,000 530,000 532500 $72,500 B 7/01 524,000 5525,000 527,500 $27,500 $22,500 520,000 580,0 530,000 532,500 524,000 530,000 5300.000 550,000 570,000 $35,000 $32,000 537,000 545.000 550,000 $375,000 $60,000 540,000 $47,500 555,000 S60,000 590,000 595,000 570,000 $140,000 $95,000 5100,000 5115,000 5775,000 595,000 5165,000 5105,000 5150000 S235,000 5125 000 52/5 000 B 2/97  D 1/03 D 5/99  144 150 BOO  1,273 20   15 (inc) 5 (inc) 124 500     2609 1274  470 387   2,826 712    2 565,000  585 000  550,000  5125 000  5250 000  51.100 000  5600 000  5300,000  555 000  545,000  570,000  $15,000 565,000 Si 8,000 530,000     5100,000 $150,000 $65,000  $145,000 5350,000 51,500,000 51,000,000 $375,000 575,000 570,000 595,000 525,000 585,000 522,500 540,000 Rear.engined 012 racers  C A A 9/99  C 1)02  B  1/97  5/00 BV (body by Rappi)  Body by Zane° (28) Show Cars/Other Coochwk.  1100/1200 TV Rdstr.  1200/1500 Rdstr.  Fiat Dino Spider  Fiat Dino Coupe  850 Spider C 9/82  124/2000 Spider  81/9  INTERMECCANICA (Italia) Italia Coupe  Italia Convertible  ISO Grifo  Lele Rivolto Coupe 57-58  59-67 66-72  66-72  68-85 67-74 74-90  67-72  67-72  63-70  65-74  53-55  114 total inc. inc.  n/a  n/a 1,583 6,068 n/o n/a 180,000 500* inc. 799 412 317 Tipo 8 Touring  Tipo 86 Convertible Coupe  TipollA Cabriolet  C 10/00 B 7/02  5/02  D 10/01  Tipol34 SS Dual-Cowl Phaeton Tipo BA SS Roadster Cabriolet 35061  400 GT 2+2 Miura P400 4005 40059 Espada  !dere (400 GT version) S version A 3/02  B 8/02 Jerome (both versions)  (Add $5,000 for "S" model) Unto P 250 P200 P300 C 9/00 (ountadt 1P400 LP 400 S LP 5000 5 B 5/98 A 12/02 C 4/03 LP 5000 QV Anniversary Silhouette Jalpa P 350 1M002 Diablo Diablo VT Diablo Diablo VT Roadster  A 3/03 51,100,000 51,200000 A 'Concerning 'cut-cors', non-factory, non-MART Snyder cony mince are val eel primarily by the quality of the conversions' workmanship. In today's mar et, rarely is a ut car valued more than the coupe it is derived from. "Build numbers through 1996. 312 "Spaghetti Exhaust"  70-80 312 B & T series  Turbocharged  606  Formula One Cars 12 68-70  81-88  40 36' Front-engined 06 (Dines) 57-60 6' (Includes 196, 206, 246, 296 S without stories.) Rear-engined 96 8 98  Dino racers 61.67  25• 900.000 5450,000 5225,000 Ferrari Sports Prototype Racers 52,750,000 53,750,000 51,450,000  (Includes 166, 196, 246, 206, 268 SPs without stories.) November, 2003 51,850 000 A 51000,000 $600,000 5275,000 A A  A 72-76 75-77 75-79 74-76 76-82 82-85 85-80 V 76-78 82-88 87-90 (America version, add $12,5001 90-93  94-95  96  96-97  (Used cars only, luxury taxes paid ) LANCIA 82061 Cp 51-6  51-58  3,121  535,000  54/,500  B (Si, 2 and 3 were all ROD. Additions: 51,000 Nardi steering wheel ; $1,500 Nardi floor shift; $5,000 Nardi sorb kit; $2,500 period Webasto sunroof; $7,500 Borrani wires.) (Note: SI, 2 and 3 820 coupes are valued higher in Europe than $4, 5 and 6 due to their racing history. Also, contemporary reproductions such as wire wheels and Nardi wheels add more value in the US than in Europe, where originality is prized.) B24 Spider America  1124 Convertible  2/98  Flaminia GT Touring  54-55  56-58  Flaminia Convertible 251  Flaminia Sport (legato)  59-68  63-65  59-68  59-67  240 521   1,718 300 848 593  595.000  575,000  51 0,000  510,000  516,000  540,000  5120 000  595,000  514,000 $12,000 522,000 575,000  A B 10/97 (Additions: $5,000 Nardi carb kit; $2,500 factory hard top; 55,000 Borrani wires.) GTL (2+2) Touring Coupe  B (Four variations: covered-headlight 2.51 ; open-headlight 2.51; double bubble sport with 2.81; super sport with chopped tail. Additions for all Flaminias: $5,000 for added triple Weber cubs, $4,000 for original 2.81, 3C model.) n/a n/a n/o n/a 5100,000 5125,0IXI S135,000 5150,000 $120,000 5140,000 $150,000 5175 000 525 66 198 149 235 323 610 657 52 410 300 513,000 512,000 $25,000 560,000 550,000 550,000 560,000 580,000 525,000 522,000 550,000 522,500 520,000 535,000 585,000 570,000 570,000 585,000 590,000 540,000 $35,000 565,000 0 D B B B B B ( D C 19-24  25-32  30-32  Tipo BA S Cabriolet Roadster 25-32  25-32  25-33  66-68 64-66 66-69  69-71  71-72  68-78  68-69  68 70-76  n/a n/a n/a Oa n/a n/a 143 244  465  138 150    1,223 129 102 327   1 , 5125,000  5225,000  $125,000  59,000 $7,500 520,000 $10,500 54,500 54,000 51,500 $16,000  522,500  515,000  545,000  (Add 57k for 427-ti. engine, $2,500 for long-nose model 69-74  5175,000 5350,000 5160,000  515,000 59,000 525,000 515,000 $6,000 $5,500 $2,500 518,500 528,000 520,000 565,000 Deduct $2500 for 351-ci. engine.)  $480,000 $575,000 5590600 $650,000     5745,000  5830,000  560,000 $50,000 560,000 590,000 $150,000 522,500 524,000 $30,800 517,500          5625,000 5745,000 5770,000 $825,000  5950,000 51,000,000 5100,000 575,000 585,000 5130,000 5225,000  535,000 $38,000 545,000 530,000   B 10/01  D 11/97  C 8/99 F 12102  B 6/01  B 4/98 A B (Correct 89 engines are difficult to find. Deduct 40‘Yo for incorrect type or no engine. Add 25% for significantdocumented history.) 63-67 d  z d 22.  Price Range .= Z 54,000,000 $9500000 A (Includes 250P, 275P, 330P, 330P2, 275P2, 365P, 330P3, 365P2/3, 330 P4,330 P3/4 [412P] without stories.) Fulvia 1.2/1.3 HF  Fulyia 1.6 HF  Fulvia Sport (Zonate)  %Mos  MASEItATI 461500  (60 PP coupes, 1 Zonate) MGCS/A6GCM A6GCS/53 A6650662000 Allemano Cpe.  Frua Snyder  legato Coupe  1505 200S, Si 3005  456 47-53  51-53  16 52 54-57 see below 54-57  54-57  54-57  21 12 20 350061, GTi 3500 GT Vig. Spyder  (Also 6 Frua Coupes, 1 Zagoto Spider built.) 55-57  55-58  55-58  56-58  57-65  59-64  59-64  59-64  24  30° 28 10    1,991 227  (3500, add $5,000 for wires, $3,500 for five-speed.) MOO GT Allemono Cpe.  500061 Special Bodies  32 inc. A A A 60-61  62-65  65-66  63-69  64-70  64-69  65-68  B 5/02 A C 4/03 Ghibli SS Spider 4.91  Indy  Bom Merak Khamsin Merak SS Kyalami 67-70  70-73  69-71  71-72  69-74  22 6 $350,000  $350,000  5100,000 $250,000 $350,000 5400,000  $500,000  $400,000 5400,000 5125,000 5325,000 5450,000 $450,000  5650,000  532,500 570,000  A A 1'02 aN 65-68  69-76  65-67  74-76  46-50  1 ,317 4,948 909 500 61 Price Range 59,000  $14,000  $12,500  545,000  $75,000  _= 513,500 517,000 $18,000 565,000 $100,000 D 4/02 D 5/95 B 4/00 A 9/97 A A 51,800000 $2,200,000 A 8/97 $2,800,000 53,200,000 525,000  $50,000  A 8 5150,000  5275,000  346 98 679 828 120 250 51,000,000 5500,000 522,500 525,000 59,000 520,000 552,500 $14,000 1,149 inc. 100 25 1,136 Quattroporte II Biturbo Coupe Biturbo Spider Biturbo Spider (inj.)  228 430 6/00 (Add $2,000 for 4.71 or 4.91 engine.) 71-80  72-76  74-80  76-80  77-82  79-86  M-87  86-88  89  (Biturbos deduct 52,000 for automatic.) 89-90  89-90  ORETTI GS Bialbero (750u)  Bardieno Bialbero (750cc)  SCA B "3  MT4 Mille Miglia 160061  IATA 300BC  48-56  58-61  72  128  5200.000  565,000  5275,000  A 8/02 12/02 585,000  ( (1600 GT price is far Zonate Berliner°. Deduct 530k for Fissore body, 540k-560k for Boneschi body.) 49-52  (Deduct $5,000 for Fiat 1100 engine.) Daino Cabriolet  51-55  208 Coupe (Farina 8 Balboa) 52-55  2085 America Rdstr.  TANGUELLINI 1100  Formula Junior 47-56  59  60  120 540,000  530,000  51251)00  540,000 87 B (Price for 0100 or DOH( Fiat engines. Deduct $10k for pushrod engine. Deduct 510k for 750 en ine 70 80 6 530,000  528.000  52-55  30  545,000 555,000 (Additions: 55,000 for Grand Sport [twin Webers], $7,500 for alloy body.) 5125 000  5185 000  5225,000 5250,000  A (Correct 89 engines are difficult to find. Deduct 40% for incorrect type or no engine. Add 25% for significant, documented history.) 54-56  63-69  571  1,832 421 277 150 n/a  n/a  n/a n/a     n/a  n/a  Oa  n/a  $25,1300 $32,500 565.000 575 000 SI 1 000 532,500  $13,000  $18,500  $17,500  519,000  510,000  $4,000 58,000  59,000   58,000  58,000  565 000  585,000  5200,000 5450,000 (Coachwork by Touring, Micheletti, Frye, Pinin Farina, Ohio, Bertone) Birdcage Tip° I 60/61 f. eng. 59-61  Birdcage Tipo 63/64 r. eng.  Sebring Coupe SI Sebring Coupe 511 Quetroperte 1 Mistral Coupe Mistral Spider Mexico 4.2  (Add $2,000 for 4.7 version.) Ghibli Coupe 4.71 Ghibli Cpe SS 4.91 Ghibli Spider 4.71 S1,500000 5750,000 527,500 530,000 513,500 530,000 575,000 518,000 535,000 545,000 580,000 590,000 520,000 537,500 520,000  530,000  522,500  525,000 513,500 56,500 510,000 512,500 510,000 510, 000 585 000 5125 OUL1  B (Spare engines are non-existent. Cars without engines have marginal value at best. Add 258/0 for documented, significant history.) D 9/00 C 4/97 C 11/88 A 05/03 A 05/03 A 8/01 B 11/95

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Motobilia / Carl Bomstead An Expensive Touch Of Color Object:  "Vitesse" Mascot by Rene Lalique— Lot #420 Auction: Bonhams & Butterfields; Quail Lodge, Monterey, CA; August 15, 2003 Estimate: $50,000-$60,000 Sale Price: $51,750, including 15% buyer 's premium uring Pebble Beach week, the Monterey Peninsula offers ever-increasing opportunities for enthusiasts to deplete their heirs' inheritance. Four major auto auctions generate over $20,000,000 in sales, and with that kind of money changing hands, automobilia vendors find a willing audience for those who can't squeeze a car into their budget. A thousand bucks for a piece of automotive history that does fit in your carryon seems trivial compared to the half a million spent for the first customer-owned Ford GT. Three of the four automotive auctions offer a selection of automobilia to complement their vehicular offerings. While the vendors at Laguna Seca are placed discreetly outside turns three and four, necessitating a brief walk over the Tire Bridge, dozens of vendor tents at Concorso Italiano hawk automotive books and literature, early European Rallye badges, mod- D els and racing photographs alongside le belle macchine. Monterey International Automobilia Expo, a new venue created by Tony Singer, provided yet another two-day show featuring quality collectibles. But if high-end items were on your "must-have" list, your destination was Bonhams & Butterfields' Friday afternoon automobilia auction at Quail Lodge. Automobilia at Bonhams is now under the auspices of Toby Wilson, and the majority of the 196 lots appeared to be presented at no reserve, a positive change for potential buyers. Quality mascots, vintage picnic sets, porcelain signs, early automotive books and an impressive array of trophies kept the bidding paddles in the air. Two very rare and desirable R. Lalique mascots were among the 15 glass hood ornaments that crossed the block. During the era, Rene Lalique offered 27 different styles of mascots, however color variations pushed the total to about 45. A "Petit Libellule," or small dragonfly, was presented with a rose/amethyst tint and sold for an impressive $46,000, exceeding the auction company's high estimate of $30,000. Considering that this piece in a much more common clear glass sells in the $6,500 range, the substantial premium the market places on this rare variation is obvious. Opalescen I Vitesse. Four lots later, a mascot that many consider the most beautiful of Rene Lalique's creations was offered. "Vitesse" was also finished in an unusual tint, a blue/white opalescent, and was stated to be in pristine, undamaged condition. It sold for $51,750 after spirited bidding, a premium of about $30,000 over the clear glass version. This was, however, only slightly over the auction company's low estimate of $50,000. R. Lalique mascots continue to be a hot collectible, and the deep-pocketed set is spending major money for them. The mascots are considered works of art, and rightfully so. A few years ago, these prices would have been considered an aberration resulting from a couple of "must-have" guys duking it out. But today, these are clearly market-correct prices that we can expect to see replicated, and then exceeded, in the next few years.* V 1995-96 Triumph Speed Triple ed attention and oozed menace as part of their hooligan heritage, like mods and rockers at Brighton in '64. The bikes were noisy, and usually painted black with polished aluminum. They came from marques like BSA, Triumph, Norton, Royal Enfield and Vincent. But that was then. What about today? The Triumph Speed Triple has both the image and the heritage. Get out your old black leathers, stadium helmet, goggles and attitude. When John Bloor plowed $76 million into reviving Triumph in the late '80s, he built a classic (Thunderbird), a sport bike (Daytona), two sport tourers (Trophy, Trident) and a big dual sport (Tiger). His sixth model, the Speed Triple, was clearly for bad boys. It even had its own racing class, and it produced nearly 100 hp from its four-valve, 885-cc engine. The Speed Triple has an authentic pedigree—Triumph debuted the Trident Triple in 1967. The modem incarnation bristles with Manx Norton overtones; it's definitely not a wimpy wannabe. Weighing in at 460 lb, the Speed Triple is no bike for beginners—especially with its tall 31-inch seat height. Top speed exceeds 130 mph and handling is predictable, with excellent braking from triple discs. All-black looks best. Only the white intage British cafe racers always attract88  are an acceptable modification that can save about 70 pounds. Engines are extremely solid and can last 100,000 miles. While Triumph remains dedicated to the Triple—the 2004 Rocket 3 super cruiser will displace 2294 cc, produce 140 bhp and weigh 660 lb—for those who want an authentic mix of '60s British nastiness with reasonably modern mechanicals, the '95-'96 Speed Triples are he way to go.* Think mods and rockers, circa 1964. gauges disappoint; they look great but you can't read them in sunlight. You can ditch the dorky factory mirrors for a bar-end on one side, and slapping on an aftermarket three-into-one exhaust will produce a satisfying howl. Note that the 1995-96 models are the only true vintage throwbacks, as the Speed Triple was redesigned for 1997. It gained an aluminum frame, bug-eye dual headlights, fuel injection and ridiculous colors. The Speed Triple is a great sleeper, says Kelly McCarthy, a Portland, OR, Triumph dealer. He advises you to make sure the bike you buy is in as near to original condition as possible. The wrong aftermarket bars can dent the tank, he warns, though aftermarket exhausts Years produced  Colors  Number produced  Engine  Transmission  Weight  Value today  Price new  Cost of full service/time  Frame #  Engine #  1995-96 Black or inappropriate orange Under 5,000 worldwide, fewer than 2,000 to US 885-cc water-cooled triple 1995, five-speed; 1996, six-speed 460 lb $10,000 in 1995 $3,500-$6,000 $500-$700 if you have to have valve adjustment On the headstock, plus a plate Right side of casing Perfect Speed Triple Owner: Thinks "Brown Sugar" is a sweet love ballad Rating: ***I:et is best Fun to ride: *cc** Ease of maintenance: irCrIt-Cr Appreciation: crA-c Sports Car Market

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Collector Car f4 Boat Itumranoe USAPPRAISAL AU"  ,..0B  rRA;sit Putnam L  Present the nig 7th Annual SCM Insider's Seminar at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ MAKING CENTS OF YOUR HOBBY How to Buy Right So You Can Sell Right Three-day seminar • January 22-24, 2004 • 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. each day. "Keith's style of pointing out his own mistakes is refreshing and a departure from the big egos found in this hobby." Bill Bryan, Orlando. FL — Don't be left out! For three mornings, you will be in an intimate group of enthusiasts like yourself, where your questions will be candidly and honestly answered. HOW to spot the good buys and turn away from the had ones. What are the hidden signs that a car is alright pig? What's better—a restored car or an original one, and why? How much should you budget for work AFTER j,ou _mar cur? ;flint is an uneven restoration? How to spot good panel fits. Riau are the hallmarks qra first-rate restoration? And much more ... Each day. alter the multimedia presentations and Q & A sessions, you'll break into small groups, each led by an SC '.1 analyst. NEW this year, all participants will have their own wireless headsets so that they can clearly hear what their analyst is saying as they examine cars. You'll spend at least an hour each day going over cars that are COM i ng up for auction, in detail. You'll have forms exactly like the ones that SC/ti analysts use N hen THEY examine cars, and learn how they fill them out. The people are always the reason for my being here— great knowledge and great fun." Tom lnnes. Scottsdale. AZ — The Seminar includes: three Multimedia presentations by SCM Editor and Publisher Keith Martin and other experts; three SCM analyst-led field walks through the cars up for auction, with a chance to ask questions about condition and how it affects value; a thorough review of the auction process— fir buyers, from registering to bid to shipping your new car home, and for sellers, from consigning your car to collecting your cash. Register Today! Space is limited, so reserve your spot today. The price of the three-day seminar, including an entrance pass into the auction, for subscribers is $325 for one or $595 for two (non-subscribers, $400/$750). Tuition is refundable, less a $50 processing lee, if requested prior to January I. 2004. To lock in your reservation, send in the form below or use our online order form at www.sportscmmarket.com . For more in urination, contact David Slama at 503.261.0555 ext. 206, e-mail dm id.slanua sportscarmarketcom. SPACE IS LIMITED! DEADLINE - JANUARY 1, 2004 (Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't be left out!) Name  (If registering for more than one person, please place additional details on separate sheet.) Address City  Best Phone  E-mail State  Fax Zip  Signature  Send this form to SCM Scottsdale Seminar P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 Fax 503.253.2234; Phone 503.261.0555 x206; e-mail: david.slama@sportscarmarket.com Payment in Full Required 0 Enclosed is my check made out to Sports Car Market Charge my VISA/MC  Total Amount $  Card #  Exp. Date

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Twenty Year Picture An SL For Every Budget $45,000 $42,500 $40,000 $37,500 $35,000 $32,500 $30,000 $27,500 $25,000 $22,500 $20,000 $17,500 $15,000 $12,500 $10,000 1985  1984   1986  Mercedes-Benz 450SL 1987  1988  • • 1989 1 1991  1990  1993  1992  230SL 190SL Mystery Photo Answers is eerily quiet, some people claim to have heard Sir Alec's ghost motoring gleefully within the ruins of the old BMC factory.—Gary L Koch, Rocky River, OH Now I understand what it means when the auctioneer says the brakes could benefit from a little refreshening.— Rex Alexander, via e-mail Don't yell at me, Mom! You're the one that said to be in by midnight—Susie Alexander, via e-mail Nosey little thing, aren't you?—Sarah Sallee, Tulsa, OK CURIOUS LITTLE BUGGERS, AREN'T THEY?  Signore Peretti had done an admirable job of adapting his Fiat for transporting large slabs of concrete, but was having difficulty seeing out of his rearview mirror—Larry Vincent, Issaquah, WA Sometimes, when the moon is full and all 90  Trophy Wall of a Hummer Owner.—Dasperb@aoLcom Unfortunately, the Fiat magic only went so far.— Rick Frazee, via e-mail Anthony finally realized what they meant by the term "brake fade."—Duane Mersereau, via e-mail This week on Cribs, we visit Ralph Nader's den, displaying items of taxidermy showing his love for hunting "tut-safe vehicles."—Mitchell A. Josephs DDS, host of the nationally syndicated radio show Tooth Talk, Palm Beach, FL The mystery of the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa's long-lost Fiat was recently partially solved.—Lawrence Hamilton Pugh, New Orleans, LA Bend the veel, Ina, eer comes a curve.— Dick Osgood, via e-mail Fiat 250.—Ron Hillbury, via e-mail Fix. It. Again. Tony.—Rich Castiello, Chevy Chase, MD 1. "Viva La Revolution!" cried the brave little Cinquecento as the guillotine fell. 2. The Fiat's acceleration just wasn't enough to enter the next dimension. 3. It was a breech birth, but the new arrival seemed fine.—Bill Orth, Highlands Ranch, CO And this month's winner of a sure-to-becollectible-someday 1:18 scale model courtesy of Dave Kinney 's USAppraisal is Sarah Sallee, for recognizing the inherent inquisitive nature of little Fiats.• Sports Car Market 1994  1995  1996  1997  1998  1999  2000  2001  2002 Prices are for cars in excellent condition. This information is provided courtesy of the Black Book and Cars of Particular Interest Value Guide. CPI is the guide most often used by credit unions to determine loan values of collectible domestic and imported cars. Ph: 888.760.2267, www.blackbookusa.com • 2003

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Comments With Your Renewals Great publication! Will I live long enough to see the Mercedes 280SL appreciate in value to any degree?—R.R Ritner, Spokane, WA Sure, if you 're under I2. — K.M. Thank you for the great coverage of the sub$25k Italian car market.—John Montgomery, President, Fiat Lancia Unlimited Love the mag. How about a little more info on British (MG, Triumph, etc.) classics and current prices?—Daniel Rosenzweig, Carmel, CA Our October issue featured a British car Price Guide. You can expect it as a quarterly feature. And thanks for your continued efforts in sharing SCM with your members—K.M. My dad, a sports car lunatic, got a year of your magazine for my fiancé as a gift. I am not a huge car fanatic (not at all), but I absolutely love your magazine. We both look forward to receiving it every month. Now I am getting it for my stepfather as a gift.—Amanda McManus, Washington, DC Great magazine! The whole family loves it.—Cindy Wade, Clarkston, WA Still as great as when I picked up my first issue years ago at Martin Swig's Automobilia in San Francisco. You are becoming more and more successful, and deservedly so. For my sake (and that of all your readers), I hope you don't sell when/if some media conglomerate comes knocking. For your sake, too.—Ted Ricci, Medina, OH Ted, SCM is a family-owned business that lets us combine our passion for cars with our day jobs. We have no plans to do anything but continue to build it to provide better value to our readers.—K.M. Keith: It was a pleasure meeting you at the MB dinner at Pebble Beach.—Charles Rosak, Sparta, NJ (owner of a yellow with turquoise interior 300SL roadster.) Charles, I enjoyed our conversation as well. I like your car very much in its non-traditional, but very period-correct, color scheme.—K.M. Great publication. Can never get enough Porsche. Schrager is great!—George Skyrm, Goshen, IN And thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments and your renewals.—Cindy Banzer and Keith Martin• IZONA E FALL FORT McDOWELL CASINO • NOVEMBER 8-9 • 300 CARS EXPECTED 1 1-800-255-4485 ttiunv.SilverAtictions.co To Buy or Sell _  'forma • Oct. 18 • Oct. 25 • Portland, ,gon • Nov. 1 • Fort MeNuell Ileal Scottsdale • Nov. 8-9 ..visit  6,1 80 Cars • Boise, Idaho • Nov. 13 725 Cars • Seattle, Washington • Nov. 22 500 Cars • near Scottsdale,  for calendar, cars scheduled for auction, market reports of sold cars, useful buying and selling tips. • Ian. 16-18, 2004 900 Cars • Reno, Nevada • Aug. 5-8, 2004 COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS November, 2003 91

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Glovebox Notes A brief look at cars of interest that have passed through the SCM stable. c** is best Neat Stuff / Bengt Halvorson ALFA LOGO SHIFT KNOB Replacing the faded, original shift knob with something a little more lustrous and upscale might add a touch of class to your old Alfa. This mahogany wood shift knob has a metal cloisonné emblem inset on top. Two different Alfa Ro- Price as tested: $55,395 Likes: Front-end styling; 350-hp V8 spools out endless power and torque; brakes could stop an express train; more bang for the buck than anything on the road. Gripes: High-butt rear-end styling; highly sprung shifter has a mind of its own; attracts all sorts of street-racing challenges from unqualified boy-racers. Fun to drive: ***-1A Fun to look at: **-or - * Overall ownership experience: **** Verdict: An American legend, Chevrolet isn't letting the C5 Corvette wither on the vine as badly as it did the C4. However, this "Vette, in its seventh year, is really ready for restyling; it's a good thing the C6 will debut for 2005. Ultimately, Corvettes are about big American power in a big American sports car. In its $50k price range, there's nothing sporty that can match it.—Dave Brownell 2005 LOTUS ELISE meo emblems are available: either the "Cross and Serpent" or the "Serpent" alone. Fits all manual-transmission Alfas. Price: $44.95. International Auto Parts, 800/953-0813, www.international-auto.com . STA-DRI POUCHES Similar to the small pouches we find inside packaging that keep electronics dry, shoes odorfree or snack food crispy, these larger desiccant pouches are an effective, inexpensive way to keep the inside of your vehicle dry during storage. Just hang inside the vehicle being stored. Using them will help keep away mold and mildew, buildup of odors and corrosion. Just check once every four weeks to see if the pouch has become noticeably heavier or less pliable. The pouches can be "regenerated" up to three times by drying them out in a conventional oven. 9" x 6" size is capable of drying a 13.33 cubicfoot space, while the larger 12" x 6" is good for 25 cubic feet. Price: $29.00-$38.70. Sta - Verdict: A proper British sports car, the Elise remains true to Colin Chapman's minimalist philosophy. At around 180 hp and 1,800 lb, no other car in our market has as high a fun quotient. That is, as long as you fit in it. The lack of creature comforts may require too much sacrifice for non-fanatics.—David Anna* Projected price: $38,500 Likes: Go-kart-like responsiveness; solid brakes; snug-fitting seats; as close to a four-wheeled motorcycle as you can get. Gripes: Nearly impossible to get in and out of while retaining any sense of dignity; almost no cargo capacity; scary to pilot such a vulnerable car amidst Escalades and Excursions. Fun to drive: ***** Fun to look at: 1?(*** Overall ownership experience: Love the Lotus 7 ***** Love a Mercedes SL 92 800/232-2485, www.sta-dri.com. METAL CAR BADGES 4 41. '44,0 tr4 114 411r4011P0 These traditional-look grille badges are a great way to express your affiliations, and they can be great conversation-starters at car gatherings. Some examples of available badges include badges for various professions, armed forces divisions, automaker badges and national flags. Ask a sales representative for badge availability. Each enameled metal badge comes with nuts, bolts and mounting bracket for simple installation. Price: $19.95. Superior Car Care, 800/215-4460, www.superiorcarcare.net . Reproduced from a painting showing classic American cars and US auto museums, this colorful 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, made by White Mountain Pii771es, could be a great gift either for a car-crazy child or for an older person who can remember when these models were new. Measures 24 x 30 inches when finished. Henry Ford Museum, 313/982-6140, www.shopthehenryford.org .• Sports Car Market MERCEDES-BENZ HISTORIC CAR GLASSES This fun set for the home includes four old-fashioned-style 15-ounce glasses, each showing a different classic Mercedes-Benz: the Benz Motorwagen three-wheeler, the 500K roadster, the Silver Arrow race car and the Gullwing. Each of the elegant glasses has the Mercedes-Benz logo on the back. Price: $25.00. Mercedes-Benz US International, 888/286-8762, www.mbusi.com . Mill Et Dri, DOZE-ALERT CIZ E ALE". This small, light (2 oz.) unit slips behind your ear, monitoring the position of your head. If it suddenly tilts forward, as it would if you were falling asleep at the wheel, a loud (86 dB) bitz7er sounds. This device doesn't mean you can drive while drowsy, but it's a good precautionary measure whenever you're driving through the night or on a long trip. A new 2004 model offers improved performance. It can be worn with glasses, and the lithium battery is easily replaceable. Price: $39.95. SavA-Life, 800/654-3337, www.dozealert.com . AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE JIGSAW PUZZLE

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SCM Showcase Gallery Just $44/month ($66 non-subscribers). E-mail photo (300 dpi jpg) to artdir@sportscarmarket.com . Or call Tyler at 503.261.7127 x202. We will bill you. 40 words max, subject to editing. Deadline is the 25th of each month. 1997 Porsche 993 C2S. Black/black, turbo body. Full warranty 4 years. Tiptronic, red calipers, lowered, H&R springs, K&N filter, awesome! $45,000. Frank Herrero, Daytona Beach, FL. 386.239.4000 or 386.679.1526. (FL) SCM Text Classifieds Info 1979 Ford Ranchero, restored 2001, new engine, rebuilt transmission, second owner, Arizona car, no rust, strong daily driver. $7,500. 623.566.3962, fax 623.566.1119. (AZ) Just $15 ($25 non-subscribers) for up to 40 words, text-only classifieds. E-mail text and section it goes in to artdir@sportscarmarket.com . We will bill you. OR Fax to 503.253.2234 with Visa/MC. Deadline is the 25th of each month. 1972 Ferrari 246 GTS Dino Original 28,000 miles. Pampered since new. Very, very clean and perfect running order. Always properly maintained and stored. Local concours-winning vehicle. Call with all your questions. $82,500. 630.202.4979. (IL) Shelby CanAm Cobra. The last car produced by the joint venture between Ford and Carroll Shelby, originally intended for A.J. Foyt. Full restoration and mechanical rebuild by Mike Dopudja. Call Dobson Motorsport LLC for price at 206.232.1771 or dominic@dobsonmotorsports.com . (WA) 1979 Aston Martin Volante. This 5-speed manual example is in wonderful condition and has been over its 36,000 miles. California smog certified, stainless steel bumpers. $48,000. Fantasy Junction, 510.653.7555, fantasyjunction.com . (CA) 1966 Cobra 427 Roadster CSX 3111 Blue/Black a wide hip 427 street car. One of only 124 produced. $310,000.00. Grand Prix Classics 858.459.3500/ 3512 fax, www.grandprixclassics.com , info@grandprixclassics.com . (CA) 1977 Alfa Spider, red/black, 18,000 miles on professional powertrain rebuild including dual Weber conversion, competition pistons, cams, suspension, tuned header, ANSA, clutch and transmission. As-new factory top. Adult owned, not used in competition. Original Italian registration and brochure. $8,500 or offer. Jerry Kelley, 904.610.2149. (FL) 1957 Lancia B-24S Convertible Super reliable, everything in the driveline was rebuilt to the highest standard. Very straight and solid. $72,000. Steve at www.rpmvt.com or 802.877.2645. (VT) 1967 Ferrari 330 GT, Series II. 47,000 original  miles. Known ownership. Excellent mechanics with  near concours cosmetics including detailed engine  compartment, etc. $58,500. Fantasy Junction,  510.653.7555, fantasyjunction.com . (CA)  1963 Porsche 356B Super. Completely restored two-owner car. Present owner well over 30 years. Engine and gearbox recently rebuilt. $31,500 obo. Dobson Motorsport, LLC. 206.232.1771, dominic@ dobsonmotorsport.com . (WA) Resource Directory Advertise in the SCM Resource Directory. Call 503.261.7127 x202 for information, e - mail: arer@sportscarmarketcom. A UCTION COMPANIES 1951 Jaguar X1( 120 roadster #671280. Black/red, very nice, older restoration. $42,500. Grand Prix Classics 858.459.3500/3512 fax, www.grandprixclassics.com , info@grandprixclassics.com . (CA) 1958 Echidna, Chassis #1. John Stayers' 1959 SCCA B Modified Championship-winning car. Excellent history and condition. As exciting to drive as see. $149,500. Fantasy Junction, 510.653.7555, fantasyjunction.com . (CA) 6694, fax 480/421 -6697. 3020 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. e-mail: info@barrett-jackson.com. www.barrettjackson.com. (AZ) Artcurial-Briest-Poulain-Le Fur. 33-01 42 99 20 20, fax 33-01 42 99 20 21. Maison de vente aux encheres, 7, Rond-Point des Champs Elysees, 75008 Paris. e-mail: artcurial@auction.fr. www.poulainlefur.com . (FR) Barrett-Jackson Auction. 480/421- Kensington Motor Group, Inc. 631/537-1868, fax 631/537-2641. P.O. Box 2277, Sag Harbor, NY 11963. KenMotor@aol.com. (NY) Palm Springs Auctions Inc./Keith McCormick. 760/320-3290, fax 760/323-7031. 244 N. Indian Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92262. classiccarauction.com . (CA) RM Auctions, Inc. 310/246-9880, fax 310/246-9744. 9300 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. #550, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. www.rmauctions.com. (CA) 1954 Siata 208 Balbo coupe, #BS-537. Built for Ernie McAfee for the 1954 Carrera. 2-liter Fiat V8, twin four-barrel Webers. One of the most beautiful of the '50s racing coupes. $365,000. Fantasy Junction, 510.653.7555, fantasyjunction.com . (CA) 1976 Porsche 914 2.0. Original 28,000 miles. Pampered and documented since new. Perfect running order. Local PCA concour "Best of Show" winner. 100% original. If you're seeking the best existing 914 ... call with all your questions. $18,500. 630.202.4979. (IL) Bonhams. 415/391-4000, fax 415/ 391-4040. 220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94103; Montpelier St., Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1HH. 44207-228-8000, fax 44-207-585-0830. www.bonhams.com. (CA) Christie's. 310/385-2699, fax 310/3850246. 360 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. www.christies.com. (CA) Dana Mecum Auction Company. 815/568-8888, fax 815/568-6615. P.O. Box 422, Marengo, IL 60152. www.mecumauction.com. (IL) eBay Motors, a part of eBay Inc. List your car for sale for only $40 and pay $40 more when it sells. Visit the "Services" section on www.ebaymotors.com for more details. H&H Classic Auctions. 44-1925 1966 Mini Cooper S. Immaculate, absolutely solid and ready to go. One of only a handful of remaining rust-free Cooper Ss. $17,500. Steve at www.rpmvt.com or 802.877.2645. (VT) 1987 Lamborghini Countach QV. Black/black/ wing. Nelson Lamborghini says, "One of the finest in the country." 15,000 km. Lots of recent service makes this like new! $82,500. 202.293.9444. (DC) 730630, fax 44-1925 730830 Whitegate Farm, Hatton Lane, Hatton, Cheshire, UK. WA4 4BZ info@classic-auctions.co.ulc, www.classic-auctions.com. (UK) Kruse International. 800/968-4444, fax 260/925-5467. P.O. Box 190, Auburn, IN 46706. www.kruseintemational.com . (IN) Russo and Steele. 602/252-2697, www.russoandsteele.com. (AZ) Silver Auctions.  800/255-4485, 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@spokane.net; www.silverauctions.com. (WA) Santiago Collector Car Auctions. 800/994-2816, fax 405/8436251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116. E-mail Rocky: rockydb5@sbcglobal.net. (OK) APPRAISALS Dave Brownell's Vintage Auto Appraisals. Phone 802/362-4719; fax 802/362-3007. 25-plus years experience nationwide and internationally. Single cars or entire collections. Brass cars to contemporary supercars. Complete services from pre-purchase to insurance, donation, estate, expert witness. E-mail: dbrownell@sprynet.com. (VT) Charles W. Clarke. Phone/fax: 860/658-2714. Automotive consultant/ appraiser. Hartford, Connecticut area

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Resource Directory Advertise in the SCM Resource Directory. Call 503.261.7127 x202 for information, e-mail: artdir@sportscarmarketcom. base. State of Connecticut licensed. 40-plus years automotive experience, appraisals and wherewithal to address most any situation. We can travel. E-mail: cwc-cars@cox.net. (CT) 467-6531, fax 206/467-6532. Complete appraisal services for any and all vehicles of particular note. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. We will help you in your time of need: We negotiate for you. Settlements, insurance, disputes, estates, pre-purchase, donations, etc. E-mail: appra isals®cosmopolitanmotors.com . (WA) USAppraisal. 703/759-9100. 25 years experience with collector automobiles, available nationwide. Call or visit our Web site. David H. Kinney, ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers). E-mail: dhkinney@usappraisal.com; www.usappraisal.com . (VA) Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/ 332-8183. Serving SF Bay Area and northern California. Prompt, personal, professional and affordable service for insurance, legal, IRS and pre-purchase inspection. Free phone consultations. joetro@pacbell.net; wvvw.bestyellow.com/ classiciindex.htm. (CA) Joseph L. Troise Appraisals. 415/ Index. E-mail: scott@feathco.com, Web: www.FeathermanCo.com. (PA) AUTOMOBILIA Spyder Enterprises: 831/659-5335, fax 831-659-5335. Authentic vintage posters, postcards, memorabilia (1960s and earlier); mainly focused on Porsche, Ferrari and racing. Leather accesories for Porsche 356; Halon fire extinguishers for your classic car; Ferrari 250/275/330 repro tool kits. Free 36 page list of all items by e-mail at: singer356@aol.com. (NY) L'art et Pautomobile gallery & auction house: 631/329-8580. 25 years of experience, 2 auctions yearly (June & December), catalog subscription $20/year or online at www.arteauto.com. We carry a large collection of out-of-print books, vintage posters, prints, artwork, literature, memorabilia, etc. E-mail: jvautoart@aol.com, fax: 631/329-8589. (NY) 2886. Serving 33 states, valuation, insurance, divorce, trusts, estates, charitable gifts, diminished value, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness. www.autoappraisal.com , e-mail: aag@autoappraisal.com. "Not just one man's opinion." (VA) Auto Appraisal Group. 800/848- Classic Car Research. 248/557-2880. fax 248/557-3511. 15 years in business, IAAA, for loans, estates, divorce, insurance and pre-purchase. Detroit area, will travel. www.jmkclassiccars.com or kawifreek@msn.com. (MI) Dean V. Kruse. 260/927-1111, fax 260/920-2222. Certified appraiser with 35 years in the business, appraisals completed for most of nationwide banks and insurance companies. Kruse International auctions more than 10,000 collector cars per year. One car or collections, donators, estates, disputes, pre-purchase inspections, attorneys, buyers, sellers. All inquiries kept confidential. E-mail: dkruse@myvine.com. (IN) Featherman & Co. Inc. 610/645-5595. Scott Featherman has over 20 years experience and is both a certified IAAA appraiser and ASE master technician. Complete services include appraisals, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness and advisory. Personal, prompt, confidential—available nationwide. For more information, see our listing in SCM Display Advertisers 6531, fax 206/467-6532. 2030 8th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Experts in collector cars worldwide. Whether buying, selling, evaluating, consigning or appraising, we cut the edge on the current market. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. Top prices paid; from one car to entire collections, condition and location are no obstacles. "We covet the rare and unusual, whether pedigreed or proletarian." E-mail: sales@cosmopolitanmotors.com. (WA) eBay Motors, a part of eBay Inc. The World's Online Marketplace. Consistently ranked the best automotive site on the Web by Nielsen/NetRatings. Everyday drivers, collector cars, auto parts and accessories, motorcycles and automobilia. List your car for sale for only $40 and pay $40 more when it sells. Every vehicle transaction is covered by $20,000 in free insurance. Visit the "Services" section on www.ebaymotors.com for more details. BUY/SELL/GENERAL Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/467- racing cars. Large extensive poster inventory. Automotive books, videos, art library. 7456 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037. E-mail: info@grandprixclassics.com; www.grandprixclassics.com. (CA) Oldtimer Garage. 41-31-819 00 00, fax 41-31-819 51 91. Gurbestrasse 3, CH-3125, Toffen, Bern, Switzerland. www.oldtimergarage.com . (CH) www.historicalcars.com We BuyWe Sell-We Find. Europe/US/Asia/ Far East. If you are looking to buy or sell a vehicle(s) with historic or collector appeal, try us. 30 years of experience, your satisfaction our priority. Any time—Any place—Anywhere. www.historicalcars.com . MotorCities.com- We'll sell your collector car or motorcycle in 30 days or less or you don't pay!-You pay nothing up front, 1-5% commission upon sale-Custom-Built eBay Auction Pages-Digital Photography Services-Free Market Appraisal-Give us a shot! There's nothing to lose-Phone: 801/ 792-1882, Fax: 443/342-0755, E-mail: sales@motorcities.com. (UT) COLLECTOR CAR FINANCING J.J. Best Banc & Company. 800/ 1.JSA-1965, fax 508/945-6006. The largest national leader on Antique, Classic, Exotic, Rod and Sports Cars with rates starting at 7.99% and long terms from 5 to 12 years. Call, fax or e-mail your application today for quick 10 minute approval. Efficient and professional service is what you deserve so don't hesitate, call us today to be in the driver's seat of your dream car tomorrow. www.jjbest.com. (MA) COLLECTOR CAR INSURANCE Fantasy Junction. 510/653-7555, fax 510/653-9754, www.fantasyjunction.com, e-mail sales@fantasyjunction.com . Specializing in European collectible autos and racing cars from the 1920s to the 1970s, with over 50 cars in stock. Bruce Trenery has over 25 years experience in this business, based in the East Bay area. Clients and contacts worldwide with satisfaction as the hallmark. 1145 Park Ave., Emeryville, CA 94608. (CA) Grand Prix Classics. 858/459-3512, fax 619/459-3512. Specialize in the buying and selling of historic sports cars and Sterejigustin's AUTOMO ILIA Limited Edition Art & Collectibles 1638 SE 11th Ave Canby, OR 97013 (503) 266-4079 or (800) 452-8434 email: steveaustin@canby.com www.steveaustinsautomobilia.com 94 Official Organizer of SCM's Historic and Collector Car Tours American Collectors Insurance. 800/360-2277. We've been taking the hassle-and expense-out of insuring collector vehicles since 1976. Get the collector coverage you need, at a price you won't believe! Visit us online for an instant rate quote, www.AmericanCollectors.com, or call toll-free. Available in all states except AK and HI. (NJ) Hagerty Collector Car Insurance. 800/922-4050. Collector cars aren't like their late-model counterparts. These classics actually appreciate in value so standard market policies that cost significantly more won't do the job. With Hagerty, we'll agree on a fair value and cover you for the full amount. No prorated claims, no hassles, no games. See what Hagerty can do for you! Call 1-800-922-4050, or visit our Web site at: www.hagerty.com . (MI) 395-4835. From "brass & wood" antiques to modern day classics, our program accepts a wide range of collector vehicles. Enjoy excellent coverage & low "collector" rates. No strict mileage limitations in most states. Call toll-free or visit us online at American Hobbyist.com . (FL) American Hobbyist Insurance. 800/ 267-7700, fax 203/267-7773. With over 20 years of experience specializing in exotic, classic and vintage autos, our Lease/Purchase plan is ideal for those who wish to own their vehicle at the end of the term as well as those who like to change cars frequently. Our Simple Interest Early Termination plan allows you the flexibility of financing with the tax advantages of leasing. We make COLLECTOR CAR LEASING Premier Financial Services. 203/ CLASSIC CAR TRANSPORT Cosdel InternationaL 415/777-2000, fax 415/543-5112. Now in its 33rd year of international transport. Complete service, including import/export, customs clearances, DOT and EPA, air/ocean, loading and unloading of containers. Contact Martin Button, (CA) e-mail: info@cosdel.corm www.cosdel.com . (CA) leasing as simple as turning the key. www.WhyNotLease.com. (CT) Putnam Leasing. 866/90-LEASE (866/905-3273). Never get in a car with strangers. Custom-tailored, leaseto-own financing for your dream car. Easy, fast and dependable. Exclusive leasing agent for Barrett-Jackson, Cavallino and Ferrari Club of America 2004 International Meet. Go with people you trust. Call toll free or visit vvww.PutnamLeasing.com. (CT) 224-8657, fax 503/223-6953. Awardwinning interior restoration. Leather dyeing and color matching. 431 NW 9th, Portland, OR 97209. (OR) RESTORATION/GENERAL Guy's Interior Restorations. 503/ VINTAGE EVENTS The Colorado Grand. 1,000 mile tour of western Colorado. Pre-1961 sports cars. Frank Barrett. 970/926-7810, fax 970/926-1815. (CO) Passport Transport. 800/325-4267, fax 314/878-7295. Classic and specialty cars delivered anywhere in the USA. Special event services, including Pebble Beach, Monterey Histories, BarrettJackson, and Auburn. Standard-of-theindustry service since 1970. www.passporttransport.com . (MO) TNT, INC. 518/236-4166, fax 518/ 236-4549. Personalized auto transport service-door to door, coast to coast, open carrier or enclosed carrier. Winching and 24-hour security. First class equipment. Dependable and insured. (NY) Intercity Lines, Inc. 800/221-3936, fax 413/436-9422. Rapid, hassle-free, coast-to-coast service. Insured, enclosed transport for your valuable car at affordable prices. State-of-the-art satellite transport tracking. Complete service for vintage races, auctions, relocation moves. www.intercitylines.com . (MA) PC BEAR Auto Transport specializing in all types: hobby, collector vehicles, toys, neat old stuff, regular cars, parts, and winching. Life long car nut. Equipment serviced and maintained by me. Clean driving record since 1959 in all states. ICCMC, US DOT insured. I sleep in my truck while transporting. Inspection and check delivery service. Door to door delivery. PC Bear, 135 Broad St., Akron, PA 17501. 717/859-1585. Talk to me anytime. Thank you. (PA) 973-3987, fax 253/851-4707. Enclosed auto transport nationwide. Lift gate loading, experienced personnel. Classic & exotic cars. Special events—fully insured. Fred Koller, owner. fredkoller@ concourstransport.com , www.concourstransport.com. (WA) Concours Transport Systems. 253/ ENGLISH Repairs / Restorations / Race International Motor Car Repair, Inc. ph/fax 845/226-9027, Hopewell Sports Car Market

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Junction, NY Specializing in the repair of all British cars. Factory trained RollsRoyce and Jaguar technician. Located an hour and a half from the New York Metropolitan area. Pick-up and delivery arranged. Call Jeff Palmero. (NY) AC 3225, fax 503/646-4009. Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. AC restoration specialist. 35 years experience. Partial to full restorations done to street or concours standards. (OR) Sales, restoration and transportation. VintageRacingServices.com, Automotive Restorations.com . (CT) JWF Restorations, Inc. 503/643- Peter Hageman, Vintage Automobiles. 206/954-1961, fax 425/287-0660. P.O. Box 554, Kirkland, WA 98033. Prewar European autos, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, specializing in vintage Bentleys. (WA) ,4LFA ROMEO Parts 643-3225, fax 503/646-4009. US Registrar: Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. The World's largest organization of AC owners and enthusiasts. AC ownership not required. Monthly magazine. (OR) Austin- Healey Rocky Santiago. 405/843-6117, fax 405/843-6251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Specializing in Aston Martins, all years, all conditions. Buy/sell/consign. If you are buying or selling, please call. Also have other English cars, including Healeys, MGs, Triumphs, etc. (OK) Austin-Healey Club USA. 888/ 4AHCUSA, fax 503/528-0533. 8002 NE Hwy 99, Ste B PMB 424, Vancouver, WA 98665-8813. Oldest national Austin-Healey club and factory club heritage. The resource for all current and future owners. Members receive Austin-Healey Magazine, Resource Book, calendar, tech assistance, book discount. Annual dues still just $35. Visa/MC accepted. Visit our Web site: www.healey.org . (OR) Aston Martin Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARI/ VRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com, www .AutomotiveRestorations.com. (CT) Aston Marlin Owners Club East Coast and Canada Contact: Robert Stoclanan, Chairman: 386/446-8081 386/ 445-6000 RMSAMRAD@PCFL.com 20 Marbella Court, Palm Coast, FL 32137 Sponsors many events including social, concours and speed throughout the year from the east coast to the Mississippi. Historical information, technical resources and sales information relating to old and new cars available to members. (FL) Jaguar Jaguar Clubs of North America. 888/CLUBJAG, Write: JCNA, 1000 Glenbrook Road, Anchorage, KY 40223. Join the primary organization of Jaguar enthusiasts in US/Canada. 52 local clubs provide social and other activities. JCNA sponsors championships in concours, rally, slalom. Members receive bi-monthly Jaguar Journal magazine. www.jcna.com . (BC) Morgan 0447. Authorized Agent for Morgan Motor Company. Sales, Service, Restoration for all vintage British Marques. Always buying clean original and restored examples. Austin-Healey, Jaguar, MG, Triumph. Visit our Web site, northshores portscars.com, Lake Bluff, IL. (IL) Rolls-Royce/Bentley Northshore Sportscars. 847/247- Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARI/ VRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. November, 2003 AC Owner's Club Limited. 503/ Jon Norman's Alfa Parts. 510/5259435, fax 510/524-3636. Large selection of parts from 1900 series to Milano. Efficient, personal service. 1221 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. (CA) Centerline. 303/447-0239, fax 303/ 447-0257. Restoration and replacement parts, Giulietta through 164. Free catalog. www.centerlinealfa.com . (CO) International Auto Parts 800-788- 4435, 434/973-0555, fax 434/973-2368. Est. 1971. Over 90,000 Alfa/ Fiat/ Lancia parts, 1956 to present, in stock, ready to ship. Fast, knowledgeable service + same day shipping! FREE 76 page catalog. 4351 Seminole Trail, P.O. Box 9036, Charlottesville, VA 22906-9036. (VA) Performance Motoring Associates 831/338-9703, fax 831/338-2031. Former Alfa Romeo dealer and SCCA racing champion, Al Leake has over 30 years of experience to compliment his new restoration shop. Specializing in Giulietta/Guilia. Extensive inventory of cars, racing components and parts. Lightweight body panels, Sebring racing suspensions and complete restorations now available. E-mail Alleake@aol.com, 12895 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006. alfaromeorestorations.com (CA) fast service. 203 NE 122nd Ave., Portland, OR 97203. (OR) 650-2690, fax 949/650-2730. 922 Sunset Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Specializing in sales of Ferrari and other exotics. Consignments, brokerage services, references available. Extensive computer database. Whether buying or selling, call. (CA) ItalParts. Fax +31 172 240536. Specializing in Italian car parts and prewar car parts. 25 years of experience in finding all kinds of parts. Lots of spare parts in stock. Look on my Internet site: www.italparts.com . If you don't find the part there, send us an e-mail: info@italparts.com. Buy Italian engines/ parts/cars of pre-war period and '50s and early '60s. (IT) I constantly collect and sell all Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis. 310/274-7440, fax 310/274-9809, simonrandy@aol.com . If I don't have what you seek, I can usually find it for you (at low prices). Please, call anytime for straight advice on the market. Finder's fee gladly paid. Randy Simon. (CA) Gentry Lane Lamborghini. 416/ Garry Roberts & Company. 949/ GERMAN Mercedes-Benz Re-Originals. 281/807-1945, fax 281/807-1946. THE US source for original upholstery materials, original rubber mats and gaskets, and original, new European taillights, headlights, grilles and door panels for most Italian cars ('47-'78). Additional distributors wanted. (TX) Repairs / Restoration Nasko's Imports. 503/771-1472, 5409 SE Francis, Portland, OR 97206. Oregon's oldest and most respected Alfa repair and performance tuning facility. Milano spoken here! Ask about our used Alfas for sale. Fast work, fair prices. (OR) Dan Sommers's Veloce Motors. 503/274-0064. 1425 NW Flanders, Portland, OR 97209. More than two decades of helping Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini owners keep their cars on the road while not emptying their bank accounts. Other foreign cars serviced as well. (OR) FERRARI / MASERATI / LAMBORGHINI ETC. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. Sales, 800/547-4455, 503/255-7560. Service and Parts, 800/944-6483, 503/257-9655. America's oldest and most dedicated Ferrari dealer. New and used exotic cars. Also, huge parts department with fast, email: stephanie@wtpdx.com  503.231.5103  800.594.0805  The DiFatta Brothers, LTD. 800/ 638-7656 (orders). Info, 410/426-7524, fax 410/426-8194. 5928 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206. Largest importer of Alfa, Fiat and Lancia parts on the East Coast. Decades of experience-we know these cars, and we know the right parts. VISA/MC. Orders, www.difatta.com . (MD) 535-9900, fax 416/535-8152. Also Canada's largest Ferrari parts inventory. Under new ownership. Call today with your needs. Jason Popovich. (ON) Symbolic Motor Car Company. 858/454-1800, fax 858/454-1890. 7440 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92307. Largest dealer of exotic Ferraris, Jaguars, Alfas and other cars in the world. Always a superb array of important cars on display. Interesting trades always considered. www.symbolicmotors.com . (CA) Michael Sheehan. 949/646-6086, fax 949/646-6978. Always looking for cars to buy, from rare one-offs to serial production ordinaries. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus—call me first or call me last, I'll make you the best cash offer. Buyers, let me use my 20,000-car database to help you find a car, or verify the history of one you are looking at. www.ferrarisonline.com. (CA) Mercedes-Benz Club of America. 800/637-2360. MBCA, 1907 Lelaray St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909. World's largest Mercedes-Benz club, 33,000 members, all models, 1886onward; excellent 120-page color magazine, The Star, with how-to tech articles, history, new models, racing, hundreds of cars for sale, ads free to members, much more. New car raffle, tech assistance, national events, more; dues $45/yr. www.mbca.org . (CO) Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARV VRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com, www .AutomotiveRestorations.com. (CT) Porsche Gull Wing Group International. Gary Estep, 530/345-6701. 776 Cessna, Chico, CA 95928. Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of 1954 to 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupes and Roadsters. You do not have to be an owner to belong. Member benefits include: twelve monthly magazines per year plus a national convention that rotates its location around the country. Also, reproduction parts and much more. (CA) Thomas Shaughnessey Consulting. 949/366-6211, fax 949/366-6827. Professional buyer of Ferraris, primarily '50s, '60s and '70s. Also have extensive Lambo and Maser experience. Additionally deal in Ferrari engines. Plus—have more than 350 Ferrari wheels in stock. Call today for straight talk and honest advice. San Clemente, CA. (CA) Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARV VRS). 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com, www .AutomotiveRestorations.com. (CT) 356 Registry. 810/688-9090, fax 810/688-9091. 356 Registry, 3359 Kings Mill Rd, North Branch, MI 48461. A club for those interested in 356 Porsches. The Registry Magazine is published six times a year. 356 ownership not necessary. Dues $30 annually. Membership information: Barbara Skirmants. www.356registry.org. (MI) AMERICAN Shelby Shelby American Automobile Club. 860/364-0449, fax 860/364-0769. P.O. Box 788, Sharon, CT 06069. Over 5,000 members, 50 Regions throughout the world. Dedicated to the care and preservation of the cars that Carroll Shelby produced. Two national conventions a year, semi-annual magazine, bimonthly newsletter as well as a registry. (CT)* Travel begins here . . . Stephanie Warrington The Official Travel Agent for Sports Car Market Specializing in International Travel, Custom Vacations & Groups 700 NE Multnomah, #478 Portland OR 97232 World Travel Inc. 95 Alex Dearborn in Topsfield, MA. 978/887-6644, fax 978/887-3889. Buying, selling and trading vintage Mercedes. Specializing in 300SLs. Large database of older MBs. www.dearbornauto.com . (MA)

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ewatch r How about a Flintstone Familymobile, seen recently on eBay Motors? This electric golf cart draped with fiberglass logs was manufactured with rights purchased from Universal Studios, meaning it is not the one original movie car. It appears to be the same vehicle that was sold at the April 26 Kruse auction of the Klassix Auto Attraction, and now the new owner is trying to flip it. It required an opening bid of $18,000 but had no takers. This will be a tough sale considering it is not the real movie vehicle and the Flintstones have dropped entirely off the pop cultural radar. Now if it had been Homer Simpson's car... SCAT er Mike Slama pointed me to another automotive oddity that was described as a 1934 Baby Duesenberg Packard Pierce-Arrow. This M y in-box is overflowing, as SCM'ers point me to all kinds of bizarre cars that people are attempting to unload on the Internet. ■i by Carl Bomstead 8A needs—like an engine, seats, taillights, title and a few other minor items. In other words, it needed everything. Fewer than 50 of these cars were sold in the U.S. in 1952 and as they did win two classes at the 1950 Le Mans, this Simca would be most desirable if it were even near complete. Here are a few more, also weird, but they did go down the road to new homes. EBAY MOTORS #2425124226-1987 LAMBORGHINI LM002. First Bid: $15,000. Number of Bids: 23. SOLD AT: $57,000. Date: 7/30/2003. This well-presented EBAY MOTORS #2426626793-1959 ALFA ROMEO GIULETTA SPRINT ZAGATO. S/N AR-10126*00082. First Bid: $5,000. Number of Bids: 44. SOLD AT: $60,000. Date: 8/10/2003. A warning on this car was sent out to SCM Gold subscribers, as there is a substantial wake that follows it. It sold at the RM 2000 Monterey sale for $49,500, but we're told there were problems with the sale, and the car was shipped off to Barrett-Jackson in January 2001, where it sold for less than half, bringing only $19,440. If this is the real thing, it is one of 169 alloy-bodied Sprint derivatives that Zagato produced over a five-year period and a huge bargain—but that's a big "if." Hopefully, the buyer did his due diligence. "Rambo Lambo" received all kinds of attention, with close to 10,000 "hits." Only 301 of these testosterone machines were produced; this is one of the few US-spec versions, powered by a 5.2-liter V12. Price guides indicate that this was a good buy, and with a little aftermarket armament, the buyer is assured of being selected as security chief of his gated community. Mostly ilillmowit homemade special was said to be built by the talented George S. Brauks, who was responsible for seven mostly hand-built cars between 1898 and 1927. His biography states that he built his last car in 1927, with no reference to this one offered on eBay. The front grille is from a 1937 Terraplane, and the origins of the rest are anyone's best guess. The car has a 75" wheelbase and is only 56" wide, so he would have had to re-shape and modify every component. The small, built-from-scratch, eightcylinder engine has a displacement of only 114 cubic inches. The car received 49 bids but at $21,100, the seller would not let it go. I think I would have taken the money and run. A 1952 Simca Eight convertible could have been resting in your driveway for only $3,200, but no one even opened with the $200 starting bid. Of course, the Simca had a few EBAY #3619875746 FRENCH AUTO OIL ONE-GALLON CAN. First Bid: $100. Number of Bids: 9. SOLD AT: $1,136. Date: 8/2/2003. I bought this same fakey-doo can on eBay a few years ago and, after a series of e-mails that escalated in hostility, I got my money back. But here it is, back for another go. The can looks fine at 72 dpi but in real life the label, which appears to be generated from a color copier, stands out like a Kia at a Ferrari concours. The genuine cans are very desirable and have wonderful graphics, but whoever got stuck for over a grand and ended up with this mess is probably not going to be a very happy camper. SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Sports Car Market magazine (ISSN #1527859X) is published monthly by Keith Martin Publications, PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292. Periodicals postage paid at Portland, OR and additional entries. Subscription rates are $58 for 12 monthly issues in the US, $78 Canada/Mexico, Europe $88, Asia/Africa/Middle East $98. Subscriptions are payable in advance in US currency. Make checks to: Sports Car Market. Visa/MC accepted. For instant subscription, call 24-hours 800.289.2819, 503.252.5812; fax 503.252.5854. 96 EBAY #3619503370 — PERFECT CIRCLE GAS HOG SIGN. First Bid: $50. Number of Bids: 2. SOLD AT: $250. Date: 7/24/2003. A series of these signs depict the evils of not using Perfect Circle piston rings with a cartoon hog that steals gas mileage. They are most frequently found in lithographed PEIIFE( 'f I III( LE tin and sell in the $2,500 range when in excellent condition. This one was cardboard and, at 10% of the price of the tin version, it has to be considered well purchased. EBAY MOTORS #2424250232-1929 PACICARD MODEL 655 CONVERTIBLE. First Bid: $70,000. Number of Bids: 22. SOLD AT: $137,500. Date: 7/24/2003. The description of this Packard set off all kinds of red flags. First, there is no Model 655—the top of the line in 1929 was the Model 645. Assuming a typo, the next flag was the VIN, which should match the engine number. This one isn't even close to the six-digit sequence that was followed that year. The car appears to be a Model 640 roadster, and if the concerns can be sorted out, the buyer has a wonderful car that was purchased for the right money. If not, well ...• POSTMASTER Send address changes to: Sports Car Market PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292 CPC IPM Sales Agreement No. 1296205 Sports Car Market

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1936 A.C. Coupe 14K Original  1966 Austin LondonTaxi Lovely Patina  $45,000.00 $9,995.00 1954 Austin Healy 100-4 Roadster Enthusiast restoration  ...$18,995.00 1941 Cadillac Coupe AHD Ex-Maharaja/ Low, Low Miles ...$27,500.00 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz White/Red/Project  1958 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan Fresh Motor  1961 Cadillac Convertible Superb Driver  1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Convertible Big Project  1948 Chrysler Town and Country Woody  $29,995.00 $8,500.00 $25,000.00 $3,995.00 $55,000.00 1951 Daimler DB 18 Drophead Bristol Condition & Rare  $29,995.00 1974 Datsun 240 Z 1 Owner 140k Original  $15,995.00 1936 Delahaye 135 Iabourdette 3 Position Drophead  $115,000.00 1924 Dodge Tourer Proper Older Restoration  1925 Dodge Roadster Lovely Patina & Rebuilt Motor  1960 Dodge Pickup OYYeller  1999 Dodge Viper RT/10 Hand-painted by Lassen  1964 Facel Vega Facel HI Driver/Project  1966 Ferrari 330 GTS Long-term Owner  1967 Ferrari 330 GTC White/Bonanis  1970 Hat 500 Moretti Restored with sunroof  1924 Franklin Tourer Dead Stock Original  1910 Hupmobile Brass Roadster Ex-Harrah  1959 Jaguar Mark 1 Recent Partial Restoration  1961 Jaguar Mark II Custom Cabriolet, Project  1967 Jaguar E-Type Red/Black, Comprehensive Resto.  1974 Jaguar E-Type V 12 Roadster  $175,000.00 $9,500.00 $185,000.00 $75,995.00 $6,995.00 $25,995.00 $39,995.00 $9,500.00 $22,500.00 $75,000.00 $45,000.00 $15,995.00 $18,995.00 $7,995.00 1972 Lands Fulvia Zagato,1600cc  1939 Lincoln Zephyr V12  1956 Lincoln Capri Superb  1956 Lincoln Mark 11 White/ Original & Proper  1931 Mercedes Benz 370 Manlitim Cabriolet  1960 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Roadster Extreme  1965 Mercedes Benz 220 SE Cabriolet Anthracite/ Zebra Wood  1966 Mercedes Benz 600 SWB Blue/ Zebra Wood  1974 Mercedes Benz 280 SLC 5-speed/ European Model 1990 Mercedes Benz 500 SL Roadster White  1965 MG MGB Roadster Gray/Wires/OD/Race Car  1950 Monet Goyon 125cc Motorcycle. Only one in US/Original  1955 Moto Morini 125cc 2-Stroke Motorcycle Fabulous 1961 M.V.Augusta 150cc Pickup Parts Delivery Truck  1954 Nash Rambler Plain Farina Coupe Streamline Design 1971 Oldsmobile Toronado Running parts car  1940 Packard 180 Super 8 Club Sedan  1939 Packard 1708 V-12 Rollson Town Car  1965 Pontiac Tempest Convertible 326  2000 Porsche 996 Carrera Aero Kit Arctic Silver  1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 LHD  1979 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith 11 Fresh Paint  1959 Rover American Conversion Sweetie Pie  1955 Volkswagen Beetle 1 Owner  $17,500.00 $22,995.00 $24,995.00 $25,000.00 $140,000.00 $45,000.00 $35,000.00 $27,995.00 $7,995.00 $28,995.00 $8,995.00 $5,995.00 $4,995.00 $5,995.00 ..$10,995.00 $ 1 ,995.00 $49,995.00 $205,000.00 $9,500.00 $62,000.00 $17,500.00 $19,500.00 $4,995.00 $5,995.00 WATERCRAFT 1947 Western Fain:trier Torpedo  Fully restored to Lake Tahoe specs 1947 Harco 40 Mahogany Pleasure Yacht  $75,000 $120,000 Twin 440s. Cruises at 35 kts. Art Deco head turner Very expensive when new. 1955 Chriscraft 29' Beautiful ex-Tahoe Mahogany Speedboat  $48,500 Twin Hercules 6 cyl. Small galley and head. Recent re-fitting. Fascinating history. 1958 Richardson 41'  PUR SANG DE ARGENTINA The world's best Bugatti replicas, hand made in Argentina,Type 35B with supetthargerVirtually all parts are interchangeable with original. Blindingly fast as experienced by Phil Hill.Type 52 children's electric cars,Testarossa electric cars. Bugatti vices and spare parts. Expertly crafted and finished by our brothers down south in the land of silver and metal crafting masters. Cosmopolitan Motors LLC is proud to be the Exclusive Importer for Pur Sang in North America. RECYCLED OLD GROWTH TIMBER Hundreds of thousands of board feet of old growth Douglas Fir.Tongue and groove, clear vertical grain with no nail holes. Eighty years old from five hundred year old trees, also California Redwood, 2x4, 2x6, 4x6,6x8, 3x12, perfect original condition, previously used in food production never exposed to toxins or chemicals. Impossible to find on today's market. Inquire. $55,000 Formerly of the Miller Brewing family, hence its name "High Life! Very nice boat. Always Buying - Experts in Shipping. We appraise collector cars world-wide for insurance or settlements. (206) 467-6531 Fax (206) 467-6532 2030 8th Avenue - cosmopolitanmotors.com Seattle, Washington 98121

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INTERNATIONAL THE 3RDANNUAL 1013 PRESENTS CLASSIC AUCTION HELD INSIDE 5001 Great American Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054 LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE: MIKE HENNESSY (408) 292-3121 ADMISSION: $15 Adult • $10 Children 12 & Under CONSIGN YOUR CAR TODAY! _ • • • •••••  _ This is a 1974 Chevy Corvette Convertible, Blue with Black interior.A/T, A/C, power windows, steering, and brakes. A correct number car. IZ67.14S408348 ---"m"."11111111111 111111111  ■ ""1"- 1968 Eleanor Mustang Custom built muscle car. VIN8R02T137831 1973 Jaguar with a Chevrolet V-8 and a 350 transmission. A/C blows ice cold. This was a professional instalation. A very-high end pearl white paintjob. No smog required on a 1973. A car you have to drive. VINUE2T511508W kt.1k 0 PACIFIC COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION 6 SHOW OCTOBER 18 & 19, 2003 • SANTA CLARA, CA GATES OPEN AT 8:00 AM • AUCTION STARTS AT 10:00 AM ONE OF THE PREMIER CAR EVENTS IN THE WORLD 400 CARS EXPECTED 100,000sq.ft. NEW SANTA CLARA CONVENTION CENTER 1968 Chevy El Camino Fully chromed engine compartment. High quality midnight blue paint. A show quality car in and out. V1N1368081(217315 1954 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. With all new interior and new point and chrome. Light blue with a white top. Drives like a new car. VIN1546271684 IT COSTS NOTHING EXTRA TO INCLUDE  YOUR CAR IN THE CATALOG. IT DOUBLES  YOUR SALE POTENTIAL.  1971 Cord Convertible {Replica) Built with a Dodge 440 or Dodge 400. Pearl White with tan interior. Fully serviced with records. What a car to drive! VIN079R1077C The Worlds's Largest Vintage Car Auction INTERNATIONAL 800.968.4444 • www.kruse.com Auburn, IN 46706 6% Cars...15% Memorabilia • Auctioneers: Dean V. Kruse CA Lic #SUN260982, Brent Earlywine CA Lic # CSC3059408 SELL YOUR CAR FOR TOP DOLLARS. THROUGH KRUSE INTERNATIONAL'S BUYERS NETWORK.

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Phoenix Historic ORAND PRIX FEATURING THE 33RD ANNUAL KRUSE AUCTION ii JANUARY 28TH mu FEBRUARY 1ST PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY AVONDALE, ARIZONA 30 MINUTES FROM THE SCOTTSDALE PRINCESS AREA AND 101 BYPASS NEW DATES - NEW SITE! IC:111 4C:0 ACRE SITE THIS SITE HAS SPACE FOR... 3,000 AUCTION CARS 3,000 MOTOR COACHES 3,000 CAR CORRAL CARS 1,000 COMMERCIAL VENDORS 3,000 REGULAR VENDORS 60,000 SPECTATOR CARS 1,000 FT. LONG AUCTION TENT 100,000 PEOPLE 1,000 TRUCK PARKING SPACES ENTIRE EVENT ON BLACKTOP THE BEST OF BOTH WORLD'S L Live on 800.9 . 84444 CAR CORRAL For You To Sell Your Car Privately .COM The World's Largest Internet Site! Shown Simultaneously Around the World For Instant Bidding! CALL FOR FREE 30 PAGE BROCHURE  BE A PART OF THIS INTERNATIONAL EVENT! HOST HOTEL: THE FAMOUS WIGWAM RESORT ASK FOR SPECIAL KRUSE RATES! Local 260 925 5600 • Fax 260 925 5467 www kruse com Local Sponsor: Leo Gephart 480-948-2286 • 6°/o Buyer Premium • Dean V. Kruse, Auctioneer License # 102651 • Kruse, Inc., F-0858089-9 MORE THAN 100,000 PEOPLE EXPECTED • GOAL - 2,000 CARS • VINTAGE RACES VINTAGE SHOWS • HISTORIC INDY CARS • 2004 IRL CARS PARADE • CONCOURS DILEGANCE • VENDOR MIDWAY - DAILY CAR SHOWS Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Mustangs Corvettes Model A's & T's Sports & Muscle Cars Classic Cars ,&•04,449.4fre. tar oe-t4./8 KRUSE INTERNATIONAL 7,,/

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AUTOMATIC CHRONOGRAPH WITH WORLD TIME INDICATOR "WW.tC" WORLDWIDE TIME CONTROL GIRARD -PERREGAUX et) GP /(1/ EASI' 3379 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Deerfield Beach, FL 33442  954.429.9880 • 1.888.345.TIME(8463)  Deerfield Beach:  JEWELRY CiST Palm Beach: 323 Worth Ave. Palm Beach ,FL 33480 561.820.8822 • 1.888.780.TIME(8463) Visit GIRARD-PERREGAUX at www.girard-perregaux-usa.com