1925 Bugatti Type 35B Grand Prix Racer

The car was converted to aluminum wheels to bring it to 35B specs, but it is more authentic as a road car

Chassis number: BC31 (not original Bugatti number)
Engine number: 70

If ever there was a name synonymous with the Bugatti Owners’ Club, it is that of aficionado Jack Perkins. As a past editor of Bugantics, a director of the Bugatti Owners’ Club and chairman of the Competitions Committee, he knew one or two things about making a Read More

Toby Ross

SCM Contributor

Toby was born in England where his enthusiasm for fine automobiles started at a young age, preparing his father’s Aston DB 2/4 for concours events, and later using it in hill climbs. He moved to France 25 years ago, and after a couple of years working for the Aston Martin importer, became a classic car broker, mainly for Ferrari. Living in France awakened an interest in the great French marques, and a long learning curve began. Over the years, Toby has discovered some great cars sleeping in France ranging from a Ferrari Daytona Competition to a Talbot Teardrop. Toby now lives on the small island of Malta, where he helps organize races and shows for the thriving classic car community.

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