1939 GM Futurliner

The consignor of Futurliner Number 3 that is available at our auction in Auburn purchased the vehicle out of an Indiana warehouse in 1999. It is believed to be one of the Futurliners that passed through Joe Bortz’s hands. It is clearly the most accurate and original unrestored Futurliner in existence, having been used by all of the previous restorations as the template for many parts that needed to be fabricated.

All of the exterior letters are original, have never been off the bus and they have been used to create molds for all of the restored examples. It still has the original inline 6-cylinder gasoline engine with the original block and transmission. It was a rolling display for the cutaway jet engine portion of the Parade of Progress, with appropriate display labels still intact in the rear electrical room. It carries $15,000 of custom-made Futurliner tires that were sourced from Coker Tire. All-new exterior aluminum and rubber parts come with the bus, as well as what is left of the original set of tires and all documentation available.

B. Mitchell Carlson

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Brian wrote his first auction report for Old Cars Weekly in 1990 and has contributed his colorful commentary in Sports Car Market since 1998. His work appears regularly in Kelley Blue Book, and also in a handful of marque-specific publications. Carlson shuns what he calls “single-marque tunnel vision” and takes great pride in his “vehicular diversity.” He attends about two dozen auctions per year, but he broke away to roar around Oregon with Paul Hardiman in SCM’s Dodge Viper and Porsche 911 Turbo in the 2015 Northwest Passage.

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