The 1954 Paris Salon hosted the world premiere of the Ferrari 250 Gran Turismo which was to become one of the most important milestones in the history of Automobili Ferrari. The 250 GT Series was the first Ferrari standardized production touring car, and in its many guises spanned a period of almost ten years. This was the era of great expansion at Maranello and established the marque with an enviable worldwide reputation.

The 250 GT superseded the short-lived 250 Europa and yet in aesthetic styling had many similarities, both being designed by Pinin Farina, but mechanical specification was completely new. The three-liter engine was a direct development of the original Colombo designed 125 V-12 Grand Prix engine which provided such notable success in the 250 MM. Sports racing cars. The displacement of 2,953 cc was almost 250 cc per cylinder, hence the designation “250.” The new 508 Series chassis was race bred and at the rear the side members passed over the back axle and in front the traditional transverse leaf springs were replaced by coil springs, the wheelbase length was reduced to 2.60 meters.

The car was to be a series production model and yet Pininfarina were unable to produce the required output as their new factory was still under construction, so the task was consigned to Carrozzeria Boano, a company formed by Mario-Felice Boano and Luciano Pollo after they left Ghia in 1953.

The new 250 GT Boano was launched in early 1956 and 80 models were produced in that year, which, compared with numbers attained by preceding models, was significant. In late 1957 Boano left his company to set up a Central Styling office for FIAT and his brother-in-law, Ezio Ellena, took over, changing the company to Carrozzeria Ellena who carried on with the 250 GT up till 1958, but as an Ellena Coupe.

The 250 GT Boano described here was built mid-way through the first year of production in 1956 and first registered in the United Kingdom. Twenty years later the car was sold to an American enthusiast in Georgia who passed it on to another colleague in North Carolina who sold it in 1986 to its present owner in Switzerland. The car has since had a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration which was completed in 1989, since when it has not been used.

It is considered to be the finest 250 GT Boano and with its known history and provenance is certainly a most desirable and collectible motorcar. The importance of the 250 GT Boano is that is was the first true series production touring Ferrari and with its total refinement and elegance is most suitable for today’s motoring conditions. Historically this model was the forebear to the famous Testa Rossa and 250 GTs and with the 250 Series considered the heart of the Ferrari legend.

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Vehicle:1956 Ferrari 250 GT Boano

A Boano of the superb quality of 0545 GT would be hard pressed to achieve $100,000 in today’s market. However, at the Christie’s Monaco auction in 1991, 0545 GT sold for the remarkable sum of $186,756, commission included.

In the $60 – $75,000 range, Boanos represent an excellent value for the money, being usable event cars, and being limited production front-engined V12 Ferraris that will always have a market. – ED.

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