1970 Porsche 914/6

• The ultimate, best-performing Porsche 914 model
• Well known in PCA circles; 30 years of single ownership
• Excellent older restoration; rare and powerful mid-engine Porsche
• Complete with toolkit and owner’s manual

Prescott Kelly

Prescott Kelly - SCM Contributor - %%page%%

Prescott bought his first Porsche, a 1964 356SC coupe, in early July 1967, just before starting his first job. The next weekend he bought a refrigerator — thereby establishing priorities for life. He has owned many Porsches and is a Contributing Editor for Porsche Panorama, where he concentrates on arcane corners of Porsche history, writes the regular “356 Collectibles” and “MarketWatch” columns for the 356 Registry Magazine, and contributes to Excellence and the Journal of the Society of Automotive Historians.

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