Ferrucio Lamborghini's desire to include a four-seater GT in his line up of models was granted when in the spring of 1968 the Espada was exhibited at the Geneva Salon. The stylists at Bertone had created a distinctive vehicle, far out in appearance yet eminently practical. With 150 mph performance it was directly in competition with the Ferrari 365 2+2. All round independent suspension was a feature and initially the four-liter engine was to produce 325 bhp later rising by the third series car introduced in 1972 to 365 bhp.

The Espada was to remain in production for a full decade and it remains one of the most admired and commercially successful Lamborghinis. The adverse circumstances affecting the factory by 1978 were the real reason why the Espada ceased production rather than the product itself. By now the Countach could be produced "in house," while the Espada was still reliant on Bertone as the body builder. Lamborghini's financial problems caused grave concern amongst the various suppliers, many of whom were demanding cash upon delivery at this time!

This car pictured here with its distinctive UK registration number "123 FAB" had recently undergone a complete restoration since being acquired for a major private collection in 1988. Paintwork is now brilliant red with black leather trim and new Wilton fitted carpets and roof lining.

Receipts are available totaling in excess of $24,750 for the paintwork, bodywork and interior trim renovations, additionally an engine rebuild was undertaken by M. Vardy. Less than 500 miles have been covered since the car was completed.

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Vehicle:1973 Lamborghini Espada 400GT

“FAB123” was offered at the Brooks 28 July, 1995 Ascot sale and sold at a market average price of $17,480 including commission.

Espadas are called by their fans “the most stylish 4-seat GT car ever constructed,” and by their detractors “a flattened cheese wedge.” Espadas are a bargain in terms of performance, but are fully priced in today’s market p
lace and unlikely to appreciate. – ED.

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