1974 Maserati Bora

Unlike many of the first mid-engine cars that were compromised with small interiors, tiny trunks, and delicate construction, the Bora is a refined car that offers comfort with no sacrifice in performance.


Maserati introduced the Bora in 1971, the successor to the front-engined Ghibli. A mid-engined car in the fashion of Ferrari’s Boxer, the Bora used Maserati’s familiar, reliable and powerful 4.7-liter, four-cam V8, mated to a ZF gearbox.

Ital Design’s Giulio Alfieri, who had earlier designed the immortal 250F Maserati F1 car, designed the Bora. It had acceleration and handling of a high order and a slippery shape, resulting in a top speed of over 155 mph.

In 1973 the Bora was updated with a 4.9-liter engine making 310 horsepower, as used previously in the Ghibli SS, and performance was further increased as well.

The restored 1974 Maserati Bora featured here is finished in attractive fly yellow paintwork with black leather interior. The desirable optional air conditioning is fitted, along with all the attractive amenities one would expect from Maserati. The engine bay and chassis are both pleasing to the eye and testify to the car’s overall care and maintenance. It is reported that the car handles and drives extremely well.

While produced in relatively small numbers and considered highly sought-after, this fast and stylish sports car will make a wonderful addition to any collection.