2007 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

The FXX is on the edge of being too complicated to run without professional support, so what’s in the future?

The Enzo project charged Ferrari’s engineers to create a driving experience and interface inextricably connected to the Formula One cars. They accomplished the task by fitting the Enzo with a 660-hp, 6,262-cc, V12 engine with Bosch Motronic integrated digital electronic fuel injection, a six-speed paddle-shift transmission, carbon ceramic brakes, and a shriek that can be heard a county away.

Using the Enzo as its base, the FXX took the concept to another level. Powered by an uprated 6.3-liter variant of the Enzo V12, the FXX was rated at 790 horsepower, and its upgraded aerodynamics package increased the top speed to 227 mph. To control the power, the FXX utilized an even faster-shifting Formula One transmission aimed solely at closed course use.

The FXX featured integrated data monitoring telemetry and a “Big Brother” system to collect data every time a FXX rolls onto a track. The data is used to monitor the FXX’s systems—and also to improve Ferrari street and race cars. Thirty clients were selected to purchase and drive FXXs in Ferrari-organized events, with every rolling minute recorded by Big Brother.

The acquired data found that the FXX itself could be improved, and owners were encouraged to have Ferrari upgrade their cars to Evoluzione specs. The upgrade moved the horsepower up to 860 hp, moved the shift time down to 60 milliseconds, and the curb weight down to just over 2,500 pounds. Zero to 60 came down to a nearly unbeatable 2.8 seconds, making the FXX Ferrari’s most advanced GT car ever. Virtually no part of the FXX was left untouched by the Evoluzione kit.   A new traction-control system was fitted, along with new, longer-life Brembo brakes with ceramic discs, and a new rear diffuser with rear flaps.

This FXX offered here had just one owner and participated in only three Ferrari events. At one event, the car suffered a minor off. It was returned to Ferrari’s Corse Clienti division, where it was repaired to perfection and upgraded to Evoluzione specifications. Included with the FXX are the Technical Documentation manual, two sets of wheels and the official FXX Programme container, which holds the fueling rig, data acquisition instrumentation, tools, electronic cables and other equipment necessary to run this very sophisticated racing car.

There are very limited opportunities to purchase an FXX. The original 38 FXX owners were all hand-picked by Ferrari as dedicated Ferrari clients and enthusiasts. Changes in ownership are rare. This car offers the best of FXX ownership: Evoluzione upgrades, limited use, and maintenance by the high-end, race-winning outfit of Risi Competizione.

Steve Ahlgrim

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Steve taught high school auto shop before moving to Atlanta, GA, where his love of sports cars led him to FAF Motorcars, the former Ferrari dealer where he served as General Manager and Vice President. He has been a self-proclaimed “one-trick pony,” coveting the Ferrari marque. He has been involved in concours judging for over 25 years and is a member of the IAC/PFA, an international committee overseeing high-level Ferrari concours judging. He is chief judge of the Celebration Exotic Car Show in Celebration, FL.

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