SCM Wins’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Award For Best Classic Car Magazine!

“This year’s Readers’ Choice Awards program had a record number of nominations submitted across more than a dozen categories and featured hundreds of finalists,” said Margot Weiss, managing editor, “We are thankful to all our readers for their participation and congratulate SCM on their success.”

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We are pleased to announce that Sports Car Market magazine has been selected as the 2011 Readers’ Read More

Keith’s Corner, March 15th

After two weeks on the road, I’m headed home.

First stop last week was Auctions America by RM in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where we shot 3 episodes of What’s My Car Worth.  A new feature this year has me actually road-testing the cars that are going to cross the block; cars I got to drive included the barn-find 289 Cobra that sold for $467,500, a 1969 Land Rover SIIA 109 and more. There was an Alfa GT Jr. that I felt the red mist for, but luckily it sold when I was busy doing something else.

Collector Agonistes

Saved searches and RSS feeds are now the Pandora’s Box of my collecting life. Years ago, I would get giddy and feel the onset of the red mist once a month when Hemmings arrived (by first-class mail, of course). And when I went to an auction or swap meet, I would be temporarily overcome by my need to buy something, anything, that day.

But there were days—and sometimes weeks—when I wasn’t thinking about buying another car. That’s changed. Not only Read More

Keith’s Corner, February 28th

It’s been a busy week at SCM world headquarters. The final two MGs for the “Road to Reno” arrived, both 1974s. One came from Durango, CO and the other from Renton, WA. The white 1974 we picked up two weeks ago is at the detail shop; the detailer says that removing the Mae Wests from the front bumper “made the MG look like a sports car.” We think we’ve found a solution to the hideous burgundy vinyl dash cap sitting Read More

The Road to Reno Update

The Road to Reno

Here’s an up-to-date report on the SCM “B Team” caravan to the MG convention in Reno this June. In an uprising reminiscent of Tahrir Square, our teenage children singularly and collectively decided to opt out of the opportunity to beat themselves silly in 35-year-old cars—all the while surrounded with clueless adults who view this kind of madness as fun.

But there was no shortage of clueless adults to take their seats. The Read More

Keith’s Corner: A Weekly Look at the SCM Garage and the Activities Around It

Garage in Albuquerque?

Have you got a place in Albuquerque we can store our MGB until the trucker comes to haul it to Portland? If so, drop me an email, thanks.

Noisy Ponton Solutions?

We’re driving our 1959 220S again, and would like to see if we can reduce the road noise. We’ve been told various options include a flex-fan, 14” wheels, Dynamat or switching to a Read More

The Rattling Road to Reno

My first car was a 1959 Bug Eye Sprite that I bought in 1966, on the day I turned 16 and got my license. The Bug Eye was just seven years old at the time. Today, we think nothing of buying a seven-year-old car—doesn’t 2004 sound like new?

But back then, a seven-year-old sports car was very likely to be on the last of its original legs. My little Sprite had dents on every quarter, a piece of the lower Read More

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I felt like I had entered a tinkerer’s medieval blacksmith shop. Vintage Gran Prix Bugattis from the 1920s and ’30s were strewn haphazardly about the courtyard of the tony Chaminade Resort and Spa in Santa Cruz, CA, and seemingly half of them were being taken apart and put back together.

The tap, tap, tap of a hammer came from one car as a front suspension was taken apart. Another Bug had its engine out and dismantled, and a new Read More