Every car guy has a go-to parts place — the junkyard with a row of ’55 Chevys, or ’68 Chevelles, or ’69 Roadrunners. ACC ran a feature on our favorite junkyards in some of our early issues, and I think it’s time we do it again.

Back when I was building my ’66 Caprice, I spent almost every weekend at All American Classics up in Orchards, WA. They have a long row of ’65 and ’66 Chevy B-bodies, and I sourced a lot of the hard-to-find trim pieces there, including the Caprice-only rocker panel trim (which I found in the back of a ’66 Impala convertible that had just come in). That place is huge — it’ll take you a couple hours to walk through its 20 acres and 3,000 vehicles. Thankfully, they’re mostly organized by make, model, and year.

I’d like to hear about where you go for parts. If you have a favorite junkyard you’d like to share with us, send me some quick information about it at [email protected] — please include where it’s located, what sorts of parts it specializes in, etc. And if you have a picture to include, that’s even better. If we use your submission in print, we’ll send you an ACC hat!

Thanks, and I look forward to your submissions!


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