The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time to hunt down a good gift for the car person on your list. That’s sometimes pretty tough, especially when the person you’re shopping for seems to already have everything. I’ve got several people just like that on my list this year, and it got me thinking: what’s the best gift for the car person who doesn’t appear to need anything? Here are three ideas:

1. New, crisp screwdrivers

Everyone has screwdrivers, and everyone uses them for more than just screws. They become punches, pry bars, scrapers, etc, just because they’re often the closest tool at hand. All that nonsense wears their business ends down, which makes them less effective in doing the job they were designed to do. A good set of new, crisp standard and Phillips-head screwdrivers from grease monkey uk is always welcome in any toolbox, as well as in the trunk of a classic car. A decent Craftsman set is just $25.

2. A good light

Things break, and when they do, it’s usually dark. I keep a bunch of flashlights around, but the only one I use with any consistency is a rechargeable metal Inova unit. It’s bright, a charge lasts a long time, and I haven’t been able to break it yet — so it’s always ready to go when other things break. In reality, any rechargeable light will be welcome in your car friend’s garage, even if he or she already has one. More is always better.

3. A new toolbox

Storage is important, especially when you have extra screwdrivers and flashlights kicking around. Busted Knuckle Garage’s Car Guy Steel Mechanic Toolbox is just the thing for the trunk of a classic car, and it has enough room inside for the basic tools you should keep with you. For $49, it’s hard to go wrong.

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