We’re finishing up the March/April issue of ACC this week, which includes all our coverage of the Arizona auctions and Mecum Kissimmee in January.

Our Readers’ Forum question this month is all about classic trucks — specifically the market for them, and whether or not it’s hit a peak. This is something I touched on in my last blog — and here’s your chance to get in the conversation.

I’ve watched classic trucks come up in value over the past five or so years, and the trend certainly hasn’t shown much evidence of slowing down. But trucks were made in big numbers, so even today, getting a good classic example isn’t particularly difficult. Obviously, rarity isn’t really what’s driving the market here. Something else is going on that’s pushing prices ever higher for specific examples at high-profile events.

There’s still time to chime in with your thoughts on this question. So what do you think? Are classic trucks going to continue to get more expensive, or are we seeing the top of a market that’s bound to adjust back down to more reasonable levels? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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