We’re deep in production of ACC #10 this week – it’s set to ship to the press in early June. One of this issue’s profiles is of a well-known star car from the silver screen. Which one is it? I’m not giving it away here – you’ll just have to wait to see. 

Of course, since ACC’s staff is made up of a bunch of car nuts, this profile prompted us to all stand around talking about our favorite TV and movie cars yesterday afternoon. That eventually devolved into just building a list of the cars we thought were the coolest.

This got me thinking. If you had to pick five — JUST five — TV and movie cars you’d want to own, which ones would they be and why?

Here’s my list:

– Two-Lane Blacktop ’55 Chev

This car meant business from its fiberglass tilt front end through its lift-off trunk lid and L88 / LS6 powerplant. It was cool because of its brutal simplicity and power. I really want one, complete without creature comforts. I’d even stop to change the jets in the carburetor at least twice on my way to work. If you don’t get that joke, you need to watch the movie again.

– Bob Falfa’s ’55 Chev

OK, this is sort of cheating, since it’s the same car as the Two-Lane Blacktop ’55, re-purposed for Graffiti. Ever wonder why they never opened the hood on this car in the movie? Well, there was no L88 in ’62, for starters. Again, this was the bad-boy all-out racer icon of the film, and I can’t get enough of that. I’d need a cowboy hat, too.

– John Milner’s ’32 5-window Ford

You can argue all day over which hot rod is the most iconic, but I think Milner’s yellow Deuce takes the cake. Can’t have Falfa’s car without Milner’s parked next to it, right? I’ve heard the car was hard-wired — no fuse panel. As scary as that is, I still want it.


Flame me all you want. I’m completely unapologetic about this one. I grew up watching Knight Rider, and KITT was the best part of the show. Yes I’d own one and yes, I’d drive it in a black leather jacket. I actually already have the jacket. 

– The General Lee

This one is a given – The Dukes of Hazzard was on around the same time as Knight Rider, and since I was an impressionable kid at that time, I wanted my own orange Charger, too. In fact, I still do. I’d even learn to climb in the window instead of using the door handle. 

That’s my list. How would yours differ? Let us know in the comments below.

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