We’re working on the next issue of ACC this week, and there’s still time to participate in our Readers’ Forum. This month’s question: What is it that makes a car collectible?

This issue will feature everything from a vintage AMC Pacer through a modern Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. That’s a wide range of cars, and it begs the question: What is it that makes a car collectible?

When does a car become special? When does it become coveted? At what point does a car or truck turn from basic daily transportation into something collectors want to own?

Is it strictly based on a measurement of time — say 25 years for antique status — or does it depend on the car in question? For example, is a 1995 Mustang Cobra more collectible than a 1978 Mustang Cobra II?

Does a car need to be special from day one, or does it just need to outlast all the other cars like it to be a reminder of times gone by?

Answering this question can help you figure out what the next trend might be in the collector market. So what do you think?

Send your thoughts to [email protected] or comment below, and look for the Readers’ Forum responses in the next issue of ACC!

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