At 9 am on Monday, August 14 we’re leaving Portland and heading towards Monterey.

There may be two cars or 10, we don’t know. Our plan is to take it easy and smell the flowers.

We will take I5 South, then cut over to the coast near Eugene and have lunch in Bandon.

On the way, we will stop at the Trees of Mystery to visit Paul Bunyan and Babe the Great Blue Ox. That night, I will be staying at the Red Lion in Eureka.

We have a couple of favorite eateries in Eureka. Depending on how many of us there are, we can make reservations en route.

Tuesday, we head south. We will skip the Lost Coast this year due to recent landslides. I’m not sure how much of Highway 101 we will take. However, we will definitely stop in at the Drive-Through Tree in Leggett, and from there catch a road to Rockport, CA on Highway 1.

We will follow Hwy 1 south and our evening destination will be in Novato at the Inn Marin and Suites, Ascend Hotel Collection in Novato.

Wednesday morning, we will skip rush-hour traffic across the Golden Gate Bridge and continue south to Monterey. We will follow Hwy 101 to 280, to 17, to 1 again. You are welcome to join and leave anytime, and to follow as much or as little of the route as you please.

I will be staying at the Portola Hotel & Spa through Friday night, then head back up I5 on Saturday morning.

This little trip is just about fellow gearheads getting together for a fun trip.

If you are interested in joining us, please email me.

If you want to meet up in Monterey, text me at 503.970.1070. Please include your name and the word “caravan” in the text.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing trip down the coast, and a few great days on the Peninsula.



  1. rand wintermute

    See you on the Lawn on Sunday at Pebble, Keith . My Rally pal, Bob Devlin , and I , and old friend rally pal , Fred Nuttall, are driving my Porsche Macan S to Monterey
    And will be at the NPS Monterey as my guests . See you soon . Driving a modern car to PB eliminates the “ pucker factor “…
    Drive safe . Rand

  2. If you hit the Monterey Peninsula and have an itch to get on with a car show after you check in to the Portola Hotel, The 13th Annual Little Car Show (for cars 1800 cc and under) is held along Lighthouse Ave in downtown Pacific Grove on Weds, Aug 16. It’s free and runs through 5 PM. The entrant cars then meet at Lovers Point to parade to Asilomar. Safe (and fun) travels to you Keith.

  3. The first time I did this with Keith and his son, and some of his buddies — it was a gas!

    So… doing it again in my Citroen DS but this time it’s got a new paint job so we’ll be just looking for it’s first stone chip!