For the first time in four years, I’ll be in Monterey. I’m going to keep an abbreviated schedule this year, arriving on Wednesday in time for our annual SCM contributor’s meet-up, and departing Saturday morning.

I’ll be bringing my son Bradley with me, and he is all agog about seeing the cars advertised in SCM for real.

My reading is that the market is cautiously buoyant, with a lot of good kit on offer, that sellers expect to get full price for. I don’t think it would be out of line to say we will see more cars offered for sale during this Monterey Car week than any that have preceded it.

Worth noting is that even while the traditional land-based auctions are having their biggest events of the year, all of the online companies have ratcheted up their efforts as well.

We have rooms at the centrally located Portola Hotel & Spa, and from there plan to get to each of the auction previews. As mobility is still a challenge for me, I won’t be attending any other events outside the auctions.

I’m hoping to see as many SCMers as possible, even for just a few minutes here and there. Feel free to text me at 503.970.1070.

It will be good to be back.


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