We’re now in the after-celebration of Christmas. This week, between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, always feels just a little empty.

If I lived in a warmer climate than Portland, I would be looking at classic car day trips. But here, with mixed rain and snow in the forecast, I think I’ll just let my classics rest.

It’s a good time to reflect on just what fun it has been to produce SCM these 34 years. I think of the countless friends I have made, the number of cars I have bought and sold, and the fascinating experiences I have had.

At my birthday dinner last week, daughter Alexandra regaled the table with stories about how she learned to push-start not one but several cars.

She recalled a time when she was on the Forest Grove Concours Motoring Tour, driving our 1967 GTV, and she heard an odd noise from the front left wheel. She pulled over and I pulled up next to her. I explained I was the keynote speaker at a concours dinner that night, called a flatbed for her, and drove off leaving her to wait for the tow.

Many more stories followed. She and my son Bradley agreed they would really prefer a “non-dad” car for everyday use. They have both learned that my cars, like all old cars, create their own adventures as they motor along.

SCM is at a great moment in its history. The magazine, at 200 pages per issue, has never been larger. It has never had more advertising, thanks to our ace salesman Darren Frank. The editorial team, under the direction of executive editor Jeff Sabatini, is putting together great compilations of auction reports and car profiles in every issue. Plus, our support staff keeps everything humming as we put out 12 issues, six guides, and 52 newsletters a year.

This is a good time to reflect on all the adventures that our old cars have brought to us, and all the adventures there are yet to come.

Happy New Year to everyone.



  1. Thank you, Keith, for such a great magazine and organization, as well as all the fond memories. Long time subscriber here. I agree, the magazine continues to get even better with every issue. It’s the only print magazine I still subscribe to, and I read it cover to cover each month!

  2. As long as they don’t prefer a “non-car” dad for everyday use, it’s all good. 😀

  3. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’s wishes to you & your family Keith. Thanks for your constant passion & love of our car culture. You have millions of us avid enthusiasts who appreciate your professionalism. Keep it rolling just like our favorite cars!

  4. Compliments for your enduring fortitude to keep things alive, fun and interesting in your publication. Always a joy to receive the next copy in the mail, provided its not delayed by my admiring postal service. Always informative, keeping the pulse on the market and a invaluable tool for me as I trend through different classics each year. Best for the New Year.

  5. Merry Christmas and happy New Year for you and yours. Thank you for finding a way to keep your wonderful publication interesting, unique and prosperous while most of the rest of the print industry suffers. Look forward to getting it every month!

  6. I am a relatively new subscriber and flat out love the magazine. Reminds me of when I was a kid and fervently waited for my Sports Illustrated to arrive each week. Just gave a gift subscription to my nephew. Fabulous job by all involved producing these gems each month.

    Happy and Healthy New Year Keith to You and Your Family

  7. Ah the old car disease, thank God there is no cure.