Our modern supercar expert, Philip Richter, has been waxing enthusiastic about his 2008 Audi R8. With a gated six-speed gearbox and 4.2L V8, he traded his AMG SL 55 for it.

I accept his enthusiasm and endorsement of the car. He just pointed me at a 20,000-mile V8 with an SMG that sold on BaT for $56,000.

Philip is a fanatic about low-mileage cars and with manual gearboxes. Me, not so much. And I am only interested in the automatic SMG, not the six-speed manual.

So here’s the question. The real dilemma here is not whether the car represents value. The question is garage space: For an R8 to fit, something has to go.

If we are looking at supercars only, which would you choose to let go?

Would you sell the AMG SL55, the 1971 Jaguar E-type V12 2+2 or the Porsche 928 (which I haven’t even driven yet)?

I’m in no hurry. There is no shortage of 2008 R8s, and I am enjoying traipsing through this world of depreciated, reliable, competent supercars. If you decide to buy an Audi vehicle, be sure to have it regularly serviced by a professional.

I look to you for your advice. If you had to sell one of the cars I already own, which would it be? Or should I just do nothing and enjoy the cars I have.

Don’t worry, I won’t make the decision solely based on your recommendation. But I will be very interested to read what you have to say.


  1. As a practical matter I would ask…get this…is the R8 practical?
    By that I mean can it be serviced at any Audi dealer at a somewhat reasonable cost?

    That may not be a huge consideration of you live in a major metropolitan area, but for those of us the beaten track it’s a huge question.

    Lack of service specialists is a major reason why I don’t have a Ferrari 308 or Aston Martin DB9 in my garage. Here you can get Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches serviced at dealers or better yet, specialist independent shops. I don’t even know who has the Audi store in town, I suspect it’s part of a mega chain, in which case I’m not sure I’d take anything other than a common lease car there for service.

    If you decide to take the plunge, my advice would be to keep the Jag…As it has a fair chance of appreciating one of these years (I remember years ago when various experts were heaping all kinds of abuse in auto-equipped, Series III 2+2s).

    The AMG offers the important option of top down motoring, so I suppose that leaves the 928 as the sacrificial goat.
    But personally, I would really welcome a chance to own the top of the line…in period…Porsche. Of course with your background in sports and exotics, that may not mean as much to you as it does to me.

    So, unless you are absolutely smitten with the R8, I’d keep what I have.

    But always keep looking!

  2. Drive the 928 at least 200 miles before you do anything, then decide!

  3. Hi Keith,

    The AMG and R-8 have similar characteristics, so replacing one modern GT for the other fills the category. Sell the AMG.
    The 928 and E-type represent a vintage era and should continue to balance your collection as such.
    OR, ditch the Teutonic Temptation and go Italian with an Alpha 4C.! (only if there are no physical limitations)

  4. Ditch the Mercedes.
    The Jag has a V12 which is always nice to have in a collection. And the Porsche is just so funky and fun.

  5. You sound like my wife, “if you buy a car you need to get rid of a car.” I come back with, “do we sell our daughter or our son?” I just assume build a bigger garage. Best wishes for Holidays and I hope that you are getting stronger everyday.

  6. Keith, if the 71 Jag is anything like a 68 E type, then not for sale. i’ve owned a 928 and other Porsches and if you want to Porsche, get a cayman. I can’t speak to the AMG, but I’ve owned a 2004 SL 500 and they are a wonderful car.
    My advice then is to sell the 928 and not to buy the Audi, but to get a 2007 to 2009 Bentley GTC. Nothing like it nowhere. Good luck.

    • The GTC shares many parts with the A-8. But comparing the number of people who dream of an Audi, ANY Audi, vs the number of people who dream of the Bentley is like comparing a zippy 2 liter inline 4 with the twin turbo w12. yes. the Bentley. indeed.

  7. Get a bigger garage.

  8. I am a big Mercedes AMG guy, but I would have to say let the SL55 go. The R230 just isn’t in the same league as the R8. The Jag is a classic and should be kept. The 928 – if it is an automatic, keep it – and drive it. Of course, the AMG won’t get anywhere near the cost of the R8. Be sure that R8 you get doesn’t suffer from the front frame cracking!

  9. sell the v-12 e type and buy the audi

  10. Why have three somewhat similar automobiles (the R8, Porsche, and Mercedes)? A Citroen SM would alleviate the sameness, and offer a superb and different driving experience. Supercars are relatively useless given U.S. roads and traffic and whereas one is buried in the R8 (much like many new automobiles like the Corvette), the SM offers great visibility and spacious accommodations. Maintenance may be an issue but in a shunt or an accident, the cost of Audi parts may quickly exceed the worth of the entire automobile.
    an accident, the cost of Audi parts may quickly exceed the worth of the entire automobile.

  11. Since you haven’t even driven the 928 yet, that shouldn’t even be considered as a car to sell. If it were me, (and , admittedly it’s not) I’d let the Jaguar XKE go.
    Like you, I was presented with a similar dilemma. The strict rule at my house (after 49 years of marriage to the same woman) has always been…”If one comes in, one must go”.
    The rare opportunity to purchase a 54 year single owner, 43k mile, unrestored 1956 Nomad, was presented to me, and the choices were…
    The 1969 L78 Camaro convertible?
    The 1999 Jaguar XKR convertible?
    The 1993 Corvette coupe?
    The 1999 Jaguar XJR?
    The’65 Shelby Backdraft 427SC?
    …Or the 1981 Porsche 928S.
    We finally decided that we already had three convertibles and one could go. Besides, the Camaro would bring enough $ to purchase the Nomad, with a bit left over, so that was the one that went.
    Within a month of that decision, my wife announced that she was “tired” of the XJR, and that went away as a trade in on her new BMW335i coupe.
    Problem solved.

  12. The Audi will bury you with repairs, in particular that 4.2 motor.
    Consolidate your collection and buy one of the the greatest cars made: the BMW Z8
    And, as you already know, the Alpina version is an automatic.

  13. Sell the SL. The Jag is a keeper. And you have it sorted. The 928 is a nice youngtimer, modern enough to have good AC, excellent brakes, lots of hustle, and great comfort. 928s are great cars. I have had a ball driving my buddy’s.

  14. I say drive what you have for a little while at least. That is why you bought them? Or is the chase more important than the end result? I get either one being the most enjoyable. Used R8’s aren’t going anywhere. Besides the fact, the longer you keep the 928 the more of a chance I would have to have enough money(covid has not been good to me) to buy it from you! I have wanted a blue 928, since basically when they came out.

  15. Let the Jag go

  16. Do you really want a V8 R8 just because it’s affordable? It will continue to depreciate as the V10 is likely more desirable. Why not just wait until the V10’s depreciate and buy one at the bottom of the curve?

  17. Overall, I’m not a big fan of modern cars, but the R8 of this generation is absolutely fantastic. I would stick with your four car collection logic from a few weeks ago and dump the Mercedes. Sure it offers top-down motoring, but it is nowhere near as interesting or as exciting as the R8. You have other options for open air experience.

  18. We never have enough garage space.
    I recently picked up a 2015 R8 V10 Spyder
    (then sold a 1993 Jaguar XJS and a 2009 Porsche Cayman).
    Though difficult to part with a car, once the Audi is in your stable the decision will be easier.

  19. You must keep the SL 55. Drive the 928 – who knows, you might like it !

    In the 1990’s I had a 1972 E Type V12 coupe. The most beautiful car ever designed, but certainly did nothing for me driving it ! Too bad. Terrible brakes, the GM transmission that leaked fluid, overheated all the time, even when I replaced the radiator. An overflow bottle somewhat helped. My mechanic said that if Sir Williams wanted a bigger/better radiator, he would have used one !!! I shouldn’t have listened to my mechanic and bought a Moss Motors improved radiator. In addition, who knows how reliable the Jag would be on the open road.
    Bottom line – sell the Jag.

  20. Dave Hedderly-Smith

    I’d sell all three. Although maybe the Mercedes has developed a kinship among it, you and your son. So maybe you should keep it for more road trips.

    Bur really, do you need the Jag 2+2? I don’t think they’re particularly attractive and certainly not as attractive as the roadster or even the coupe. And I’ve never really though much of the Porsche 928, but you might as well put a few miles on it while you have it. The R8 will be expensive to maintain, but still a pretty unique car and fitting of someone of your position in life. And I think a better investment than any of the other three.

  21. I’d keep all three and pass on the R8. The AMG is relatively bulletproof and maintainable and is a near perfect long distance GT. The Jag gives you a vintage English sports car to use when events require such a car. Drive the 928 for a while and then decide whether you want to keep it or not. As for the R8, it may be a wonderful car, but as you said, there are plenty of them out there, if and when you decide to pull the trigger on one.

  22. jag goes ( if it was a ’60’s e-type different story)

  23. Get rid of the 928. You, of all people, should be ashamed of yourself for having one. Even better, get rid of all of them. Full speed ahead on the R8, and you will have the money you will need to maintain it. Probably money well spent.I agree with you about the automatic.Also, for what it is worth, I think Philip made a great move in getting rid of the Mercedes before he has to start buying an endless stream of $2,000. parts.In case you are wondering, I learned all this the hard way — probably like many of your readers did.

  24. Audi????? Buy another Alfa Keith!!!!!

  25. SL 55 first to go Jag and the 928s4gt..