Keith’s Blog: Duetto Ashtray Needed and the BMW Goes to Bonneville Dam

The weather in Oregon has turned, so it’s time to get the old cars out and give them some exercise.

But before we talk about the driving experience, let me give you an update on the fleet.

According to Alfa Romeo, our 1958 Sprint was born on April 3, 1958. Last Friday we celebrated the Sprint’s 56th birthday by presenting it with a cake. The little Alfa seemed appreciative, even if it did complain that the frosting gummed up its Read More

Keith’s Blog: Desert Concorso is a Hit

It’s a good time to be a gearhead. This is the second opportunity I’ve had in the past three months to be involved in a new car event, and both have been spectacular.

In January, I was the emcee for the inaugural Arizona Concours d’Elegance. (See my previous blog post and column.) Despite naysayers who said the organizers needed another year to put all the pieces together, Kevin Cornish pulled a mechanical rabbit out of a hat and put Read More

Keith’s Blog: There’s a Duetto in the Garage

It’s only taken me two years to find the right car, and it was right here under my nose.

To recap, I decided last year that I would create a focus to my mini-collection. Instead of it looking like a sampling of “The Greatest Hits From Bring A Trailer,” with vehicles ranging from a Saab Sonett to a BMW 6-series to a Volvo 1800 ES, it would be just Alfas.

I picked the five Alfas that both fit Read More

Keith’s Blog: The Red Car That Almost Got Me In Fort Lauderdale

After finishing up our Amelia Island shoot for “What’s My Car Worth,” we traveled south to Fort Lauderdale to record more episodes. We evaluated nearly 50 cars, and the new shows will begin airing in July.

I’ve always liked the Auctions America sale in Fort Lauderdale. Donnie Gould leads the gang there, and they are unfailingly hospitable. We stay at the Hilton across the street from the convention center, and while it is slightly bedraggled and certainly Read More

Keith’s Blog: Cars Hold Me Prisoner All Week Long

The 19th annual Amelia Island Concours has come and gone.

Our second shooting session for “What’s My Car Worth” is over.

Now all that is left is to gather everything up, throw it in the van and drive south to Fort Lauderdale, where on Wednesday we set up the cameras and start things all over again, except this time at the Auctions America auction.

The week was challenging, with blustery winds, rain squalls and Read More

Keith’s Blog: See You in Florida!

It’s roadtrip time for me again.

It’s a good thing I like cars, as my next two weeks are going to be full of them.

Put Amelia Island weekend, Auctions America in Ft. Lauderdale and What’s My Car Worth into a mixing bowl, and you end up with a ticket on Delta that leaves Portland early today (Tuesday) and gets me home in the evening on Sunday, March 16.

My week starts with shooting episodes of Read More

Keith’s Blog: Does Having a Correct Engine Matter in an Affordable Classic?

First of all, this whole discussion is really the fault of Miles Collier, columnist for SCM and provocateur extraordinaire when it comes to making collectors actually think about what they are doing when they buy and sell old cars.

Prior to meeting Miles, my criteria were simple: I can afford it, and I’ve never had one. And maybe even better it’s red. That buying logic has stretched from a 1962 Thunderbird convertible to three MGBs to a Mercedes-Benz 219 to Read More

Sell Keith Your Duetto

Last year I put out a call that I was looking for a 1967 Alfa Duetto and got several responses. Just as I was getting ready to pull the trigger, a tidy 1967 Giulia Super showed up on the radar. I couldn’t have both, so I took the four-door (to the delight of my six-year-old) and put the Duetto on hold.

But that was then, and this is now. With our Nova and Isetta sold in Scottsale, there’s room in Read More

Keith’s Blog: Is Paris the New Scottsdale?

The old car scene in Paris is heating up.

Last year there were just two auctions in Paris during Rétromobile week: Bonhams and Artcurial. This year there were four, with RM joining the fray, and Artcurial adding an additional auction featuring a collection of Alfa Romeos. Furthermore, the annual SCM reception has grown into a fixture on the calendar, attracting well over 100 SCMers from around the world to Café Le Jambon à la Broche every Read More

Keith’s Blog: How I Almost Bought a Bastard AC Aceca

Strange things can happen to you at auctions. While shooting new episodes of “What’s My Car Worth” at Barrett-Jackson, one car, of the 1,405 there, caught my eye. Let’s not forget that what defines B-J is the acres and acres of highly polished, overly chromed, customized, raised or slammed, modified and stock American cars.

So when I strolled by Lot 1275.1, a 1955 AC Aceca coupe, I stopped short. It was quite handsome in its metallic gray paint Read More