The Bottom Line in Scottsdale

Last summer’s Monterey auctions defined the top of the collector car market, and Scottsdale has delivered a new bottom line. It’s pretty hard to argue the collector car market isn’t on solid ground when collector cars generate $133m in Scottsdale in one week.
Barrett-Jackson did nearly $61m, Gooding just over $32m, while RM sold $18m and Russo and Steele $17.5m. In all, 2,343 cars were offered and 1,726 sold, a 73% sales rate. A variety of buyers attended the Read More

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car Convertible

Authentic, “no excuses” cars hold their value even in a down market, and this result bore that out, with fierce bidding from the outset


This rare 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS NASCAR Pace Car finished in Dover White with Deluxe Blue Comfort Weave interior features its original matching-numbers 396-ci big-block backed by a Muncie 4-speed. It is nicely loaded with options, including power disc brakes, power steering, factory air conditioning, power Read More

How Many Ferraris?

In my two previous columns, I divided Ferraris into the Enzo-era cars (1947-73), the Fiat-era cars (1973-91), and the Montezemolo-era cars (1991-present), and I outlined how each generation fared differently in the current economy.
But I didn’t go into how many Ferraris exist and where they are, which elicited a request from Chris Current, Chief Judge of the Ferrari Club of America, asking in part:

1. How many “old” or “classic” Ferraris, say 1975 and earlier, are there in Read More

THE One in a 100

The Austin-Healey 100S is undoubtedly the most prized model of the marque, with prices far exceeding any other model. While Healey prices have risen significantly in the past few years, the 100S remains clearly in the lead.
The 100S was the result of a project undertaken by the Donald Healey Motor Company with financing from Austin. The goal was to develop Austin-Healeys for racing and record-breaking purposes, and though outwardly similar to the 100 and 100M, each 100S was Read More

Ferrari Tests Its Brakes

In last month’s column I discussed how Ferraris have evolved through three distinctive eras in the past 60 years:
1. Racing-based evolution of the Enzo Ferrari era
2. Mass production of the Fiat years
3. Even-higher-volume of the di Montezemolo era

I concluded, in part, that the Enzo-era cars are the most collectible and highest valued, while the Fiat-era cars long ago flat-lined in value, and the Montezemolo cars quickly become used cars.
From the day Read More

60 Years and Three Ages of Ferrari

Over the last 60 years, Ferraris have evolved through three distinctive eras: the Enzo Ferrari era, the mass-market Fiat years, and the present high-volume exotics from Luca di Montezemolo.
The Enzo era began modestly enough in 1947 with a pair of 125 Barchettas, s/ns 01C and 02C. Powered by a diminutive 1,497-cc V12, putting out a very modest 72 hp, the 125 was a success from its first race, winning at Rome’s Caracalla Circuit on May 25, 1947. At Read More

Restoration 101

I’ve seen $2,500 air filters, a $35,000 exhaust, $5,000 plug wires, $10,000 batteries, and $50,000 original tires


It’s a common misconception that domestic cars are cheap and easy to restore. Unfortunately, many people have found out too late that this is not true.

Let’s face facts: Most restorations are financial suicide. Unless you have an extremely rare and valuable car whose value will increase far more than the cost Read More

Bugeye Sprite: 50 and Counting

Healey 100 designer Gerry Coker came up with “a working man’s Ferrari,” which could be kept in a bike shed, and used standard parts from BMC sedans


Question: What collectible automobile copied the chassis design of the Jaguar D-type, was introduced at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, took first, second, and third at Sebring during its first year of production, and yet was intended “for a chap to park in Read More

New Day, New Rules

Six months ago we received one or two calls or emails a day from people who wanted us to help them to market and sell their Ferraris. Today we receive half a dozen calls or emails every day, and the number is growing.
With each call I laboriously explain that regardless of whether prices are going up or down, in any market it always takes the best car, best documentation, best service history, best marketing, and best price to Read More