1974 Toyota Celica GT #60536. S/N RA21199092. 74k miles. “2.0-liter inline 4, 5-speed manual transmission, Carnival Red paint, black vinyl upholstery, black vinyl roof, silver 13-inch steel wheels, Toyota AM/FM stereo, Pioneer cassette player, toolkit, spare parts, window sticker.” Condition: 1. SOLD AT $64,050. Bring a Trailer, 11/29/21.

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  1. I remember this car well. Under-powered, poor quality, not impressive from any point of view and expected to last about 80k miles at which point you took them to the junkyard. Back then people bought Japanese cars because they figured that they were so under powered that their kids wouldn’t get hurt in them. No thought was given to safety and it was rare that somebody wore seat belts. The Z-series Datsuns were sport car wannabees that posers and accountants bought not sport car enthusiasts. If you wax nostalgic about how great Japanese cars from the 60’s and 70’s were then I suggest that you stop doing heavy drugs now.