A few weeks ago, SCM had a contest inviting participants to predict, without going over, the total sales of Monterey. The total of all sales results released by the Monterey auction companies has been calculated and verified, and we are pleased to announce that Jay Paul Santangelo was the winner, and as such, has been named the 2016 SCM Monterey Guru. Jay’s prediction of $342,850,000 was just about $500k shy of the $343,359,956 final grand total. Jay will receive $500 PLUS a three-year DELUXE subscription to SCM!

Jay Paul Santangelo is a Wealth Management Advisor and Senior Vice President – Wealth Management with Merrill Lynch in Denver. Readers may recognize his name, as he has sponsored past SCM events, including Collector Tours and Insider Seminars at Monterey and Scottsdale.

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  1. My prediction was just about 6 million less than Jay Paul’s…how about you post or do a story on the top 100 predictions? Not who but numbers (although some of the “who’s” might be interesting if they are willing to talk)