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  • Keith’s Blog: What is it About Convertibles in Winter?


    If I don’t drive my old cars in the winter, I feel like I am losing out on part of the ownership experience.

    Growing up in San Francisco, with its temperate weather, I recall keeping a down-filled parka behind the seats of my Bugeye Sprite. I never put the top up, and the little bit of ...Read more

  • Ripping and Roaring

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  • Desert Concorso 2015: Something For Everyone

    1960 Alfa Romeo SZ brought by Roger and Rhonda Groves

    I’ve just returned from the second Desert Concorso, which was in Palm Springs, CA, this year. The clear, sunny skies and 75-degree weather provided a perfect setting for more than 100 collector cars.

    The weekend kicked off with a reception at Landmark Aviation, held at the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport at Thermal.

    Palm Springs Stadium ...Read more

  • How We Chose the January 2016 Cover


    The January 2016 cover poll results are in:

    1. 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Competizione TdF: 46.94%

    2. 2008 Koenigsegg CCXR: 22.26%

    3. 1990 Alfa Romeo SZ: 30.81%

    Thank you for voting!

    Art Director Dave Tomaro writes, “In this month’s case, readers preferred cover #1, the 1958 Ferrari TdF, which was a prime contender, ...Read more

  • Getting Lost in a 1956 Porsche 356


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  • Exploding the “Needs-Nothing” Bugeye


    It was just two months ago that I bought Bradley his first car, a 1960 Bugeye.

    I drove the “needs-nothing” car home 65 miles from White Salmon, WA, made a short list of minor items in need of attention and gave Bradley a ride around the block.

    The car didn’t idle well, so I sent it to ...Read more

  • This Machine Builds Bridges

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  • You May Feel Guilty For Enjoying This Video


    Медитативное видео про то, как надо правильно ездить на ВАЗах. Умиротворяет, скажем прямоРеспублика ...Read more

  • The 911 Makes a $2,500 Visit to the Mechanic


    A few issues cropped up on SCM’s 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo after the 1,000-mile Northwest Passage tour this summer. The airbag warning light came on, and a few days later the PSM/ABS light joined it. Then I began to hear a low whirring sound from the engine.

    And now the car is back from ...Read more

  • The Méhari Out-Climbs a Land Rover


    We were sitting in the SCM Citroën Méhari, watching a Land Rover Discovery make several attempts to climb a wet, grassy hill. The Rover would get halfway up, its wheels would lose traction and back down it would come.

    “Watch this!” said Bill Lonseth, caretaker of the Méhari. He revved up the mighty 600-cc twin-cylinder, air-cooled ...Read more

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