Alfa Romeo

1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Turismo

The 6C series was founded in 1924 when Alfa Romeo engineer, Vittorio Jano, was instructed to develop a medium capacity lightweight car with brilliant performance. The great engineer chose the balance and pick-up characteristics of an in-line six-cylinder engine and combined them with a lightweight and nimble-handling chassis design. The […]

1965 Alfa Romeo TZ1 Zagato

This particular Tubolare Zagato was supplied new to Ian Walker and Alan Day of London for use in their joint Walker-Day Racing operation through 1965. Ian Walker himself was a veteran former Lotus owner-driver, then entrant, whose Formula Junior and sports-racing Lotuses and particularly his GT racing “Gold Bug” Elans […]

1972 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Jr Autodelta Coupe

For nearly 40 years, many of the world’s outstanding classic sports car designs have flowed from the drawing board of Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ital Design. One of the most fluent, indeed a true post-war classic, was the Alfa Romeo GTV (Gran Turismo Veloce) Coupe of 1967, which he designed during […]

1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Normale (1999)

In the postwar period, it became apparent to Alfa Romeo that to survive the company needed a mass-produced car. But it was essential for that car to maintain the traditional values and characteristics that had made the company great. That car was the Giulietta Sprint. Nuccio Bertone was commissioned to […]

1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300

This amazingly rare and elegant Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 was owned by the late Mr. Brian Eckersley, Surrey chimney sweep, for some 42 years, from the time he purchased it from a dealer in Warren Street, London, in 1956 to his untimely death last November. With supercharged 2.3-litre straight-8 engine, […]

1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint

Introduced in 1951, the 1900 was Alfa Romeo’s first post-war design and the first model intended for series-production. It was also the world’s first such car available with both a twin-cam engine and a five-speed gearbox – and there was synchromesh on every ratio. Given Alfa Romeo’s history, it was […]

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

The Giulia range was introduced by Alfa Romeo in 1962, sharing similar bodies and identical chassis to the earlier Giulietta series. Engine capacity was increased, however, to 1570cc and the gearbox now housed five forward ratios instead of the Giulietta’s four. The increased engine capacity provided 12bhp more, but more […]

1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spring Zagato

Alfa Romeo’s successful Giulietta range debuted in 1954 with the arrival of the Bertone-styled Sprint coupe, the Berlina saloon not appearing until the succeeding season. Veloce models with improved performance followed, and the agile Giulietta SV quickly established an enviable record in production car racing, notable victories including a Granturismo […]

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super

The Giulia TI was Alfa Romeo’s flagship performance saloon in the 1960s and became a popular choice with the Italian police force of the era. The exceptional Giulia TI pictured here not only boasts a contemporary racing pedigree, having competed in the 1964 Solitude Rally driven by Heinz Heinrich, but […]

1978 Alfa Romeo 2.0 Spider

The 1966 Geneva Motor Show saw the debut of the Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider, which replaced the existing 101 Series Giulia Spider. The Duetto’s Pininfarina-designed body was inspired by a styling exercise on a 3.0 litre Disco Volante chassis seen at Geneva in 1959, and sported an extremely attractive and […]