Alfa Romeo

1951 Alfa Romeo Villa d’Este Cabriolet

Destined to be the last of the separate-chassis Alfas, the 2500 debuted in 1939 as a development of the preceding 6C 2300B. The engine was, of course, the latest version of Alfa’s race-developed twin-cam six, its 2443cc displacement having been enlarged by boring out the 2300 cylinders by 2 mm […]

1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 SS Cabriolet

This unique 1900 was bodied by the Swiss coachbuilding company, Ghia Aigle, specifically for the 1955 Geneva Salon. This is the earliest of eight Alfas bodied by Ghia Aigle known to survive, and as such, in many respects the most interesting and most important. After the Geneva show the car […]

1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 DHC

{vsig}2000-8_1877{/vsig} Tempted to join Alfa Romeo from Fiat in 1923 by the opportunity to head his own department and a three-times salary increase, the brilliant Vittorio Jano became part of the racing department in Milan in the autumn of that year. His first major project was the six-cylinder P2 racing […]

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe

The Montreal came about when Alfa Romeo was asked to build a car for Canada’s Expo ’67 which would represent all that was best in the automotive industry. It fulfilled its design brief to the letter and everyone agreed that it was a classic. The chassis derived from the 105-series […]

1973 Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato

One of the things which marked Alfa Romeo from lesser makers from the 1950s through to the 1970s was that it was able to make small runs of special, lightweight, coupe versions of its mainstream cars. The most prized of these were the cars bodied by Zagato, an expression of […]

1934 Alfa Romeo Tipo B (P3)

A design from the pen of the great Vittorio Jano, the Alfa Romeo Tipo B was a masterpiece on the drawing board and on the race track. It was not, incidentally, the first monoposto Alfa Romeo. That distinction belongs to the 1931 Tipo A, of which four were built, and […]

1959 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

In the early 1950s, youthful sports car enthusiasts could choose between the MG TD or the XK Jaguar. The performance and price gap between those two models was only partially filled by the Triumph and Austin-Healey. Only the more affluent could enjoy the superior weather protection and comfort of a […]

Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 SS

Unequalled in their class in the 1927-1930 era were the superbly engineered, extremely light and very quick Tipo 6C twin-camshaft, supercharged Alfa Romeos from the design board of the brilliant Vittorio Jano. Alfa Romeo’s concessionaire in England, Fred Stiles, imported four “works” cars with Zagato racing coachwork, chassis numbers 0312871 […]

1953 Alfa Romeo 1900 CS Farina

With its unitary construction-the first on an Alfa Romeo-the 1900 was Alfa’s first mass- producedt car, introduced in 1950. It was assembled on a new production line at Alfa’s original Portello works that was funded in part by the Marshall Plan.Initially powered by a 1844cc, 90 hp twin overhead camshaft […]

1965 Alfa Romeo 2600SZ

After years of four-cylinder power, Alfa Romeo switched to a six-cylinder engine late in 1962. This new model known as the 2600 had the familiar dual overhead camshaft configuration which put out 145 hp at 5,900 rpm. Top speed was 120 mph. Models included a four-door Berlina with factory bodywork, […]