Author: Pat Braden

Alfa Romeo GTV-6

The Alfa Romeo GTV-6 was produced at a time when Alfa Romeo was hemorrhaging money. Yet, the engineers at Alfa managed to create one of the most sophisticated sports cars of its era. An all-alloy SOHC V6 engine driving a rear five-speed transaxle with deDion suspension is world-class engineering. This […]

1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 DHC

{vsig}2000-8_1877{/vsig} Tempted to join Alfa Romeo from Fiat in 1923 by the opportunity to head his own department and a three-times salary increase, the brilliant Vittorio Jano became part of the racing department in Milan in the autumn of that year. His first major project was the six-cylinder P2 racing […]

Alfa Romeo 2600

There are collectibles that play to the crowd, leaving us all in awe of their technical and artistic mastery-and the amount of money invested in them. Other collectibles, more affordable, strike purely personal chords: a first car; the car I was married in; or the one I’ve wanted forever.Generally Alfa […]

1953 Alfa Romeo 1900 CS Farina

With its unitary construction-the first on an Alfa Romeo-the 1900 was Alfa’s first mass- producedt car, introduced in 1950. It was assembled on a new production line at Alfa’s original Portello works that was funded in part by the Marshall Plan.Initially powered by a 1844cc, 90 hp twin overhead camshaft […]

Alfa Romeo Duetto

Pininfarina died just a month after the Duetto’s introduction in March, 1966, so the model carries the distinction of being his last design. Its design is virtually perfect in concept: an aerodynamic profile with a dramatic blood trough down the sides that ties the symmetrical front and rear together.The Duetto, […]