Keith’s Blog: The SCM Fleet is Fully Operational

With the stuck float needle fixed on SCM’s 1971 Citroën DS21 Pallas, the entire SCM fleet is fully operational and ready for more long drives in the coming warm and sunny months ahead. To that end, Publisher Martin is taking a well-deserved week off from his regular blog. Check back […]

Keith’s Blog: Low-Riders, Lambos and 911s

From Lamborghini Huracans to 1300-cc Alfa Supers, it’s been a car-centric weekend. But first, am I the only one who noticed the classic low-rider Chevrolet convertibles in the Super Bowl halftime show? Or the VW Thing in one of the ads? Is this Gen-X nostalgia? My weekend started with a […]

Keith’s Blog: Junior Z Meets Monster Truck

The afternoon started out innocently enough. It was a sunny winter day in Portland. I asked my friend Chris Bright, founder of Collector Part Exchange, if he would go with me to Pro-Tek Automotive, where the SCM Alfa Junior Zagato, Jaguar E-type and Citroën DS21 are stored. Our plan was […]

Keith’s Blog: The Week After Christmas

We’re now in the after-celebration of Christmas. This week, between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, always feels just a little empty. If I lived in a warmer climate than Portland, I would be looking at classic car day trips. But here, with mixed rain and snow in the forecast, […]