1957 Jaguar XKSS

Jaguar had withdrawn from racing following the 1956 season and was left with a number of D-types remaining unsold in their factory stock. An idea was had that the cars could be converted to roadgoing specification and sold into the American market. The conversion, as it were, involved removing the […]

1936 Hispano-Suiza J12 Cabriolet

Factory records on file for chassis 14018 list a delivery date of December 30, 1936, with coachwork specified by Saoutchik. Jacques Saoutchik is best known for flamboyant designs often accessorized with ornate trim. In contrast, this masterfully penned cabriolet demonstrates a great degree of restraint on the part of the […]

1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L Lusso

The Ferrari 250 GT/L berlinetta Lusso is undoubtedly one of the most appealing grand-touring models ever built, combining the 250 GT’s developmental apogee with one of Scaglietti’s most acclaimed coachwork creations. Introduced at the 1962 Paris Salon as a replacement for the discontinued 250 GT PF coupe, the Lusso featured […]

1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 2+2 Coupe

The car on offer here was an individual commission spanning over multiple years and costing the Dutch businessman behind the commission, whose name remained a closely guarded secret, a total of 400,000 guilders. The story of this unique 300SEL 6.3 began when a Dutch lithograph company owner, impressed by Mercedes-Benz’s […]

1995 Honda NSX Type R

Just 483 examples of the laser-focused, right-hand-drive NSX Type R are understood to have been built exclusively for the Japanese domestic market, distinguishable by their unique 10-digit chassis-number sequence. Chassis number NA11300280 is one such example, finished in the only available color of Championship White complemented by matching 16-inch front […]

Grace, Space and Pace

Jaguar ended production of the immortal E-type in 1974. Its immediate successor, the 1975–95 XJS, was neither as pretty nor as fun to drive. When the XK8 coupe debuted in 1996, it had styling that once again evoked Jaguar’s sporting heritage. But arguably, it wasn’t until 2005 when a truly […]

2003 Saleen S7

Unveiled at the 2000 Monterey Historic Races, the S7 was the first model designed and engineered by Saleen from the ground up since the company was founded by Steve Saleen in 1983. This 2003 Saleen S7 was manufactured in November 2002 at Saleen’s Irvine, CA, facility. It was registered in […]

1963 AC MA-200 Convertible Prototype

One of the British motor industry’s more fascinating “might-have-beens,” this beautiful open roadster is an indication of what might have replaced the AC Ace had the company not been occupied building Carroll Shelby’s Cobra. The car’s curious “MA” chassis number prefix is assumed to refer to AC’s Polish engineer Zdzislaw […]

1929 Bugatti Type 44

In the spring of 1966, the Bugatti Owners Club’s Bugantics published the following advertisement: “Type 44 for sale in Poland. Photo shows car number 44380 in tired original condition. It is for sale but only in exchange for a modern car, as this is the only way to get a car out […]

1964 Ferrari 250 LM

They had won! The Ferrari 250 LM was the first over the line at the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans, defying the predictions of another win for Ford. This model came to symbolize the victory of David over Goliath, the resistance that Ferrari put up against Ford’s mighty armada […]